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    FAQ/Walkthrough by cjwaller

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dino Crisis 3
    Version 1.1
    Written by: Chris Waller
    Email: cjwaller2002@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    A.  Version History
    B.  Character Bios
    C.  Weapons
    D.  Items
    E.  Deck Sector
    F.  Storage Area
    G.  The Shaft
    H.  Energy Sector
    I.  The Shaft Revisited
    J.  Deck Sector Revisited
    K.  Energy Sector Revisited
    L.  MTHR Sector
    M.  Engine Sector
    N.  Ranking
    O.  Credits
    P.  Legal Stuff
    A.    Version History
    1.0   General walkthrough completed
    1.1  Added Character bios, Weapons and item information
    B.    Character Bios
    This is the character that you will be playing as for most of the game.
    You will want to upgrade him as much as possible.
    You will control Sonya in a couple of places in order to get Patrick out of a
    tight spot.  Don't bother upgrading her, or collecting any TC with her, as she
    has a different inventory list than Patrick, and you can't trade between them.
    Jacob is the leader of the group on the Ozymandias, but you never control him,
    and he doesn't survive past about the halfway point.
    Caren is a survivor that is found on the Ozymandias.  She is not controllable,
    and may or may not be human.
    C.    Weapons
    Heavy Vulcan-You start with this weapon, and you have unlimited ammo with it.
      This will be your weapon of choice for most of the game.
    Laser Cartridge-You can find or buy laser cartridges to fire pinpoint accuracy
     shots.  Limited number of shots.
    Wide Shot Cartridge-This cartridge Sprays projectiles over a wide range.  Good
     when you have lots of little creatures around.
    Wasps have two uses.  They can be used to attack enemies, or used to unlock
    doors to proceed further into the ship.  Use them sparingly until you have
    opened all the locked doors.
    Tempest- Fires lasers while flying around the enemy.  Also unlocks blue doors.
    Juggernaut- Hurls itself repeatedly at the enemy.  Also unlocks yellow doors.
    Inferno- Rises aloft and explodes after a short time.  Also unlocks red doors.
    D.      Items
    Recovery Kit S-recovers a small amount of vitality
    Recovery Kit M-recovers about half of your vitality
    Recovery Kit L-fully recovers vitality
    Lifeline Resuscitating Agent-Revives you when you lose all vitality (not needed
         in Easy mode)
    Limit Breaker- Increases energy attack power and reduces energy usage for
    E.    Deck Sector:
    After the introduction video, you start in the Hangar Deck/Starboard.  Activate
    the Power supply switch and then open the shutter.  Another video will happen
    and you will need to clear the room of snake like creatures.  Then exit to the
    Hangar Deck Accessway/Starboard, and watch the door lock behind Sonya.
    Carefully cross the room to the other door and enter the Deck-To-Deck
    Accessway/Starboard, and then through the Front Deck Accessway/Starboard to the
    Front Deck Entrance.  Climb to the shutter control and activate it.  Travel
    through the room to the Dront Deck/Starboard.  Activate the formation-change
    console and watch the video, after which the console shorts out.  Save here if
    Head through the Front Deck Entrance to the Front Deck Accessway, to the Deck-
    To-Deck Accessway, and finally to the Hangar Deck Accessway/Portside.  Unlock
    the blue door with 9 Tempest Wasps and enter into the Hangar Deck.  Climb up
    and activate the Hangar Deck/Starboard catwalk.  Backtrack through the Hangar
    Deck Accessway/Portside, Deck-To-Deck Accessway, Hangar Deck
    Accessway/Starboard, and back into the Hangar Deck.  Climb up and activate the
    shutter switch.  Continue across and activate the Hangar Deck/Portside catwalk.
    Retrieve the Security Pass Lv. 1.  Try to leave the room to activate the
    security system.  Kill all the enemies to open the door back up.
    Enter the Hangar Deck Accessway/Starboard and use the Security Pass Lv. 1 to
    enter the door Sonya went through earlier.  This takes you to Airlock
    Accessway/Starboard and into the EVA Supply Room.  Use the elevator, activate
    the cranes and jump across the crates to unlock the shutter and enter Airlock
    1.  There will be a video here and control will switch to Sonya.
    As Sonya, you start in the Data Library.  There is a save here if you need it.
    Proceed through the Airlock Accessway/Portside to Airlock 2.  Activate the
    console, cross the hydraulics and get the Airlock Permit.  Go to the elevator
    and unlock with the Airlock Permit and use.  Open the barriers and quickly go
    through.  Open the airlock and go to Outer Wall 1.  Find and activate the
    panel.  A video will occur and you will return to controlling Patrick.
