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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warming Blasters

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    Version 1.04 by Warming Blasters
    !!!! REMINDER: This is NOT spoiler-free.
    DO NOT READ if avoiding spoilers is a concern. !!!!
    1) About this FAQ/Updates
    2) The Dino Crisis Games
    3) DC3 Characters (from Capcom DC3 websites)
    4) Controls
    5) Guns and Ammo...and WASPs
    6) Your Foes/TC Values
    7) About Tactical Credits and Combos
    8) General Gameplay Tips
    9) Walkthrough -subsections 9a to 9x
      a) It is AD 2548....
      b) Now you'll be heading back....
      c) Working through the EVA Supply Room (where OXM demo ends).
      d) The stuff soon hits the fan for Jacob and Patrick.
      e) Sonya to the rescue...
      f) Patrick and Jacob separated.
      g) Continuing...and 1st big boss fight.
      h) End run to the MAIN BRIDGE.
      i) Catching up with the others and meeting the Ozymandias' Captain.
         Also, begin Power Amplifier hunt.
      j) Finsihing Power Amplifier hunt on the way to...
      k) Rigel Domain
      l) Seeking the Mystery Girl.
      m) Time to follow Caren.
      n) Sonya to the rescue...again.
      o) Finding a way to the Energy Sector.
      p) DNA Lab and Regulus.
      q) MTHR Room and Energy Core shenanigans (VERY LONG section)
      r) Backtracking through not-so-familiar territory.
      s) The action heats up in the frozen Ozymandias.
      t) A more eventful Energy Core.
      u) Visiting MTHR.
      v) MTHR isn't happy to see you.
      w) Escaping the Ozymandius.
      x) Cebalrai and The End.
    10) Total Files Available
    11) Secrets
    12) About Sonya Express
    13) About Wheel of 4 Tune
    14) Some Other Great Games for those who like Dino Crisis 3
    1) About this FAQ
    This FAQ is an independently owned and created production by me, Warming
    Blasters (buckrobotron@optonline.net), with supporting descriptions from the
    official Capcom/Dino Crisis 3 manual included with the U.S. version
    of the game.  It can be found exclusively at my own sites or at
    Gamefaqs.com and affiliates. Sites other than my own that
    have been granted the revocable right (GameFAQS, which may farm it out
    to GameSpot) to present this FAQ may do so only in plain text form in
    singular identifiable locations on the WWW. No rights to this FAQ are
    granted for any other printed, archival, or other
    media distribution or presentation.
    That having been said, hopefully those who do properly find this FAQ will
    find some useful information in dealing with Dino Crisis 3.  Note also that
    there are SPOILERS throughout the FAQ (mostly in the Walkthrough),
    so stop NOW if you want to avoid them.
    8/31/04 -- Minor cleanup, added a SPOILER WARNING similar to my newly minted
    Silent Hill 2:RD 10-Star Guide
    9/23/03 -- Version 1.00 walkthrough up to/including Australis 1
    Version 1.01 added walkthrough up to Sonya 2
    9/30/03 -- 1.02 Added details about "Wheel of 4 Tune" mode.  Completed
    walkthrough will be available after verifying GameFaqs puts this up.
    Changed email address.
    12/7/03 -- 1.03 Completed walkthrough, some hints and tips updated.
    2) The Dino Crisis Games
    Dino Crisis 3 is a unique, generally independent continuation of Capcom's Dino
    Crisis series.  Whereas Dino Crisis 1 and Dino Crisis 2 played out generally in
    our time-but intertwined with time-displaced areas or creatures from other eras-
    Dino Crisis 3 is set entirely several hundred years in the future (2548), on a
    long-lost (300 years no less) exploration/colonization ship named Ozymandias.  It
    does however share the universe with the original games, with the use of "Third
    Energy" as a power source relating to the earlier games (in which "Third Energy"
    was only an unstable potential energy source and/or weapon undergoing research).
    The game's premise is often deliberately derided as "dinosaurs in space", but
    however tempting it might be to joke about, if you actually play the game the
    storyline is very interesting and well-presented through stunningly high-quality
    CG sequences.
    Comparing the series quickly, including the light-gun-game offshoot Dino
    ++ Dino Crisis - available for PS1, PC, Dreamcast
    - Features Regina, Rick, and Gail from SORT (Secret Operation Raid Team),
    plus Dr. Kirk
    - A few real dinosaurs up to T-Rex, who you barely fight unfortunately
    - Uniquely features iron-tough Therizino, which was likely an inspiration for the
    quicker Algol of DC3
    - Much more a slow Resident Evil-like survival/resources game than the later
    ++ Dino Crisis 2 - available for PS1, PC
    - Dylan and David from TRAT (Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team),
    Regina from SORT, plus mystery character Paula
    - Features a dozen real dinosaurs up to Giganatosaurus and great variety of
    weapons, plus skill/combo counters making it very action-oriented (and excellent
    at it). Still restricted, scripted boss-fights though.
    ++ Dino Stalker - available for PS2
    - Features time-displaced WWII pilot Mike Wired, Paula, Dylan
    - Most dinosaurs taken from DC2, with some replacements (Allosaur replaced by
    Carnotaur) and some fictional
    - Boss fights are mostly static FPS-like affairs but will have you manically
    pounding on the trigger as a light-gun game should
    ++ Dino Crisis 3 - available for Xbox
    - Patrick, Sonya, Jacob from SOAR (Special Operations and Reconnaissance),
    mystery character Caren
    - Features several dinosaurs, this time emphasizing variety of bosses, including
    several of the most-menacing active boss designs in gaming history, all
    fictional but DNA-related to true dinosaurs.
    - Regular and boss fights take place in full 3D movement a la Devil May Cry,
    just as Dino Crisis fans had always wanted.
    3) DC3 Characters (from Capcom DC3 websites)
    Patrick - "A member of SOAR special ops, Patrick Tyler's strong sense of duty
    and natural charisma make him an asset to any operation.  Trusted by the entire
    team, he boosts troop morale." - age 25
    Sonya Hart - "Another member of SOAR special ops, Sonya Hart is a cool=headed
    soldier with flawless action.  Her focus is completing missions." - age 24
    Jacob Ranshaw - "...leads SOAR special ops. His directness and bold decision-
    making  abilities are critical to the operation.  He's a fanatic about the safety
    of his troops." - age 32
    Caren - "The sole survivor of Ozymandias, Caren's existence is shrouded
    in mystery." - age 17
    4) Controls
    Primary gameplay controls:
    L - strafe/lock-on (works better as just a strafe)
    R - boost (use by itself to hover over electric fields and generally speed
    B - jump (a quick boosted jump)
    Y - launch one WASP (3 to 5 can be sent out together depending on WASP type)
    X - fire/hold and charge for gradually powered-up shot
    A - menu navigation/confirmation and open doors/activate consoles
    White or Select - call up Map/Item/File menu
    Black - Call up map (this button remembers degree of zoom/location on your map,
    whereas going to the Map with the White/menu button starts back from the "world"
    Left stick - character movement and aim/look in FPS view
    Right stick - click in to go to FPS view
    Advanced moves:
    - Hold R, then B - get a little extra height on your jump
    - Hold R to boost, then punch up later with B - you can move forward through
    space, slowly descending, then hit B near an area above
    - Hold R to boost along ground, hit B+direction - you can dodge a quick Algol
    and jump over a Rigel next to it at the same time
    - B, then hold R - slow hover-descent
    There are slightly different controls for zero-gravity, wherein L thrusts you
    downward and B thrusts upward.
    5) Guns and Ammo...and WASPs
    Dino Crisis 3 has essentially 11 different weapon attacks available (plus an
    additional secret one): 2 default gun cartridges each with unique powered up
    shots, 2 unique weapon cartridges also with individual charge-up mechanisms, and
    3 WASP support weapon types.  Here they are:
    Standard Weapons - in-game descriptions
    -- Patrick - HEAVY VULCAN: "A standard weapon. Rapid-fires energy projectiles.
    Can be charged for a high-powered blast."
    -- Sonya - FREEZE LASER: "A standard weapon. Fires reflecting laser beams.
    Can be charged to fire multiple shots."
    Notes: Patrick's Vulcan is more direct and has a very useful charge shot.
    Sonya's Freeze Laser has a more menacing sound and appears to hit a little harder,
    but the charge shot hasn't proven very useful except for hitting moving puzzle
    targets. This is because her charge shot is a spread that makes hitting the
    targets easier than Patrick's direct single charge shot.
    Additional Cartridges (both characters) - in-game descriptions
    -- WIDE-SHOT: "Close-range weapon. Sprays gravitation projectiles over wide area.
    Charge to blast an even wider area."
    -- LASER: "A long-range weapon that fires a high-density laser.
    Can be charged to fire a power laser shot."
    Notes: Wide-shot is very useful against groups of Algols that you can't shake.
    If you hit them point-blank with the full spread, they hurt.  Otherwise, it is
    a risky weapon especially against bosses who you want to keep away.  Laser is always
    useful, but rapidly firing a shot often misses due to a delay in lifting the
    gun-barrel. Use each laser shot with precision at boss' heads.  Also, if you are
    in the clear, the Laser charge shot can really dish out the pain...literally having
    dinosaurs shrieking when hit in the head with the guided laser stream.
    WASPs (both characters) - in-game descriptions
    -- TEMPEST: "Automatically locks on a target and fires an intense barrage of energy
    -- JUGGERNAUT: "Automatically homes in on targets and hits them with energy pulses."
    -- INFERNO: "Hovers and then explodes after a specific length of time, engulfing
    nearby targets in flames."
    Notes: TEMPEST is always useful against normal enemies and most bosses, but doesn't
    always help much with Kornephoros, who can still come at you while getting hit with
    Tempest. JUGGERNAUT is ALWAYS useful, but slow, so use Tempest on a whole bunch of
    Rigels, but use J-Nauts to literally "juggle and punch" Algol and Kornephoros.  J-Nauts
    are necessary to keep combos going against resilient Kornephoros, but with a catch:
    J-Nauts don't kill Kornephoros as much as knock them down, so combine them with
    Wide-shots or Lasers to speed the combo.  J-Nauts with only Vulcan fire actually
    SLOWS combos.  Finally, INFERNO packs a punch, but must be used cautiously.  The blast
    can be set off prematurely and knock you down at the worst possible moments...so watch
    out.  Learn to judge distance on when these will slowly catch a relatively close boss,
    but be out of your way, and Inferno can mete out serious pain. Inferno will constantly
    ruin your combos against most normal enemies though, knocking you down
    with them, so avoid use there unless necessary to clear a path to safety.  However,
    this knockdown also grants a split-second of invulnerability with can save you from
    a nasty hit, especially against the end-boss.
    6) Your Foes
    There are detailed files in-game describing these enemies, inconveniently found AFTER
    they've kicked your ass...here's a list describing them in my terms, using the official
    names and DNA associations. Also, the points and point chains will be listed as I encounter
    them (or remember them).
    ++ Recurring/Regular Enemies
    Rigel, R&D Code D-01-001, DNA Prime: Giganatosaurus
    Chain: 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1,200, 1,200 every other in chain
    -- These are the very first enemies you encounter and will be seen throughout the game.
    Though generally slow and worm-like, on harder difficulties or in any large group they
    have a high chance of giving you minor damage and blowing your combos.  Sometimes, if
    one gets a good bead on you it can inflict serious damage by literally sucking the life
    out of you...you might want to avoid that...
    Algol, R&D Code D-02-001, DNA Prime: Giganatosaurus
    Chain: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,600, 3,200, 6,400, 12,000, 12,000 every other in chain
    -- The main dino-type that will constantly give you trouble.  Essentially super-raptors
    with a propensity to ram their hammerheads into you, they are among the toughest regularly
    recurring enemy in any action game. They ram, they bite, they jump, they do running leaps,
    they do quick running side-swipes...crazy stuff.  Not only that, but Algols will later come
    in inviso-camouflage form which can't be tracked by WASPs until they choose to come out of
    it, and better yet, some Algols can teleport later in the game.  Oh wait, and especially
    on Hard mode, they also like to blast you with electric bursts!
    Kornephoros, R&D Code D-3a-001, DNA Prime: Velociraptor
    Chain: 120, 240, 480, 960, etc, 16,000 top and every chain beyond
    -- This is an awesome design, it is essentially like a gorilla/dino hybrid and is quite
    menacing.  These guys can take half again the hits that an Algol can and they hit TWICE
    as hard.  They do a rush at you with a roundhouse punch, which you do NOT want to get
    hit by. Naturally, the primate in them makes them able to jump anywhere at a moment's
    notice as well.  This jump can knock you out of surprising heights.  Finally, they can
    sometimes get lucky and grab you, squeezing almost all life out of you and then tossing
    you like a crushed soda can. With the introduction of Kornephoros, you also get a new
    musical theme, somewhat like survival-horror-congo-drums-meets-Donkey Kong...great stuff!
    ++ Bosses
    Rigel Domain, no given info
    30,000 TC
    -- A typical sci-fi nest of alien scum rising from top-to-bottom of a warehouse-sized room,
    in this case with Rigels galore feeding about it.  It regularly sends out Rigels in batches
    after you, and also has a wide-spread pollen/poison spit that will take half your life away
     and knock you flat on your ass.  This is spat out on regular intervals. You're GUARANTEED
    to curse when you get hit by this stuff.  Domain needs to be nailed with charged shots at
    its core, requiring FP view, for most efficient elimination.
    Australis, R&D Code D-01-10a, DNA Prime: Tyrannosaurus
    20,000 TC first-time, 30,000 TC second-time, 40,000 TC third-time
    -- You'll encounter this monster type more than once for full-on deathmatches.  Australis
    is essentially a genetically-warped ultra-tough T-Rex that can blast electric bursts directly
    at you or as a spread effect that can be hard to avoid.  During periods in which Australis
    is electricity-enabled, it self-heals, though Lasers and strong WASPs can halt the healing
    and even whittle it down a little bit.  When not "electro-enabled", Australis will act like
    any self-respecting T-Rex and RUN you down, so get ready to boost-strafe or be lunch.
    Regulus, R&D Code D-28-477, DNA Prime: Ankylosaurus
    Nothing first encounter, Second Encounter 40,000 TC
    -- You'll encounter this individual monster twice, one for a half-lifebar fight, the other a
    deathmatch.  As with all DC3 bosses, Regulus dominates all.  Damage takes a while to accrue
    on his hard shell, all the while he advances on you.  When close enough he'll quickly turn and
    swipe you with his club tail.  This will HURT, so strafe low-to-the-ground to avoid it.  Since
    the swipe arcs way up then down, if you get into a jump you may very likely be hit by the upper
    arc of the swing, so stay low and wide.  Regulus also periodically will "ball up" and come
    rolling his hefty mass right at you, tearing up the environment and you given half a chance.
    Try to anticipate the roll as though he is a bowling ball on an arc and boost away accordingly.
     When you dish out the pain to Regulus, he sometimes lifts up on his rears exposing a soft belly,
    if you timed it right you can have some Infernos mosey right on in there for major damage,
    which may even knock him on his back temporarily.  Be quick and and soften his belly with
    some hot lasers.
