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    Spawn by AceStanley

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    Soul Calibur 2
    Spawn FAQ
    By AceStanley
    Legal Stuff:
    This is my character FAQ for Soul Calibur 2. There are many like 
    it, but this one is mine! If you want to use any part of it, use 
    the above e-mail address and ask me first or face the wrath of my 
    giant legal team. As of this moment this FAQ can only be seen at 
    www.GameFAQs.com. Spawn and Necrid are the property of Todd 
    McFarlane and all of the other characters in Soul Calibur 2 are 
    property of Namco.
    So Namco decides that they want to spice up the console releases 
    of Soul Calibur 2. Nintendo gives them permission to use Link in 
    their version. They decide to add a character from their other 
    popular franchise Tekken (Heihachi) in the PS2 version. It seems 
    all very fitting thus far as Link is a huge Nintendo franchise 
    and the Tekken series gained a good deal of it's popularity from 
    being one of the premier fighters on Sony's consoles. That leaves 
    the big green X left. Who do they pick? Master Chief you say? The 
    Madcat from Mechassault? No silly, those choices wouldn't make 
    much sense. Besides, I don't think MS are as liberal with their 
    franchises as Nintendo. Then that begs the magical question of 
    "Who do they pick?" If you're reading this FAQ, you probably 
    already know. Spawn doesn't really make a whole lot of sense as 
    the Soul Calibur 2 representative for the Xbox any way you slice 
    it. Maybe, it's because he's mostly black with green glowing 
    eyes, kind of like an Xbox. The real reason probably has to do 
    with a mix of a new Spawn game coming out for all 3 consoles 
    produced by Namco, and the fact that they probably ran out of 
    ideas. Anyway, Spawn is a pretty interesting character. Not to 
    mention the fact that he can be beastly if used correctly. If 
    you're into comics, worship the devil, like the color black, or 
    wish to kick so much tail that your opponent fears you 
    highlighting your cursor over the Hellspawn himself, then this 
    character is for you. 
    Character Info:  
    Real Name: Al Simmons
    Age: 31
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: Over 400lbs
    Birthdate: March 16
    Blood Type: Necroplasm
    Weapon: Cape transformed into an axe
    Family: Wife/Wanda (Believes Al is Dead)
            Blood Relatives/ No Contact since becoming Spawn
    Upon his death, Lieutenant Colonel Al Simmons made a pact with 
    the devil in order to return to the world of the living. But the 
    resurrection the dark lord Malebolgia bequeathed was far 
    different from anything Al Simmons envisioned. His body, memories 
    of his past, and even time were taken from him. His fate was to 
    exist as a Hellspawn. 
    He was then sent to the 16th century on a mission to bring back 
    Soul Edge. Spawn had to obey his master, for it was his only 
    chance of returning to his time. 
    Key Commands (Xbox):
     7   8   9
      \  |  /
       \ | /
       / | \
      /  |  \
     1   2   3
    Above would be the D-pad on the Xbox controller. Some of you 
    might be wondering why it's numbered. The Soul Calibur series 
    uses a special 8-way run system. A lot of you might be asking 
    yourselves, "What makes Soul Calibur different from other 
    fighters on the market? I can move in 8 different directions in 
    other 3-D fighting games, and I don't need to learn a numerical 
    system to understand those." Well, the 8-Way run system has a big 
    impact on the moves that are used. If Up-Forward is tapped or 
    held in many other fighting games, the same moves come out. In 
    Soul Calibur, different moves come out depending on whether the 
    direction is tapped or held. 6 is always toward your opponent and 
    4 is always away from you opponent. This works as a defensive 
    measure as well.
    Xbox button translations (default):
    X: Attack A (or simply A) (Horizontal attack)
    Y: Attack B (or simply B) (Vertical attack)
    B: Attack K (or simply K) (Kicking attack)
    A: Guard (or simply G)
    R: Soul Charge (A+B+K does this as well)
    GI: Guard Impact
    Guard impacts are Soul Calibur's version of the parry. 
    6G parries High and Mid attacks. 
    4G Repels Mid and Low attacks
    aB: When you see commands like this, they mean slide your finger 
    in one quick motion from one button to the other. Sometimes, it 
    will be aA or something like that. Press that button quickly 
    [A]: When you see commands like this, I mean hold that button 
    2G leads to a crouching position. Moves change while you are 
    crouched down.
    WS: While Standing from a crouching position
    7G, 8G, or 9G lead to a Jump
    WJ: While Jumping
    WL: While landing
    SCUB: Only unblockable with a soul charge.
    SCGB: Only Guardbreaks with a soul charge.