    Back with Patrick, fight the snake creatures and proceed to the Airlock
    Accessway/Starboard, and then to the Power Station Accessway/Starboard.  There
    is a save here if you need it.  Unlock the yellow door with 9 Juggernaut Wasps
    and enter the Power Station.  Cross the room to the Power Station
    Accessway/Portside, and then to Substation/Portside.  Find and attempt to use
    the formation change console.  Remember the password (It is different each time
    you play).  Backtrack through the Power Station Accessway/Portside and into the
    Power Station. Attempt to use the power console.
    There are several ways to get to the Front Deck /Portside.  The route I take is
    not the shortest, but it has the least danger along it.
    From the Power Station, go through Power Station Accessway/Starboard, Airlock
    Accessway/Starboard, Hangar Deck Accessway/Starboard, Hangar Deck, Hangar Deck
    Accessway/Portside, Deck-To-Deck Accessway, and finally to Front Deck
    Accessway.  Use the password to unlock the door here and watch a short video
    clip.  Enter the Front Deck/Portside.  Activate the formation-change console.
    There is a Save here if needed.
    Return through Front Deck Accessway/Portside, Deck-To-Deck
    Accessway/Portside,and to the Hazardous Waste Storage Entrance.  The security
    system will activate here and you will need to kill all of the enemies to
    continue.  To get to the other side of the room, you need to hover and "slide"
    off of the high ledge, and jump in midair to get enough height.  Use the items
    hovering in midair as a guide.  From here enter the Power Station
    Accessway/Portside, and then the Power Station/Portside.  Get to and activate
    the power console.  Be ready for a Boss fight with Australis.
    Once Australis is defeated, go through the Power Station Accessway/Portside,
    and into Substation/Portside.  Activate the formation-change console and watch
    a video clip.  Enter the Lower Main Bridge.  Activate 2 consoles on the upper
    level of this room to turn the elevator on.  Use the Elevator and go to the
    Main Bridge.  Find your comrades and watch a video.  Save here if you want to.
    F.   The Storage Area:
    From the main bridge, head to the lower bridge and open the red door with 9
    inferno wasps.  Head into the Rotary Joint for another fight while trapped in
    the room.  Enter Storage Node #1 and encounter the survivor.  Follow her into
    Storage Module C.  There are snake creatures in here. Open the blue door with 6
    tempest wasps to access a shortcut for the return trip. Turn left into Storage
    Node #2 and then Storage Module B.  Open the yellow door with 6 juggernaut
    wasps and head to Storage Module A via the elevator.  Watch the girl enter the
    Large Storage area.  Collect the Power Amplifier A and return all the way back
    to the Rotary Joint.  Use the lift and place the Power Amplifier A in its
    place.  Then use the A-rotation once.
    Head through Storage Node #1 and into Storage Module B.  This time turn right.
    Head through Storage Node #3 and into Storage Module D.  Destroy the Conduit to
    gain access to the elevator and take it to Storage Module E.  Be prepared for 2
    broken windows as you make your way through.  There are snake creatures in
    here.  Collect the Power Amplifier B and return once again to the Rotary Joint.
    Use the lift and place the Power Amplifier B in its place.  Then use the A-
    rotation once, and the B-rotation twice.  This should trigger a video sequence.
    Return one final time through Storage Node #1.  This time you'll enter Storage
    Module D.  Turn right and go through Storage Node #3 into Storage Module E.
    Then take the elevator to Storage Module A.  The door that the girl went
    through will now be unlocked.  Enter and be prepared for a boss fight with
    "Rigel Domain".
    G.    The Shaft
    Use the control panel and quickly exit into the Crew Administration before the
    timer runs out.  Save the game in this room.  Head into Shaft/Interior A and
    then to Shaft/Interior B.  There will be a short video.  Then head into
    Shaft/Interior C and then Main Shaft B.  Here another video will be triggered.
    Head into the Lobby and Save.  Go into the Crew Quarters and finally speak with
    the girl.
    Return to the Lobby and Collect the L2 Security Pass.  Save again if you need
    to.  Return back to Shaft/Interior B via Shaft/Interior C to watch the girl
    enter a door.  Follow her into the Observatory for another conversation and a
    switch to Sonya.
    As Sonya, You start back at the Main Bridge.  Take the Elevator down to the
    Lower Main Bridge and then through Substation/Portside, Power Station
    Accessway/Portside, Airlock Accessway/Portside to Airlock 2.  Activate the
    Manual cycle, quickly go across and activate the second part of the Manual
    cycle and run back before the passageway closes back up.  This may take a few
    tries, as it is a close shave.  Then go down the Elevator and through the
    Airlock Shutter Selecting Left, Right, Left, and Left at the consoles along the
    way.  Open the Airlock and enter Outer Wall 1.  Proceed to Outer Wall 2 and
    search until you trigger a video.  You will then return back to Patrick.