    Miaplacidus, R&D Code D-16-021, DNA Prime: Spinosaurus
    First Encounter 45,000 TC, Second Encounter 60,000 TC
    -- This would be the signature boss if there wasn't an even bigger one coming up!  Miaplacidus
    is epic in scale, and yet fast, amphibious, can shoot overpowering streams of poisonous water
    from a "mile" away, and can just plain run you down.  There is even a full-fledged animation of
    Miaplacidus chewing, gulping, and licking his chops if he gets Patrick in his mouth for a
    final  kill...you'll want to see it at least once no matter how much you'd rather avoid it
    (I obviously  wasn't able to that one time...).  Like Regulus, you'll encounter Miaplacidus for
    a scene setup half-lifebar fight and a fullon fight to the death.  Miaplacidus is in both cases
    more challenging  overall than Regulus, so be wary.
    Cebalrai, R&D Code D-099-09x, DNA Prime: Giganatosaurus
    Nothing First Encounter, Second Encounter 80,000 TC
    -- Give a Rigel enough time and he grows into this.  Though DC3 obviously cribbed a lot from
    Western sci-fi sources such as the Alien films, you can't complain when they come up with some
    of these incredible boss designs.  Cebalrai is what a two-headed (and later three-headed!),
    two-tailed, building-sized Alien-produced Giganatosaurus would look like.  In-game and in-cinema
    it looks fantastic.  You'll meet Cebalrai-predictably-for a half-fight and a second final fight
    (with a surprise twist).  Extremely fast and deadly, Cebalrai is mainly about sticking his
    extending his heads out one at a time, like a snake, and dealing 3/4 damage with one hit.
    Secondarily, Cebalrai will either shoot purple electric death in a single stream or have two at a
    time moving in different directions.  Interestingly, the first encounter with Cebalrai goes much
    easier during Sonya Express, because in that special game she is double-boost speed, meaning the
    constantly charging first-fight Cebalrai can't really catch up unless you run out of boost.
    7) About Tactical Credits and Combos
    In addition to all your lovely weaponry, boosters, and support kits, you also have Tactical Credits
    (DC3 currency) to earn to buy upgrades/greater capacities for those very weapons and items.  See
    section 6 to see how combo bonus points progress, assuming all enemies in the chain are the same
    About Building Combos
    Combos build between multiple enemies.  As you start Eliminate 1 on a Rigel you'll get 10 TC,
    whereas an Algol is 100. Then as the eliminate gauge builds, the TC value of each enemy is
    increased according to its place in sequence, so that by Eliminate 15 a Rigel might be worth
    1200 TC, an Algol 12,000 TC, and a Kornephoros 16,000 TC.
    Example 1: 5 Rigel combo = 10, 20, 40, 80, 160
    Example 2: 3 Rigel, >>1 Algol<<, 1 Rigel, >>1 Algol<< = 10, 20, 40, >>800<<, 160, >>3,200<<
    I doesn't matter if you eliminated 14 "easy" Rigels beforehand (each maxing at 1,200 TC), if
    enemy number 15 to go down is an Algol, you get 12,000 TC for it...and as long as you keep
    the Eliminate counter going you get 12,000 TC for each Algol (or 1,200 for any Rigel inbetween)
    until your Tactical Bar is FULL, where you get nothing more until you empty it.
    This combo system is surprisingly well-done and balanced. You see that you could also fill the
    Tactical Bar for the bonus just by simply killing individual enemies, but you never get these
    big TC Combo points along the way.
    It becomes very challenging because later on as Algols and especially Kornephoros can take
    quite a beating, and without J-Nauts may not even die before the gauge disappears, resetting
    you to Eliminate 1. That is why  the best areas are those with mixed Algols and easy to kill
    Rigels, because if the Eliminate gauge starts fading you can try to quickly pop a Rigel to
    keep it going.
    Kornephoros combos of up to 16,000 TC each can be lucrative, but you'll need to experiment
    with keeping these dangerous foes close and using Inferno for best effect.
    8) General Gameplay Tips
    - LEARN TO USE AND LOVE THE MAP!  The map is extremely useful and well-designed once you
    become accustomed to its use.  You can even predetermine Save Point locations using it.
    - Look at the floor of many areas, notice those ARROWS?...follow them when in doubt!
    - Look around using FPS mode for 5,000 TC orbs, they are deliberately put in odd or
    hard-to-reach places to make you work for them.  Some are still easy, others I still
    haven't managed to grab...
    - You can't move when in FPS mode, BUT you can still launch WASPs in FPS mode,
    helpful when battling for the last word against bosses and trying to charge a Laser shot.
    - In the middle of a pack of dinos, make sure to find ground to allow a new
    boost-jump.  You get one jump per boost, so you might get stuck slowly hovering
    over a ravenous dino if you don't regularly drop and pick up again.
    - Don't forget regular (non-boost) strafe!  It is especially useful against Rigels
    to keep a straightforward bead on them.
    - Use Wide-shot when up-close and personal with Algols, otherwise switch to the
    normal gun or Laser (if you can afford the ammo).
    - Infernos will blow up in YOUR face if they get hit by practically anything en
    route, so don't launch them if a stream of water or electricity (or a stray
    Rigel) is coming your way.
    - Safe spots from athletic dinos are hard to find, but do sometimes exist in
    unimportant attack zones.  You may find them in major attack areas too, but your
    combo count and TC score will be laughable thanks to your distant cowardice...
    - You can return to respawning rooms if you want to build credits for the other
    available upgrades at any given Savepoint, but depending on your skill level it isn't
    entirely necessary on Easy or Normal difficulty.  Also, any upgrades you passed on at
    one point will be added to your total available at later savepoints.
    9) Normal Mode/Original Game Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is my third time through on Normal mode, so writing this is going
    quickly due to familiarity with the game.  This is based on Normal/Original and I'm taking
    my sweet time.  Thus, this FAQ by itself won't give you much of a ranking near the end
    but should certainly help with bosses and getting around the uniquely complex environment.
    Let's start...
    9a) It is AD 2548, and after the first of many superb computer graphics cinemas, Patrick and
    Sonya find themselves in one portion of the HANGAR of the mysterious Ozymandias after barely
    escaping the destruction of their home ship, the Seifert, by automated weaponry of the
    very Ozymandias they have now been forced to board.
    -- Beginning exploration of the ship.  Grab the ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++ behind you, then
    move forward again past the waiting Sonya, boost over the boxes, and activate the power supply
    switch, jump back over and push the now-green button on the wall "shutter".
    -- Cue Australis-attack cinema, with the imminent demise of your short-lived buddy McCoy, and
    then Australis itself being eaten inside-out by the worm-like Rigels.  Charming stuff.
    -- Your first attack is by approximately 30 Rigels, but you will have help from Sonya.  Just
    remember to boost immediately out of the way to avoid a first hit.  You can fill your short
    Tactical Credit Bonus bar (TC bar) right here if you can get all of them in one combo
    (where each Rigel will be worth 1200 TC at the top of the combo).  However, sometimes Rigels
    escape to the far end and you both miss then, so get a 20+ combo and you should be happy,
    then clean up the stragglers.
    -- Sonya will run to the door for the HANGAR DECK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, waiting for you.
    On the ramps there are several TC Globes to collect and on one of the dormant ships in
    the hangar will be a 50-pack of Wide-shots (W-SHOT).
    -- Enter the door, try to follow Sonya, but ooops, the ship seems to dislike you and
    locks you out from following Sonya, cue cutscene in which two electricity-spewing Algols
    meet you for the first time.
    [Tip: in close-quarters such as this, boost so that you are facing
    an Algol's side and hit him with the full spread of your W-SHOT]
    -- Now climb up the platforms near you, shoot the rotating panels to clear a way, and grab
    your first all-important ++Limit Breaker (L-B)++.  These are like the Devil Trigger in
    Devil May Cry, powering you up temporarily.  They are a must especially for efficient
    termination of bosses.
    -- Move forward, fall down, loop around and up the two platform tiers
    (and notice those arrows...).   Before looping around to the two explodable boxes, turn
    around and notice a small corridor behind you with 3 orbs of 200 TC each.  Turn back
    again and blow up the two boxes and proceed by boosting along and over the orange
    electric fields.  Be prepared to jump down the access hole at the end of the field
    but first grab the 5,000 TC orb in that small dead-end corridor behind you.
    [Tip: always use FP view to look around, often in deliberately off-path or hard-to-see
    location the designers planted a rich 5,000 TC Orb.  Now jump down the hole.]
    -- You can head forward now to open the door to DECK-TO-DECK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, but may want
    to look behind you and grab that 1,000 TC Orb.  Be aware that 3 Algols will warp in though..
    -- Enter DECK-TO-DECK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, only one way to go, don't forget to pick up your
    first 10-pack of Tempest WASP units (with "Operation File 2") and some TC orbs in the crevice
    on your way to...
    -- FRONT DECK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD.  You may get attacked by some Algols here so be ready.  Press
    "Y" to launch a single Tempest to aid you if necessary.  You can't build a big TC combo here, so
    don't waste a 500 TC Tempest here if you can manage it. Also, those orbs way up top can't yet
    be touched, so don't bother.  Enter the FRONT DECK ENTRANCE on the other end.
    -- Here you have a nice rising platform to jump on.  Use FP view to get your bearings, then
    jump forward onto the platform, run the ramp, then hit the Shutter Control Terminal to open the
    wall before you.  You can go left or right past the door, go right with a boost jump and get into
    side crevice above you for 1,000 TC.  Then boost across to the room you see ahead.  Below at the
    floor is another 1,000 TC Orb in the bottom box, but you'll be coming this way later from below...
    your choice when to get it.
    -- Step on the activation pad long enough to lift the door high, then boost through, then over
    the platform, shoot the target with an aimed charge shot, then boost across after grabbing your
    10 more free Tempests lying there.
    -- You're in FRONT DECK/STARBOARD, shoot the 5 laser sentries, gran the several TC orbs in the
    room, then go front and center to the FC Terminal for your first SHIP FORMATION CHANGE (FC).
    You'll get the "Formation change" file, then get to Engage Deck Sector.  Watch the cinema, watch
    the terminal meltdown then head to the SAVEPOINT 1 near the entrance of the room.
    -- SAVEPOINT 1 will have these files available: "Chat Log 1", "Chat Log 2", "Rigel", "Year 2248
    Lost-and-Found Log"
    -- SAVEPOINT 1 will allow you ONE Status Guage Increase and TWO Stock Plus Increases.  First-time
    players will want to spend 40,000 TC for Recovery Kit/L-Stock Plus, giving you a RK/L and a
    capacity to hold 2 total.  Those replaying will likely want that Eliminate-Gauge-Stock Plus for
    30,000 TC, which will increase the future FULL bonus to 45,000 TC from the 30,000 bonus TC you
    should have just cashed in.  You can go around and return to the following room if you want to
    build credits for the other available upgrades here, but depending on your skill level it isn't
    entirely necessary on Normal difficulty.  Any upgrades you passed on here will be added to your
    total at later savepoints.  Finally, you will need at least 9 spare Tempests to open a door soon.
    9b) Now you'll be heading back through the FRONT DECK ENTRANCE, likely to be attacked by a few
    Algols.  Then back through the FRONT DECK ACCESSWAY...oh wait, it's all different.  Welcome to
    your first restructured room (this was FRONT DECK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD just a few minutes ago).
    -- Ignore the yellow door for now, you'll get a passcode later for that.  Move forward and enter
    either of the two adjacent doors which go to the same exact room (these doors will be/are
    separated in other formations).  You'll have several Algols here, you can maybe get a 4 or 5
    combo here (which with Algols would be 100, 200, 400, 800, then 1600 TC).
    -- You're in DECK-TO-DECK ACCESSWAY, a long corridor with a large vertical ORANGE power-
    stream on one side and a large vertical BLUE one on the other.  Head to the door past the ORANGE,
    shooting the laser turrets and grabbing TC orbs as will be usual.
    -- You're in HANGAR DECK ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE now.  All the way down the corridor is an area with
    spawning Rigels, some TC Orbs, and a yellow locked door.  No NEED to go there now, but your choice.
    This is a good place for respawns if you want or need to give your Eliminate guage a boost.
    You do want to go that first WASP-lock door, blue means Tempest, so pump 9 Tempests into the door
    to unlock it.
    -- Now you're on the opposite side of the HANGAR DECK, climb over the large cargo ship onto the
    girder platform above and activate the maintenance catwalk, after which you'll be heading back to
    the other side of the HANGAR DECK...don't bother trying to reach up there now, you can't.  Prepare
    to be attacked by a a whole brood of Rigels (about 20) before you leave back to the HANGAR DECK
    ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE then DECK-TO-DECK ACCESSWAY.  You can build a nice meaty combo here
    (Rigels are 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1200 TC) of several 1200 TC Rigels with the
    help of a few Tempests.  This is also a good spawn point for Rigels.
    -- Back in DECK-TO-DECK ACCESSWAY, head clear across the room past the BLUE vertical stream and
    [Just before this, I at this point decided to head back to SAVEPOINT 1 and cash in my Elimination
    Bonus.  REMEMBER that when FULL you will earn NOTHING for defeating enemies, so if you have a
    nearby SAVEPOINT/SHOP you should get your bonus, reset the gauge and buy yourself an upgrade.]
    -- Then back down and around through familiar territory to the HANGAR DECK.  In there,
    get yourself onto that highest point pillar with the 1,000 TC orb on it, and jump to the lowered
    catwalk you had dropped from the opposite side.  Hit the green terminal to
    open the Separation Shutter, then head around towards the other side to activate the
    HANGAR DECK/PORTSIDE catwalk, and then jump to it to get your ++Security Pass Level 1++.
    -- Now, as you attempt to head back out the HANGAR DECK to return to HANGAR DECK ACCESSWAY/
    STARBOARD and try to follow where Sonya went...you are TRAPPED by security in the HANGAR DECK.
    -- You must now survive a mandatory "boss" fight against about 20 (!!) pissed-off Algols,
    up to 4 at a time.  You may very well want to use a ++Limit Breaker (L-B)++ here!
    -- NOW you return to HANGAR DECK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, go to that red-lighted door and use
    ++Security Pass Level 1++.
    -- You are now in AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD.  Watch out for Algols, then make a choice.
    You can enter the first room you see, POWER STATION ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, or loop around to the
    first of the two doors around the corner and down the ramp, the EVA SUPPLY ROOM.  Newcomers will
    want to head to the first room, which will lead to a save point, others may want to fill the
    eliminate guage by using the EVA SUPPLY ROOM as a Rigel spawning point.  For the walkthrough now,
    -- Closing door sets and orange electric fields greet you here, but no big deal just boost
    right on through, then around the corner and a ramped orange electric field, through a final door,
    then twist around to the next passageway over two large indestruuctible boxes.  There were orbs on
    the way here, but don't miss the 5,000 TC orb sitting behind that second indestructible box.  Boost
    over the gap, hit the power switch to kill the orange fields and the doors, then see SAVEPOINT 2.
    File "Algol" will now be available for download, and another ONE Status Gauge Increase and
    TWO Stock Plus Increases will be available.  That is the way it goes for Normal difficulty
    9c) This bit will be short, pretty much just working through the EVA SUPPLY ROOM.  Finishing this
    part is where the OXM demo stopped, conveniently just before you get to play as the scrumptious
    Sonya.  They weren't giving her away for free!
    -- After saving and/or buying what you need at SAVEPOINT 2, head back out to the
    AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD and down to the aforementioned EVA SUPPLY ROOM.
