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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MRadford

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    Sega GT 2002
    Version        - 2.0
    Date Submitted - 10/10/03
    Last Updated   -  9/12/03
    Written by MRadford (Michael Radford)
         i. About the Author
        ii. History
       iii. Contact information
        iv. Review
         i. Controls
        ii. Driving Tips
         i. Main menu
        ii. Sega Get mode
       iii. Chronicle Mode
        iv. Quick Battle
         v. Time Trial
        vi. Replay Mode
       vii. Options
        ix. Load and save
         i. Your first car
        ii. Tune up
       iii. Official races / Event Races
        iv. Tune up (2)
         v. Official races
        vi. Your second car
       vii. Concluding chapters
      viii. The cars
     Try to beat the worlds time!
    6. ENDING
        i. FAQ's
       ii. Thanks and credit
    1. Introduction to the FAQ
    This guide has been written with the intention of giving enough advice and
    Help to aid you through the game. There is no defied way to finish the
    game so if you wish to do something a bit differently, the by all means do.
    This guide and walkthrough is protected under international copyright law,
    the reproduction or unauthorized linking to it is illegal. If you wish
    to use this guide on your site then please contact me at:
    Currently you should only see this guide on the sites www.gamefaqs.com,
    Nowhere else. Should you see this guide on another site then please
    contact me at the above address.
    *NOTE - if you are going to email me then please avoid putting things
    like "hi" in the subject, as I may believe this as junk mail and will be
    deleted without being viewed. As anyone on hotmail will tell you, we get
    shed loads of junk mail, so please include the title of the game in the
    subject. Thanks.
    i. About the Author
    Us writers like this part of the guide because it's where you can brag
    about our work. Fortunately I won't, anyway, my name is Michael Radford
    and I've written a few guides in the past but never published that many
    on gamefaq's, however I will be sending in some of my older guides soon,
    ii. Version History
    09/12/03 - V. 2.0 - Added a few bits and pieces to the guide as well as
    changed some of the contact details around. The moral of the story is:
    the wise man reads the guide before mindlessly writing in asking something
    written clearly in the guide'. I know that doesn't include everyone but
    you do get some. This is also likely to be the last update in the guide
    unless I have missed something drastic, there will be another update in
    around as week marking this as a final version.
    11/10/03 - V. 1.0 - The guide is up now. All of the necessary parts
    of the game are now up, more updates and cleanup coming soon.
    iii. Contact information
    As mentioned above if you want to put the guide on your site or
    to anything about the game then READ-THE-GUIDE-FIRST! One of the most
    annoying things in the world is being asked something that is stated
    or even repeted in the guide. Lastly, please don't ask for help on how
    to get passed the license tests because apart from coming round to your
    house and doing it for you, there is no real way to help. If you are sure
    I haven't answered something then contact mike8580@hotmail.com and PLEASE put
    the subject as something like SEGA GT and not something like
    "hi" because it looks like junk mail and gets thrown away. If there is no
    response the junk mail filter probably mistook you for junk mail, don't blame
    me blame it.
    iv. Review
    Sega GT is a SEGA title, so you have probably guessed that, it is
    of a very high standard and is a revolution racer of the Xbox.
    When Project Gothem Racing, a title which came in most people who
    bought the Xbox when it came out it showed the world just how good
    racers can look, now Sega have released Sega GT for some time now
    it is still going strong, firstly when you start you have a very
    small amount of money, leaving you only able to buy one of five
    cars, the first few races you take part in are more of induction
    but when you get past it and are buying top model cars this game
    really comes into it's own.
    Well it's an xbox title so according to law with an exception of a
    few this game has to have ace graphics and it does, all of the cars
    have almost perfect reproduction of their real life counterparts.
    Also the weather is very well done, especially the rain, this
    although is hard to drive in with some cars looks amazing, press
    the black button to shift to the 3rd person type view to really
    appreciate these. There are also lots of very detailed landmarks
    dotted around here and there, however sometimes there is a few that
    look exactly the same here and there which sort of spoil the idea of
    uniqueness from each track.
    But like any game it has its bad points, for one there is the audience,
    as there is no real need to do to much work in racing games on the
    people watching it would be nice if they weren't just a blop of
    motionless pixels, also in some parts of the track the textures lie
    somewhat un-finished, this is a shame because if you are in a slow car
    and crash on at least on part on any track it will look like you have
    crashed on the moon. There is a damage meter on the screen however,
    with all my best attempts of smacking into walls and such there is no
    visible signs of damage to the car, a bit unrealistic but really these
    are only minor flaws.
    Overall the sounds are good each car has a fairly realistic sound
    where others have a poorer quality and can get irritating. The good
    thing is that you have your own radio in the pause menu, the music
    there is ok but in this department it is sad to say that it falls
    second place to some of the other racing games around as the skidding
    sound from your ties where at times is quite good some times is abysmal
    and the cheer from the crowd leaves a lot to be desired, oh well.