    Patrick is now in the Crew Administration room.  Go through Shaft/Interior A
    and Shaft/Interior B to Shaft/Interior D.  Use the lift.  Return to
    Shaft/Interior A and activate the lift to create a shortcut.  Return to
    Shaft/Interior D and continue climbing.  This will take you to Shaft/Interior
    E.  Be ready for broken windows and snake creatures.  Unlock the blue security
    door with 9 Tempest Wasps.  This Leads to Main Shaft A.  Climb up and the
    security system will activate again.  Kill the enemies again.  Turn off the
    overhead fans, activate the anti-grav platforms, and climb through the vents
    and into the Control Panel Room.  Attempt to use the formation-change console
    and save here if needed.  Follow the stairs to the DNA Laboratory Accessway,
    and then into the DNA Laboratory.  Use the energy panel and watch a video.
    This looks like a Boss fight, but it will be interrupted after a little bit,
    and you will excape to the DNA Laboratory Accessway.  Unlock the yellow door
    with 9 Juggernaut Wasps, but don't use the door yet.  Return to the Control
    Panel Room and activate the formation-change.  Watch the video.  Everything is
    now on its side.
    Save the game and return to DNA Laboratory Accessway.  Enter the door you
    unlocked earlier (It is now on the floor).  This takes you to the Main Lobby.
    Approach the panel to start the real Boss fight with Regulus.  Watch for his
    tail and his rolling attack.  He will always rear up before rolling into a
    ball.  Once Regulus is defeated, open the hatch and watch a video. You will
    regain control in the Control Panel Room.  Don't forget the save point in this
    room.  Go through the DNA Laboratory Accessway and into the Main Lobby again.
    Use the hatch and enter Integrated Plant Accessway 1.
    H.    Energy Sector:
    In the Integrated Plant Accessway 1, there is a save point and a formation-
    change console, which currently does not work.  Enter the Integrated Plant and
    climb up onto the scaffolding and activate the console that lowers the steps.
    Take the stairs to enter Integrated Plant/Floor B1, and then into Energy
    Conversion Facility.  Find and activate the power management console.
    Return to Integrated Plant/Floor B1.  Activate and cross using anti-grav
    platforms.  Watch out for enemies.  Activate console that lowers the stairs and
    go up into Integrated Plant.  Go into Sub-Control Room.  Use the Elevator to
    get to Lower Core Control.  Make your way to Energy Core Entrance, and then to
    Airlock 3.  Deactivate yellow panel with 15 Juggernaut Wasps, and the red panel
    with 15 Inferno Wasps.  Open the Airlock and enter Outer Wall 3.  Activate the
    Backtrack through Airlock 3 to Energy Core Entrance.  Be ready for broken
    windows.  Then head through the Energy Core Accessway into Sub-Energy Core
    Control Room.  Get the Control Grips.  Backtrack through Energy Core Accessway
    and Energy Core Entrance to Lower Core Control.  Use the Elevator and travel
    through Sub-Control room and Integrated Plant to Integrated Plant Accessway 1.
    Activate formation-control with the Control Grips.  Watch the video.  Save here
    if desired.
    Go into the Integrated Plant, where the security system will be activated
    again.  Kill all of the enemies to open the doors.  Lower the stairs and enter
    Integrated Plant/Floor B1.  Head into the Upper Core Security Room.  Unlock the
    blue door with 9 Tempest Wasps.  Activate and use the elevator.  You arrive in
    the Lower Core Security Room.  Continue into Sub Energy Core Control Room.
    Shoot the targets and watch a video.
    Continue through the Energy Core Accessway and the Energy Core Entrance to
    reach the Energy Core.  Pick up the Security Pass Lv. 3.  Backtrack through
    Energy Core Entrance, Energy Core Accessway, Sub Energy Core Control Room, to
    Lower Core Security Room.  Use the elevator and continue through Upper Core
    Security Room to the Integrated Plant/Floor B1.  Cross on the anti-grav
    platforms, activate the stairs and climb up to Integrated Plant.  Unlock the
    door with the Security Pass Lv. 3 and enter Integrated Plant Accessway 2.
    Watch the video.
    Release the Security lock.  Then travel through the Integrated Plant,
    Integrated Plant Accessway, and into Main Lobby.