    -- Blast open the 8 red boxes to your right for several TC orbs.
    -- Head forward to the upper-left and enter up and around the Crane Control entrance.  Take the
    elevator down, activate the Crane Control and a cutscene will show the boxes overhead moving
    parallel and in opposite directions.
    -- Climb up the area in front of those two moving crane/boxes and boost across on top of them,
    letting yourself move with them a little so as to pick up the 6 TC orbs (3 for each) that sit in
    their paths of travel.  Boost finally to the opening past the second crane/box and fall down to
    the Shutter terminal.  After dealing with any extra Rigels that might appear, head to that big
    door that just went from red to green-lighted...
    -- You're now in AIRLOCK 1.  Watch the cinema and surprise, Jacob survived!  Woo. Hoo.
    9d) The stuff soon hits the fan for Jacob and Patrick.  Soon after yelling at the MTHR computer
    to find out just what the heck it/she is cooking with these "dinosaur-monsters", shrapnel from
    outside the Ozymandias breaks a window and threatens to suck Patrick right out.  That would end
    the game prematurely though, so we now have shapely Sonya to save Patrick's butt.
    -- You now play as Sonya (I like this character as much as Regina from DC1/DC2), in the DATA LIBRARY,
    summoned by Jacob to get to OZYMANDIAS OUTER WALL 1 and activate a shutter to save our man Patrick.
    Sonya will get "Mission File" saying just this.
    [ALWAYS make use of your map, and here the game will remind you of it too, highlighting in RED
    where you must go, BLUE where you are, and GREEN other places along the way.]
    -- Run around the data center rows and grab 7 of 200 TC Orbs, then near the one and only door you
    can use right now, grab 10/20 Tempests.  She'll need them for the next room.  Before that, you may
    want to save at SAVEPOINT 3, which VERY conveniently is located in this very DATA LIBRARY ROOM
    on the opposite side.
    [Sonya is always a treat to play, so this is a good save point to leave alone and start a new save,
    so you can revisit Sonya in her normal suit--as opposed to the unlockable Sonya Express mode--when
    you want.  With that lovely Xbox hard-drive, NEVER be shy about making extra saves.]
    9e) Sonya and the Outer Wall. Let's continue from SAVEPOINT 3.
    -- Exit the DATA LIBRARY to AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE.  This is a major spawn point for a mix of
    Rigels and Algols together, so practice your comabt here and build up a couple full Elimination
    Guage bonuses if you desire. Then head back to SAVEPOINT 3 and do some shopping.  Important:
    remember that upgrades for Sonya are held separately from Patrick.  Done? Good, now...
    -- Zip around the cormer of AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE after surviving the gauntlet and enter
    AIRLOCK 2.  Hit the big computer terminal right next to it and acquire file "Airlock Information".
    -- Activate the terminal, then step on the glowing pad while watching the panels in front of you.
    When they are all lined up at reasonable height so that you don't jump into the electric fields
    above them, step off the pad and cross them.  There you will find ++Airlock Permit++.  Head back,
    then around the corner and use the ++Airlock Permit++ on the elevator panel, and head in.
    -- You'll play this bit differently if just going for a finish or if trying for a best time.  Hit
    the Airlock Safety Barrier Terminal and then boost through all 4 sections in one quick swoop if
    ging for best time.  But if you want to grab all the TC orbs and shoot some of the laser turrets
    for the Eliminate Guage (laser turrets are worthless individually, only multiple of 10 TC each),
    then hit this terminal, do your business in the first room, then hit the terminal in THAT room to
    reopen the beginning door.  You see, if you don't shoot through all 4 doors at once, you have to
    reset.  So, again if collecting, hit the Airlock Safety Barrier Terminal, boost to the 2nd section,
    then hit THAT terminal, return and repeat for the next 2 sections.
    -- Now head out into space, complete with revised control setup, into OZYMANDIAS OUTER WALL 1.
    Here you will meet what I will call "Guided Sentry Mines" (GSM) which will home in on you and
    explode.  That will take a big chunk out of Sonya's health, so have fun floating around
    collecting TC orbs as you work around to the shutter switch to save Patrick, but watch out for
    blind corners that may have a GSM waiting for you.
    -- Hit the operating panel for AIRLOCK 1's (where we left Patrick) emergency shutter and watch a
    cinema showing Patrick and Jacob breathing a sigh of relief...for 2 seconds...
    9f) No savepoint yet, but we're now back to our main man, Patrick.  Patrick and Jacob no sooner
    avoided the big suck into space than they were attacked by a mass of Rigels, forcing Jacob into
    a door fighting one batch...and now we have to fight off our own batch.
    -- First, you get a new "Mission File", where we'll need to head to SUBSTATION/PORTSIDE to activate
    an FC, which then leads to the MAIN BRIDGE to meet Jacob.  It won't be that straightforward.
    -- Take care of 40 (!!) or so Rigels in the tight confines of AIRLOCK 1, and don't be shy about
    launching Tempests IMMEDIATELY, as you'll be surrounded. 1 Rigel is nothing, but 7 of them biting
    your shins is another thing entirely.  While doing this, I just racked up a 36 Combo, missed a few,
    but I'll take it.  This can also be used as a spawn point, though I don't believe they'll ever
    throw 40 at you again here, maybe 20.
    -- And what have we got here?  You are now "licensed" to use and buy Juggernaut WASPs by picking up
    the 10-pack right there on your way out to the corridor section of this area.  DO NOT use them, as
    they are given to you to open a door coming right up.
    -- Exit the corridor of AIRLOCK 1 and we're back into AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD.  Head up the
    ramp and into POWER STATION ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, the place where we hit the power off the orange
    electric fields/doors and which houses SAVEPOINT 2.  Save if you desire, and buy 9 J-Nauts if you
    have none left for some reason...
    -- The real treat here is to finally open the Yellow WASP door which I pointedly did NOT mention
    before, since you couldn't do anything with it then.  Use 9 of your J-Nauts on it and enter
    -- Not much being powered here though, as you float without gravity.  Float following the ramp and
    you are in a huge warehouse/room full of floating boxes to shoot away so you can float and grab
    the 10 or so TC Orbs floating about.  Also floating about will be a bunch of GSMs.  You can
    combo them as you take them out, but they are never worth more than 40 paltry TC apiece, but will
    at least help build your eliminate gauge.  And, besides, a GSM exploding in your face is unpleasant.
    -- You will ultimately be coming back to this room, through the top hatch of that locked room
    in the bottom corner, after resetting the power of this POWER STATION from elsewhere.  There is
    a ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++ in this little room, but you'll be back anyway.
    -- Also, see that cavernous door in the room, go up to it and check it. "Growls can be heard from
    beyond the shutter."  Indeed...
    -- Head out the door on the bottom opposite side of where you entered, into POWER STATION
    ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE.  DO NOT go anywhere now but to the door right next to you or you might be sucked
    out into space as a panel breaks open.
    -- That door right next to you goes to SUBSTATION/PORTSIDE, where we wanted to go right?!  Go hit
    the FC terminal you were looking for and promptly...get denied.  "ERROR. Please connect power
    conduit."  You now acquire the file "Password Locks", within which is a password unique to each game
    you play.  Your "Mission File" will also be updated to tell you to go to the POWER STATION to
    connect the power.  You know that won't work, but do it anyway.
    [The password will be useful during your first big backtracking session here, as we will be heading
    to open those Yellow password doors you passed back in the beginning of faq section (9b)]
    -- Don't forget the freebie 10-pack of J-Nauts in the center of the room as you head back to the
    POWER STATION via SUBSTATION/PORTSIDE.  Even though we knew better, we hit that nonfunctional
    terminal in the small corner room of POWER STATION and are now rewarded with an updated "Mission
    File".  We need to head back to FRONT DECK/PORTSIDE with that password in tow to find a FC
    terminal to make the power conduit available, so that we can come back here and hit the power, so
    that finally we can hit the SUBSTATION/PORTSIDE FC terminal to connect to the MAIN BRIDGE and
    catch up to Jacob.  Got it?  If you said, "sorta", I feel your pain.
    -- Head back through POWER STATION ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, and check out SAVEPOINT 2 again, with
    a new file for you, "Power Station Maintenance Memo".  You will likely have a FULL Eliminate
    gauge to cash in as well.  Note that because this is an already visited savepoint, if you
    bought the upgrades from here previously, that's that.  Still, always buy maintenance items and
    keep around handy J-Nauts and Tempests.
    9g) We're on the same trail to ultimately get to Jacob on the MAIN BRIDGE, and now we're leaving
    good ol' SAVEPOINT 2.
    -- Out to AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, over the barrier, down the ramp to HANGAR DECK
    ACCESSWAY/STARBOARD, up and around to DECK-TO-DECK ACCESSWAY, enter the middle double-doors to
    FRONT DECK ACCESSWAY and fight off the Algols to reach that yellow passcode door.
    -- Input your unique passcode at the door and watch as a cinema unfolds showing two other yellow
    passcode doors opening up as well.  You'll see these doors not too long from now.
    -- Enter into the FRONT DECK/PORTSIDE, an important room wherein resides SAVEPOINT 4, with new
    upgrades available, the FC terminal you've been looking for sitting in a "closeted" area, and
    inbetween is a large space with many red shootable boxes hiding a few TC orbs...and VERY
    importantly, behind one is your first 10-pack of Laser cartrdiges.
    [Note that you really shouldn't miss these Laser cartridges, because you cannot buy and use any
    weapon or WASP until you first find some.  It will be a while before you find other Lasers lying
    around, and you'll want them now]
    -- After making sure to get your Lasers, enact the FC terminal to "Disengage Deck Sector".
    -- Check the Map and note that things have been split into two separate sections like a catamaran,
    so you're way back is fairly linear this time.  Now that it is split, you are in FRONT DECK
    ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE (rather than just FRONT DECK ACCESSWAY).  Likewise, this leads to
    then you'll heading to that other yellow door you saw opened up remotely by your password, walking
    right past where you previously opened your very first Tempest/Blue WASP door.
    -- Head past that door, down to the end, up the two moving platforms, and into the short corridor
    to then enter HAZARDOUS WASTE STORAGE/ENTRANCE, platform up and boost over to the half wall with
    the broken ladder on it.  Once over it, get ready for another TRAP, with ALgols galore, and
    pesky laser traps as well all at once.  There's a 10-pack of J-Nauts available in this corridor,
    and don't be shy about launching them, since if you can keep the combo going, at the top each
    Algol is worth 12,000 TC.
    -- Exit through the door at the end of the corridor, which happens to be the third door that
    was previously yellow passcoded as seen in the cinema.  You are now in POWER STATION
    ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE.  You can choose to advance up here, or backtrack a bit to the DATA LIBRARY
    by unlocking the door right next to you, which will open into AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE, the
    corridor Sonya previously ran through, which also serves as a good spawning point.  You can head
    down to the end into the DATA LIBRARY and SAVEPOINT 3 now and build some credits. Note that
    since Patrick has not previously been here, he gets more available upgrades in the shop.
    -- Regardless, we should be in POWER STATION ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE, climbing up.  Don't forget the
    5,000 TC orb hidden behind/above the archway as you enter the room with the four shootable
    rotating platforms. They have no real use right now, just fall into the pit to grab some orbs.
    That White Teleport is one of only a couple in the whole game, just walk into it and up you pop
    to the other side.  Commence to blow up the boxes behind you and prepare for SURPRISE! a hatch
    to blow, sucking you toward empty space.  Lay on the boost to avoid this unhappy fate and after
    10 seconds or so it will close.
    -- Unlock that red door next to the hatch and lo and behold that's the other entrance to the
    useful DATA LIBRARY once again.  You'll want to save her before entering what is now known as
    -- Entering POWER STATION/PORTSIDE, you'll see that gravity is back in full force, which means
    you have get above that corner room to drop into the hatch.  Go over to the opposite corner
    from that room, and shoot a couple of that 9-Pack of destructible boxes.  Stair step via boost
    onto the ceiling platform, boost across that bridge like structure, then drop into the room
    and activate the Overhead Power Conduit.
    -- Success! Watch as you start up the Turbines and then...whoops, that big door is opening...
    Your first Dino Crisis 3 boss encounter, and you'll see that you get what you paid for.  Get
    out of the way, load up a Limit Breaker, then pump some Lasers and J-Nauts into him.  Avoid
    Tempests, because if they hit during his periodic "electro" mode they won't hurt much, maybe
    even help as he regenerates.  When Australis is in "normal" run-you-down mode, you can
    use them.  Switch back to J-Nauts or nothing though when he goes back to "electro" mode.
    Try to stay by his side if in close to avoid both a serious tail-slashing and tongue-lashing.
    Wide-shots can be useful here as the whole spread will connect up close.
    When in "electro" mode, he will either shoot a straightforward electricity blast, or do an
    area effect blast.  Don't panic with the latter, as usually the electricity flows around you,
    anticipating that you'll dodge right into it.
    If you are proficient at strafing, pump out J-Nauts like a madman during the Limit Breaker,
    and get in a charged Laser shot or two from afar, Australis will go down and give you
    Eliminate 1 and 20,000 TC and you may have avoided using even 1 med kit.  I just did this
    with about one-half bar damage, so I decided to use a ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++.  Why not?
    Remember that there is a ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++ lying right there in the rubble, and now
    you have an available slot to store it.  It's all good.
    -- Laugh at your defeated foe, then head on out back to the DATA LIBRARY and SAVEPOINT 3 to
    save and restock on WASPs.  We're almost there to the MAIN BRIDGE, but not quite yet...
    9h) Now we finally make the end run to the MAIN BRIDGE.
    and hit the FC terminal to "Engage Main Bridge".  There is a door in the corner of the room
    that will unlock from red to green.
    -- Enter the door to find the LOWER MAIN BRIDGE...!!!  Now we have a bit of work to do to
    open up the real MAIN BRIDGE.
    -- LOWER MAIN BRIDGE is set up in a horseshoe/U-shape.  Two corridors on opposite sides have
    power terminals you'll need to engage to power up elevators (available on both sides) to
    finally reach the MAIN BRIDGE.  The power terminals are both on a floor above the LOWER
    MAIN BRIDGE, just go to the end of the corridor and jump up through the openings there.
    -- First the one on the side you are on, head down the dead end side of the corridor, jump
    up as stated, and prepare to run a gauntlet of closing vault doors and orange electric
    fields.  Not so hard, though you might take damage trying to get the TC orbs along the way.
    -- One across, shoot a path through the destructible blocks, don't bother shooting them
    all as they hide nothing.  Move forward and activate the first of the two aforementioned
    Power Control Panels for the Main Elevator.  Don't forget to pick up your free Limit Breaker!
    -- Heading back out and down into the LOWER MAIN BRIDGE, be aware that stronger Algols that
    can phase in and out of invisisbility may start attacking (or already did).
    [When facing phased Algols, don't waste WASPs, which will stay launched but track into limbo
    until and if an Algol phases back to visibility]
    -- Back on LOWER MAIN BRIDGE, as you head up towards the arc of the U-shape towards the other
    side, blow up two boxes to reveal a 10-pack of Tempests.  Continue forward and note the Red
    Wasp Security door right smack at the center-top-point of this LOWER MAIN BRIDGE.  You'll be
    back here soon.
