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    Pain Arena FAQ by HuggyB

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game:       Minority Report
    Author:     HuggyB
    Version:    GameCube (but not specificly)
    Email:      hugoburck@(nospam)planet.nl
    Doc vers:   1.0
    1     Introduction
    2     Why the FAQ?
    3     The Pain Arena’s
          3.1   Ken Nara Pain Arena
          3.2   Ben Mosely Pain Arena
          3.3   Nikki Jameson Pain Arena
          3.4   Danny Witwer Pain Arena
    4     Tips
    5     Closing comments
    1     Introduction
    Are those arena’s a pain in your butt?
    Are you tired of getting the manure kicked out of you by a simple boss whose 
    ass you would have kicked weren’t for the fact they’re teaming up on you with 
    six exact clones at the same time?
    Well, let me help you.
    Hi, my internet name is HuggyB. I’m one of those people who hyped 
    Minority Report more than Metroid Prime and likes the hell out of it.
    Why is that?
    I’ve always liked the idea of having a simple beat’em up with rag-doll effects.
    This game is a dream come true.
    But I wouldn’t have to tell you that.. you bought the game. Or rented it.
    And you like it so much you just want to beat the Pain Arena’s to get the most 
    out the game. But they’re tough as nails aren’t they?
    2     Why the FAQ? 
    There must be people out there, who have to wonder "Who the heck is 
    In the high-score list, everyone has about 7 or 10 points, but mr. Rollerboy 
    here has got 56 points. Well, I want everyone to break his records. I did. 
    It was fun. Heck, with my tips you can get well over a hundred points in some 
    Enough talk don’t you think? On with the FAQ.
    3     The Pain Arena’s
    Pain Arena’s are secret arena’s you can unlock by beating the four bosses in 
    the game.
    It might be just so, that you don’t have access to Nikki Jamesons arena.
    This is so, because you "quick-killed" her. You must kill her by draining her 
    energy bar. Don’t chuck her in the pipe immediately (shoot a puke grenade near
    Nikki in a wall and do the spinthrow combo on her with your back facing the 
    pit. Bye Nikki.) 
    The rewards are the playable versions of the opponents you had to beat.
    Except for Witwer, you'll get something special when you finish him off.
    So, want to be number one and get some "fat" rewards?
    Right on. Who do we take on first?
    3.1   Ken Nara Pain Arena
    Fatty ain't so strong here.
    Nara's weakness is that he blocks the first two punches you give. Is that a 
    weakness? Well yes, because we're not done after 2 quick punches. You see, 
    after the two punches Nara is vulnerable for a throw combo finisher. And the 
    throws we're going to need are the throws executed after two quick punches. 
    Silly Nara.
    Right, Nara will be rushing for you. Rush at him. Make sure you are on a walk-
    way that is closed in by two ravines. Then, when you want to attack Nara 
    (because you want the idiot to block) make sure his back is almost straight
    facing a ravine. So maneuvre a bit.
           _          _
            |        |
            |        |
            |        |
            |        |
            | ->  <- |
            |        |
            |        |
            |        |
    Now you've got two choices. Consider it from your viewpoint. 
    If you think Nara won't fly forwards far enough to get killed use the 
    Reverse Throw Q,Q,+G
    If you think Nara won't fly backwards far enough to get killed use the
    Powerslam Q,Q,G
    The Powerslam has the most chance of success, because there's little to no
    angle the way Nara is thrown. Besides that, Nara just flies much further 
    using this technique.
    Do it quickly 11 times so you don't have a crapload of Nara's to gang up on 
    you. Not that it really matters though. Unless...
    Unless Nara brings out his WASP launcher. 
    Ok, you might get a shot in, but if he shoots you from up-close... ouch.
    So, run. Run in circles around Nara while jumping. Don't jump to fast though,
    you might accidentally trigger an idle jump animation, robbing you of speed.
    When he stops shooting and the WASPS aren't following you, continue as planned. 
    3.2   Ben Mosely Pain Arena
    Right. This guy kicks my ass, and I'm supposed to kill him 57 times?
    Yep. And you're going to do it without getting hit.
    What's the trick?
    When Mosely is standing still or charging you, jump at him with a jump attack.
    Mosely will trigger a dodge roll. And some dodge roll it is. I think he rolls 
    5 meters at 30 miles per hour. Oh well, shame for him he hasn't got much room
    to roll.
    Right, run along the side of a ravine and have a Mosely following you. Don't 
    forget to jump while running to get more breathing space, you'll go much 
    Now jump at mosely with an attack. Mosely will roll, and you have about 25 
    percent chance he will roll into the ravine. Right.
    Now, it's fun (and it will most likely happen) to have a whole pack of 
    Mosely's following you along side the edge of a ravine. Jump at the group with
    an attack and watch the whole thing scatter like rats. Some will fall in.
    Run again to another edge, and do it again and again.
                  <- <-
        ->      <- <- 
                  <- <-
    3.3   Nikki Jameson
    Ok, this is hard ain't it?
    Well, I doubt you will be fighting a lot, but once again we're going to try
    not to get hit again. 