    LV: Levitation
    (If you haven't really grasped a good basic defensive strategy 
    besides holding the block button down, head to Practice mode, set 
    the Training Type in the practice options to VS CPU. Once you've 
    done that, get the timing down on your Guard Impacts. Practice 
    ducking under high attacks and jumping over low attacks. Once you 
    believe that you have gotten the timing down, you're on your way 
    *thumbs up* Don't fret though, we've all been down that road 
    8wr: 8-Way run (i.e. Hold the direction down)
    1_2: When you see commands like this, the _ means "or", so you 
    can tap 1 or 2 and you will get the same result.
    RO: Ring out
    CH: Counter Hit (Basically, you hit them while they are trying to 
    hit you. It adds extra damage)
    H: High attack
    M: Mid attack
    L: Low attack
    Spawn's Moves:
    A moves
    Dark Ripper:
    A, A (H, H)
    This move is a quick and useful counter for those pesky enemies 
    that try to run around you and attack. 
    Shadow cleaver:
    6A, B, A (H, H, L)
    If you notice that your enemy is on to your High attack game, mix 
    this bad boy in there to surprise him. It RO's too, so it's not a 
    bad option when your opponent is near the edge of the stage. 
    Night Stalker Flurry:
    6A, B, B_[B} (H, H, M)
    When the last B is held down, it's a Guard Breaker. If you think 
    adding this move to your Spawn attack game would be a good idea, 
    then hold the button down. The speed difference between the 
    tapped B and the held B isn't really that major. If your opponent 
    guards a lot, this move could be an option to set up an opening. 
    The held down B is about as quick as 66B, and it guard breaks. 
    Dark Deed~Levitation:
    6A, B, B+K (H, H)
    Following this up with A or K is the safest route. Use, but don't 
    abuse. Mixing up his standard 6A, B moves with levitation out of 
    nowhere can be a real surprise, but follow this up quickly or you 
    will get snuffed out of the air.
    66A/8wr6A (H)
    This is one of Spawn's essential weapons. If you feel that your 
    opponent is getting too close, smack him with one of these. It's 
    pretty safe and it RO's too. Spawn isn't that much of a close 
    ranged character anyway.  
    3A (M)
    It's good to poke with this every once in a while. It Crumple 
    Stuns on a counter hit. Not to mention the fact that it comes out 
    very fast for a Spawn move. Lately, I have become a fan of this 
    2A (SM)
    It hits mid, it's quick, and crouches, sounds pretty good right? 
    I would seriously recommend this move for your arsenal, but his 
    other options far outweigh this. 2K owns this for free as a quick 
    and dirty counter hit and in range, 2B hits mid and owns this as 
    far as range goes, and 3A owns this in speed as well as being a 
    quick and dirty counter hit. 
    Shadow Stalker:
    1A, B/ 8wr1_7A B (M)
    It crumples them to the ground right in front of you. Use once in 
    a while from a safe distance. It can be sidestepped fairy well 
    because its recovery is pretty bad. Use CH 3A if you want them to 
    Demonic Killer:
    4A, A (H, M)
    This is a lightning fast attack with decent range and decent 
    attack power. Use this!
    Demonic Salvage:
    4A, B (H, M, M, M, M)
    Make it a priority to add this to your arsenal. For recovery 
    though, I'd give the nod to the Demonic Killer. The range on this 
    move is deceptive (but in a very good way), so keep it in mind 
    for a long distance attack. Use both to mix up your mid-range 
    Harbinger of Violence:
    44A/ 8wr4A (L)
    When in long or mid range, this move is effective, but don't 
    abuse it otherwise, or you could be hurting. If your opponent 
    swings low, throw this out. This move leaves you crouched long 
    enough to follow it up with a WS A, A or a WS B_[B]. If you're 
    feeling lucky, you can follow it up with WS A, B_[B]. The timing 
    on that is a bit tricky, but it can pack a hell of a wallop. 
    Hell Spiral (1)/ Hell Spiral (1)~Levitation (Hold for 
    A+B_[A]+[B] (M)
    I'm all about Spawn moves that lead to Levitation, but the sorry 
    range on this move would only hurt Spawn. For it to connect, you 
    must be in close range. In close range, Spawn dies to many 
    characters. It's an option as a close range RO though. 
    Hell Spiral (2)/ Hell Spiral (2)~Levitation (Hold for Levitation)
    66A_[A]+B_[B} (M, M)
    I prefer this over the Hell Spiral (1), but they both are 
    severely lacking. After a 1A, B, CH 3A, or any move that drops 
    them in front of you, throw this out and hold the buttons down. 
    It can lead to some opportunities to deal some damage. It has 
    some serious RO potential too.