    -- Blow through the boxes here and grab 2 of 1,000 TC orbs, then loop to the end of the
    corridor, jump on up, and boost through the pistons.  Watch out for any Algols you may have
    left behind, they can actually jump up through the piston openings to get you.
    -- At the end is a small closet-room with a mere 200 TC orb and a orange electric field,
    a bit of a deliberate joke that.  On the other side, and right in plain view, is a 5,000 TC
    orb to grab as you enter the doorway you would go to anyway.  Zip around the side, watch
    out for the semi-hidden orange electric field and hit the power switch.  The elevators
    on each side of the LOWER MAIN BRIDGE are now green and go.
    -- Take either elevator to reach the MAIN BRIDGE and SAVEPOINT 5.  You now have available
    file "Australis".  A little late, but there it is.
    -- It may not be readily apparent, but look around and find the opposite stairway
    9i) You've finally met up again with both Jacob and Sonya.  They have a holographic disc to
    watch with you.  The hologram is of the Ozymandias Captain, who reveals that cosmic rays
    have had fatal consequences on the Ozymandias crew, and thus aborting their plan to
    colonize Planet Alpha 2.  She instructed the MTHR computer to use their stored DNA and
    whatever other DNA might be of use to create new human beings to complete the colonization
    mission.  Obviously, MTHR has been a little creative with that DNA...
    As far as I can tell from the cinema, the Captain's name (spoken slightly unclear by
    the hologram) is Satoko Evans, but the official guide may know otherwise.
    We're not done yet, as the story continues to gather steam with the discovery of a unique
    life-form reading in STORAGE NODE 1.
    -- Now it is time to head to that central Red WASP door on the LOWER MAIN BRIDGE.  And
    lying right next to you at this very moment is a 10-pack of Inferno WASPs for that
    very purpose.  Take 'em and head down to the door to enter the ROTARY JOINT.
    -- In the ROTARY JOINT are 2 FC terminals on the upper floor--which can be reached
    by using the platform elevator on the side-center of the room--each of which is not
    yet powered.  You can check now to discover a receptacle next to each FC terminal.
    One receptacle needs ++Power Amplifier A++ to power Turbine A, and predictably on the
    other side you'll need to put in ++Power Amplifier B++ to power Turbine B.
    -- Let's go get ++Power Amplifier A++.  Exit into STORAGE NODE 1...and watch a cinema
    showing the supremely cute source of the life-readings, a mysterious redheaded girl.
    So as to give you more game to play, she runs away immediately so you can get lost
    and/or killed trying to find her...
    -- Head on forward through STORAGE NODE 1 into STORAGE MODULE C (your only choice).
    While taking out spawning Rigels and pesky laser pods, make your around, up the
    riding platform, around and up again, crossing over the ceiling of STORAGE MODULE C
    onto the opposite side. Then down this opposite side, where a Lift Down is
    waiting for you.
    [When crossing the top-most platform of this room, right next to the cylinder off
    the platform you can see what is a 5,000 TC orb using FP view.  This is a rough one
    to grab, my first time I blew 15 minutes trying to get it.  That's why it is 5,000
    TC of course, but this one you can miss to preserve your sanity]
    -- You have an ornage electric field here with a couple of safe spots.  Notice
    that Blue/Tempest WASP door there?  That will open up a door so that when you come
    back here you can ignore the lift and the whole top area of this STORAGE MODULE C
    and just boost through that door.  Pump 6 Tempests into it, then turn around and enter
    the door behind you to enter STORAGE NODE 2.
    -- Run through STORAGE NODE 2 and enter STORAGE MODULE B.
    [Note that all STORAGE NODES are just straight, uneventful paths to the STORAGE MODULES]
    -- STORAGE MODULE B is another room to go up and over.  Here, blast those 4 red boxes
    near you to reveal a platform that will start cycling up and down.  You're going up.
    Pass over the conveyor belt and then drop to the other side.  There are 4 TC orbs under
    the balcony on this side, use the platform to bring yourself back up and try again
    if you miss them.  They are only 200 TC each, so if you can't aim hit 'em, just move on.
    -- Your only option now is to hit that Yellow/J-Naut WASP door with 6 J-Nauts.  Look
    at that, that structure you went up and over jsut collapses and reveals a cylindrical
    elevator waiting for you right in what is now the bare center of STORAGE MODULE B.
    -- Head up the elevator to reach STORAGE MODULE A.  Down there you will catch an
    in-game-engine cutscene of the mysterious girl running through a door behind the
    elevator.  It of course locks, blocking any effort to follow her.
    -- Blast the 2 boxes for a 200 TC orb, then head up the cycling platform on the left
    of that door she just ran through.  The other cycling platform on the other side will
    lead you nowhere.
    -- At the top of the platform's travel is path through the other side of the wall.
    Drop down to the bottom and prepare to avoid both Rigels and orange electric field
    damage while you aim to pick up ++Power Amplifier A++ sitting smack dab in the center
    of the orange electric field.  When you grab it the electric field will cancel and you
    will receive file "Storage Sector Duties", which tells you how to arrange the modules
    with the 2 FC terminals back in the ROTARY JOINT, to which you will now return.
    Before leaving this subroom, note the 1,000 TC orb across from the upper entrance
    from which you dropped onto the ++Power Amplifier A++.
    -- Back down the elevator to leave STORAGE MODULE A, back through STORAGE MODULE B,
    through STORAGE NODE 2, into STORAGE MODULE C, hrough that previously Blue/Tempest
    WASP shortcut door into STORAGE NODE 1 on into ROTARY JOINT.
    -- Take the platform up to the top of the ROTARY JOINT, plug in ++Power Amplifier A++,
    and then punch up the FC terminal next to it to enact "Rearrange Storage Sector
    (Turbine A)".
    -- Now, you are going to go find ++Power Amplifier B++, which is possible due to some
    rearranged Storage Modules...but first you were probably TRAPPED in the ROTARY
    JOINT for another go-round with dozens of Algols, this time with them capable of
    the invisible/phase-shifting routine.  Good luck!
    9j) You've done all your work for ++Power Amplifier A++ and now you want B.  After
    maybe returning to the MAIN BRIDGE to save your game and restock WASPs, we head back
    out from the ROTARY JOINT to STORAGE NODE 1.
    -- Into STORAGE NODE B, in which to your right side a previously red-lit door is now
    green and go.  Enter it to the STORAGE NODE 2, which leads to a modified
    STORAGE MODULE A, with a little skyscaper worth of destructible boxes with some TC
    orbs.  But first jump in the boxes to grab some TC orbs and a 10-pack of W-SHOT on
    the platforms above them.  This area was actually on the other side of the wall with
    that platform that "led nowhere".
    -- Head back through to the other side now of STORAGE MODULE B to enter the green-lit
    door leading to STORAGE NODE 3, which leads to STORAGE MODULE D.
    -- Blow up the red boxes for a 1,000 TC orb and head up the ramp/stairs.  The game
    will show you a pipe that needs blowing up as you get to the top.  Blow it up real
    good then, but watch out for the conveyor belt which might drop you into a nest of
    "Guided Sentry Mines" (GSM) if not careful.
    -- Predictably, blowing up that pipe/power conduit opens up the center of the room
    to reveal a new elevator.  Take it down to STORAGE MODULE E after building your
    Elimination Gauge by taking out a dozen or so GSMs.
    -- WATCH OUT! Ozymandias will spring another leak here, and it is very close.  Get
    on the boost immediately or you are truly "Doomed in space..."  This is even more
    fun since you were probably busy shooting some laser turrets just as this happened...
    -- Walk around the corner, take out some boxes for TC orbs and head towards that
    door at the end.
    -- WHOOPS! What is this, the Titanic?  Ozymandias blows another gasket just in time,
    and again you may have just started blasting those laser turrets near the gap that
    just opened.  Boost or die!
    -- Finally head forward into the last room, chock full of Rigels, explodable boxes,
    some juicy orbs...and ++Power Amplifier B++.  Don't forget the easy-to-get 5,000 TC
    orb in the center height of the room.  Just jump at it rom the higher stacked
    boxes before blowing those very same boxes to bits.
    -- Leave this STORAGE MODULE E via the elevator to STORAGE MODULE D, through
    STORAGE NODE 3, STORAGE MODULE B into STORAGE NODE 1, back to that fricken' ROTARY
    -- Take the platform up to the top of the ROTARY JOINT, plug in ++Power Amplifier
    B++...but hold off on the terminal there.  Go back to the terminal for Turbine A
    and hit that once to shift the yellow container into the center position.  Now you
    can use the FC terminal for Turbine B to grab that from the center and rotate it
    to the top-right position that the file "Storage Sector Duties" told you to.
    USE THIS TERMINAL TWICE and then you know you did it right when the typical
    prerender shows the result (it won't show the cinema if you only hit this terminal
    -- Finally, as the game will show on the map, we now have a direct route to the
    LARGE STORAGE room and whatever may lurk there.  First go back to SAVEPOINT 5 in
    the MAIN BRIDGE, cash in some credits, grab a snack, and stock up.  At this point
    you also can download a new file, "Captain's Log".
    9k) Now we head off to the LARGE STORAGE and see if we can find out where that
    cute girl went and ask her how she manages to look so good for someone 300+ years
    NODE 3, STORAGE MODULE B, up the elevator to STORAGE MODULE A (which you rotated
    to this opposite side)...and finally through that now green-lit door that the girl
    previously escaped through...
    Your second major Dino Crisis 3 boss encounter, this one likely came as a bit of a
    surprise.  In a cinema, after Patrick tries to back out quietly from this writhing
    mass of Rigels, MTHR alerts the little bastiches to your presence, and now they are
    backed up by a tree-like organism which can regenerate and also spit surprisingly
    potent acid at you with an annoyingly wide "catch area".  Imagine being targeted
    by a wide net of acidic phlegm...
    Time to take the trash out.  To put this thing down quick, start up a Limit Breaker
    and let loose with Tempests or J-Nauts and Lasers ONLY during the Limit Breaker
    period.  Outside of it, switch to your Heavy Vulcan to use only when clear of Rigels
    and just after a "spit attack" from the core.  To keep Rigels at bay, pop out
    only 1 Tempest or J-Naut at a time, 2 if crowded.  Ration them as you try to time
    a clear shot at the core creature with a charged-and-aimed Heavy Vulcan blast.
    Repeat the evade, toss up a Tempest/J-Naut, wait for spit, switch to first-person
    and blast cycle until Rigel Domain gives up.  You've earned your 30,000 TC and
    revealed a new terminal to poke at, but first clean up the remaining Rigels.
    I once died on Hard mode due to stray Rigels AFTER killing Rigel Domain...
    -- Hit the panel that was previously hidden by Rigel Domain to open the door to
    the Shaft Sector.  Uh-oh, looks like MTHR didn't like that, you now have 40
    seconds to make it to the door you just opened 40 feet away.  If you manage to
    muck this up, just trade all your videogames and systems in and find a new hobby...
    -- Cue another excellent cinema showing Patrick getting thrown and tossed all
    about but just escaping from MTHR jettisoning the storage modules he was just
    running around in.
    -- Fortunately, he makes it and is now in a new rearranged structure, the
    CREW ADMINISTRATION corridor.  Advance through the 1st doors, hang a left and find
    SAVEPOINT 6.  Grab two new files, "Crew Roster" and "Shaft Sector Work Report",
    brush your teeth, upgrade as you see fit, restock and move on to...
    9l) The layout in this area of the ship is quite tricky for first-timers, so
    never go far wihout consulting your map and checking to see which doors lead
    to which section, and indeed which part of said section.
    -- Head out the CREW ADMINISTRATION to the end of the corridor, past the orange
    slide-door and into SHAFT/INTERIOR A.  Grab the orbs on the ledge above and then
    just move on by dropping to the floor and entering the door down there into
    -- Each cylinder here has some TC orbs along its length, so as you jump across
    them to get to the center, try to grab them before moving on.  A small platform
    moves around here as well to help out with crossing this area.  Take a tumble
    and you'll stew in an orange electric field, so take it easy.
    -- When entering the center area, also watch out for a latticework of laser
    turrets.  Clear them out after jumping through when they are "off".
    -- Now you are in an area with 2 vertical climbs, and a notched area between
    them that has a door that the game pans to (making sure you know that is where
    you WILL go later (right now it is red/locked)).  For now, jump the notch into
    the second vertical area and drop down to a green-lit door to enter
    -- You will have some new toys to play with here, specifically, hit the terminal
    to engage some anti-grav platforms to aid your descent.  You will aim to grab TC
    orbs on these platforms while preparing to shoot at two trigger targets to turn
    off the orange electric field below, and more importantly, open the door to
    MAIN SHAFT B at the bottom.
    -- MAIN SHAFT B is a multi-level mess, but really exists only to give you some
    TC orbs, a good ol' ++Limit Breaker++, and a chance to find the Personnel Lift at
    the bottom.  when you do, it will take you down even further into MAIN SHAFT B,
    where you will hear a cry for help.  Time to fight off some more Algols and
    laser turrets and finally talk to THE MYSTERY GIRL.
    -- Before talking to her, explore the cavernous depths of MAIN SHAFT B below
    to find a 10-pack of Inferno WASPS and several TC orbs planted on moving
    platforms.  Good practice for platform jumping.  Now pop back up and talk
    to the girl.  Then follow her into the LOBBY after doing what you do best...
    making her run away that is...
    -- Head clear across the lobby and ignore the room to the right for the moment.
    [A rare glitch in the game, check the LOBBY map at this point and you'll
    see a KEY ITEM icon right there in the middle of the LOBBY, but it actually
    isn't there...yet]
    -- Enter the CREW'S QUARTERS to trigger an informative cinema about this girl
    Caren--apparently out from a 300-year cryo-tube sleep--and her father Dr.
    Velazquez, chief designer of the environmental control robots to be used on
    Planet Alpha 2.  MTHR is also revealed to have resorted to evolving dinosaur
    and reptilian DNA in response to failed human redevelopment.  SOMETHING would
    be colonizing the planet, regardless if it was human or not.
    -- You received file "Profile of Dr. Velazquez"
    -- Caren ran again (!) when finding out Patrick wasn't gonna take any more
    "crap" (his word) from MTHR and shut her down.  This for some reason didn't
    go over well with Caren and she hoofed it out.
    -- Exit back to LOBBY and find the glitchy key item lying on the floor.  It is
    ++Security Pass Level 2++.  Now hook a left into that room you passed by and
    use SAVEPOINT 7 as you see fit. Grab the new file "Medical Log" too.
    9m) Time to follow Caren.
    -- Head up MAIN SHAFT B, grabbing the Personnel Elevator halfway through.
    -- Hit the terminal at the bottom of SHAFT/INTERIOR C to reactivate the
    antigrav platforms for your ascent to the door to SHAFT/INTERIOR B.
    -- Hit the red targets to turn the green and activate platforms to climb up
    SHAFT/INTERIOR B. As you cross that notched area, suddenly you see Caren
    enter that door nestled in the nook.  Grab the 10-pack of Laser by the door
    and head in.
    -- It is the HOLO CHAMBER, where Patrick realizes he feels the need to
    protect Caren partly because she resembles his younger sister.  Caren
    decides that Patrick might be a better companion than MTHR and her space
    dinos, so no running away this time...unfortunately MTHR decides to trap
    them both in this HOLO CHAMBER.
    -- Unacceptable declares Jacob, and we once again get to play as Sonya.
