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"Haven't I seen this someplace before?"

This is a racer for the ages. It has all of things a racer could possibly imagine in a simulation game. It involves many races over two seasons, buying new cars from over 20 different car companies, many different license tests, you can soup up your car with new OR used car parts, and much more. This was just covering the ''Sega GT 2002'' mode of the game, and this game is just getting started. It also has a chronicle mode, which is really cool. You take a 70's car and take it throughout the ages, souping it up along the way, and winning new cars for you to use. All in all, this game has many, many bright spots. There are a few problems for this game however. If this game came out before the Playstation 2 hit ''Gran Turismo 3-Aspec'' this game and that game would switch places on people's favorites list. But as it is now, it is almost the exact same game, except of course for the Xbox.

GRAPHICS - 8 out of 10
You would except a really good graphics at least from an Xbox game, but I was sort of disappointed. Again, comparing it to GT3, the cars in GT3 were MUCH better looking and designed. The light did not shine off of the cars in this game. All in all it was good graphics, but not great.

SOUND - 10 out of 10
It had good sound effects and pretty good songs. The problem with most Xbox racing games is that you can upload your own songs into the game, so there is not way it can be bad. The idea that you can do that is outstanding to me, I absolutely love it.

REPLAYABILITY - 9 out of 10
This game has one of the best replayability values as there as so many different cars to try, 2 seasons of racing and a whole lot of tweaking to do with your cars. Don't forget the time attack mode of setting your own records for each course and my personal favorite Chronicle mode, bringing cars through the ages. The only problem is that it can get kind of repetitive because there really aren't that many tracks.

ORIGINALITY - 1 out of 10
Other than the really cool Chronicle Mode, this is the exact same game as Gran Turismo 3 for Playstation 2, and with worse graphics than that game as well.

I got this game with the Xbox, so it is a good game to have, and it comes with the Xbox so it is a win-win situation.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/12/03, Updated 06/22/03

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