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Reviewed: 03/26/02 | Updated: 03/26/02

Easily one of the best sequels I have played.

I can still remember the week after the 1st game in this series came out ''Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen'' I played the game for weeks until I finally beat it. This game is allot of the same, easily addicting graphics and gameplay. Plus if you like Vampire Mythos this is one of the few game where you can play one.

Graphics: 10/10

Visually this game sets new ground for a sparkling Xbox game. The visuals are smooth very very few noticeable flaws, I have found none that distract from the game and only noticed a few when I went looking for some. Blood Omen 2 makes full use of the power of the Xbox by throwing quite a few enemies at you without slowing down the game at all. Everything you do has an separate animation and when you do get into this game you will notice some amazing and sometimes funny ways people die.

Control: 9/10

There is sometimes allot of things you need to do in this game, and the Xbox controller makes them very easy to cope with. Almost every button is made use of on the controller and both analog sticks are in use but for some odd reason during menu selections only the D-Pad can be used.

Sound: 10/10

The sound is totally amazing in Blood Omen 2. There are a few nostalgic reproductions from the original Blood Omen, but for the most part there is a sound for everything and the DD 5.1 reproduction is virtually flawless there is almost always a background sound for example running water or wind russeling tree's, that it adds another dimension to a game that I have never felt before. The musical score to this game is also as equally well done.

Difficulty: 6/10

This is where Blood Omen 2 suffers the most in my opinion. The game is pretty easy to ''walk though'' I rarely ever died but the good thing is when you do die you don't have to go back 3 hrs of play because there are these ''way stations'' all over the place that acts as place marker as to where you are in the game.

Overall: 9/10

A great game that would be valuable in anyones library. If you are looking for a great fun game that will entertain you for many hours this is a must buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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