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"Amazing vampire action!"

Overall: This game is good, no scratch that, great. but, if you can’t handle quite a bit of blood and gore, don't bother, but you’ll be missing out. the graphics gameplay and sound all come together for an excellent sense of ambiance, you’ll swear that your really there fighting, jumping, or sucking (please, no rude comments) blood. the story is good, much better than Soul Reaver 2, but not as good as either of the originals. you will most likely like it though. BUY NOW.
Score: 9

Graphics: If their is anywhere this game is less than great, then this is it. the textures are good, as are the shadows, and almost everything else. But there are more than a few small graphical glitches that almost ruin the experience, body parts, sometimes even entire bodies fall through walls and some enemies look like crap. the story segments use the in-game engine and are acceptable. bosses look a lot better than other enemies, though.

Controls: Amazing, you’ll never think twice about the controls, they are perfect. the first level is tutorial heavy, and teaches you everything you’ll ever need to know, and then some. combat runs smoothly, with no problems. Exploration. follows in Combats footsteps, or Vice Versa. you’ll be tromping around Nosgoth like you own the place.

Replay: you’ll most likely play the game twice, probably three times to try and learn every little bit of the story. there are no extras, but the game is so good you’ll overlook that.

Sound: Great. the music is perfect, and always sets in at the right time. the sound effects are good and quite eerie, but the Sarafan warriors sound like drunken hoboes. that's really the only downside. your guaranteed to be sucked in ( no pun intended) into the atmosphere of Nosgoth

Gameplay: Action, stealth, platforming, this game is a Jack of all trades, and a Master of all. after the first level the game really picks up the pace, while still being thoughtful, entertaining, and Astounding. sheer joy, and nothing else, that's the best way to describe it. bosses are a little too easy, though.

In conclusion, you are doing a great disservice to yourself, good games everywhere, and your Xbox if you don’t purchase this game. You will love it, If I’m wrong, then you can kick me, punch me, burn me, or something to that extent.

pros and cons
+ well, um, all of it
-It ends, does not make cookies for you, or make you rich.
-Kain does not have an Afro, yet

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/17/02, Updated 04/17/02

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