    There's one attack Nikki is weak against. The Spin Kick. 
    Move along the edge of a ravine and let Nikki charge you. Now comes the hard 
    part. You must time the Spin Kick so that it connects with Nikki with the most
    distance, and direct the Spin Kick so that Nikki will fly into the ravine.
    Practise makes perfect. However, you'll be doing this only the first two times.
    So you don't actually have to do this.
    Because it's right about now those panties will start to get into a bunch.
    You can do the trick on the whole pack of Nikki's again, but after you hit one
    or maybe even two Nikki's into the ravine, you'll have five or four Nikki's
    cracking you skull at the same time. The chance is also big they will throw 
    you after their fallen partners, straight into the ravine! That's a big no-no.
    Here's what we do. 
    We have a nice pack of bloodthirsty Nikki's to follow you alongside the edge
    of a ravine. Now maneuvre youself so that the pack will be following you 
    towards the center of the arena alongside an edge.
    Now, with the pack following you jump over the little corner of the ravine, 
    straight on the other walk-way. This can get you killed if not done properly.
    Don't take the jumps too big, or if you're not daring just run around the 
    corner. But then the trick won't as effective.
    This is because the Nikki pack wants your blood. Once the pack has to make
    the corner, one or two Nikki's won't make the corner and get pushed into
    the ravine by their partners. Wow. The nearer the pack to you, the better.
    They might go for an attack on you, and die trying. Fiddle around with this.
                             *|            |
                              |            | 
                              | ^^         |
                              | ^^         |
                              | ^^         |
                              |            |
                              |            |
                              |            |
                              |            |
                              |            |
    * the corner of death :)
    Wash, rince, repeat. This will take moderately long though.
    3.4   Danny Witwer Pain Arena
    Ok, you'll be needing some luck now. We saved Witwer for last, and the reason
    why is because we need Nikki Jameson to do this filthy job.
    Nikki has a great stamina against the rockets/grenades Witwer hurls at you.
    Nikki also has a two-hit Quick Punch combo which knocks people out cold. We 
    need this. Nikki's additional speed is also needed.
    Right, the first Witwer charges at us. Dodge his grenade. If you don't, don't
    worry. Get up again and hope he doesn't fire at you while you're just up.
    This will happen with all character models, so just pray he doesn't shoot 
    again or misses. 
    You've got two attacks to use on Witwer.
    The first one you should try is the jump attack. Witwer will dodge it, but just
    sometimes, he will be too late with the dodge and get hit while dodging.
    This results in him flying off in the direction he was dodging at. With luck,
    straight into a ravine! If Witwer lies stunned on the ground, pick him up, and
    throw him in the ravine. 
    Use the other attack if you think you've got a blind spot on Witwer, which is 
    two Quick Punches. A punch and a headbutt is the result, which will make Witwer
    fly off vertically. And yes, that looks weird.
    Now, I know what you're thinking now. What to do when there are six Witwers
    shooting grenades at me? I can't dodge that.
    Nope. Run into the pack, and get shot unintentionally (will happen anyway).
    All the Witwers will get flown in the air because of the explosion, except
    the Witwer who hit you. You won't have taken a lot of damage, but it really
    adds up when you get shot constantly.
    But is there a trick to this Arena?
    Well, more some advice which will make you pass this Arena.
    If you see a wounded Witwer laying on the ground, pick him up from the ground.
    I don't care how many Witwers are still up and firing, just pick Witwer up!
    Pick him up, and try and throw him in the ravine. If someone takes a shot at
    you while you're picking up a Witwer, there is a chance the stunned Witwer gets
    hit instead of you, resulting most of the time in him being dead and you
    So, beat a Witwer to the ground, or let another Witwer do this for you.
    Then pick him up and throw him out. Nikki's speed and stamina will help you
    in keeping this up. Do this 21 times.
    4   Tips
    Before you start doing a Arena of Pain, change the difficulty to Easy. 
    The game doesn't keep record one which difficulty you beat the Arena, and on 
    Easy it's hard enough anyway. I guess a lot of you peeps forgot about this.
    Also, make sure you have a fully decked out energy bar bought at the Black 
    Market in the main game.
    And finally, if you want to speed up the process of the Arena's for those
    boring bits, beat the game on Hero difficulty (beat Hard first) and use the 
    obtained character. But it also makes it harder.
    5   Closing comments
    Well, that was it. I hope you get through all of that with my help.
    It sure helped me out, heheh.
    If you want some real fun in the game after getting bored of it *gasp*,
    go to the cheat menu and type in "clumsy".
    Now, select the alternative hero obtained by beating Hard mode and start 
    playing the game.
    Run around and press the crouch button. Best Thing Ever.
    I'm sure you can find a lot of fun things to do with this. Enjoy.
    As for my FAQ, I hope it was all clear enough and that you enjoyed it as 
    much as I've had making it. Shouldn't be too much though.
    Copyright 2002 Hugo Burck
    This FAQ is originally created for www.gamefaqs.com
    This FAQ may be distributed freely as long as the document
    remains intact and unchanged.

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