    Necro Blast:
    4A+B_[A]+[B] (H)
    This move might look pretty, but don't throw it out or people 
    will make you pay. At least you can cancel it with G. Hold the 
    buttons down for an unblockable attack.
    Midnight Carver:
    A+K A (H, H)
    This move is another fairly safe mid-range attack, but there are 
    better ones. Both hits are high, so don't get repetitive with it. 
    It's a decent counter for those who like to sidestep around your 
    moves, but I like to be safe and just hit the Dark Ripper. This 
    move does, however, have some serious potential from a distance. 
    The range on it is deceptive. It could be a useful long-range 
    Midnight Force:
    A+K, B (H, M)
    The second hit on this moves likes to whiff if not hit from a 
    distance. This is another move with deceptive range. It seems 
    like a launcher, but it knocks them up in a way that you can't 
    really follow it up with a juggle. So if you do decide to add 
    this to your arsenal, follow it up with a 66B or something that 
    will hit them on the ground.
    Shadow Spinner:
    2A+K (L, L)
    This move works as a decent ground attack. It can be followed up 
    with a WS move for a painful little combo. The speed on this is a 
    question though. It works well after 6B, B.
    Hunting Cry:
    66aB (M)
    This move is a great poke. It's fairly quick and deals a decent 
    amount of damage. Definitely throw this move out when you see the 
    opportunity. Not to mention, it's a SCUB. The recovery is 
    lacking, so don't abuse it.
    8wr3_9A, A (H, H)
    If you plan on sidestepping your opponent's move, this is the 
    move to use. It fits in well with his limited close-range and 
    long-range games. It's also an effective counter because of its 
    speed. It also works in the same manner as 66A and it's ilk.
    Lost Humanity:
    8wr2_8A_[A} (H)
    Great move at the right range when the A is held down. They can't 
    just step around this unblockable. Like most unblockables, speed 
    must be taken into question, so don't abuse this move. The 
    standard A works well as a mid-range poke. This doesn't really 
    have the speed to be a really effective step move though. Mix it 
    up with 8wr2_8[B] at mid-range every once in a while when you see 
    the opportunity for an unblockable attack.
    Destruction Reaver:
    WS A, A (H, L)
    If a move leaves you crouched (like the 2A or the better 2K) and 
    it leaves you at mid-range, don't hesitate to throw this out.
    Destruction Axe:
    WS A, B_[B] (H, M)
    If held down, this move is unblockable. I would use the 
    Destruction Reaver before I would use this because of its speed. 
    B Moves
    Dark Ripper:
    B, B (H, H)
    If an opponent hopes to close in on you with a horizontal attack, 
    smack him with one of these. This is as opposed to if your 
    opponent is merely trying to close in on you, which you should 
    smack them with 66A or other moves which we will discuss later 
    on. Also, if your opponent is in the air trying to pounce on you, 
    this is a perfect quick solution. 
    Dread Lancer:
    6B, B (H, M)
    This move is one of Spawn's primary mid-range pokes along with 
    66aB and other moves that will discussed later on. This move has 
    Great Range and deals decent damage, but its speed and recovery 
    are questionable.
    Lancer Kick:
    6B, K (H, L)
    This moves serves the same purpose as 6A, B, A. I prefer the 
    latter, personally, because of the damage, range, and slight 
    speed. This move has better recovery, although not by much. It's 
    not bad as a CH, but I prefer 6B, B and other moves over it in 
    that department.
    Night Stalker:
    66B/ 8wr6B (M)
    This move is great after a crumple or double over stun. It's a 
    great ground attack too. It works from a distance every once in a 
    while. It's not so great as much else. I prefer 8wr3_9B. 
    Jealous Rage:
    3B (M)
    This is your standard, bottom of the barrel, juggle starter. I 
    prefer other launchers to this.
    Hell Splitter:
    2B (M)
    It seems like they intended this to be a mid-range poke. It's a 
    pretty decent one. Remember kids: Follow it up with a good WS 
    move. When up close, stick to 2K. 
    Beast Killer: 
    1B (M, M, M)
    I wouldn't use this a whole lot. The recovery on it is lacking 
    and there are better attacks from midrange, but this move deals 
    great damage. 
    Malignant Tempest:
    4B, B (M, M)
    This is one of his few decent in-close moves. This is also a 
    great defense against attacks coming from the air. It looks 
    stylish too. "Get the hell out!"
    Malignant Cyclone:
    4B, A (M, L)
    This is better than the Malignant Tempest at what it does. It's 
    good to switch up between the two every once in a while when 
    you're in close. If your opponent blocks the first hit, then use 
    the Cyclone, if he doesn't, use the Cyclone or the Tempest. 
