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    Unlisted Moves FAQ by RoyalFlush

    Version: 0.86 | Updated: 02/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Soul Calibur 2- For Playstaion 2, Xbox, GameCube, and arcade
    Unlisted Moves FAQ guide, Version 0.86
    By RoyalFlush (shishioh at 1up.com) (edval89@hotmail.com)
    Copyright 2004, Edward Valdez.
    *Table of Contents*
    -Unversal Hidden Moves
    -Characters' Unlisted Moves
    1. Mitsurugi
    2. Heihachi
    3. Necrid
    4. Taki
    5. Talim
    6. Cassandra
    7. Yunsung
    8. Rapheal
    9. Kilik
    10. Xianghua
    11. Maxi
    12. Yoshimitsu
    13. Nightmare
    14. Ivy
    15. Cervantes
    16. Sophitia
    17. Astaroth
    18. Voldo
    19. Seung Mina
    20. Lizardman
    21. Assassin
    22. Berserker
    -Legal Stuff, Acknowledgements, and Credits
    -Revision History
    This is the Unlisted Moves and SC enhancements FAQ guide.  This has been written
    for the people who want to know secret moves for certain characters. This FAQ
    contains attacks that aren't listed in the in-game move list. Although it's very
    brief, it contains just the necessary stuff that you need to know. If there are
    any errors or things I need to change, please e-mail me at address above.  I'd
    also like to hear some feedback or recommendations on what to add to my FAQ in
    the future. Enjoy!
    P.S. If I'm missing any information in this FAQ, please let me know as well!
    *Legend* (Can also be found at guardimpact.com)
    Direction notations (Character Facing right)
    7 8 9
    4 5 6
    1 2 3
    7= Up-back   8= Up     9= Up-forward
    4= Back      5=Neutral 6= Forward
    1= Down-back 2= Down   3= Down-forward
    Button Notations
    A= horizontal attack
    B= vertical attack
    K= kick
    G= guard
    General Notations
    FC= while Fully Crouched
    WS= While Standing from a crouch
    8WR= 8-Way-Run (hold or double-tap the direction)
    WL= While Landing from a jump
    [ ]=  hold command
    += Press at the same time
    _= either/or
    ( ) = optional input
    , = followed by
    GB= Guard Break
    GB-SC lvl.= Guard Break after a certain SC level
    GI= Guard Impact (performed by 6G or 4G)
    RC= Recovers Crouching
    BT= Back turned
    *= Delayed input
    SC= Soul Charge (performed by A+B+K [Level varies])
    AC= Air Control
    ~= immediately after
    xY= roll from button X to button Y(examples: bA, kB)
    NC= Natural Combo
    RCC= Recover Crouching Cancel
    G-cancel= Guard cancel (cancel by pressing G)
    SCUB= Soul Charge Unblockable
    := Just Frame timing
    iFC= Instant Full Crouch
    WJ= Wall Jump
    Hit Properties
    RO= Attack can Ring Out enemy
    CH= Counter Hit
    AT= Attack Throw (An attack that is modified into a throw on hit)
    GI-h= Attack will Guard Impact horizontal attacks
    GI-v= Attack will Guard Impact vertical attacks
    BT= Back Turned
    OB= Forces opponent's back to face you
    OS= Forces opponent's side to face you
    OSB= Forces opponent's side to face you when blocked
    FrCH= Forced crouch on hit
    FrC= Forced crouch on block
    c= CH modifier
    co= crouching opponent modifier
    cco= CH on crouching opponent modifier
    DOS= Double Over Stun
    CS= Crumple Stun
    THS= Toe Hop Stun
    FS= Fall Back Stun
    BN= Bounce Stun
    BS= Block Stun/Stagger
    uDOS= unbreakable Double Over Stun
    LS= Lift stun
    QS= Quake Stun
    SPS= Spin Stun
    TS= Thrust Stun
    CFS= Crumple Fall Stun
    HS= Hunch over Stun
    Hit Ranges
    l= hits low
    m= hits mid
    h= hits high
    L= Hits low and grounded opponents
    M= Hits mid and grounded opponents
    H= hits high and grounded opponents
    Sm= hits special mid
    UB-h= unblockable high
    UB-m= unblockable mid
    UB-M= unblockable mid that can hit grounded opponents
    UB-l= unblockable low
    UB-L= unblockable low that can hit grounded opponents
    -Buffer= The act of entering the command for a move during the
    of another move.
    -Wake-up= The art of pressuring a downed opponent
    -Mix-up= A simple series of attacks, which is designed to keep your
    opponent guessing.
