ArtistCraig Collins
ArtistColin McGuire
ArtistJonathon Murphy
ArtistDale Thomson
Designer/ProducerSteve Pritchard
Lead ArtistEdward Chaplin
Lead ProgrammerDamian Hibbard
ProgrammerMark McCormack
ProgrammerSam Parsons
ProgrammerJames Sutherland
ProgrammerDavid Tetlow
Sound EffectsAndy Deiy
Sound EffectsDarren Lambourne
Sound EffectsStephen Lord
Studio ManagerFeargus Carroll
Studio ManagerDavid Nicholson
Support ProgrammerChris Bayliss
Support ProgrammerDarren Griffiths
Support ProgrammerMark Pope
Support ProgrammerGraham Stone


Data and credits for this game contributed by Pierced Sol and Chiii0ut.

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