    This is the important bit, how the game really plays, and to an extent
    it does well. There are three main modes of play. SEGA GT MODE: this is
    the main chunk of the game and what you will hopefully be spending a
    great deal of your time on; QUICK RACE: this is if you just want to have
    a race with a group of friends after a night out;  chronically, this
    is a rather odd mode that makes use of the older cars. So firstly:
    SEGA GT MODE - The way go in this mode is very much the same as what you do
    it Gran Turismo, you have a small amount of money for you to buy a rather
    low range car. You will be keeping this car for sometime, all the cars
    handle diffrently and react very well to the different aspects of the surface
    you are driving on. You have to participate in some races for the money to
    buy upgrades to your car, one of these races being a drag race, cool. There
    is nothing partially different to GT on the upgrades so if you have played it
    then you should have no trouble and if you haven't it is simple to get to
    grips with. You can also buy the cheaper used upgrades, these are not as
    good as the originals but they do work and you can feel the difference. And
    finally when you have to sell your car you have to put it on the market
    and create your own asking price, this is clever feature, put it to low and
    you are ripping yourself of and put it to high you will never sell it. This
    mode is very good and cleverly done as well as long enough to keep you
    interested until you are at the top of the racing food chain.
    QUICK RACE - You now have access to a lot of cars and a fair number
    of tracks, it is fast to get into and you will be going in a few
    minutes, the only gripe here is the difficulty, there is a very easy
    and a very hard mode, these should not have been included as you can
    hardly tell any difference between them and the easy of hard setting,
    but that aside it is very well done and the range of courses are good,
    these include a long one with not too many corners to gain a high speed,
    a one with a lot of winding corners and even a rally course.
    chronicle - a rather cool extra mode, this is a race with all old cars,
    when you start the screen is like an old TV picture, this then fades into
    full color, the idea is to win as many races the league of races, this mode
    is ok but it does not really keep you riveted and you will to play it will
    unfortunately subside after a while.
    All in all this is a good game with a few flaws letting it down.
    + Realistic Cars
    + Good Tracks
    + The main mode is fun
    - Some parts of the track is a bit dodgy
    - The sounds leave something to be desired
    - The people have turned into large blobs!!!
    I recommend to all but die hard fans of SEGA GT to rent it first
    as it won't suit everyone.
    Time to completion - Around 10 hrs.
    2. The important things.
    i. Controls
    You won't get too far if you don't know this, so here's an in-depth
    look at the controls.
    In Menus.
    Analogue pad, D-pad = Navigate menu
    A button            = Enter / Confirm
    B button            = Go Back
    When Driving.
    Analogue pad, D-pad = Steering
    A button            = Accelerate
    B button            = Handbrake
    X button            = Brake
    Y button            = N/A
    Black button        = Change camera angle
    White button        = Rear View
    Left trigger        = Shift down*
    Right trigger       = Shift up*
    * Shifting is for MT (Manual Transmission) only
    When Paused / Watching A Replay.
    Y button             = Change BGM (Background Music) (pause)
                         = Take Snapshot (Replay)
    ii. Tips on Driving
    Like all other racing games you should always take the corners wide,
    I know ASCII art isn't my strong point so lets confuse you.
    light Bent
    A light bend is a turn that is not sharp or hard to get around.
    If the turn that you are coming up to is going left then head
    to the right of the road and ease into the turn without braking.
         \     \
     \          \
      \    \     \
      |          |
      |      \   |  Do not brake.
      |       \  |
      |       __ |
      |      |  ||
      |      |  || < THATS'S YOU!
      |      |  ||
      |       -- |
      |          |
    90* Turn
    Yep, this is a turn through 90* only break for a second before
    you get to a corner. And no the car does not get smaller in the
    game when you do this turn.
       _ _ _          | < ACCELERATE as soon as you move out of the turn.
      |_ _ _| ----|   |
    _______        \  |
           |        \ |
           |        / | < BREAK to about 50 mph here.
           |        \ |
           |       __ |
           |      |  ||
           |      |  ||
           |      |__||
    The hardest  type of corner in the game, you have to go painfully
    slow to get around these, while minding the walls to
    avoid sustaining damage.
      /.............. \
     /                 \
    |                  |
    |                  |
    |                  |
    |                  |
    |     /--------- \ | < TURN slowly into corner
    |    /   / \      \|
    |   |   |   |     || < SLOW right down to make the turn
    |   |   |   |     ||
    |   |   |   |   __ |
    |   |   |   |  |  ||
    |       |   |  |  ||
    |       |   |  |__||
    |       |   |      |
    ACCELERATE - By simply pushing the A button, you will accelerate.
    This can sometimes be trickery then what you first expect. Although
    on straights it is simple enough, when taking corners in can be
    hard to get the timing dead on and not lose time. After you have
    slowed down after any relatively sharp corner, turn the wheel but do
    not hit the gas yet. Now, get about halfway around it, then hit it.
    Also, when you are sliding on an icy track, just let go on the
    accelerator for a few moments then just press it repeatedllty, not
    turning at all and you should come out of the slide.
    BRAKING - Again, easy at the start, but hard to get it right for super-
    fast lap times. Before a corner, brake, giving yourself plenty of time
    to slow to a tunable speed. The better your brakes are, the less time
    you need to apply them before the corner. When you get to the turn,
    release the brake and turn the wheel. Turning hardly ever involves
    braking while turning
    RALLIES - When you rally, there is hardly any very sharp turns, this
    means that a whole lot of braking is not necessary, in this case then
    just nudge the wheel in the correct direction, only braking when
    you are going to fast to get around on of the bends.
    A Chicane  is a small series of light bends. The best way to go round them
    is quite often to through them. If you can see a straight line thought the
    bends then just follow it, even if it means going over grass or rubble.
