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    Demon Door Guide by m3rCuRy88

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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         0011  11        01 0011       1011    0011   1001          0011  11     
         0011 111      0101 100101     1011   100     1001          0011 111     
       1000000011     10011  00001    0000000001      1001        1000000011     
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                               *                      *
                               *   Demon Door Guide   *
                               *                      * 
    Table of Contents:
    	1. Doors
    	2. Lady Grey
    	3. Legal Stuff
    	4. Thanks To
    	5. Contact Info
    ***************************/ D \/ O \/ O \/ R \/ S \***************************
    What are Demon Doors?
     - Demon Doors are stone doors with faces on them found throughout Albion. To
    gain access to whatever is on the other side, you will have to perform some
    kind of deed. Most of the time there is some sort of reward on the other side,
    but for a coupple it is only neccesary just to pass through for a quest. This
    guide will explain how to open all 12 of the doors in the game.
     / 1 \
     \___/   Location: Heroes Guild
    How to get inside: The door tells you that your path is too dark and you need 
    to show him the "light". To do this just go into your inventory and show him 
    the lantern and he will let you enter.
    Reward: Elixir of Life Potion
     / 2 \
     \___/   Location: Greatwood Gorge
    How to get inside: You must perform a deed of great evil in front of the door.
    In other words, have someone follow you and then murder them in front of the 
    door. You can also eat 10 crunchy chicks which is much easier than just killing 
    someone because it sometimes does not work. Also, if your personality is 100% 
    evil the door will let you pass without having to do the evil deed.
    Reward: The legendary weapon, Wello's Pickhammer
     / 3 \
     \___/   Location: Greatwood Caves
    How to get inside: Get a combat multiplier of 14 or higher. A good way to do
    this is first cast physical shield and then go into the Hobbe Cave. Now you
    will need to get a multiplier of over 30 because when you leave an area your
    multiplier is halved. Once you've got it hurry to exit the cave and talk to
    the door. You can also try killing the earth troll that usually spawns at the 
    Greatwood Caves, although this does not always get your combat multiplier high 
    enough. Now these aren't the only ways to do this, so go ahead and find other 
    ways yourself.
    Reward: The legendary weapon, Cutlass Bluetane
     / 4 \
     \___/   Location: Rosewood Cottage
    How to get inside: First go to a shop and buy a gift, doesn't matter what kind.
    Next stand next to the door and give the gift to it. The door will be so
    grateful that it will open for you.
    Reward: The full Bright Will Users Suit
     / 5 \
     \___/   Location: Darkwood Marsh
    How to get inside: Talk to the door and he will tell you that you have to
    defeat his mercenaries before he will grant you access. Accept the challenge
    and 4 waves of Hobbes will spawn. Defeat all of the Hobbes and you're in.
    Reward: The full Dark Will Users Suit
     / 6 \
     \___/   Location: Barrow Fields
    How to get inside: The door tells you that you must be fat and obese before you
    can enter. To do this, just eat plenty of meat and fatty foods or drink plenty
    of beer. A cheaper way to do this is to buy 60 carrots and eat them. This will
    give the same effect as beer or fatty foods.
    Reward: Will Masters Elixir
     / 7 \
     \___/   Location: Grey House
    How to get inside: This one is simple. All that you need to do is be married to
    Lady Grey and he will grant you access. For information on how to marry Lady
    Grey scroll to the end of the Demon Doors section.
    Reward: The legendary weapon, Ronok The Axe
     / 8 \
     \___/   Location: Abandoned Road
    How to get inside: Present yourself to the door wearing the full Bright Plate
    Mail suit, full Dark Will Users suit, and full Bandits suit. To get the Bright
    Plate Mail, you can either buy the full set at the Arena, or buy the leggings
    and boots at Knothole Glade and pick up the torso and gloves from wondering
    traders in Witchwood. To get the Dark Will Users suit follow the Demon Door #5
    instructions. The Bandits suit you should already have from opening the chests
    located on the Abandoned Road.
    Reward: The legendary weapon, The Dollmasters Mace
     / 9 \
     \___/   Location: Witchwood Stones
    How to get inside: Talk to the door and he will tell you that you can not enter
    unless you know his name. Next go to the stones and hit them to spell out his
    name in the order H - I - T - S. If you want to have some fun spell out S - H
    - I..... well you get the picture. When you do that Balvorines will spawn for
    you to kill.
    Reward: This door is part of the "Find the Archaeologist" quest so when you
    open it he will leave and there will be various items including books, a
    tattoo, and Chainmail Leggings for you to take.
     / 10 \
     \____/  Location: Knothole Glade
    How to get inside: The door tells you that you must hit it in the face with a
    bow, but it has to be a powerful shot. For best results I recommend using an
    Ebony bow or higher, BUT this can be achieved with any bow in the game. The way
    you do this is by holding down the fire button to charge your shot up. The
    longer you hold down the button the more powerful the shot will be. Also, if 
    you aim at the eye of the door you won't have to charge your shot for as long.
    Reward: Elixir of Life
     / 11 \
     \____/  Location: Headmens Hill
    How to get inside: If you choose to do the "Marry Lady Grey" quest (which is
    explained in this guide) you will have to at one point defeat Thunder to prove
    yourself to Lady Grey. Once you have defeated him talk to the door and it will
    open up.