    -Whiff= A failed or missed strike.
    -Tracking= A move's ability to stay locked on target.
    -Frames= Soul Calibur 2 runs at 60-frames a second. Frames express the
    speed of all of animations.
    -Counter Hit= Interrupting an enemy's attack with your own attack. CH's
    inflict more damage and produce added effects like knock-back ability
    -Natural Combo= A canned (or guaranteed) string that combos on normal
    counter hit. (Thanks to zigmover21 for definition)
    -Clean hit= When an attack hits at very close range.
    -Shallow hit= When an attack hits from mid to far range.
    -Post Guard Impact= An unsuccessful, missed GI.
    -Step= Performed by tapping 1_2_3_7_8_9 once. Sometimes it'll evade
    attacks if timed correctly. Afterwards, you should strike with a quick
    -Instant Full Crouch (iFC)= A special technique that'll allow you to
    access the FC mode by pressing 2G mainly during a G-cancel or right
    after you're attack has been GI'd.
    -You can only AC after any time you've been hit while in the air.
    -DOS: The stun that'll cause your enemy hunch over and then slowly fall
    to the ground. It has many good follow-ups, but there's one
    disadvantage. DOS's can be escaped by holding G and then inputting five
    directional inputs.
    -Soul Charge properties: Lvl 1 can GB certain attacks. Lvl 2 can GB
    certain attacks and will make all attacks more damaging. Lvl 3 can GB
    certain moves, SCUB very few moves, make all attacks more damaging, and
    cause all moves to CH.
    -After you GI your opponent, you have the advantage in attacking them
    first, but they can still reverse GI your attack. When you are the one
    being GI'ed, you cannot immediately block the incoming attack, but can
    still reverse GI.
    -8-Way-Run= There are two different ways to perform an 8WR. You can
    hold the direction you want to run or double-tap the direction. Both
    have the same animations, but holding it is better suited for the
    actual movement of running in the direction, while double-tapping will
    allow you to both run around faster and execute 8WR attacks much faster
    (which adds to the amount of combos you can do).
    -SCUB's cannot be blocked, but they can still be GI'ed.
    Universal Hidden Moves (for most characters)
    -WL A
    -WL B
    -WL K
    -Wall Jump A
    -Wall Jump B
    -Wall Jump K
    -BT A
    -BT B
    -BT K
    -BT FC A
    -BT FC B
    -BT FC K
    Every character has these hidden moves, but I might point out the unique ones
    for certain characters.
    Characters' Unlisted Moves and SC Enhancements
    Character's Name
    Unlisted Moves (possible side note)
    -Mist B6
    -Mist A,B6
    -HMD A,A:4A+B
    -Wall Jump A+B
    -SC lvl.2~ 8WR 2_8B,B
    -8WR 6B+K
    -(After successful GI) A+K
    -SC lvl.3~ 4B+K
    -SC lvl.1~ B2
    -SC lvl.1~ 7K,B
    -(back to wall) SC lvl.1~ 7[K]
    -(wall to side) Possession 22_88A
    -(wall to side) Possession 22_88B
    -(wall to side) Possession 22_88K
    -(facing wall) [A+B],B
    -(facing wall) [A+B],K
    (For the following attacks with 2_4_8_6, the secondary input determines what
    Talim's next movement (called Gale State), but only happens if the enemy does an
    attack after your attack. 4 is backwards leap; press B afterwards. 2_4 ends in
    the Wind Charmer 2. 6 ends in Wind Sault.)
    -Wind Charmer 2 A,A~2_4_6_8
    -4B~6 (next five attacks thanks to fachiki)
    -8WR 1_7[B]~2_4_6_8
    -8WR 2_8[B]~2_4_6_8
    -Wind Sault K, K...