    -- Sonya recieves an updated "Mission File", this time she needs to
    proceed to OZYMANDIAS OUTER WALL 2 to save Patrick.
    -- Get ready to go after visiting SAVEPOINT 5 here in the MAIN BRIDGE. Since
    this is Sonya's first visit here, she has available upgrades.
    9n) Sonya to the rescue...again.
    -- Time to head out, through the LOWER MAIN BRIDGE, SUBSTATION/PORTSIDE,
    POWER STATION ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE, over and around the 4 flipper platforms
    -- Head on through the AIRLOCK ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE to AIRLOCK 2.  This time the
    system of getting through the airlock has been rejuggled.
    -- This time, as explained in the file "Airlock Information", we'll need
    to manually operate each individal shutter terminal by selecting Left, Right,
    Left, Left, respectively. First, though we need to manually reactivate the
    -- Hit the terminal by the door to start the hydraulic deck.  Being the obscenely
    dangerous place to work that the Ozymandias was, you must of course boost
    across the massive rising hydraulic deck to hit the manual control on the other
    side, THEN boost back before being both squashed AND electrified on your way back.
    IF you realize you won't make it back safely, choose the "Emergency" option rather
    than "Manual", which will reset the deck to the floor and cancel the operation.
    Simply head back to the first terminal and retry the sequence.
    -- Once you've earned your hazard pay, head down the elevator, hit the Airlock
    shutter control terminal to start the operation and run through the familiar
    Airlock corridors/rooms.  Or walk, as this time the shutter terminals are simply
    waiting their turn in the "Left, Right, Left, Left" sequence, unlock the first time
    through during which you had to make it through all terminal areas in one timed run.
    If you botch it, just head back to the Airlock shutter control terminal and restart
    the sequence.
    [Note that the last room before exiting the airlock hatch will have a larger
    batch of laser sentries than you might expect, so don't run in haphazardly if low
    on health.]
    -- We're out there in OZYMANDIAS OUTER WALL 1, navigating once again around "Guided
    Sentry Mines" (GSM) and picking up TC orbs along the way.  As you wind around the
    corridor, you'll reach a branch that heads Left and Right.  Heading Left will bring
    you to the same place you went last time, so aside from sating curiosity just head
    to the Right.  Enter the portal and watch an in-game animation as Sonya grabs onto
    an automated rail-handle on the way to OZYMANDIAS OUTER WALL 2.
    -- In OUTER WALL 2, you'll have laser sentries to watch for.  Before beginning the
    loop down and up and around that this area takes you through, grab the 5,000 TC orb
    up top.
    -- Watch the cinema as Sonya finds the control panel to regulate the energy level so
    as to release Patrick and Caren from the HOLO CHAMBER.  Sonya notes to Jacob that
    there is also an escape shuttle nestled down here.  Good news obviously.
    9o) Patrick and Caren head to the CREW ADMINISTRATION ROOM and Sonya heads back to
    the MAIN BRIDGE.
    [For the coming section, you'll need to plan to have 9 spare Tempests for a door]
    -- After Jacob and Sonya inform Patrick of the escape shuttle, they all need to meet
    in the Energy Sector (since the shuttle is near the rear engine room).  Patrick heads
    out to find the best route to do just that after receiving his updated "Mission File".
    -- Having done any necessary business at SAVEPOINT 6, move out through SHAFT/INTERIOR A
    into SHAFT/INTERIOR B via the door on the bottom floor. As always, this area can be
    confusing, but simply head across the in/out platforms again to the main area as before,
    and prepare to shoot the targets to manually call out the two platforms you'll need
    to vertically climb to the top-most exit door.  Don't forget that at the end of the 2nd,
    higher manually-called platform is a 10-pack of J-NAUTS, just do a jump up at the far end
    of the platform, then head across to the now green-lighted topmost door.
    -- You are now in SHAFT/INTERIOR D and can now use ++Security Pass Level 2++ on the
    Personnel lift control panel on the platform ahead of you.  Now the platform on which
    the computer resides will constantly cycle up-and-down.  There will be several cycling
    platforms above, each moving in different directions, but BEFORE jumping up there, clean
    up as many of the GSMs floating about as you can.
    -- There are a few non-moving areas as you progress up this 5-level shaft, so park on
    those to get your bearings as to what platfroms move where.  Look at your map and you'll
    see two doors/exits, one midway up and the other at top.  Across the shaft from the middle
    door is a 10-pack of TEMPESTS.  There is an in/out platfrom/bridge from that spot, so if
    you wait you can just simply walk across to that middle door/exit.
    -- Do just that and you'll find yourself at the top of SHAFT/INTERIOR A.  Don't fall down,
    as you are simply at the top of that dead elevator you may have noticed in previous visits
    to the lower part of A.  Hit the control panel to activate the elevator...just in case. I
    have never had reason to actually make use of this elevator, but you never know.
    -- Head back out the door to the middle of SHAFT/INTERIOR D and continue further up.
    Four rising/descending platforms await you, jump on the one that comes down to just about
    the top of your head, it will be tightly aligned next to another platform that will then
    carry up to the top exit.  BEFORE doing so, take a leap over to the other platforms,
    from those platforms you can then jump into a little nook that has a valuable ++Limit
    Breaker (L-B)++.  If L-B inventory is full, remember this location, especially on Hard mode.
    -- Finally exiting through that top door puts you in SHAFT/INTERIOR E.  This is one of
    the few spots where a complaint about camera angle is completely justified.  Move to the
    end of the room and jump up to follow the TC orb path.  You'll be jumping up onto a new
    path but the shifting camera angle may force you to take a few tries.  Oh well, no one
    said the game was perfect ;)
    -- As you start walking the new path, bam! A door blows out and threatens to doom you in
    space, so get on the boost.  After that, you will likely be attacked in these close
    quarters by a dozen or so Rigels as you progress onto the next platform.  This is where
    the 9 Tempests you should have saved will be used to open the door to...
    -- MAIN SHAFT A.  Be prepared for a nasty fight with 15 or so (lost count) Algols in a
    forced security lockdown fight.  They are now fond of spewing streams of electricity at
    you, so watch out.  Don't forget that the area has a second main platform above, which
    is usually where I find the last couple of Algols.
    -- If not already on the upper platform, jump up there, grabbing the 50-pack of Wide-shot
    along the way.  This upper, circular platform is the starting point for a challenging
    bit of platforming.  The 4 computers against the wall: any of them will turn off the
    ventilation fans above so that--you guessed it--you can pass through.  Two problems: the
    first is that you have to actually get up there, the second being that you are notified
    that you only have 80 seconds to do so.
    -- 1:20 on the screen and counting.  Run immediately to that solo terminal about 20 virtual
    feet in front of the 4 computers.  Activate it to start up the convenient anti-grav
    platforms which inconveniently phase in slowly and sequentially.  Your aim is to follow
    the anti-grav platform path up to the ventilation fan area, and jump up and through. You
    can skip some platforms on the way, but if you want all the TC orbs you'll want to hit
    all of them.
    -- Very likely, you will not make it first try, so just run back over to the 4 computers
    and begin again by hitting the switch twice (start/stop fans).
    -- Importantly, when you finally make it up and through the ventilation fans, you STILL
    aren't clear.  You must quickly jump to the maintenance bridge above or you will be
    sucked back down through the fans.  The bridge is also right at the max height you can
    possibly grab anything from, so to help matters get on the edge of one of the tempo-
    rarily quiet fan edges to get a little extra height in the jump up.
    -- Once clear, head out through the center bridge branch into a room with a set of
    stairs to your right that admittedly isn't very easy to see.  Head up the stairs into
    a cavernous operations room, the CONTROL PANEL ROOM.
    -- Here you'll be in the room you were aiming for, but the FC terminal here (which will
    rotate the shaft sector to become like a car's driveshaft to the rear of the ship) is
    not operable.  We will have to "adjust energy distribution", as the error message states.
    -- Head down the stairs and find SAVEPOINT 8, which also has 3 new files for you to down-
    load: "Chat Log 3", "Regeneration Progress Log", "Energy-Distribution Modification".
    [Usually at SAVEPOINT 8 I have an 80% full TC bar here and choose to continue to part
    of the next section to build up the bar to full and return with the full bonus bar.  This
    is NOT recommended on your first time through, but can be helpful on Hard mode where
    every single opportunity to earn TC bonuses and buy upgrades must be taken.  The room
    to take advantage of is the upcoming MAIN LOBBY, but be warned that it spawns a lot of
    very aggressive Algols, and the last save point was a while back...]
    -- Some nice explanatory detail in these documents, indicating how the attempt to find
    some hybrid creature that could actually survive alpha-2's environment and the cosmic rays
    led to using dinosaur dna in said hybrids.  Even then, they couldn't survive alpha-2, so
    then MTHR decided that "Earth", proven to be habitable to humans, will now serve as home
    to her new "children", aided by the mass-production of H-IIIA androids.
    -- In the ""Energy-Distribution Modification" file you'll see that you have to head up to
    the DNA LAB to reestablish power for the FC terminal.  Just look on your map and using
    the X/Y buttons to cycle through the map, you'll see that from this CONTROL PANEL ROOM
    you can reach the DNA LABORATORY ACCESSWAY, then from there both the DNA LABORATORY and
    the aforementioned optional (at this point) Algol spawn room in the form of the MAIN LOBBY.
    9p) Things are about to heat up, literally.  Plan on using 9 J-Nauts for a WASP door if
    you want to enter the MAIN LOBBY.  You will need them later on to open this door otherwise.
    -- After climbing the leftmost stairs of the CONTROL PANEL ROOM to reach this DNA LABORA-
    TORY ACCESSWAY, you have two doors, one open and the other waiting for your 9 J-Nauts.
    The latter is the MAIN LOBBY in its proper form, which you will be involved with later
    but can optionally enter now.  If doing so, grab the 10-pack of Infernos in front of you
    and prepare for a wave of aggressive Algols.  Return as needed and as long as your health
    and WASP inventory holds up to build your TC bonus bar and earn extra TC along the way.
    Be aware that some of the TC orbs you see here can't be grabbed in this room configuration.
    -- Your actual target room is the other door leading to the DNA LABORATORY, an immense
    biological testing warehouse that you just know will be trouble.  See that gigantic
    test-tube at the front of the room...well, head to the opposite end of the room, navigat-
    ing the test tubes and grabbing TC orbs.  At the end of the room will be a welcome
    ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++ and the Energy distribution control panel.  Choose to adjust
    the energy distribution and then start heading back to exit this impressive lab...
    Wouldn't you know it, Regulus makes his impressive debut in a cinema during which he
    bursts from that suspicious gigantic test-tube.  Now you have to fight his equally
    impressive in-game version in the middle of a laboratory filling with flame from
    spilled flammable liquid.
    Your primary aim is to whittle Regulus down aap. 40% during this encounter.  Since he
    starts from the back of the room, you have space to fall back while pumping him with
    any WASP you choose and preferably lasers.  With all this space available, boost in
    close, launch Infernos and back up while they explode in Regulus' face.
    The main thing to watch for and stay distant from is the devastating tail swipe Regulus
    employs.  After each primary strike will be a secondary return strike, so watch out.
    In this fight, I like to boost in close with Wide-shot and Infernos, but on Hard diffi-
    culty this is asking for trouble.  Otherwise, this fight is a prelude to things to come
    so it shouldn't be too hard, and not coincidentally you won't get any TC for it.  Soon
    enough Regulus will be back and require more strategy, but for now...
    -- After doing your best against Regulus, a cinema shows Jacob coming to save the day
    as your gun runs out of ammo and Caren inexplicably throws herself in the mix, oblivi-
    ous to the titanic monstrosity and diverting Patrick at the worst possible moment.
    Caren gets thrown extremely hard against the wall by Regulus, requiring the combined
    booster power of Sonya and Patrick to get her up and out of there.  They are directed
    to do so by Jacob, who stays behind and unfortunately dies in a blaze of glory
    with Regulus so as to secure their escape.
    -- After this, you discover that Caren was indeed fatally injured.  However, there's a
    twist...she disintegrates/fades away, revealing an androids underlying structure before
    disappearing.  Caren was an android, Sonya noting that that helps explain how she
    managed to apparently hang around for 300 years.
    -- Back to the game and an updated "Mission file", a simple matter of activating the
    previously locked FC terminal so as to rotate the shaft and complete a route to the
    Energy Sector...where they'll no longer be meeting the man who told them to get there...
    -- Head back to the CONTROL PANEL ROOM and rotate the shaft sector...presto, now you
    have a CONTROL PANEL ROOM lying on its side.  When facing the control panel that Sonya
    is operating, note that to Patrick's right is SAVEPOINT 9, and at the left side of the
    room a non-too-obvious exit point towards the now-rotated DNA LABORATORY ACCESSWAY.
    At SAVEPOINT 9, you will find the file, "Regulus".  Also, you can exit the room on the
    far right side, but it brings you to the rotated MAIN SHAFT A, a room that at this point
    has no use and can't be passed.
    -- Heading out the left (just jump over there in general and the game will "grab" Patrick
    and take him to the next room) into the DNA LABORATORY ACCESSWAY.  Go through the side-
    ways door, climb up the partitions, grab a 10-pack of J-Nauts, and exit through the door
    which has been rotated onto the floor.  You'll be in the rotated MAIN LOBBY, into which
    you will have no choice but to fall.  Head to the center of the room, near the door and
    approaching the control panel...wait, what's that...?
    Regulus is back and he won't be leaving until he's taken you out, or dies trying.  The
    strategies mentioned in the Boss section of the FAQ are essentially copied below, as they
    were meant for this second fight with Regulus.  With Regulus, his slow speed helps
    to play keep away or to run around him...but if you get sloppy and get hit by his
    tail swipe or "rollerball" attack it isn't pretty.  Also, after whittling him down to
    about 40% health, Regulus gets a second wind and speeds up significantly.  Be prepared
    for the accelerated approach and attack.
    Damage takes a while to accrue on his hard shell, all the while he advances on you.
    When close enough he'll quickly turn and swipe you with his club tail.  This will HURT,
    so strafe low-to-the-ground to avoid it.  Since the swipe arcs way up then down, if you
    get into a jump you may very likely be hit by the upper arc of the swing, so stay low
    and wide.  On the other hand, if you are too late in responding to the tail windup,
    get up in the air and boost over as the swipe comes by or you will suffer major damage.
    Regulus also periodically will "ball up" and come rolling his hefty mass right
    at you, tearing up the environment and also you given half a chance.
    Try to anticipate the roll as though he is a bowling ball on an arc and boost away
    accordingly. When you dish out the pain to Regulus, he sometimes lifts up on his rears
    exposing a soft belly, if you timed it right you can have some Infernos mosey right on
    in there for major damage, which may even knock him on his back temporarily.
    Be quick and and soften his belly with some hot lasers.  Regarding gunfire, note that
    shooting anything but directly at Regulus' head or belly will just result in a richochet,
    so if his back is to you, don't throw away valuable laser ammo shooting at him.
    -- Regulus taken care of, head over to that terminal from which you were so rudely
    distracted and operate it to open the hatch between the Shaft Sector and the Energy
    Sector.  Enjoy the cinema in which Patrick finds himself enthusiastically embraced by...
    Caren?!  While being hugged/mugged by Caren, he calls Sonya to ask just "what the hell
    is going on here?".