    Reward: Nothing, it just provides you a way out of the ravine that you fight
    Thunder in.
     / 12 \
     \____/  Location: Lychfield Graveyard
    How to get inside: You must collect Nostro's belongings scattered across the
    graveyard and place them in his tomb. The helmet is located in the
    Gravekeepers cottage. The armor is located in a crypt near Nostro's crypt. The
    shield is located in the nearby river on a rippling spot. The sword is buried
    in a grave that has a shining spot on the ground near it.
    Reward: This is the entrance to the Prison Path which you will need to use to
    make it to the prison to save your mother in a quest.
     / NA \
     \____/  Location: Lookout Point
    At lookout point by the entrance to the Hero's Guild there is something that 
    looks like a demon door that has no face on it. You can not access it and to my
    knowledge you can not get into it. This was probably one of the many things
    that was cut from the game before it was released.
    *****************/ L \/ A \/ D \/ Y \*****/ G \/ R \/ E \/ Y \*****************
    	This sidequest is necessary to gain access to Demon Door #7. The quest
    itself is not that hard, but takes a little bit of time. You can not access
    this quest until you finish the Arena where she will then express her interest
    in you. Follow each step carefully:
    Step 1: Go into Bowerstone North and talk to Lady Grey. She will ask for you to
    buy her a gift, so go into the Bowerstone North shop and buy a black rose.
    Return and give her the gift.
    Step 2: She tells you that she wont marry you unless you own a house, so go to
    Bowerstone south and buy the marital home there. Return and talk to Lady Grey.
    Step 3: Now she tells you that she lost her necklace.... and who else should be
    chosen find it but you? Now this requires a lot of work unless you already
    know where its buried in Oakvale, and I just happen to know that. So, go to
    the beach in Oakvale and dig between the two beached boats next to the pier.
    You should find the necklace. If you do return the Lady Grey, if you don't
    just go to the Oakvale Graveyard and you should overhear two people chattering
    about hiding something on the beach. Then go back and dig and you should get 
    Step 4: After all of that you have one last task. You must beat Thunder one on
    one to prove yourself to Lady Grey. This isn't too hard. After you reduce his
    health to about half he will knock you off a cliff and he will slip, also
    falling into the ravine with you. Then after a little more fighting he will
    flee to a cave. Finish him off there and then talk to the demon door. Next
    return to Bowerstone and talk to Lady Grey. Wala, you now have a 15,000 gold
    dowry and a kickass mansion.
    Poor Lady in Bowerstone North: After you defeat Thunder, if you look there will
    be a green dot on the minimap in Bowerstone North. If you go to that area a 
    poor woman will want to talk to you. She will try to make you feel sorry for 
    her and in the end it will give you the option to marry her over Lady Grey. Now
    here are the advantages to marring either the poor woman and Lady Grey:
    - Poor Woman: You will recieve a small dowry and good points.
    - Lady Grey: You will recieve a much larger dowry (15,000 gold) and access to 
      her mansion (where a legendary weapon and a silver key are located). Not to 
      mention the Demon Door that you can open if you are married to her (Door #7)
    As you can see most people would choose Lady Grey over the poor woman, I know I
    did. Keep in mind if you do want to marry her that you will NEVER be able to
    gain access to the mansion OR the Demon Door, where 2 legendary weapons are
    ************/ L \/ E \/ G \/ A \/ L \*****/ S \/ T \/ U \/ F \/ F \************
    Copyright © 2005 Ryan "m3rCuRy88" Forrest. All Rights Reserved
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission to me. Use of this guide on any
    other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright. All sources have been given proper acknowledgement.
    If you want to use any of this information for public use just ask! I will
    most likely allow it!
    Websites allowed to post my guide:
    ****************/ T \/ H \/ A \/ N \/ K \/ S \*****/ T \/ O \******************
    Firstly thanks to YOU the reader for taking time to read my very first ever
    guide. I hope you enjoyed it and found what you were looking for.
    Lionhead Studios: For a great game, despite what others think about it I think
    this game kicks ass!
    Gamefaqs: For posting this guide
    Neoseeker: For posting this guide
    Kevin Picheco (Jiyu Aifu): For information used to write this guide
     - His guide: http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/file/fable_x.txt
    Also thanks to everyone who sends me feedback, suggestions, and errors!
    *********/ C \/ O \/ N \/ T \/ A \/ C \/ T \*****/ I \/ N \/ F \/ O \**********
    Before you read any further,
    Do NOT contact me with:
     - Anything already covered in this guide
     - Asking me questions about Fable, that does not pertain to any information
       covered in this guide. (Ex. Asking me where to find certain armor at)
     - Insults, rude comments, or spam
     - Also do not ask for gmail invites from me, I only give them to good friends
    DO contact me with:
     - Questions about Demon Doors
     - Questions pertaining to the public use of this guide
     - Feedback, suggestions, errors
     - If you want to talk about Fable in general you may also contact me.
    If your information falls under the "Do NOT contact me" catagory and you email
    me, your message will be ignored and deleted. If your information falls under
    the "DO contact me" category feel free to email me at:
    tootall88 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    ************************************* End *************************************

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