    If there is no possible way to do this, just lean of the power and take
    each bend on the inside.
    |  |   |  |
    |  |   |  |
    |  |___|  |
     \         \
      \   |     \
       \  |     |
       |  |     /
       /  |    /
      /   |   |
     |     \   \
      \     \   \
       \     \   \
        \     \   \
    Drops and Hills
    Sorry in advance for the ASCII art in this one, those dots on the road
    are supposed to be hills. Take the first hill slowly so that you don't
    fly off into the air and lose time on the second hill.
    You will find this kind of thing more on a rally course.
    |    ____   |
    |   |    |  |
    |   |    |  |
    |   |____|  |
    |           |
    |:::::::::::|  < SMALL HILL
    |           |
    |           |
    |           |
    2. Introduction to the game
    i. Main Menu
    This is what you see as soon as you press the start button, go to either
    new or load game and let the fun begin. As this guide is expecting you
    never to have played the game or even if you have, to make it easier for
    you to follow, go to new game.
    ii. Sega GT Mode
    The main mode in the game, this is where the main bulk of the faq
    is concentrated. The idea being you have a tiny amount of dosh to buy
    a rather second rate car. You progress until you get to the state of the
    fastest driver!
    iii. Chronicle Mode
    This mode allows you to race classic cars from the 1970s and early 1980s.
    You have to win races and upgrade your car, before going to a menu
    that allows you to assistant cars by completing a sheet.
    iv. Time Trial
    You must of heard of a time trial, it's an endless race with your
    ghost car in an attempt to break your record for the time around a track.
    v. Save and Load
    Take a guess what you can do here save and load your game? Damn right! *gasp*
    iv. Options
    You can customize things to your hearts content. One thing that will help
    is change the map to 3D. This way you get a good idea of the corners which
    You're going to have to take and what speed to take them.
    3. Sega GT Mode Walkthrough
    *Note* This is a rough guide on what to do in the game. Do not take this
    as a definitive order. If I put "buy this car", but you have your eye on
    another one then buy all means buy that one. It may not be the best and
    it will make the game harder but hey, you may get lucky. If you have had
    any success with other cars then I would like to hear from you, just email
    me on mike8580@hotmail.com
    *Note When you race, the computer will automatically pit you against cars
    equal to your own, so if you have a super car and go on a really easy level
    hoping for a quick win, you will be challenged by cars of the same power as
    First off, you need to know all the jargon that will  help you a lot through
    the game. For those not fluent in "car-speak" here's all the notes for what
    you need:
    DP (Damage Points) - This is the amount of damage you car can take
    before it is to mashed up to drive.
    WEIGHT - Yep, the car's weight, if your car is a heavy thing then it will
    be very hard to handle as well as take a long time to speed up. Basically
    the lower the number the better.
    DRIVE TRAIN - This is how the engine puts power to the all important
    wheels, the first letter stands for where the engine is located and
    the second letter is which wheels will be powered, although not
    consistent with some vehicles you can get advantages and disadvantages
    from almost all the different types so here they are
    FF - Front Engine, Front wheel drive
    Good points - Cars like this are good all rounder and will be adequate
    for beginners but they can be deadly when in the hands of a professional.
    Bad points - Cars may under steer at odd occasions but not that much
    of a problem
    FR - Front Engine, Rear wheel drive
    Good points - These have a lot more power behind them so they can be
    a lot faster then FFs.
    Bad points - They, especially on some cars will overseer allot,
    especially on the wet roads.
    MR - Middle Engine, Rear wheel drive
    Good points - Without doubt some of the fastest cars in the game
    are MR cars, they also have very good acceleration and are light
    Bad Points - They can be a bit pricey.
    4WD - Front engine (normally), 4-wheel drive
    Good points - They are very steady and they can get lot of grip
    to turn sharply, often they are rally cars.
    Bad points - They can be quite slow and heavy, these should
    only be used in off-road races rallies.
    HORSEPOWER - The actual power of the engine, it determines how much power
    the car has and the higher the number the better the top speed. However,
    the higher the horsepower the more prominent the bad points that the car
    suffers from (listed above) are.
    TORQUE - No not talk, TORQUE! This is how much power from the engine the
    wheels get out onto the road. The higher the number the faster the car will
    Alrightly then! Let's go, hit the SEGA GT MODE wait an unbearably long
    time for it to load and start. As Murry would say "GO!, GO!, GO!"
    i. Your first car
    You start the game with a rather pathetic $13,000, it may sound a lot, but
    You're going to have to buy a cheap car, in fact there are only 5 cars you
    can buy at the moment, and here they are:
    Fiat Punto HGT Abarth
    HP: 128
    Torque: 120.7
    Drivetrain: FF
    Weight: 1100kg
    With a good ammout of money to spare this can be tuned up
    quite a bit, this means that this is a good choice. (7/10)
    Honda S600
    HP: 56
    Torque: 37.3
    Drivetrain: FR
    Weight: 695kg
    This car is very cheap, why? because it is a load of rubbish.
    It's slow it can not take damage and it is all round un-good. It maybe
    a good car in real life  but this ain't real *laughs and points* (2/10)
    Peugeot 206 2.0 S16
    HP: 135
    Torque: 143.1
    Drivetrain: FF
    Weight: 1050kg
    Rather expensive isn't it? it will take up all of you money
    so there will be no tuning can be done at the minute. For that it only
    gets a six (6/10)
    Toyota Celica 1600GT
    HP: 113
    Torque: 104.8
    Drivetrain: FR
    Weight: 955kg
    A very nice, fast car. There is a lot of room for extras and would be
    be a good car to start with. Should be the car of choice if you dislike
    the one below. (7/10)
    Toyota TE27 Levin
    HP: 113
    Torque: 104.8
    Drivetrain: FR
    Weight: 885kg
    This car is cheaper then the 1600GT and its better as well.
