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Story: 10/10 the story of Blood Omen 2 takes place two hundred years after legacy of Kain blood omen, and several centuries before the events of legacy of Kain Soul Reaver. The vampire Kain awakens in a strange city with almost no memory of his former self. Another vampire, Umah, has taken him in and revived him to health. After a deadly battle that Kain barely remembers. He is weak, and has lost most of his former powers. Worse still, his weapon, the Soul Reaver, is missing. Umah begins to fill Kain in on the recent past, and pieces of Kain’s shattered memory return.
. Since the events of Blood Omen, Kain had become a commander of an army of vampires bent on ruling the land: The Sarafan, a group of militant humans led by a mysterious and powerful figure, the Sarafan Lord. Determined to wipe out the vampire threat, the Sarafan clashed with Kain’s army for years. This war ended with the Sarafan finally triumphant over Kain’s army, and with won this battle, stripped the Soul Reaver from Kain, and threw him off a cliff to his apparent death.

Umah tells Kain that his body was found and revived, and he has been brought to the capital of Nosgoth, the city of Meridian. Kain has been unconscious for over two hundred years, and in this time. The Sarafan have taken fascist control of most of Nosgoth. Vampires have formed a small resistance, called the cabal, in Meridian to undermine the Sarafan. It is this resistance that Kain is now a part of. The goal of the resistance is simple: Kill the Sarafan Lord, and The Sarafan will crumble. Because the Sarafan do not know of Kain’s existence, he becomes the perfect agent to find and kill the Sarafan Lord. Kain agrees to help the Cabal for the time being, but he fully intends to follow his own agenda, and seek revenge however possible. ….

Gameplay: 7/10 In Blood Omen 2 you must make your way through various levels. The final goal is to get revenge on the Sarafan and to take back your thrown. You must fight your way through eleven huge levels. Along the way you encounter civilians, guards, the Sarafan, Spiders, Warriors from different tribes, and other Vampires. Along the way you are required to solve various box puzzles which can be solved with little problems.

Sound: 10/10 This game has some of the best sound found in games to date. I was very impressed with the sound in this game. Every scream every footstep, and every drop of blood can be heard loud and clear.

Controls: 8/10 Controls where good but during some fights I wished it was better. The controls are easy to learn and not very complex. You can pull off some very mean combos with ease.

Replay: 3/10 I can see why some people might want to play this game again, but I found that this game has hardly any replay value. This game is kinda long so it will probably take awhile before you want to replay it any way.

My Two Cents: I had very little knowledge of any of the Legacy of Kain Series prior to this game. I found this game on sell so I got it. After about 3 days of gaming I just knew I had to play all the other games in the series. Even if I didn’t beat this game I just knew I had to play the other ones that’s how good the story is in this game. This Game is kinda long and is very enjoyable. It can be found around twenty or so dollars in a lot of areas. It is definitely worth it. So I would just go ahead in buy it because many people would not be able to complete the game if they rented it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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