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    Kabuki Warriors FAQ/Movelist V 1.1, January 25th, 2002.
    By BlueManaDrop@aol.com
    This FAQ covers the fighting engine of Kabuki Warriors, considered by many to 
    be a shallow engine with few moves, but this is a game that actually reveals 
    a unique system to those who spend time with it. Kabuki Warriors has only one 
    basic attack button, but each character possesses many different moves 
    controlled by the D-pad.
    1. MOVES
    --Tour Mode
    --Time Attack
    4. FAQ's
    ***1. MOVES: The basic controls are as such, I will abbreviate Up as U, Down 
    as D, Back as BK and Forward as F. Combined Up and Forward is UF, Up and Back 
    is UBK, etc.
    D-pad or Analog: Move character.
    Y: Roll (to avoid attacks or pass an opponent) and reverse facing position.
    X: Block.
    A: Mid-level atack.
    B: Jump.
    White: Tap once for taunt pose, hold for taunt dance. Taunting increases your 
    popularity meter, which allows you special attacks and earns you money.
    Black: Special attack.
    U+A: Overhead attack/attack fallen character with downward slash. (U+A to 
    attack downward character does not work when using Goro. See CHARACTERS.)
    D+A: Underhand attack.
    F+A: Thrust or dash attack.
    BK+A: Retreating attack.
    UF+A: Dashing overhead attack/attack fallen character with downward slash. 
    When used by a Kendo character (Haiko, Shuroku and Kuroku) this move is a 
    dashing mid-level kick, but not an overhead move.
    UBK+A: Retreating overhead attack/attack fallen character with downward 
    slash. When used by a Kendo character (Haiko, Shiroko and Kuroko) this is 
    actually a different dashing mid-level kick. When used by Sukeroku, it is a 
    retreating mid-level kick.
    DF+A: Launcher (used to begin juggle combo and/or knock character to ground 
    to perform a downward slash), charging underhand attack.
    DBK+A: Retreating underhand attack. When used by Danjo, Sakon/Ukon, Kagekiyo 
    and Sukeroku, this attack is also used as a second launcher.
    X+A: Throw attack.
    B+A: Jumping attack.
    Double Tap F: Run.
    Double Tap F+A: Slide attack.
    Those are the basic moves. Actually pretty complex for a game that's accused 
    of only having one attack. Most people missed the freedom of sword movement 
    with the analog or D-pad.
    NOTE ON EARNING MONEY: Besides doing the taunt pose and taunt dance, landing 
    combos, special moves and throws will earn you money. Be sure to throw in a 
    taunt pose after you defeat an opponent, you will still earn the money for it 
    even though the match has ended.
    ***2. CHARACTERS:
    (Note: To select a characters alternate costume during time attack, hold the 
    left or right trigger while selecting)
    Shiroko, Haiko and Kuroko
    Weapon: Shinai (Kendo stick or Takemitsu)
    Special attack: NONE
    I call these guys "The twins", because they all have the same face. Shiroko 
    is the character you always start tour mode with, and he wears a white outfit 
    and a "beekeeper" mask. (A kendo practice outfit from the time period of the 
    game.) Haiko wears a gray outfit and Kuroko wears a black outfit. They fight 
    exactly the same, making these three the generic characters you face often. 
    The fighting style of the Kendo characters is not bad, but they possess no 
    special attack.
    Weapon: Parasol
    Special attack: LIGHTNING
    Sukeroku is the only character in the game who fights with a parasol. His 
    moves are unique, combining kicks like the Kendo characters with the power of 
    his odd weapon, and his lightning special attack is one of the easiest to hit 
    with. He has two launcher attacks.
    DEFAULT COSTUME: Blue outfit.
    ALTERNATE COSTUME: Purple outfit.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special attack: WIND
    Danjo is a slow but powerful swordsman. He has good reach and 2 launcher 
    attacks. His special attack is a powerful gust of wind, but it must be used 
    right next to your target or it will miss. Try working it in after a flurry 
    of slices, or on a launched character right about to land. Danjo also has two 
    launcher attacks.
    DEFAULT COSTUME: Green outfit, no hat.
    ALTERNATE COSTUME: Hat on, orange outfit.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special attack: SLICE
    Gonroku is a fighter or average speed and power. His special attack, though, 
    is very devastating as it is easy to work into a combo and the crowd approval 
    will fill your meter up enough to perform it again.
    DEFAULT COSTUME: Orange outfit, no hat.
    ALTERNATE COSTUME: Hat on, green outfit.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special attack: SLICE
    Tadanobu fights very closely to Gonroku's style. His special attack, too, is 
    easy to work into a combo and causes a good amount of damage. One of the top 
    3 fighters in the game in speed/power balance.
    DEFAULT COSTUME: Blue outfit.
    ALTERNATE COSTUME: White outfit.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special attack: FIRE
    The sumo-sized, painted warrior is actually much faster than he looks. A 
    powerful fighter with a special move that is unfortunately too easy to avoid. 
    If you can get it to hit, it does a large amount of damage, but you literally 
    need someone to come charging right into it. NOTE: There is a glitch in 
    Goro's control. if you try to attack a fallen foe with U+A when using Goro, 
    he will only do his overhead attack. Instead, use UF or UB+A.
    DEFAULT COSTUME: Red paint.