    You should give serous thought to buying this one, only thing is it
    looks ike it has been thrashed with an ugly stick. (8/10) *
    Toyota Sports 800
    HP: 44
    Torque: 49.1
    Drivetrain: FR
    Weight: 580kg
    This is quite easily the worst car in the game, its cheap,
    nasty and has a lower top speed then a snail on slow pills. And 44HP WTF!
    On the plus side it is light, very light, but probbly because it has a
    engine made of cardboard. Otherwise, StAy AwAy! (1/10)
    My recommendation is that you buy the rather ace (for a starting
    car) Toyota TE27 Levin as it combines quality with cheap car-e-ness.
    Of course this is just a guide and if you and the Sports 800 then go
    for it.
    So now you have a car, it's time to spend your remaining $4,870 on
    some mods. Which takes us to the...
    ii. Tune up
    Welcome to the Tune Shop!
    It's time to tune the Levin up. But if you don't know what you are doing
    choosing mods is quite tricky, so here are all of them, which are selectable
    at the moment and of course, which ones you need.
    BRAKES - Ha! What do I need brakes for, they slow me down and I
    want Speeeeddd! Well you do because, as we all know:
    Car - Brakes = Ditch. That and everyone laughing at you, do you want
    that? Of course not. With out brakes you will not slow down and fall off
    the track. The brakes come in: Normal and Semi-racing. Another will
    be unlocked later but we don't need that yet. The better the brakes you buy
    the longer you can maintain speed on your laps and gain precious seconds.
    SUSPENSION - Suspension is another of the three most important mods for
    a car. It lets you take corners much faster.
    However, you only want to buy one set as they are reasonably expensive.
    Always go for the best one, normally semi racing or racing if you have it.
    TIRES - Another important one. Use these to transfer your power to the
    ground. Try to go for the semi racing or racing if you can get it, the
    others are not much cop, they will make you skid and have no grip. The
    upper end will make you stick to the road like the well-glued lightning
    you are. Another one, always check your tires on the damage screen, they
    wear out quite fast.
    TRANSMISSION - Kind of an irony this one, by closing down your top speed
    you will go faster. An example being if you are in a straight and your car
    has a maximum speed of 120 mph, but you only get to around 90. This mod will
    shorten the width of each gear, this will make your top speed around 110 mph
    but on that straight you will always get to it. Be warned this mod can act
    as a hindrance to some more powerful cars. If you get to your top speed
    easily then don't buy this mod as it will only slow you down.
    MUFFLER / AIR CLEANER - A good one this, and it shows in the price. This
    mod improves engine performance and increases horsepower, only buy the
    best one, even if it means waiting a while :( .
    WEIGHT REDUCTION - Gets all of that useless stuff out of your
    car and leaves you alone with the engine. These again are very
    expensive but totally worth the money. Your weight and torque will
    dramatically improve. There are three stages of weight reduction,
    you must start at level one before upgrading to level two and then
    to three, this does cost a lot of money so it's best to do it over time.
    BOLT-ON TURBO - This is what we like. The best horsepower enhancing
    mod in the game. This is not always essential and some cars have it
    already. However, if you have the cash then it is a good move. Also,
    with it you can have two more mods.
    INNER COOLER - Only available when you have the bolt-on turbo. It is
    a good way of increasing the horsepower of your car.
    TURBINE - Again, only available when you have the bolt-on turbo.
    It is a good way of increasing the horsepower of your car.
    TUNED ROM - If you are stuck on what to buy then go for this.
    It will raise the power of the car and is quite cheap.
    PORT POLISH - This is not exactly a barging, and the amount of power
    you get isn't exactly huge. When you complete the game and have a load
    of super cars it is worth it, for the moment it's better to stay away.
    N/A TUNE - This is not the best mod ever made. It's ok in the way that
    it raises horse power but you cannot add on the bolt on turbo or
    the inner cooler or turbine. If you must get it then wait until you can
    afford the best one otherwise you will regret it when you can't compete with
    the competition, don't say I didn't warn you.
    TRANSMISSION (HIGH GEAR KIT) - There is little use for this mod as of yet
    and will only be useful in very powerful cars. Why? You will lose
    acceleration but horsepower and top speed will rise. Like other mods it
    can be a hindrance rather then a help for less powerful cars as they don't
    have the horsepower to handle the acceleration decrease.
    There is also the used parts shop. Here you can buy stuff for the garage
    and ghost cars. Don't waste your money on these yet, you'll need every
    penny, cent whatever.
    *NOTE - It is also possible to get Nitrous Oxide here, look on the FAQ
    section at the bottom to see how to get this.
    Ok so we are all raring and ready to go on our current $4,870. You
    should buy:
    Brakes     -  Semi racing
    Tires      -  Semi racing
    Suspension  -  Semi racing
    This will drain your funds a bit so don't buy anything else.
    Now go back to the main screen and pull the left trigger. You will now
    see that your parts are added and there state of damage, at the minute
    they are all blue since you have not used them. In the future they will
    change so here is what the colors will change to and mean:
    Blue   = Unused, they will work fine.
    Green  = Fine and working
    Yellow = When you see yellow the part is starting to wear out,
             consider changing
    Red    = Very worn. Change now! Wait longer may cause them to brake
    Black  = Broken, you cannot race until you change it.