    -(wall to side) Wind Charmer 1 [B+K]
    -(facing wall) Wind Sault [B+K] (Wind Sault must not hit enemy) (Thanks to
    -Land Walk A+B+K
    -8WR 3_9[B]
    -BT K:K
    -Crane 7_8_9A
    -Crane 7_8_9B
    -Crane 7_8_9K,B
    -FC 7_8_9K
    -SC lvl.1~ 214,5,B
    -Wall Jump K,K
    -Wall Jump B
    -Wall Jump A+B
    -8WR 8B,B+K
    -8WR 2_8A,B+K
    -(enemy does a high attack) 236 (automatic attack) (dedicated to Porcupine)
    -(back near wall) 236A+B,G
    -(back near wall) Down on the ground A+B,G
    -(back near wall) WS [K]
    -(back near wall) 7K
    -8WR 3_9B~G
    -Left Inner [B]
    -(after any attack that ends in any stance) [A+K] (must be buffered after stance
    entrance, optional movement afterwards)
    -(after successful 6[A+B], 6K+G, or Soul Charge) K+G (Claiming Soul Stance)
    -9B+K,4 (9B+K must hit)
    -bA (must hit on counter hit for modified attack)
    -3A (must successfully Guard Impact)
    -A,[A] (must hit on counter hit)
    -Serpent's Embrace 6B+K8 (must hit on counter hit) (thanks to ioriplanet)
    -A4B,B (additional B only works if A4B hits to the side or misses)
    -8WR 2_8A,B
    -(towards wall) Dread Charge B,B
    -SC lvl.3~ 7_8A+B,B (7_8A+B must hit)
    -(towards wall) SC lvl.3~ 7_8_9A+B,B,B (7_8A+B must hit)
    -WS 7_8_9K
    -A+B (Must successfully GI)
    -44A (Must hit on Counter Hit for additional slash)
    -(towards wall) 3A+B
    -(back to wall) Mantis Crawl Head Towards 4
    -(back to wall) Mantis Crawl Feet Towards 4
    Seung Mina
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Coming soon
    Legal Stuff, Acknowledgements, and Credits
    -Notable Websites-
    soulcalibur.com- You'll learn a lot from this website for just about any
    character so go there.
    guardimpact.com- This is still under heavy construction, but you can
    still find the complete Legend and movelists for most of the characters.
    sc.relaxism.com- This is a Soul Calibur video archive website. It has some great
    videos Soul Calibur 2 VS. videos.
    CJayC- Thanks for posting this FAQ on gamefaqs.com.
    ioriplanet- Thanks for providing information about Ivy's attack.
    Porcupine- Thanks for telling about that Raphael attack that neither of us knew
    about. I finally found it!
    TeTrIs- Thanks for reminding to put in Talim's wall run (even though you didn't
    know how to do it, but now you should).
    sonicteam2k1- Thanks for informing me about the one unlisted Talim wall attack.
    Namco- For creating this incredible game.
    All of the great people in the gamefaqs.com message boards.
    All of the great people of soulcalibur.com.
    And you for taking the time to read this my FAQ.
    Copyright 2004 Edward "RoyalFlush" Valdez
    Soul Calibur 2 is Copyright of Namco.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Any unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law.  This guide is exclusive
    to gamefaqs.com, 1up.com, neoseeker.com, and supercheats.com, and may not be
    publicly distributed.
    Revision History
    0.70: I tried to finish all that I could in just 2 hours. It's probably missing
    a lot of stuff... (8-10-04)
    0.71: I added new unlisted moves for Astaroth, Kilik, and Yunsung. I can't work
    on Assassin, Lizardman, or Berserker's information yet. I'll do it when I have
    more extra time available. (8-15-04)
    0.72: Added a Maxi unlisted move. (8-17-04)
    0.73: Added several Talim, Maxi, and Nightmare attacks. (8-21-04)
    0.74: Made corrections for Astaroth, Kilik, and Yunsung attacks that I added
    last week. (8-22-04)
    0.75: Added two Cervy attacks that I did know about to begin with, but I over-
    looked them when I first put this FAQ up. (8-23-04)
    0.76: Added several Yunsung attacks. (8-25-04)
    0.77: Added five Yoshimitsu attacks (most notably 6B+K,B,B,[B]). (8-29-04)
    0.78: Added a Taki attack. (9-9-04)
    0.80: Added Maxi's iPSL stuff and the one Raphael attack that Porcupine asked
    for several months ago. (9-17-04)
    0.81: Added a Talim G-cancel. (10-2-04)
    0.82: Added Talim's wall run (forgot to put it in first time around- sorry).
    Special thanks to TeTrIs for bringing that up. (10-12-04)
    0.83: Added an unlisted attack for Talim. Special thanks to sonicteam2k1 for
    telling me about it. (12-4-04)
    0.84: Added the two unlisted attacks that sonicteam2k1 was actually referring
    to. Thanks again. (12-8-04)
    0.86: Added several unlisted attacks for Talim. Brought to you by fachiki by e-
    mail. (2-3-05)
    For 0.99, I must finish Lizardman, Assassin, and Berserker's information.
    "The sooner you fetch me a forklift, the sooner I may lift a fork to my lips."
    "Don't get eliminated!"
    Also check out my Mitsurugi FAQ and Soul Charge Enhancements FAQ!

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