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"Great story Average game"

The Legacy of Kain series has always had one of the BEST storylines in the history of gaming, no other series has sucked me into its world like LOK games have, with a rich plot and loads of twists and turns I expected nothing but the best in Blood Omen 2 (xbox).

Graphics -7
This is an obvious PS2 Port, and no IM not poking at the PS2's lack of pinash in the graphics dept., They are good, but not xbox good, textures are at times dull and flat, and there is plenty of clipping which really detracts from the game, slowdown has been improved over the PS2 version though which helps a lot. The animation at times seems semi stiff but it gets the job done, the xbox version of this game also seems to run in higher res then the PS2 version, not much higher, but noticeable at times.

No other game series has had the ambiance of the LOK series, from voice overs to the little sound effects this game is top notch, and since the xbox version support Dolby 5.1 you will be in Blood Omen heaven.

Things can get repetitive at times, but the variety of weapons and dark gifts can make killing the innocent (and not so innocent) much more fun. The controls are basic with an auto face button (R trigger) and a Block button (L trigger), almost every weapon has its own ''Fatality'' and stealth kill so its nice to mix it up at times. Puzzle are standard LOK fare with a mix of switch pulling, and block pushing, but i never tired of either since they were always used in different ways

The story in this game gets a A+ from me, IM not going into any detail because this is a game that NEEDS to be beaten, and beaten MANY times to get the whole picture, the only bad side is that Blood Omen 2 is a little on the short side, 11 levels which consisted of about 11 hours of gameplay for myself, however never have i had the urge to go back and beat a game again so soon, i recommend picking this one up, as well as all the other titles in the LOK series, which should be bargain bin by now.

This may not be a reason to own a Xbox, but its an excellent game with only a few shortcomings, and i for one cant wait for Blood Omen 3

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/25/02, Updated 03/25/02

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