    *NOTE -  Always check the damage after a race to see if you need a
    replacement, if you do you just simply go to the part shop and
    buy it again, this repairs it. For the engine, just select "engine
    overhaul". Don't let the parts slip into the red otherwise the risk
    of them being broken in a race is very high.
    Ok, you have your car. You have your mods. But now we really need to
    tune the car in fine detail. A lot of people are afraid of doing this
    as it can sometimes mess up your car, if that happens just go to set
    to default and all will be well again.
    First to adjust the car we need to be in the garage so head there and
    choose the Levin (it should be the only car there). Now to the tune
    symbol and lets get going.
    There are three main areas in which you can make alterations on the car.
    These are the suspension, the tire camber and the boost pressure. Unlike
    in Gran Turismo (sorry to keep bringing it up) there are not billions of
    thing to adjust, this may in some hardcore fans eyes make it slightly more
    liner, but for most people it makes the game understandable and not get to
    alter everything on the car.
    SUSPENSION - This is a very important setting. Changing it can correct
    the problems in the drive train. For example a FR car will not turn as well
    as say an MR. Altering this will not rectify the problem, but it may take
    away some of the more frequent headaches. The higher the setting the car
    will be more responsive, but unstable and difficult to drive. The opposite
    would be to decrease the rating, your car will be easily controlled but
    very hard to turn. You need to know what you are doing for this one.
    If the car will not turn well when you try you are encountering a problem
    known as "under steer". To help decrease the top bar and increase the bottom
    one, this way the car will turn harder. The same is true if you are turning
    too much. This is "overseer" and can be corrected by increasing the top and
    decreeing the bottom. Always be sure you decrease and increase by the same
    amount for the best stability.
    Increasing this will make the cars suspension wear out fast, the higher it
    is the faster it goes so keep an eye on it and if you can't afford the
    repairs then take it down a bit.
    TIRE CAMBER - This is the amount of traction that the wheels will
    get when turning. If you are under steering then increase the
    front camber thus more grip. For the over steering take up the rear
    camber, this produces more power and less turn. Be warned increasing
    the camber puts more traction for the wheels so they will wear down
    BOOST PRESSURE - This sounds good doesn't it? It actually won't appear
    on several cars because it is the power for cars with turbo-chargers.
    If you don't have one you can't alter it. The higher the adjustment the
    faster your car will go. The draw back being you will destroy your
    engine after a few laps if you are not careful. I recommend you put
    this down to about a quarter, not the full amount, this will keep a
    good balance of speed and engine wear.
    Ok for the Levin, take the front suspension to just under a quarter
    forwards and the rear a quarter backwards. Move the front camber
    forwards just a small bit and leave the rear. This is just my driving
    style. Again, try to find your best driving setup.
    Whew, that's all that's out of the way, now lets get driving.
    iii. Official races / Event Races
    It's time to make some dosh, some ker-ching, some "green" and so on
    and so forth. There is only one way of making money, this being the
    EVENT RACES. What we are going to do is earn money in the EVENT RACES
    to buy mods and improve the car, then do a OFFICIAL RACE and eventually
    get all the licenses and complete the champion's race.
    So lets do it. Unfortunate I can't help you with the tracks as they
    are randomly so you may have to wait until the guide gets updated with
    all the tracks and the stratageys that you can use to get round them.
    I recommend you do any of the first two event races you can choose one.
    The height the prize the harder the race but with the Levin in it's state
    you should be able to beat the competitors by a bit, if not keep going
    until you get the number one spot.
    There is also the drag race, this is better to do in manual as it allows
    you to go MUCH faster. To do this, when the race starts rev the engine hard.
    When you start and the clock hits one second shift to second. Now when ever
    your rev counter hits the red shift up a gear. Simple.
    At the moment the only race that is not advisable is the "one make race".
    The opponents seem to be much harder and you tend to get pulverized, don't
    ask me why.
    Also, you will notice you get a prize for finishing first and there is also
    a special prize. This is got by starting the last lap forth or less and then
    winning. This is very easy in these early races.
    ** Note - There are three event races: HOT HATCH, GROUP B MONSTERS and
    TOURING CAR. Do not attempt the special prize in these events. There
    is a glitch on the game that never lets you get the SUPER RACING MUFFLER,
    STAGE 3 TURBINE AND STAGE 3 NA TUNE mods. These are near enough essential
    if you want to compete the game. So to put it simply NEVER, EVER, EVER,
    on doing season two that is. If you do you will have to start again, no
    matter what your driving ability if you do not have them you will be
    That aside, when you get around $30,000 it is time to buy some more upgrades.
    A good way to get money is sell any extra cars that you may have picked up
    for a VERY high price. If it is worth $10,000 then sell it for
    $40,000 / $50,000  and it eventfully will be sold, even if you have to
    wait a while, there's always at least one sucker out there with more
    money then brain cells.
    iv. Tune up (2)
    You should have around $30,000 before proceeding to this stage.
    First go to the parts shop and buy the first weight reduction and tuned ROM.
    Also, if needed repair your car.
    Now do some more event races until you are ready to cry with pain, and get up
    to around %30,000 again. I know it's a lot when you only get around the
    $4,000 mark for a race but you'll thank me when you blitz the competition.
    v. Official Race
    Now it is time to test the car in a test to try to get the license test. So
    repair the car and lets get going.