    I.     The Shaft Revisited
    From the Main Lobby, travel through DNA Laboratory Accessway, Control Panel
    Room, Main Shaft A, Shaft Accessway, Main Shaft B, and into Deck Sector
    J.    Deck Sector Revisited
    From the Deck Sector, go through Lower Main Bridge into Main Bridge.  Use
    Control Grips to activate formation-change.  Go through Deck Sector Accessway 2
    into Operations Room/Starboard.  Activate the platforms and get Mobile Device.
    Travel through Deck Sector Accessway 2, Main Bridge, Deck Sector Accessway 3,
    Operations Room/Portside, and into Security Control Room.  Activate blue panel
    with 6 Tempest Wasps. Climb the platforms and activate the yellow panel with 6
    Juggernaut Wasps.  Climb the platforms and activate the red panel with 6
    Inferno Wasps.  Cross the platforms and use the Mobile Device at the console.
    The security system will activate again.  Once again, defeat all of the enemies
    to unlock the doors.
    Backtrack through Operations Room/Portside, Deck Sector Accessway 3, and into
    the Main Bridge.  Activate the formation-change console.  Travel through Lower
    Main Bridge, and Substation/Portside, into Power Station Accessway/Portside.  A
    Large foot will stomp down in front of you.
    From here go through Hazardous Waste Storage Entrance and into Hazardous Waste
    Storage.  Get the Atomic Cylinder.  Then travel through Hazardous Waste Storage
    Entrance, Hangar Deck Accessway/Portside, and into the Hangar Deck.  There will
    be a video here, and then you will have another Boss fight: Australis.
    After you win, another video will play.  You will regain control in the Control
    Panel Room.  There is a Save point nearby.  Go through DNA Laboratory Accessway
    and the Main Lobby to get to Integrated Plant Accessway 1.
    K.     Energy Sector Revisited
    Enter the Integrated Plant, activate and use the stairs again, and go through
    Integrated Plant/Floor B1, Upper Core Security Room, Lower Core Security Room
    (via elevator), Sub Energy Core Control Room, Energy Core Accessway, Energy
    Core Entrance, and into the Energy Core.  Use the Atomic Cylinder and watch a
    video.  A Boss fight starts against Miaplacidus.
    Go through Energy Core Entrance, Energy Core Accessway, Sub Energy Core Control
    Room, Lower Core Security Room, Upper Core Security Room (via elevator), and
    into Integrated Plant/Floor B1.  Activate and cross the pit and activate and
    use the stairs to Integrated Plant.  Go into Integrated Plant Accessway 2 and
    into Center Duct Accessway.
    L.     MTHR Sector
    Go into Central Monitor Room and watch a video.  Get Security Pass Lv. 4.  Save
    here if desired.  Enter the Center Duct Accessway.  Activate two sets of
    Platforms to cross (one set is activated near the exit door).  Unlock the door
    with Security Pass Lv. 4 and enter Central Duck Interior.  Climb all the way to
    the top and enter Elevator/Outside MTHR Room.  Get Elevator Power Link, use it
    at the elevator, and use the elevator.  Save here and enter MTHR Room.
    Activate System terminal, and then the monitor terminal.  This will trigger a
    Boss fight with Miaplacidus again.  After this you immediately fight MTHR.
    After a Video, return to Elevator/Outside MTHR Room.  Use the elevator and
    enter Central Duck Interior.  This will trigger a video and what looks like a
    boss fight with Cebalrai.  Just run!  A video clip will occur and then go into
    the Shuttle Port Accessway.
    M.     Engine Sector
    Check the monitor at the fat end of the room for Rear Engine Entry Permit.  Use
    Rear Engine Entry Permit to unlock door to Rear Engine, Starboard.  You will
    once again go into a Boss fight with another Australis.  Once it is killed,
    climb up to the console and attempt to use formation-change.
    There is a Save here.  You will now Control Sonya.  Go back into Shuttle Portal
    Accessway.  A 5-minute Self-Destruct will start to countdown.  Go into Rear
    Engine/Portside, climb to console and acrivate formation-change.  After a
    video, you will control Patrick again.
    As Patrick, quickly get through Shuttle Portal Accessway/Starboard, Shuttle
    Hatch, and into the Shuttle.  A video will occur and the final fight will
    start.  You must kill the Cebalrai that you ran from earlier.  After the fight,
    the game is over.
    N.     Ranking
    After finishing the game, I was on Easy mode, took 8:22:17, had 20 saves, and
    1185340 TC.  This Gave me a Rank of D.
    O.      Credits
    No credits yet...this walkthrough is all my information.  Send any relavant
    info to me and I'll include you here.
    P.      Legal Stuff
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be
    placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
    written permission. Use of this
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at gamefaqs.com and cheatcc.com. 
    Any other use has not
    been approved.
    Copyright 2003 Chris Waller

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