    9q) Not only is Caren back up and about, but Sonya has detected 50 life readings, which
    MAY be human, in the MTHR ROOM.  Sonya watches in exasperation as Patrick bounds off
    -- Save your progress at SAVEPOINT 9 (don't forget to make use of the 40,000 TC you
    just earned) and head back through DNA LABORATORY ACCESSWAY, MAIN LOBBY, and through
    the hatchway to INTEGRATED PLANT ACCESSWAY 1.  To your left will be SAVEPOINT 10,
    though with experience you may want to pass it by until earning more combos for your
    TC bar.  Assuming you saved here, also grab file "The Energy Sector", which helps to
    explain the tricky layout and reasoning behind why you'll be doing a lot of running
    around in the upcoming area.
    -- Head back out and to the right side of the ACCESSWAY 1.  Across from the exit door
    in the alcove is a new FC terminal, this one for rearranging the Energy Sector.  An
    error message indicates you'll need to install ++Control Grips++ before doing so.
    Remember this, as otherwise by the time you finally get these ++Control Grips++ you
    would likely have forgotten just what the whole point of them was...
    -- Exit into the massive INTEGRATED PLANT room, one with layers of navigable piping,
    bridges, and ramps.  Head up to the opposite side and the prominent stairway/doorway
    there.  It will be locked and inform you that "Security Pass Lv 3" is required. Help-
    fully, you will also receive the file, "Energy Sector Admin. Manual", which will then
    highlight where to go on your map, to the ENERGY CORE.  How to even begin getting
    -- After grabbing the 10-pack of Tempests on the far-left side of the walkway that
    leads to the "Security Pass Lv 3" door, head back to the right and walk/jump along the
    platforms/stairs heading up.  You will be facing back towards the door from which you
    entered this INTEGRATED PLANT room, so from this view, head to and up the left set of
    oval-shaped stairs (also, situated on a crossbeam above you at about room middle-height
    as you head to these stairs is a free L-B.  Remember this location if inventory is full).
    This set will bring you down into new areas, and the other set of oval-shape stairs
    on the opposite side of the room will be where you come back up.
    -- Head to the top of the oval-shaped stairs toward the panel for lowering these access
    steps.  Watch out!  As a cutscene begins, it is time to introduce you to the new kid
    on the block, the aggressive and strong, ape-like Kornephoros.  After surviving your
    first scrap with these guys, go hit that switch and watch the stairs pull their neat
    trick, then just just on down into INTEGRATED PLANT/FLOOR B1.  You will likely be
    attacked by Rigels here, which can also be a handy respawning point to fill the TC bar.
    Ignore the terminal for now, which will start up some anti-grav platforms and bring
    you to the other side, where the opposite stairs will bring you back up.
    -- Enter the ENERGY CONVERSION FACILITY (pass over the 3 TC robs on the electric field,
    you'll have a better way to access them later).  Loop around and boost on the conveyor
    belt, trying to avoid the metal/garbage stream being processed.  They can knock you
    on your tail, but don't themselves take health, though falling into an electric field
    will.  At the end and to the left is another, potentially more annoying conveyor belt.
    However, if you stick very close to the right wall and fire sharply on the target
    on that wall quickly (which you must do), you can avoid any trouble.  That will open
    a door on a platform above you.  Jump up and in and you'll find a room with a switch
    to power the SUB-CONTROL ROOM, a room linked off the INTEGRATED PLANT room above.
    You'll see some nice goodies behind a window here, but don't fret you'll come around
    to them later.
    -- Time to head back upstairs, but do so by entering that white teleporter, not by
    dropping back down onto the conveyor belt.  By doing so, you will fall onto a moving
    platform.  Stay on it until it carries you to a big juicy 5,000 TC orb you can get
    to with a short jump.  Then simply fall down to find yourself in the pre-conveyor
    belt portion of the room.
    -- Now prepare to use the anti-grav platforms to get across the electric field, but
    first try jumping on the rails above the field, toward the far right side there is
    a 5,000 TC orb to be had along with several 200 TC orbs.  Once across, hit the panel
    to lower the access steps for your ascent back to the INTEGRATED PLANT room.
    [Note that SAVEPOINT 10 is pretty much it for now, and that Kornephoros will be
    around more often...thus, don't be shy about tracking back to SAVEPOINT 10 at
    regular intervals to save your progress, as you WILL be dying often on your first
    playthrough from this point on Normal difficulty]
    [Note also that the upcoming section will require a spare 15 J-Nauts and 15
    Infernos, not ideal since some of those would help against Kornephoros]
    -- Conveniently, now that you are facing the back of the room, simply drop down and
    head forward to the bottom-left door to access the SUB-CONTROL ROOM.  That moving
    electrified wall you see is a minor problem compared to the Kornephoros' you will
    be encountering in tight quarters.  You will die quickly if you don't take these
    guys seriously in these tight areas.  Get through the fight, grab the 50-pack of
    Wide-shots in the safe area of the electric valley you'll cross, then head to the
    elevator around the other side and head down to LOWER CORE CONTROL.
    -- The first are here is a u-shaped room full of GSMs, laser sentries, and radar-
    like machines that don't attack but hang you up while trying to take out the mines
    and sentries.  However, this is also a convenient place to build up your TC bar,
    though the individual value of each of these enemies is of little help.  The boxes
    throughout the room contain some useful TC orbs so make sure to blow them up.
    Navigate the next section of electric fields and exit into the ENERGY CORE ENTRANCE.
    -- After taking care of more Kornephoros head over to the tall, metallic door, the
    locked entrance to the ENERGY CORE.  A file--"The Energy Core"--will inform you
    that the two sub-reactors that feed the core must be offline before operating the
    cor itself, or indeed before even getting near it.  The map will show you where to
    go next, but first shoot that rather obvious wall of red-blinking blocks to reveal
    several free TC orbs.
    -- Head to the only greenlit door, leading to AIRLOCK 3.  Shoot the 4 targets
    scattered on the center pillar to raise one platform on each side which will enable
    access to two individual WASP doors.  Here is where your 15 J-Nauts will be used on
    the left door and your 15 Infernos on the right door.  Don't drop into the middle
    lower areas of these subrooms as there are electric fields waiting below on both
    sides.  At the bottom of the right-side (or Inferno WASP door) subroom there is
    a little nook with a 10-pack of J-Nauts.  Once both WASP doors are unlocked, they
    will in turn unlock a central door between the subrooms that has a nasty electric
    field with energy bursts that erupt from it.  You'll have to jump clear and high
    above the electric field and bursts to finally exit AIRLOCK 3, but first try to
    destroy from a distance as many of the GSMs on the opposite side as you can before
    crossing.  Getting right up to the edge of the electric field and strafing (L)
    works wonders here.  Most can be auto-targeted with your standard Vulcan, but a
    few will be up above shielded by the wall above the entranceway and will require
    up-close work.  When done, it is now time for Patrick to do some space-hopping
    instead of Sonya.
    -- Hit the switch and you are now floating about, head out to OZYMANDIAS OUTER
    WALL 3.  This area is a bit trickier than the earlier space areas, with cycling
    doorways and electrified blocks that travel along individual paths, crossing your
    path of course.  Ignore the red-lit door to your left as that is where you'll be
    coming back around from later.  Travel through until you reach the end, where a
    large rotating cylinder has 4 targets for you to hit.  Remember that tall,
    metallic door?  Watch the cinema show 1 of 2 lights turn from red to blue, and
    the large door to the right of that still-locked metallic door will also open.
    Once done, head back out via the shortcut, shooting the glowing red blocks to
    reveal the shortcut, then tap the panel to open that door you saw before from
    -- Back out of AIRLOCK 3, through the ENERGY CORE ENTRANCE, heading for that
    freshly opened doorway.  As you enter this subroom of the ENTRANCE, be prepared
    for a double-whammy, first with the door locking you in as the panels blow out.
    Hit the boost to avoid being blown out, and don't let up, because you don't have
    much room between you and the void this time.  Secondly, the door opens to let
    4 heavy-breathing Kornephoros invade your personal space.  You can run around
    to the opposite side to hit the door you need to, or choose first to put
    down the mutant Kongs.
    -- The door leads to ENERGY CORE ACCESSWAY.  Fall down onto the inactive electric
    field and step onto each of 4 red buttons scattered on the floor.  This will
    raise a bridge that transverses the middle of the room, and will also activate
    the electric field.  You may also be faced with a pack of Rigels.
    -- Climb back up, cross the bridge and enter the SUB ENERGY CORE CONTROL ROOM.
    Check your map and see that "New Item" icon?  ++Control Grips++ ahoy.  To get up
    there, shoot the 4 targets in the area below (2 on each side of the area).  A
    convenient set of platforms will rise just for you to get up there.  First,
    shoot the two red-walls at the opposite sie of the area, one wall hides an L-B,
    the other a 1,000 TC orb.  Also take out the laser sentries beforehand, they are
    sometimes hard to notice when between firing phases (I just got tagged by a
    stray one myself).  In the office up top, grab the grips.  On the way out due a
    full leap from the top grating to grab a 5,000 TC orb hanging up above.  That orb
    along with 2 200 TC orbs shows another door, but it is locked for now, so head
    back the way you came.
    Use the ++Control Grips++ on the FC terminal here and rearrange the energy sector.
    Things have been juggled around so that you can now access the the other power
    generator, to shut it down, and then finally get to the ENERGY CORE.
    -- Save at SAVEPOINT 10 and be prepared for a compulsory showdown with many
    Kornephoros as you head back out to the INTEGRATED PLANT room.  You'll need 9
    spare Tempests for an upcoming WASP door.
    [Hint: Now it isn't pretty, but the only sure way to keep combos going with
    these guys is to use Infernos up close.  Yes, that means you will often get
    knocked on your ass along with them, but if you can time a point-blank Wide-shot
    with a hit from a roving Inferno, you can down a Kornephoros fast.  Fortunately,
    the knock from an Inferno grants momentary invincibility and doesn't reset the
    combo counter.  Of course, while straining to get up, Patrick is wide open to
    serious damage from any attack.  Only recommended for combo-happy experienced
    -- Head through the door that was once the SUB-CONTROL ROOM.  Remember that the
    rearranged energy sector basically roated the two compartments 180 degrees.  Re-
    member those 3 orbs on an electric field that you bypassed on the opposite side?
    Well, now the room is upside down from having been rotated from that other side.
    So those orbs are now near the ceiling and can be grabbed by jumping.  This room
    -- And remember those three goodies you saw through the glass but couldn't reach
    before? Here they are: grab your 10-pack of Infernos, 50-pack of Lasers, and
    5,000 TC orb.  That is it for this area, just a chance to get some extra items.
    Head back out to the INTEGRATED PLANT, and jump up to the to the access panel
    for the left-side oval-shaped stairs just as you did when first working this
    -- Down the stairs to INTEGRATED PLANT/FLOOR B1, then to a new area thanks to
    the formation change, the UPPER CORE SECURITY ROOM.  The back subroom of this
    room has to the far-left (as you enter) an elevator door, in the middle is a
    dead-end with 2 laser sentries (take them out and jump up at the dead end for
    a 1,000 TC orb), and a door directly ahead.  As you can hear, there are Korne-
    phoros in there, but you have to go in, so suck it up.  If you see only 1 enemy,
    prepare for 2 more to phase in, then grab the 200 TC orb and the L-B.  To your
    right will be a green terminal, hit it to acquire file "Kornephoros" and hit
    the switch to turn on the power for the elevator on the far side of the main
    -- Take the elevator down to LOWER CORE SECURITY ROOM.  Be careful navigating
    this room with electric fields, laser sentries, and prepare to face Kornephoros
    when opening the door on the opposite side.  Behind the far panel of computer
    screens are some more TC orbs and a 10-pack or Tempests.
    [Hint: You can make a TC killing here but must use a different strategy than
    before, since Infernos will only serve to put you onto the electric floor.  IF
    you can spare them, load up Lasers with Tempests and just lay down the law.  In
    these close confines the Kornephoros phase in close (as opposed to anywhere
    in the gigantic INTEGRATED PLANT room), so you can take them down hard
    and fast here.  Try to keep the combo going by also taking out weak laser
    sentries on the walls.  At top combo, each Kornephoros is worth 16000 TC!]
    -- Now in the SUB ENERGY CORE CONTROL ROOM for some more target practice.
    Remember to unequip Lasers if you haven't already, and shoot the lower 2
    cycling targets.  Then step on either polygonal pad behind you to be brought
    up in line with the upper portion of the next 2 targets.  BINGO!  You just
    lit up the 2nd of those blue lights by the tall, metallic door...and that
    door itself just opened.  Time to access the ENERGY CORE.  Exit this room by
    going up to and opening the red-lighted door, which will turn green and open
    (this is inconsistent with the usual remote method of opening locked doors...).
    This will bring you through the previously unlocked door you saw when getting
    the ++Control Grips++.  Exit through the other side into ENERGY CORE ACCESSWAY,
    then to ENERGY CORE ENTRANCE.  Loop around and enter the now-open area leading
    to the ENERGY CORE.
    -- In the ENERGY CORE, drop down below to grab a bunch of TC orbs, including
    a 5,000 TC orb.  Jump back up and head over to the slick-looking energy core.
    Next to it on the floor is ++Security Pass Level 3++.
    -- Head back out and run the gauntlet of hell back through ENERGY CORE ENTRANCE,
    of the INTEGRATED PLANT room that needs ++Security Pass Level 3++...AFTER
    saving your progress at SAVEPOINT 10.
    [Note that there is a pronounced increase in aggression on the part of all
    enemies on the way back, so don't screw around or you'll be loading a distant
    save point in no time.  Use J-Nauts to juggle Kornephoros, even though it slows
    combos you just want to survive right now]
    -- Using the pass, you are now in INTEGRATED PLANT ACCESSWAY 2.  Grab the
    50-pack of Lasers in the corner and move forward and down the stairs--watch out
    for respawning laser sentries--and try to move out of the room. A mysterious
    force field erupts to block your path.  Go to the green panel above and find
    the file "Energy Core Accident Report".  It suggests why the ENERGY CORE was
    strangely uneventful...it isn't activated.  It must be activated to progress
    further and finally make it to the MTHR ROOM.  How to reactivate it? As your
    updated mission file says, acquire the ++Atomic Cylinder++, which is located
    back at the front of the ship.  Back to the future it is, then.
    9r) Backtracking through not-so-familiar territory.
    -- After watching the stairway rearrange itself in anticipation of your
    return, mosey back through INTEGRATED PLANT, INTEGRATED PLANT ACCESSWAY 1,
    MAIN LOBBY...whoops, looks like the last formation change took gravity
    with it.  Float through the MAIN LOBBY and grab those orbs that you couldn't
    normally reach before on the way to DNA LABORATORY ACCESSWAY, CONTROL PANEL
    ROOM, then through the now accessible opposite side into MAIN SHAFT A.  You
    might want to save at SAVEPOINT 9 and talk to Sonya and Caren before heading
    out.  Also note that 6 extra of each WASP will be needed soon.
    -- This following sequence can seem daunting, but just look at the map to see
    where there are gaps to glide through the coming areas.  Watch out for laser
    sentries here, they earn their keep by being more problematic than usual.