    Tormented Rage/ Tormented Rage~Levitation:
    44B_[B]/ 8wr4B_[B] (M)
    The recovery could be better, but this is a very useful move. 
    Where does is start from with Spawn? Did somebody say mid-range? 
    Did somebody say SCUB? Did somebody sayyyyy...McDonalds!
    Ravaged Armor:
    66bA/ 8wr6bA (M)
    This move acts like a mid-ranged 66A, but a little quicker. I 
    still prefer 66A because I feel it's a better counter.
    Malignant Reaver:
    8wr3_9B (M)
    As a straight up 8-way run move, 8wr3_9A, A is better. As a 
    straight up counter move, this move rocks. On a CH, this move 
    bounces your opponent into the air. That leaves many potential 
    follow-up opportunities.
    Necro Rage/ Necro Rage~Levitation:
    8wr2_8B_[B] (M)
    I'm not a big fan of this move as a step counter. The startup on 
    this move is pretty slow. When it's held, it's a guard breaker. 
    Mix in 8wr2_8A_[A] to throw them off ever once in a while. I 
    prefer this move over 8wr2_8A_[A] it breaks guard then Levitates. 
    Even if they step away from this move, the levitation will 
    effectively dodge a follow-up attack. It's a SCUB too. Follow up 
    the [B] with a LV A, it surprisingly works. 
    Grisly Rush:
    8wr1_7B, A (M, H)
    A Decent step move, but I like the one below a little better. 
    This has excellent RO potential though. It's an SCGB.
    Grisly Spiral/ Grisly Spiral~Levitation:
    8wr1_7B, B_[B] (M, H)
    I prefer this over the Grisly Rush. It Levitates! It knocks them 
    away pretty far when you hold the button down, so press K after 
    the Levitation. It's an SCGB too! It slices! It dices! It comes 
    with a free letter opener if you order within the next 5 minutes! 
    Night Rage/Night Rage~Levitation
    WS B_[B]
    Keyword: Levitation. After hitting a 2K, why not compliment it 
    with a [B] while you're standing up. It's a great WS move. Don't 
    abuse it though, mix it up with WS A, A. It works as a great 
    standard launcher too.
    K Moves
    Double Kick:
    6K, K (M, H)
    This move is used like you would a 6B, B, only up close. It lacks 
    the range of that move, but for what it loses in range, it adds 
    up for in speed and recovery. So mix em up like Jello and water.
    Devil Spiral/ Devil Spiral~Levitation: 
    66K, B_[B] (M, M, M)
    When used at Mid-range, with the opponent swinging low, it's a 
    thing of beauty. It works as a ground attack as well. Use, but 
    don't abuse, its recovery is pretty bad compared to the other 
    moves of it's kind.
    Double Devil Kick:
    66K, K (M, M, M)
    When your opponent is knocked down, you can use this move as a 
    ground attack. I prefer the above as a standing attack.
    Abject Terror:
    66K, 2K (M, L)
    This is good as a ground attack move, better than the Double 
    Devil Kick. If you can follow-up quickly enough with a WS move 
    (*ahem*[B]) this move can bring the hurt.
    Gut Wrench Kick:
    3K (M)
    This Spawn's a quick and dirty counter move. A lot of moves are 
    powerful counters, but when you need something quick and move 
    stopping, this can be your baby. I still prefer 3A though.
    Shadow Clipper:
    2K (L)
    This is a quick and dirty counter move too. It's even dirtier 
    than the gut wrench kick. Want to know why? It's a quick and 
    dirty counter that can be followed up with WS moves. The range on 
    it is damn good. This move kills 2 birds in one quick little 
    stone making it one of Spawn's essentials. 
    Triple Kick:
    1K, K, K (L, M, H)
    A Spawn in-close move that doesn't suck? Count me in! Use this 
    like you would use A, A or 4A, B, only up-close. If the third hit 
    connects, it will knock them down in front of you regardless of 
    whether or not the first two connected. 
    Face Crusher:
    4K (M)
    I like this move a lot. This move works as a counter move and 
    doubles as a 66A type knock-away move. Keep this move at a 
    distance though, unless you are following up a 2K with it.
    Dark Retribution:
    44K/ 8wr4K (H, H, H)
    From a safe distance, this move can catch a few people off guard. 
    It's a rushing mid-air move, so you have to be wary of sidesteps. 
    Don't use too often. 
    Avenger Sobat:
    9_8_7K, K/ 8wr1_7K, K (H, H)
    Spawn has better High attacks than this. It's surprisingly good 
    against jumping moves though. Just use the first kick instead of 
    the combo up close, use the second kick instead of the combo if 
    you're at a distance. The second kick has surprising range.