    How to complete the tracks will come later but to be perfectly honest you
    don't need it for these.
    The official race, as mentioned before, is split into three races and then a
    license test. The licenses go: C, B, A, S, SS and are all fairly easily. Except
    that last one SS grrr. For this, the C license however just use your Levin
    to beat the competition. Your car doesn't seem to get wear in this mode.
    Spooky huh? So don't feel the need to keep looking at it.
    For now you have to win at three races:
    Speed Ring 2002, Tide Street Battle and Rampart Cup. These are very simple
     and should pose no problem in your mighty Levin. Also you will get a
    Mazda Cozmo Sport. You may want to keep it as it is the only time in the
    game when it can be ascertained but for this walkthrough I would sell,
    we're going to get a great car, which will see you all the way to the end
    of the game soon.
    After winning these trials put you trusty Levin up for sale, I recommend
    around $30,000. This will insure a sale and a large sum of money.
    So now we are going to do a license test. For the C license you will have
    the Peugeot 206 2.0 S16. This is a good car which is well balanced and
    wouldn't under/over steer if you offered it money, yes partially because
    it's a car.
    A thing to notice is on all official races in the first season there is
    a gauge on the right hand side. If it is a qualifying test or a license
    test will alter where is papers but it decreases if you make a mistake or
    hit something, when it is empty you will have to start all over again and
    yes face those loading times agghhh.
    This test is ridiculously easy, just make sure you keep contact to a minimum
    and you'll be fine. Just a last note, there is a point where there is a
    chicane with a small extend off the track past the white and red markers,
     if you drive over this then you can effectively drive thought the chicane,
    doing this will not cause points to be taken off.
    vi. Your Second Car
    By this time you should have been able to have sold both the Cozmo and the
    Levin, you have the prize money from the Official races and of course that
    $30,000 you had from before. This leaves you with a lot of money and no
    cars. So its time for car number two.
    SAVE THE GAME FIRST. Now, go to the car shop and under Lotus to the
    Elise, there are two here so go to the second one and buy it. Now under
    the part shop, buy everything for it except suspension, you'll see why
    soon. You should have enough for it all. If not reload the game and try
    not to buy all the weight reductions and port polish yet as this is a big
    drain on the money.
    vii. Concluding chapters
    Ok since you have one mean machine at your control you can go about to the
    Official race instantly, in fact there is no need now to do another event
    race again! Hooray! From now on there is no more money scraping. You should
    now be able to annihilate any other cars on the road. So get to the next
    license test, the B license.
    The stage two races are called "Spirit Hawk Cup", "Imperial Garden 2002"
    and "Desert Heat Cup". You should once again anaihilate the other cars and
    finish first with no proplems what so ever.
    You will now have two new cars from wining Spirit Hawk Cup and Imperial
    Garden 2002, these being the Fiat 1000TCR Berline Corsa and the Fiat
    Abarh 131 Rally. You should also have the Skyline 2000 GR-R from winning
    two of the races. You will also have the Racing suspension, go to suspension
    in the parts shop and buy this for the Elise. Now sell the Corsa and the
    Skyline, a better one is coming soon. Also if you don't want to rally just
    yet, sell the Abarth. Now go to licence test B.
    For this you're using a Integra Type R, a fairly simple and fast car to
    drive like the 206. However, this one is slightly more prone to over steer
    so be more careful. The course is also straight forwards, it is slightly
    more twisted then the previous one so don't go too fast you only need to
    beat the required time. Like the last one this is unbelievably easy, just
    be careful on the corners and you should pass it first time.
    There is a good chance you have not sold those cars yet as you should have
    put them up for around three times the asking price. However, you're Elise
    should have little to no wear. If the car is worn out a bit, do a few event
    races and repair it if you already don't have the money.
    After the car has been repaired it's time to do yet another license test.
    This is simple isn't?
    For stage three once again you are going up against lesser cars. Although
    the computer does try to improve them to match you, you should easily win
    the next four  races, which are: "Emerald Challenge", "Windmill Cup"
    "Burning Wheel Cup" and "Summer Solstice Cup".
    After you successfully complete these you will find four more cars in
    your garage: the Skyline GT-R Racing Ed the 300SL, Savanna RX-3 Racing Ed
    and the Zero. All these cars are very good. Out of all of them I prefer
    the Zero, but I would recommend keeping all three cars. If you are short of
    cash sell the 300SL. Also Racing brakes are now available, so go and put
    them on the Elise to.
    Now it is time for the License test. You are driving a Ford Mustang.
    Although supposed to be good in real life, this thing will under steer badly,
    this means to go slower through corners. However, time is on your side for
    this so just take it nice and easy. The easier way to fail on this one is
    to let the counter fall to zero after so many mistakes, and even that's hard.
    By now you have probably reached a sale for your other cars that you had
    on the market so repair your Elise and get ready for the next stage.
    Amply named
    Now you should have four cars, the Zero the 300SL (if you haven't sold it)
    the Skyline and, have course, the trusty Elise. If you want to tune another
    car you should have plenty of money to do so now. I would recommend the
    Skyline as it is a fantastic car.
    For this stage unlike the pervious one, there are only three races. The
    "Dancing Horizon Cup", "Eagle Flight" and "Ironside International". Here is
    where it gets quite a bit harder. The Elise and Skyline will be able to
    beat the opponents but you may not be finishing miles ahead this time.