    -- MAIN SHAFT A: through any of the now-sideways ventilation fans, then through
    the left-side, then down below the glass tubeway to find the door to SHAFT
    -- SHAFT ACCESSWAY: boost over the tube and drop in from above, forward then
    up out of the next section, then down under the outside of the tube to find
    the door to MAIN SHAFT B.
    -- MAIN SHAFT B: go around the first impeding panel, then work out your
    differences with the GSMs and laser sentries before moving to the very top-
    left of the wall in front of you, where you'll find a small opening.  Then
    up and over the next impeding panel and to the center door with the 8 arrows
    pointing at it...
    -- Ahhh, gravity is back as you enter DECK SECTOR ACCESSWAY 1.  Then into
    LOWER MAIN BRIDGE and up into the MAIN BRIDGE.
    -- Use those handy ++Control Grips++ on the FC terminla in the MAIN BRIDGE.
    You will be detaching the MAIN BRIDGE to allow access to the previously
    locked areas behind the two doors you have passed before when entering this
    subroom.  The game will show these doors becoming accessible.
    -- Head back upstairs and swing left to OPERATIONS ROOM/STARBOARD via DECK
    SECTOR ACCESSWAY 2.  Once there, climb up on to a cylindrical platform and
    and shoot between the rotaing panels surrounding the large central cylinder
    to destroy the container in the middle.  Once done, the rotating panels will
    lay flat and slow down.  Jump on any of these maintenance panels to be
    carried around to the opposite side and a room up high.  Jump into the room
    and grab the ++Mobile Device++.  Back to the MAIN BRIDGE and head to the
    opposite door.
    Watch out for Algols which will now regularly pull off their inviso-camouflage
    nonsense.  Head around back to enter the SECURITY CONTROL ROOM.
    -- The idea here is to unlock 3 WASP doors, the first requiring 6 Tempests.
    Jump along the platforms that materialize over to the next WASP door, using
    6 J-Nauts, then follow the next platforms over to 1) a 50-pack of Wide-shot
    on a pltform to your right, then 2) continuing forward to a WASP door
    requiring 6 Infernos.  Follow the final 4 platforms over to a room with a
    panel, use the ++Mobile Device++ on the panel and it will open both the main
    door out of the LOWER MAIN BRIDGE but also the door to your ultimate
    destination, the HAZARDOUS WASTE STORAGE.  As you head back out to the MAIN
    BRIDGE and SAVEPOINT 5 (don't forget to save, it will get a bit rough soon),
    prepare for a compulsory battle against Algols before the door will allow
    9s) The action heats up in the frozen Ozymandias.
    -- Head back to the FC terminal on the MAIN BRIDGE and reset the connection
    so that you can take the elavtors down to the LOWER MAIN BRIDGE and continue.
    [This is an excellent room to keep reloading to build combos off of
    20+ Rigels, simply using J-Nauts and Vulcans.  You'll get 10+ fairly easily
    by pumping out J-Nauts (or less ideally Tempests) but must quickly jump over
    the center divide to find more Rigels in the pit on the other side to
    continue the combo. Then head back to nearby SAVEPOINT 5 to cash in as
    necessary for upgrades.  Optional on Normal mode, this is essentially
    necessary on Hard.]
    -- Continue out to POWER STATION ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE.  This place looks like
    an abandoned Hoth base now.  Take note--as you undoubtedly will--of the
    friend who decides to step by for a moment...Then head forward shooting
    through the red blockage.  Cross the following area by charging a shot at
    the top of one of the upper rotating panels to knock it flat, then quickly
    jump on and boost off of it.  Continue down to the entrance to HAZARDOUS
    WASTE STORAGE/ENTRANCE.  Forward, up, and down to the right is the
    -- Watch out for the respawning laser sentries, one of which is literally
    right on top of you as you enter, and shoot your way through the corridor
    until you reach the end. In the storage unit will be the ++Atomic
    -- Head back out and take the door immediately to your right into HANGAR
    DECK ACCESSWAY/PORTSIDE.  Notice that spooky music and how everything is
    icing over behind you?  That can't be good...anyway, enter the first door
    you see forward, to the good ol' HANGAR DECK. Uh-oh.
    -- A cinema starts in which a holographic image of the Captain reveals
    that she is actually MTHR.  She is also not interested in letting Patrick
    or his "collaborators" cause any more trouble for her mutant brats, so she
    locks Patrick in the HANGAR DECK and summons...
    Your second Australis encounter, follow strategies as outlined before,
    just with much more awareness.  Australis is on double-time now and
    worse yet the fight will start with him right on top of you.  Boost
    immediately and keep on it until you've gained distance.  Use Lasers
    and any WASPs to soften him up, preferably with a charged Laser shot
    or two if you can find an opening.  Try to whittle him down as much as
    possible before loading up a Limit Breaker to try to finish him off.  If
    on Hard difficulty, you might want to use another L-B.
    Note that repeated Laser shots will nullify most of his electrical
    healing efforts, but as before avoid Tempests at this time.  Also note
    that he will use more electrical discharge attacks this time, so
    prepare to boost behind the boxes to avoid some unwanted sizzle.
    Finally, pick up the ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++ that is lying in the
    middle of the battlefield.  It will likely come in immediately handy,
    and you also will not have a chance to pick it up after the battle
    -- Phew...Patrick survived but may end up freezing to death instead.
    Thankfully, Sonya and more specifically Caren help to reset the
    climate control.  The cinema will show Patrick arriving back at the
    CONTROL PANEL ROOM.  Time to reactivate the ENERGY CORE, as your updated
    mission file demands.
    9t) A more eventful ENERGY CORE...
    PLANT ACCESSWAY 1, saving at SAVEPOINT 10.
    -- Don't waste ANY ammo or health on fighting enemies during this run:
    continue again through INTEGRATED PLANT, stairs down to INTEGRATED
    ENERGY CORE CONTROL ROOM (don't forget that L-B here), ENERGY CORE
    -- Run up to the ENERGY CORE terminal, input the ++Atomic Cylinder++ and
    note that the force field was taken down BUT all hell is breaking loose
    in the ENERGY CORE!  MTHR is trying to break loose from the main part of
    the ship.  Sonya and Caren head for safer environs while Patrick aims to
    meet them...but first...
    Your first Miaplacidus encounter, but unlike Regulus it is a full-on
    fight from the get-go.  Not only is Miaplacidus tough, but the environ-
    ment is conspiring against you as well.  Stay on the floating debris or
    suffer minor damage by dipping into the poisonous broth.  But minor
    damage adds up over time, so be careful.
    Unfortunately, Miaplacidus has no problem with dunking you in the drink
    by emitting a thick, long-duration stream of said fluid at you directly
    from its mouth.  This "water-stream" attack will happen almost every
    time Miaplacidus is in the distance, which is the norm in this fight.
    Best use a ground boost-strafe to avoid the stream, then punch jump
    while still in boost to clear the jump to the next debris patch.
    Alternately, you can choose to dunk yourself into the poisonous brew
    for some damage rather than major damage if you are caught out, since
    the stream won't add damage while you are taking some from the environ-
    Weapons should be Tempest from afar, and switch to Inferno up close
    when Miaplacidus tries its submerge/reemerge/chomp move.  A safe boost
    over to another debris pile while Miaplacidus takes one on the chin
    is very satisfying.  Gun of course should be Laser if available.
    Use a Limit Breaker when Miaplacidus is around 50% health and you
    should be close to finished.
    Another thing to watch out for is wasting WASPs when Miaplacidus submerges.
    Infernos are often lost since they don't require tracking to fire, but
    against the submerging Miaplacidus, both Tempests and J-Nauts will commit
    to the target, then lose it when it goes under.  But since they attempted
    lock-on they will just drift away useless rather than return as they do
    when you fire them without any targets acquired.  If you are low on WASPs,
    this can make or break the fight for you.
    -- So, you got rid of Miaplacidus?  Good job, now time to run the gauntlet
    again, with even more aggressive Kornephoros out to get you.  Easy this
    Energy Sector about to blow, you won't have access to SAVEPOINT 10, so
    just climb up to the top-center of the room to get back to INTEGRATED
    PLANT ACCESSWAY 2, to get past the point where the force field stopped
    you before (and towards the MTHR room), and to simply get out of here.
    Also, don't forget that spare L-B on the way up.
    hit the panel on the first catwalk you see, this will activate a helpful
    batch of antigrav platforms.  That isn't all of them yet, so head all
    the way back to the locked door on the opposite side, which will require
    "Security Pass Lv 4".  Hit the panel next to the door to phase in the
    rest of the antigrav platforms.  Finally, boost back over to the right
    along the elctric field, between two tower posts.  Hidden back there is
    a panel to shut off the electric field.  Once done, simply head back to
    the center-side of the room in which you see on the map an accessible
    door.  This will lead to the CENTRAL MONITOR ROOM.
    -- Sonya and Caren are there and you all watch as MTHR breaks away from
    the defunct rest of the ship and warps closer to Earth.  Fortunately,
    Sonya notes that the escape shuttle is attached to this remaining MTHR
    Sector, so they can escape to Earth themselves.  But first Patrick
    wants a one-on-one with MTHR...
    9u) Visiting MTHR.
    -- While Sonya prepares the escaoe shuttle, pick up ++Security Pass
    Level 4++ right next to you and visit SAVEPOINT 11.  Download file
    "The H-IIIA Android".
    -- Head out to open the ++Security Pass Level 4++ door, grabbing
    a 10 pack of J-Nauts and some worthy TC orbs if you want to try to
    time shifting platforms above you.
    -- Into the CENTER DUCT INTERIOR, a large spiraling ramp upwards.
    First, head to the right to find a 50-pack of Wide-shots.  Then
    begin the trek uphill against respawning Algols.  At the top you'll
    find a door to enter the ELEVATOR/OUTSIDE MTHR ROOM.
    -- In this room, your aim is to jump on the tower-platforms. The key
    is that when landing on the 3rd one, when it drops the 4th platform
    rises in inverse step.  Stand on #3 until #4 is at the highest point
    you can possibly jump up to it and grab it from #3, then do so.
    Immediately jump from #4 over to the alcove at the top center of the
    wall in front of you.  It may take several tries, each time you can
    reset the platform positions by hitting the panel near #1.  When you
    make it to the alcove, you'll find the ++Elevator Power Link++, which
    will allow you to use the platform-elevator down below.  If you can
    handle it, boost from the alcove and try to boost around the cycling
    elements that have been ocassionally bombarding you.  on the opposite
    side of their "carousel" there is a handy ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++.
    You take minor damage each time you are hit by a piece of the
    "carousel" but taking a small medkit's worth of damage in order to
    get a large medkit is worth it.
    -- Drop down and start the elevator to begin the ascent to MTHR ROOM.
    You will be attacked while traveling via elevator by 19-or-so laser
    sentries.  Let a J-Naut or two travel about taking out some while
    you Vulcan the rest.  You should get a full 19-combo and that may be
    enough to add to whatever you had previously to grant a 35,000 TC
    bonus at SAVEPOINT 12, which you'll be arriving at shortly in the
    opposite side of ELEVATOR/OUTSIDE MTHR ROOM.
    -- Do your best to stock up on everything, especially Tempest and
    Inferno, because the MTHR ROOM has some real challenges for you.
    9v) MTHR isn't happy to see you.
    -- Take a deep breath and enter the MTHR ROOM in a dramatic cinema.
    -- Hit the panel on the far side of the central terminal, which in a
    cinema will reveal multiple copies of Caren, individually being grown
    and nurtured in horizontal tubes.  Patrick is not amused.
    -- Walk over and hit the first panel.  A gigantic hologram of
    MTHR/The Captain speaks as embryonic human/dinosaur hybrids are
    revealed to exist next to each "Caren" android.  These were the life
    signs, the final product of MTHR's experiments while all the other
    creatures running about the ship were experimental side freakshows.
    Each android will have one such hybrid to care for when they all
    reach Earth.
    -- Patrick gets a little ahead of himself and declares that he "won't
    allow it", in response to which MTHR fills the room with Xbox-green
    fluid, perfect for something big and nasty to swim around in...
    Your second and final Miaplacidus encounter, but much tougher.  On
    Hard mode, this was the roughest fight...and worse yet, there is an
    inescapable second part to this after you defeat Miaplacidus.  Save
    as many J-Nauts and Lasers as you can for Part 2.
    Miaplacidus will prove very mobile on land, and will run you down,
    attacking with head swipes, tail swipes, and attempts to not only
    chomp you, but if it gets a square bead on you it can score an
    INSTANT kill and will happily crunch you and swallow you whole to
    add further fatal insult.
    The only good thing about this is that it means he isn't hiding
    underwater, so take advantage of the aggression and plant Infernos
    in his path.  Switch to Wide-shot since he is so close at these
    times, and also to save Lasers for when it really counts or he is
    far away.  You will have a good chance to hurt him immediately as
    the fight starts, as he always comes after you, so a L-B may be
    useful immediately.  If you score a batch of Wide shot/Inferno hits
    under L-B, excellent.
    After some damage, Miaplacidus will begin diving agressively, then
    either a) shoot a water jet at you from afar, or b) leap across the
    platform like a dolphin, possibly nailing you unexpectedly,
    and/or c) jump up out of the water onto the spot you are standing on.
    In other words, you will be in near-constant boost during this
    fight out of necessity.
    If a) then shoot a few lasers and Tempests, but not too many as he
    will dive soon.  If b) just avoid.  If c) he will likely start to
    run you down again, so try to stay ahead of him and Inferno as
    before.  Option c) may not last long and Miaplacidus may quickly
    dive again, watch for it and hold off on pounding out precious ammo
    just to be lost as Miaplacidus dives beyond tracking range.
    Note also that many dives and bursts will take out part of the
    flooring, dumping you in the drink even if Miaplacidus didn't hit
    you directly.
    Watch for all the attacks and respond accordingly.  Ironically,
    you'll probably prefer him up close, on-land, and near fatal-chomping
    distance so as to really hurt him with those Inferno and Wide-shots.
    With Miaplacidus second-fight you have to take risks to win,
    especially during the ultra-hard tone this fight takes on Hard
    difficulty.  Even on Normal, expending a couple health packs to
    survive this fight is nothing to scoff at.
    One final note: Miaplacidus can apparently heal to an extent with some
    dips in the water.  I always miss it when it happens, but don't be sur-
    prised if Miaplacidus is at 50% one moment and then 70% the next...
    when Miaplacidus falls, prepare for...
    MTHR/The Captain is supremely unhappy with Patrick and initiates a
    "carousel" of destruction aimed at you.  Each element of the "carousel"
    is a little coffin-shaped machine that can spew a deadly laser at
    various angles or ram you...and often both.  They come out in ordered
    groups from the distant swarm above you.  Your goal is to survive long
    enough to take out about half of them.
    This is where hopefully you have some J-Nauts and Lasers remaining.
    The swirling swarm of machines is hard to hit, but at J-Nauts can
    track them capably.  Lasers might seem useless due to the lag in fire
    and travel, but you aren't really aiming at anything.  Just fire into
    the thick of the swarm or when a machine element is up close. It is as
    likely to miss as hit, but if the Laser hits the machine element is
    instantly taken out.  Wide-shot isn't very useful, and Vulcan takes
    time to whittle each element down.  Tempest is useful if J-Nauts run
    out while Infernos you might as well not even bother wasting.
