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"A game wtih any other name would be twice as sweet!"

6 years after Blood Omen, and a year or so after the 2nd Soul Reaver, Eidos puts up for sale the newest Legacy of Kain game. Will casual gamers eat this up? Oh yeah! Will anyone who played the series from day one enjoy it as much, I really doubt it.

Lets start off with the story. Kain is upset because 300 or so years ago, he was defeated by this Serafan Lord guy. He went into hibernation, and just woke up. This weird looking vampire chick named Uma is pestering him and wants him to do her bidding. Later you find out who she is connected with, and boy does this screw up the plot. (if you played the first Blood Omen, you'd know)

Then, Kain must go through these missions and accomplish certain things, most of the time going from point A to point B with some ''puzzles'' in between''. There are 11 missions. But, don't count on a lot of gameplay, because these missions are rather short, the longest taking maybe an hour for me to beat(I don't know, but I know they'er not long). The first mission is a training level, which is not only easy, but insultingly easy. In the other levels there are some bosses, but they're not hard, or are hard until you realize how simple the trick is to beating them.

Don't count on all the goodies from the first one. You gain these ''dark gifts'' from other vampires you kill, ala Soul Reaver (cough*DONT MAKE BLOOD OMEN LIKE SOUL REAVER EIDIOS*cough). You do NOT get the weapons like in the first one, nor do you get morphs. You get dark gifts and some weapons bad guys drop or that you find. Even though these can be really cool (read: giant sword, big blade and long pole thing), it's not as fun as hearing Kain talk about the Soul Reaver, or ''the axes'' like in BO1.

If you didn't want to read what I said above, look down hear for one of those ''gamepro like break downs'' that I enjoy using in my reviews.

Graphics: 8/10
The game is a port from the weaker PS2. It looks like a PS2 game, with slightly crisper graphics. They're not terrible, but Kain looks like an skinny fool, and there is lots of clipping and whatnot. Not terrible, but this game had a lot more promise if they would have kept it in developement a tad longer. It looks really nice when you do the stealth kills, but that doesn't make up for the bland textures and lackluster character design. Another plus is the blocking. Kain actually blocks, not like he puts his hands up, but he will move his arms left to block attacks from the left and so on.

Sound: 4/10
The music is bland, the character voices are good, well acted... but YOU CAN'T HEAR THEM! thats right, the highly advanced programmers at eidos made the voices extra low and the sound extra high in most of the cut scenes... that's something you DON'T want to do when you have the voice acting of the Kain series in your game.

Control: 9/10
Not hard to pick up, but it's really annoying and painful (to me) to try and hold down the stupid right trigger to attack. And you also end up getting hit a lot by enemies when you get hit, push right trigger, and lock on. Its easy to kill people, and fun. You have a jump button, a gift button, a ''drink'' button, and when holding down the right trigger an attack and block button.

Story: 5/10
It doesn't have too bad of a story, nothing special, but its NOT up to par with the rest of the Kain serires. Vorador is back, but he looks like a pear with big ears. How does that fit in with the story, you DON'T want to know.

Replay: 2/10
You can cut peoples heads off, and more freakishly cool things. I wont give this game another play through, because unlike the first game, there are no secrets or movies to watch.

Overall: 6/10
I don't thnik Blood Omen 2 is a bad game, but it doesn't live up to the first game. I don't know about you people reading this, but after playing a game that you love and hear about a sequal, you get excited. Then, you get these false hopes about the 2nd game, that never get filled. I knew once they made Blood Omen 2 a vampireish Tomb Raider, it'd go down the drain, but it's not that bad.

Some Words of Wisdom from Mr Pibb
If you love the Legacy of Kain series, this game happens to be a must buy. It's in my collection of Kain games. But if you just want an action game, and this happens to be a decent one, go rent it. It's not long and worht at least a play through. So, go have fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/04/02, Updated 04/04/02

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