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"4 Years of total crap in the making..."

This game did not meet anywhere close to expectation. It's not the best RPG ever, its the not the best rpg on Xbox, it's not even a good RPG. Its just bad.

Graphics: 7/10
They're good, but nothing special. I also hope you enjoy looking at them, as during some fights or towns, they will freeze at any given moment due to horrible frame rate. Sometimes when I'm running around, I feel like I'm getting 20 fps which makes my entire playing experience an enjoyable one.

Game Play: 4/10
Boring. Just a basic hack 'n slash melee combat system. Bow's just require you to lock on and shoot, and magic is absurd in this game. One of the spells allows me to slow time, so now that I'm already way better than any enemy in the entire game, they can't hit me at all and they're dead before they can blink. Also, should they kill me, I already have 9 resurrection viles, potions that revive me should I die. But that's ok, you don't do much dieing in this game, I didn't require a single one, even on the final boss. Which brings up my next gripe, bosses. When you take a good game, bosses are usually something of a challenge that players have to really try to beat. Well this game was going for this new approach in which you put no real effort at all in killing a boss. The first boss you face, TwinBlade, you basically just strafe around him til he swings at you and get's his blades stuck in the ground. Then you stab him in the back. I almost broke a sweat in this fight, but I was relieved when I remembered I could die 9 times. Oh did I mention they also sell resurrection viles at shops? And become youthful by worshipping at a Temple? I'm baffled by the fact there isn't over population in this world if you can revive yourself and become young once more. Oh, that's right, they needed dead people so they could put an endless horde of zombies that never stop coming out of their graves in the graveyard.

Quests are easy as simple as my just looking at my Controller, and then I'm done. Quest range from escorting someone through a death swamp (because for some reason, they can't use the same teleportation system that I use) that contains all of 3 guys to fight, to fighting through an endless wave of Guards, Bandits, Zombies or Hobbes to rescue someone. My only relief in those missions is that number 9 in the corner of my screen, reminding me, "Hey, you can die 9 times and not worry about a thing".

Relationships are a joke in this game. Provided I have 1 gift, and 2 wedding rings, I can marry some random woman (or gay man) I've never met or seen before in 1 minute flat. Heck, sometimes I go for a bit of a challenge and just use 2 wedding rings.

The AI is horrible in this game. For instance, when I'm fighting something, whether it be a man or a monster, for no reason it will start doing a cheer emote. This tactic can be a deadly one, but I mastered a technique to counter it: hit the attack button. Another example would be, say you're playing an evil character. A Merchant runs up to you, and asks you if you'd be willing to escort him to a farm. You accept his offer. Now while he is following you, you see enemies up ahead. so you tell him to wait where he is. But now since you are evil, he will get scared of me and flee in terror from his spot and get killed by a wasp or a rock he trips over. Quest failed. But that's ok, on a majority of the quests, you automatically restart that quest. I enjoy the freedom of decision this game has.

The world is not free to explore, nor is it load free like promised. The entire world consists of 1 set path in the a J shape through out Albion (the continent's name) with some branches veering off course. Don't expect Morrowind when you buy this game, expect a sorta crappy version of Onimusha in exploration terms.

Story: 4/10 Family Slaughtered. Quest for revenge. The Twist: Your mother and sister are still alive. The Real Twist: You can do it all in 8 hours or less.

Music: 9/10 In my opion, this is where the game really shines. The music in this game fit every scenario perfectly. That's all I've got to say about that.

Buy or Rent? Rent. I will admit that I enjoyed the game until I beat it, that's when I noticed everything that was wrong with the game, which just happened to be the game itself.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/20/04

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