    However, after you have completed these you will have two more cars. These
    being the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Strandale, and the Ford Mustang GT390. Also
    Racing tires are now available, these are much better then the ones that you
    have being using and I recommend that you switch to these for all the cars
    that you use to compete with. Also put the Alfa up for sale. Another thing
    to point out is that the Ford GT Concept is now available to buy for a
    whopping $500,000. Yes this is the car on the box, however, it is not that
    good and certainly not worth all that money. Even if you have got around
    that figure don't buy this car yet, you will be very disappointed. So, on to
    the S license test.
    Oddly for this we are using a rally car; the Tommi Makinen Lancer Evolution
    to be precise. And there is just this and one more license test left to go.
    Don't give up now! This car under steers a LOT so when you go through a
    corner take it slowly. Approach all corners from the outside brake, turn
    and then let the car slide around the corner, not exactly a power slide but
    it works well. After you make it round the corner and the car starts to
    become level with the road, then put your foot down. Try to accelerate just
    before the car is level with the road and don't try to steer or you will end
    up in a spin. This one may take a few tries as it is quite hard until you get
    used to the different way of driving, then you'll be fine.
    Only one more license test to go, can you feel your heart pounding. If not
    check to see if your heart is beating and if not I recommend the hospital
    for everyone else read on to the exiting world of...
    STAGE 5
    And the last License test. But five more races stand in the way. Does this
    game never end?
    The good thing is that you win something for every race here, so, and this
    should be second nature by now, repair the car your using, preferably the
    good old Elise and lets get cookin. The races are "Rolling Flame Cup",
    "Autumn King Battle", "Raging Typhoon", "Ardent World Cup" and "Huntsmen
    These races are all fairly hard, especially since they are all five laps
    long and take ages so you may want to have some coffee or something while
    you do these. However, the rewards for winning are good. When you manage to
    finish you will have an Audi Sport Quattro, a Ford GT, a 240Z Racing Ed and
    a Super Seven R500R (Yes, that old looking thing by Catterham that thrashes
    everyone in drag racing). Sell the Audi and I would recommend buying the
    Impreza 22B Sti Ver. that you have unlocked. Also for any cars that you are
    using buy and install the Racing inner cooler.
    Ok now it's the time you've all being waiting for. By far the hardest license
    test in the game, the SS.
    For this test you are you using a Jaguar E-Type. Great, another English car
    like the Elise, this will be a breeze. Well, no. The E-Type, unlike the
    Elise is as much use as a to quote: 'Clenex in a snot party'. You turn the
    wheel and the car goes in a straight line.
    Then when you get the damn thing to turn it slides, Aghh,
    this is going to get very, VERY, annoying. And there really isn't that much
    help I can give to you. there are two chicanes on the circuit, providing
    your speed is fast enough then drive straight over it. Also, if you begin to
    slide give the wall a nudge, or a whack if you are going fast. Not a very
    expert way I know but it is the only way to avoid an abysmal time. The only
    Other thing I can recommend is that you keep trying until you do finish it,
    believe me if you have got up to this bit you will eventfully. If you are so
    stuck then email me on the above address and I will try to help you. Good
    luck on this one.
    Well that's it, you now have all the licenses. But there is one more
    challenge left. You now have to finish first in the World Tournament.
    The last one to do before season one comes to an end. If you go to official
    race you will see one remaining race to complete. The "World Tournament".
    All the cares here are very competitive, so use the Elise. Yes I know you
    bought it all the way back in Stage two but it is still a fantastic car, and
    now it is tuned and upgraded as much as possible.
    The competition is very tough, the main problems will more or less come from
    the GT40 and the Concept. You will find yourself overtaking and being
    overtaken. Fortunallty though, this time there is no damage limit, so feel
    free to block and push them. If you are in the lead, always check behind
    you and if the GT40 is about to overtake you drive in front of it and don't
    let it get to the behind side of you. This race may take a few tries and if
    you really cannot do it, then try the Skyline but the Elise is your best bet.
    For the record here are all the competitions you have entered and what you
    won for them all note occasionally these are the special prizes:
    Stage one
    Speed Ring 2002                    Nothing
    Tide Street Battle                 Win Mazda Cosmo Sport
    Rampart Cup                        Nothing
    Finish first in 1 race             Lotus √Član Sr.1 Unlocked
    Finnish first in all 3 races       Nissan Z432R Unlocked
    Stage two
    Spirit Hawk Cup                    Win Fiat 1000TCR Berline Corsa
    Imperial Garden 2002               Racing Suspension unlocked
    Desert Heat Cup                    Win Fiat Abarth 131 Rally
    Finish first in two races          Skyline 2000 GT-R unlocked
    Stage three
    Emerald Challenge                  Win Skyline GT-R Racing Ed.
    Windmill Cup                       Win 300SL
    Burning Wheel Cup                  Win Zero
    Summer Solstice Cup                Win Savanna RX-3 Racing Ed.
    Finish first in two races          Racing Brakes unlocked
    Finish first all four races        Unlock Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
    Stage four
    Dancing Horizon Cup                Win Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Stradale
    Eagle Flight                       Win Mustang GT390
    Ironside International             Racing Tires now available
    Complete all three races           Ford GT Concept now available
    Stage five
    Rolling Flame Cup                  Racing intercooler unlocked
    Autumn King Battle                 Win 240Z Racing Edition
    Raging Typhoon                     Impreza 22B Sti Ver. unlocked
    Ardent World Cup                   Win Super Seven R500R
    Huntsmen International             Win Ford GT
    Finish first in one race           Win Audi Sport Quattro
    Stage six
    World Tournament                   Dodge Viper GTS/R
    And here is every single car in the entrire, try to get them all.