    Spinning Heel:
    8wr3_9K (M)
    This works as a decent countermove, but I like the move below 
    much more. It knocks them back a little bit. Both this, and the 
    move below hit mid and one can't really be disguised as the other 
    in a mix up, so use the move below.
    Force Kick:
    8wr2_8K (M)
    This move knocks them back pretty far, almost in 66A territory. 
    So mix this up with the 4K, the 66A and moves of their ilk to 
    keep them where you want them. I prefer this when they are in 
    closer than a good 4K or 66A opportunity would warrant. It has 
    serious RO potential too.
    Knee Kick:
    WS K (M)
    This is quick and painless as a WS move, but I still prefer the 
    WS A, A or the WS B_[B] because of opportunity. Use when you need 
    a quick hit.
    Your typical run of the mill front throw. It's deals run of the 
    mill damage, but there is a better way...
    Doorway to Hell:
    Read above
    Pillar of Death:
    From the Left side A+G_B+G
    If you end up on the left side, be it through stepping or 
    whatever, this is your throw.
    From the Right side A+G_B+G
    If you end up on the right side, be it through stepping or 
    whatever, this is your throw.
    Eighth Level of Hell:
    From Behind A+G_B+G
    This move, like most behind throws, does significantly more 
    damage than the aforementioned throws, so when you see the 
    opportunity to use it, use it.
    Angel of Death~Levitation:
    You read that right. It said the magic word, "Levitation". This 
    should be one of, if not your primary, throw. The range on it is 
    good for a throw, and you can be a pain with it by holding B or 
    hitting K when you are levitated. It RO's too!
    Imprisoning Tendrils:
    This move is different from the one above, but depending on your 
    mood it can be just as good. While it doesn't levitate, it does 
    bounce. So if you have a juggle in mind, use this, but if you 
    want to levitate, use the move above. Everybody wins (except for 
    your Opponent)!
    Levitation Moves
    I usually use a move to levitate as there are plenty to choose 
    from. If your opponent swings low or you don't have a move that 
    would be appropriate, then this is your way to touch the heavens. 
    It's a decent escape if your opponent has you in close range.
    Heaven and Hell:
    During Levitation A (H)
    This is a hell of an up-close counter move. If you are in the sky 
    and you see that your opponent is walking forward, then bust this 
    baby out. It's Beautiful after a missed sweep. Like all of his 
    levitation moves, this serves a purpose. Use, but don't abuse.
    Shadow Stalker Dive:
    During Levitation 2A (L)
    This doesn't have the range of Heaven and Hell, but if you're 
    opponent whiffs a high swing (which happens often if you are good 
    at levitating), this Dive will punish them. 
    Sigil of Hellspawn:
    During Levitation B_[B] (M)
    This is a move that has do not abuse written on the front of the 
    package, but it can be deadly in the right predicament. When 
    held, it can make a dangerous unblockable, especially after you 
    scored a good knockdown. If the knockdown is not so good, stick 
    with tapping B, but even then, holding B can be worth a shot.
    Retribution Overdrive:
    During Levitation K (M, M, M, M, M)
    Say you just nailed them with a levitation starter, and it knocks 
    them away. What's a Spawn user to do? Hit that magic K button and 
    chip into their knocked down ass, that's what! It works as a 
    decent distanced counter as well. Don't go throwing it out when 
    you should throw out a LV A or LV B though, or somebody is going 
    to make you pay.
    Levitation Necro Blast:
    A+B_[A]+[B] (M)
     Don't make this your primary levitation move, because there are 
    quite a few ways around it, but keep the option open at a 
    distance when it's held. Unblockables can be your friend. "Get a 
    load of this!"
    Demonic Realm:
    During Levitation B+K
    This is a launcher or a ground attack depending on the situation. 
    As a launcher, I would use other launchers before I would use 
    this. As a levitation surprise every once in a while when you see 
    the opportunity? It's worth a shot, as it can lead to a big 
    payoff. It has a much better recovery than 44B. Sneak it in 
    between uses of LV A or LV 2A and it's opportunity city.
    Strategy: Coming Soon
    Combos: Coming soon
    I would like to thank:
    Namco: For making such a phenomenal fighting game
    Gamefaq's: For being such a useful and informative site about 
    nearly every video game known to man.
    CjayC: For paving the way for all of us to write FAQs
    Billy Bong Thorton and his girl Mary Jane: Two friends who make 
    SC2 a little bit more fun and competitive than it would be if I 
    was my regular old self.

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