    ALTERNATE COSTUME: Blue paint.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special attack: BOMBS
    The cross dressing Kikunosuke is actually a man....keep in mind women weren't 
    allowed in Kabuki theatre. His bomb attack, like Goro's special attack, is 
    unfortunately too easy to avoid. Average speed as well.
    DEFAULT OUTFIT: Red dress.
    ALTERNATE OUTFIT: Blue dress.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special attack: INVISIBILTY
    Sakon and Ukon are the same character, Ukon is the default, Sakon is selected 
    with the left trigger. Both have the same moves. Very good reach and speed, 
    and the invisibilty special attack will restore life while Sakon/Ukon is 
    invisible. One of the strongest characters in the game. Has two launchers.
    DEFAULT OUTFIT: Ukon, white hair and cream colored outfit.
    ALTERNATE OUTFIT: Sakon, red hair and blue outfit.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special Attack: WIND
    The fastest character in the game, Sadakuro is a thin and gaunt character 
    when compared to most of the others (even Kikunosuke!) but he packs a 
    powerful punch. Has excellent attack speed and recovery time, although his 
    tornado special attack is a little easy to avoid. Has two launcher attacks.
    DEFAULT OUTFIT: Hat off.
    Weapon: Sword
    Special Attack: FIRE
    The big, bad boss character of the game. You can only use him in time attack, 
    since he is the in the last team of characters you face in tour mode. He has 
    excellent speed and power, and his fire attack special move is the only 
    special move that can be used in the air. Has two launchers.
    DEFAULT OUTFIT: Brown shirt.
    ALTERNATE OUTFIT: Green shirt.
    ***3. PLAY MODES:
    --Tour Mode: Tour mode is the main game in Kabuki Warriors. You start out 
    with Shiroko in all 3 places on your roster. You travel along 53 locations on 
    the map as you try to reach Kyoto from Edo. At each new city you will meet a 
    troupe of 3 actors along the way. Sometimes it may be 3 generic Kendo 
    characters, but in certain locations you will face a unique character with 
    different skills.
    Matches are won best 2 out of 3, each time you defeat an opposing troupe you 
    are given the option to trade fighters. Usually, you want to lose one of your 
    generic guys for a swordsman like Sadakuro or the parasol wielding Sukeroku. 
    When you are defeated, the computer will take a character from you. (And 
    probably give you back someone generic.)
    The interesting thing about this mode is that you can actually play it with 
    up to 4 players, taking turns, and if you end up in the same location as 
    another human opponent, you can face off (and trade characters) with them. 
    Sometimes this works to both players advantage.
    You don't have to travel to every individual location on the map. You can 
    skip ahead as many locations as are currently highlighted on the map, and/or 
    as long as your money holds out. In 2-4 player, you also race to beat the 
    other human players to the finish.
    --Time Attack: Time attack is the basic 2 player version of the game where 
    you get to choose any one character and fight your way through 12 characters. 
    The most noticeable difference in this mode is the extremely detailed 
    backgrounds, a different one each fight, a contrast to the bland, recyclying 
    type in tour mode.
    ***4. FAQ's:
    Q: Are there any hidden characters? The back of the box says 24 characters.
    A: As far as I know, this is counting the default 12 characters and alternate 
    outfits. I haven't heard of any hidden characters in the game. If I find out 
    any different, I'll be sure to edit this question.
    Q: I thought this game only had one attack button?
    A: Well, yes, unless you count the special attack button, but using the d-pad 
    with the one attack button gives you 9 different attacks of varying power. So 
    it's kind of like moving the sword in all directions.
    Q: What about the graphics, I thought they were bad?
    A: Some of the early screenshots of the game looked so-so, but the in-game 
    graphics of the finished game are excellent. Look at the close up of Danjo 
    when he wins. Except for the little bits of clipping here and there (his 
    sword handles going through his sleeves), his character model is excellently 
    textured, even better looking than those found in Soul Calibur, and yes, more 
    humanly realistic than even Dead Or Alive III's models. (Who look more like 
    3-d anime characters with realistic flesh tones.)
    Q: Why do all the backgrounds look the same?
    A: In story mode, all the stage backdrops look alike except for the stage 
    painting. If you play time attack, every stage looks different, they are 
    actual sets. They are much more impressive than those found in the story mode.
    Q: Is the game easy?
    A: I can't lie. It's not hard to beat at all.
    Q: What is the music like?
    A: Two types: Butt rock (Japanese metal), and traditional, with string 
    instruments and flutes.
    Q: But it's really not as horrible as everyone says?
    A: Not at all. I'm convinced half the reviewers didn't even play it for more 
    than a few minutes. The game certainly looks very good, I find that point 
    hard to argue. The music is good, the sound is okay, but the control that 
    everyone likes to argue against has so much more to offer than it seems at 
    first glance.
    You may notice that the blood in the game is extremely excessive and fake 
    looking. Well, I'm pretty sure the fighting in the game is supposed to be 
    fake...the actors are supposed to be putting on a show. You'll notice that 
    the actors you are "killing" will likely appear at the next show, or even end 
    up on your team. So my guess is that the fights in the game are supposed to 
    be fake.
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    This FAQ written January 20th, 2002, John Baxter.  Revised once, Jaunary 
    25th, 2002. (BlueManaDrop@aol.com)
    Kabuki Warriors and it's characters copyright Crave Entertainment, 2001.

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