    Acura NSX
    Alfa 147 2.0 T.Spark
    Alfa 145
    Alfa 156 Superturismo
    Alfa 155 T.Spark
    Guila Sprint GTA
    Tipo 33-2 Stradale
    AUDI TT Coupe
    S3 quattro
    Audi Sport Quattro
    Caterham Super Seven R500R
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    Corvette Sting Ray
    Chevrolet Camaro SS
    Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    Chevrolet Chevelle
    Viper GTS-R
    Dodge Charger
    Fiat Punto HGT Abarth
    Fiat Barchetta Giovane Due
    Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo
    Fiat 1000TCR Berlina Corsa
    Fiat Abarth 131 Rally
    Ford Mustang GT
    Ford Mustang GT390
    Ford Ford GT Concept
    Ford GT
    Ford GT90
    Honda NSX-R '02
    Honda NSX Type-S
    Honda NSX Type-S Zero
    Honda NSX-R '92
    Honda Integra Type R '01
    Honda Integra Type R
    Honda Civic Type R '02
    Honda Civic Type R '98
    Honda S2000
    Honda S600
    Jaguar E-Type
    Jaguar Mark 2
    Lexus SC430
    Lexus IS300 5-Speed
    Lotus Elise Type 72
    Lotus Exige
    Lotus Espirit (2002)
    Lotus Espirit (1977)
    Lotus Elan Sr.1
    Lotus Europa Special
    Mazda RX-7 Type RS (VI)
    Mazda RX-7 Type RZ (V)
    Mazda RX-7 Type RS (IV)
    Mazda RX-7 Type RZ (IV)
    Mazda Efini RX-7 Type R
    Mazda Savanna RX-7 Infini (FC)
    Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT Turbo
    Mazda Savanna RX-3
    Mazda Savanna RX-3 Racing
    Mazda Miata '01
    Mazda Miata '89
    Mazda Cosmo Sport
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen edition
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V
    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution IV
    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution III
    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution II
    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution
    Mitsubishi Lancer GSR IC Turbo
    Mitsubishi Starion 4WD Rally
    Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR
    Mercedes-BenzCLK 430 Coupe
    Mercedes-Benz190E 2.5-16
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II R34
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec R33
    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II R32
    Nissan Skyline RS Turbo C R30
    Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
    Nissan Skyline GT-R KPGC10
    Nissan Skyline GT-R Racing Edition
    Nissan 350Z
    Nissan Fairlady Z Version S 2seater (Z32)
    Nissan 240Z
    Nissan 240Z Racing
    Nissan 240ZG
    Nissan MID 4
    Nissan Z432R
    Opel Speedster
    Opel Astra Coupe
    Peugeot 406 Sedan 3.0 V6
    Peugeot 307 2.0
    Peugeot 206 2.0 S16
    Peugeot 205 T16
    Renault Clio Sport V6 24V
    Renault 5Turbo II 1.40HV Turbo
    Renault A110
    Suburu Impreza WRX Sti
    Suburu Impreza WRX STi Version VI
    Suburu Impreza WRX Sti Version V limited type RA
    Suburu Impreza WRX STi Version IV
    Suburu Impreza WRX Sti Version III
    Suburu Impreza WRX Sti Version II
    Suburu Impreza WRX Sti Version
    Suburu Impreza 22B Sti Ver.
    Suburu Alcyone SVX
    Suburu Alcyone VR Turbo
    Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo
    Toyota Supra 2.5GT Twin Turbo
    Toyota Celica XX 2000GT
    Toyota Celica SS-II
    Toyota Celica GT-Four
    Toyota Celica 1600GT
    Toyota Celica Racing Edition
    Toyota Trueno GT Apex
    Toyota Levin TE27
    Toyota Sports 800
    Toyota MR2 Group S
    Toyota MR2 SW20
    Toyota MR2 AW11
    Toyota Supra 2800GT
    Toyota Supra 2000GT
    Try to go around any track as fast as possible and send your time in. I will
    upload It onto the guide if it is real.
    6. Ending
    i. FAQ's
    Q - What's the best car in the game?
    A - That really depends on your style. I would have to go with the Lotus
    Elise or the Exige, for early on in the game they are light and very powerful.
    Q - I'm short of money, what can I do?
    A - If you have a load of cars sell some off for about three times more
    then what you got it for. If not then try to win Event races
    Q - How do I change the BGM?
    A - While racing, press pause and then the Y button
    Q - Is it possible to get NOS?
    A - It is indeed, to get it lose a race on a data with the last did get as
    5 (5,15,25 etc). Then on the following day look in the used parts shop.
    On the very far right there is a question mark, this is NOS and can only
    be used in drag races by pressing the Y button. BTW, NOS stands for
    Nitrous Oxide, for those not in the know.
    Q - I cannot get passed the X licence
    A - The only thing I can suggest is to take the corners as fast as possible
    and don't go around a corner if it is quicker to drive through the small
    elevations on the sides of the road.
    ii, Thanks and Credit.
    Big thanks for to all the people who contributed to this . Also to the people
    at SEGA for making the best games ever, and the DC did not deserve the
    deprival it suffered from PS2 Fan Boy/Girls. And lastly to the people at
    GameFAQs for reading this walkthrough and to Cjay for making the best damn
    gaming help site in the universe, rock on!

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