    With a healthy stock of J-Nauts and Lasers this can be fairly uneventful,
    though you will likely take damage from the aggressive laser arrays that
    are like those of the Griffon in Devil May Cry.  You can plan to slot
    yourself between the array of lasers as they come by, but it isn't as
    easy to do that here as it was (relatively) in DMC, since these laser
    arrays arrive faster and closer than the Griffon's attacks.
    -- Once terminated, the MTHR program's dissolution will trigger a self-
    destruct mechanism, alarm bells, and the need for Sonya, caren, and
    Patrick to hoof it to the escape shuttle immediately.
    -- Note that Caren sees her likenesses in the tubes before heading
    out and was apparently to that point unaware of her artificial nature.
    -- Save at SAVEPOINT 12.  If you had J-Nauts and Lasers for the latter
    half of the Miaplacidus/MTHR fight you should have built up some
    TC combo points to cash in.
    -- Head back down the elevator and prepare for a surprise when exiting
    through the door at the bottom.  Have Infernos and Lasers at the ready.
    -- In another excellent cinema, our trio runs into Cebalrai, a giant
    beast that would fit in well as the King of any upcoming Alien movie.
    Cebalrai is impossibly large, brimming with two electro-charged heads
    and a strong gallop.  Your goal here is simply to survive by laying on
    the boost.  If you haven't bought enough boost upgrades, you'll need to
    hit Cebalrai with everything you've got when you run out of boost, which
    will sometimes slow Cebalrai down thus allowing your boost to recharge
    and you to run again.  Another option is to knock yourself down with an
    Inferno before Cebalrai gets the honor, allowing a clumsy second of
    invincibility that may help make it through the recharge.
    With a high upgraded boost meter you can make it through this unscathed
    as long as you don't trip up.  No matter what, stay close to the inside
    of the ramp (you are in the CENTER DUCT INTERIOR, going down the spiral)
    to gain distance. Any amount of swaying outward will result in Cebalrai
    keeping up or closing the gap, depending on how wide you stray.
    -- You will see a cinema begin when you reach the bottom of the spiral
    ramp.  Essentially, Cebalrai has caught up to you, and you--specifically
    Patrick--are pretty much done for...except for an unexpected
    self-sacrifice.  Caren decides that she would rather give up her non-human
    "life" than have Patrick lose his natural human life.  She taunts
    Cebalrai into attacking her on a weak, collapsing portion of the floor,
    which gives way to Cebalrai's weight, taking them both down into the
    void below.
    -- Patrick and Sonya enter the Engine Sector, in the SHUTTLE PORTAL
    9w) Escaping the Ozymandius.
    -- You and Sonya are fighting again together as you were in the beginning.
    The ACCESSWAY is a very long corridor through which you must reach the end
    to flip a switch.  Algols will phase in regularly, but at this point let
    the AI Sonya run along the bottom while you take the high ground, where
    many TC orbs are ready to be plucked.  Don't forget the other side.  Then
    meet up with Sonya at the far bottom end and engage the panle in front of
    -- Receive file "Using the Escape Shuttle", which details how two separate
    FC terminals (one Starboard, one Portside) need to be be used to disengage
    energy from the main engines to the escape shuttle.
    -- You will be granted a "Rear Engine Entry Permit".  Head back down the
    ACCESSWAY with Sonya and prepare to take the door to your right. I empha-
    size PREPARE because upon entering the REAR ENGINE/STARBOARD...
    Your third and final Australis encounter, follow strategies as outlined
    before, but now Australis can take obscene amounts of damage to extend
    the fight.  This final Australis seems to have the highest "defense
    rating" of any creature in the game, though the attacks are the same
    as before.  If you are stuck with only a Vulcan, this fight can take
    forever, and in fact can lead to a bit of a stalemate.
    There are two extra bits of help for this fight, one is Sonya who will
    add some damage and distraction.  The second is the environment.  Stay
    close to the walls and keep distance from Australis.  When he does his
    frequent electric-spread attack, you should be able to boost around the
    corner of the curved room, avoiding any damage.  When he eventually gets
    down your way, head around the other corner, keeping him line of sight
    to attack him, but diving out as soon as he prepares to fire his electric
    stream or the spread.
    Don't use any more ammo or health than necessary here, as the extremely
    tough end-boss is not far away.  If you feel that you may have given up
    too much to take this final Australis down, it might be better to load up
    the last save, as it was only a few minutes back. Do, however, freely
    use an L-B mixed with your most potent firepower, as in this very room
    you will find a replacement L-B after the fight.
    -- A platform will be shown cycling up and down once Australis is downed.
    Take the platform up and jump to the platform ahead, Sonya will run ahead
    in the direction you will as well...in a moment.  First, take the floating
    platform across to the other side to get the aforementioned L-B on one
    end of the path on that side, and on the other end is a 50-pack of Lasers.
    Get back to the other elevated side, and follow the path around to see
    Sonya waiting.  You'll both take this second floating platform across to
    SAVEPOINT 13, which you should use BEFORE hitting the FC terminal before
    you.  Grab file "Cebalrai" and consider the note here:
    [Note that this is your last chance to build up the TC bar. Save at
    SAVEPOINT 13 and DO NOT touch the FC terminal.  Now you can head back out
    to SHUTTLE PORTAL ACCESSWAY and hunt down Algols to build up credits.
    Sonya may not follow you, but when you exit the room, Sonya will be there
    with you to help.  This is fun but it will also slow or kill your combos
    when she rings up any kill shots.  These Algols are also privy to all
    the tricks, and especially on Hard mode you'll have your work cut out
    for you trying to make a long upgraded TC bar go FULL.  But if you
    desperately need credits for a new L-B or medkits, this is your only hope.]
    -- After taking care of business, hit the FC terminal.  You discover that
    both STARBOARD and PORTSIDE energy must be shut down at the same time.
    Sonya decides to head out to the other side and activate that FC terminal
    while Patrick prepares to activate this one.
    -- You are now in control of Sonya.  Cash in any credits she has.
    [Note that this is Sonya's last bit of action and that you won't need
    much to get through it.  Since Sonya and Patrick both share Lifelines
    (but no other inventory), use whatever she has left to buy Lifelines
    that Patrick can use later, this is especially helpful on Hard difficulty]
    -- Head out to the SHUTTLE PORTAL ACCESSWAY and simply pop across to the
    REAR ENGINE/PORTSIDE.  Not so simple is the fact that you now have a timer.
    Sonya (and Patrick) have 5:00 minutes to get out of Dodge.
    -- At the far end of the room is a 10-pack of Infernos; opposite this also
    at the far end (across the electric field) is a ++Recovery Kit/M (RK/M)++;
    offscreen but near as you initially enter is a 10-pack of Tempests.
    -- Your goal is get up on the platform above the electric field, jump
    on two separate floating platforms, the second of which will bring you
    back around to a doorway at the very top of the room.  If Algols start
    causing trouble, just lay into them with your heaviest firepower since
    Sonya will be finsihed with her part of the action soon enough.
    -- Navigate the electrical field up to the door at the end, careful not
    to fall as time is wasting (there is a ++Recovery Kit/L (RK/L)++ at the
    beginning of the corridor if needed).  You need to boost then jump-within-
    boost to get across that gap and to the FC terminal.  There is not much
    margin for error in making this jump, so be prepared to speed back up
    the platforms as fast as possible if you miss the boat.
    -- Hit the FC terminal to free up the escape shuttle.  You now switch to
    Patrick again with whatever part of that 5:00 minutes remains to get to
    the shuttle.
    [Note that you can conveniently save here again before heading out. The
    shuttle is no more than a minute away so if you have 2:00 or more remain-
    ing on the clock it would seem safe to save.  Regardless, you might want
    to consider a backup save here if you feel that you may not have enough
    time left.]
    -- Head on out to what used to be the SHUTTLE PORTAL ACCESSWAY but is now
    open space with abundant debris to get in the way.  Just glide down to
    the end of the corridor, keeping away from debris.  Exit the ACCESSWAY and
    loop around the corridor to find the escape shuttle elevator.  CAUTION!
    Two very aggressive Kornephoros will make one last attempt to beat you
    into the ground.  Just dodge them and hit the elevator.
    -- Home free!  You and Sonya have made it to the escape shuttle and blast
    off, barely escaping the brilliant flash explosion of the remainder of
    the Ozymandius and its dinosaur-hybrid freaks.  Too bad all those Caren
    clones had to go too..
    9x) Unfortunately, one creature hasn't gotten with the program, a creature
    that is able to exist in open space and which decides to crash Patrick
    and Sonya's escape party.
    Patrick heads out to the shell of the escape shuttle to face Cebalrai for
    the last time.  This actually isn't a hard fight in mechanics, but it can
    be devastating with any mistakes.  Hard mode can seem impossible without
    a full batch of health kits.  The floatiness of the boost in the space-suit
    form needs to be carefully tended to avoid drifting into an attack you
    might have avoided otherwise.
    Your first goal is to knock out 25% of Cebalrai's health bar.  He will
    primarily approach you and attack with one of the two heads at a time.
    Watch for the head that swivels/shakes for a moment and shift Patrick
    over to the far-opposite side immediately.  The heads may take turns fairly
    quickly and even mix it up with a couple attacks by one head, so keep on
    your toes and don't automatically shift to the opposite side after an
    attack only to have that same head hit you with a second lunge.
    On Normal difficulty, take off about 10% with normal Lasers and Tempests,
    then pull out a Limit Breaker on those same weapons which will bring you
    up to or close to the 25% damage mark.
    Cebalrai will arch back in pain and in response grow a THIRD head from
    between the other two heads.  Cebalrai will also grow more aggressive and
    now rely on a tricky batch of electrical discharge attacks.  You'll
    have to watch out for which head (or heads) will fire the electricity
    and whether it will be aimed up or down.  Be quick and boost up or down,
    in the opposite direction you expect the electricity to blast.  This
    can be a handful if boosting up, since you need to press B while wailing
    on X to fire your gun at the same time.
    It sounds simple, but the animation and attacks are fluid and not exactly
    constrained by any easily seen grid, so you will likely be hit by a blast
    that, for instance, might hit you in the legs because it didn't shoot
    quite as low as you expected it too.  Worse yet, there are instances
    where 2 or even 3 heads will shoot all at once, leaving little time or
    room to find a safe spot between them
    Fairly simple fight mechanics as stated before, but easy to screw it up
    and take massive damage. Most direct hits will require you to down a
    health kit to survive.
    Fortunately, you need only take Cebalrai down to 50% to trigger a VERY
    helpful event...Sonya has a nice new toy for you to play with.
    The "FINAL WASP"!  This is basically a mini starfighter that is ALL gun.
    Basically, you are dropped into a quick game of Raystorm here.  There
    are unique controls for the FINAL WASP, but all you need to know is left
    stick moves the ship and X fires the laser cannon.
    Keep firing away and you'll see the FINAL WASP pulsating with enhanced
    energy until finally it launches straight up, spinning, and delivers a
    final piercing blow, knocking Cebalrai off the ship to float endlessly
    in space.
    We end with Patrick looking forlornly upon Earth, remembering Caren and
    her sacrifice.
    -- THE END --
    10) Total Files Available
    These are the files you'll "download" throughout the game, listed as they
    are in the game, last acquired being first:
    Using the Escape Shuttle
    The H-IIIA Android
    Mission File (periodic generic title)
    Energy Core Accident Report
    The Energy Sector
    The Energy Core
    Energy-Distribution Modification
    Regeneration Progress Log
    Chat Log 3
    Medical Log
    Profile of Dr. Velasquez
    Shaft Sector Work Report
    Crew Roster
    Storage Sector Duties
    Captain's Log
    Power Station Maintenance Memo
    Password Locks
    Airlock Information
    Year 2248 Lost-and-Found Log
    Chat Log 2
    Chat Log 1
    Operation File 2
    Photo of Margaret
    Operation File 1
    11) Secrets
    Earned: Finish once on Normal or Hard mode to unlock "Sonya Express"
    Earned: Finish once on Hard mode to unlock "Wheel of 4 Tune"
    12) About Sonya Express
    "Sonya Express" (SE) is selectable (once earned) by selecting New Game/Secret
    Game from the main menu.  SE plays as a Normal difficulty regular game
    (Easy and Hard unavailable), with a timer added to the bottom left of your
    game screen and with Sonya in a sexy dress. She also boosts around twice as
    fast as normal, thereby giving the name "Express".
    Aside from the unmissable timer and new duds, SE only differs from the
    original mode game in that in-game actions featuring Patrick do not run,
    but CG cinemas still do.  There is one exception near the end, where Sonya-dress
    talks to Sonya-normal in Patrick's voice...shudder...
    Also note that Sonya's skintight normal outfit can't be selected in Sonya Express,
    but as with the Original Game, when the Sonya sections of the story occur,
    you switch to Original Sonya anyway.
    13) About Wheel of 4 Tune
    "Wheel of 4 Tune" (W4T) is selectable (once earned) by selecting New Game/Secret
    Game from the main menu.  W4T plays as a Hard difficulty game...and then some,
    with a total-game TC counter added to the bottom left of your game screen and
    with Patrick in what seem to be cool-looking duds (I'm not a fashion guru...),
    with cords/crew pants and a race jacket yet bare chest/abs (where he has a
    dino/lizard tattoo).  He looks street tough here rather than his usual
    well-groomed military man, adding an extra edge to his character.
    Aside from the unmissable TC counter and new duds, W4T differs SIGNIFICANTLY from
    the original mode game in that you have NO main weapon available.  Instead,
    you must hit RANDOMIZER icons that are usually in the vicinity.  This randomizer
    will start a slot machine-like runthrough of the weapons in the game (including
    Sonya's Freeze Laser).  Hit X to see what you get, or wait a few seconds and it
    will settle for you.  You could end up with 9 seconds of standard Vulcan or 15
    seconds worth of unlimited laser blasts and other mixes inbetween...and if you
    run out you have to hit that randomizer spawn point again to give it another go.
    Obviously, this is very challenging, and indeed only people who finished Hard mode
    should even be attempting this anyway.  The time-limit on the weapons is usually
    specific to the area, because they also make puzzles out of ordinary item
    locations.  For instance, the randomizer near the first Limit Breaker gives
    you 9 seconds of whatever weapon, which if you run the route perfectly will give
    you at most 3 seconds to blast the walls and get that Limit Breaker.  Or, its back
    to the randomizer...
    You CAN buy WASPs in this mode, but at a steep 1,000 TC each you MUST be sparing
    with them.
    W4T was worth finishing Hard mode for me, as the challenge here is quite different
    overall than the main game.  If your blood pressure is at risk, though...just
    replay and enjoy the Original/Sonya modes.
    14) Some Other Great Games in the spirit of Dino Crisis 3
    Genma Onimusha (Capcom/Xbox)
    Onimusha 2 (Capcom/PS2)
    Devil May Cry (Capcom/PS2)
    Max Payne (Remedy-Rockstar/Xbox, others)
    GunValkyrie (Sega/Xbox)
    Otogi (Sega-From/Xbox)
    Panzer Dragoon Orta (Sega/Xbox)
    Plus of course DC1 and DC2 as described earlier...
    and many more are out there...
    14) Thanks/Sources
    Thanks to Capcom for putting a lot of appreciated high-quality resources into
    this great Xbox game.
    Some info was quoted/taken from the Capcom DC3 instruction book and web sites
    at capcom.com and capcom.co.jp.

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