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"An Overrated Game That Did Not Satisfy Fans Waiting For Halo 2"

Brute Force is the game everybody bought to quell their excitement about the release of Halo 2 and many a game store clerk everywhere hawked this game as a suitable in between release game that was just as good as the Halo series. It is bad to have to compare this game to Halo because as it is, Brute Force is a sci-fi game and the only sci-fi game to come out between that time that bore any meaning to Halo fans. In fact Brute Force is not a first person shooter, it is another one of those great squad-based games featuring four unique characters with special weapons and abilities that made for some excellent cooperative play. What bites this game is that it is short, has little to no plot, and was marketed as an overrated game next in line with Halo.


Science fiction, and subsequently science fiction games, are only as good as the depth they are given in a plot. For Brute Force all you really get is a concept for a good sci-fi game. The basis of the game is that you have been cloned from a recently deceased mercenary from outer space and short video clips will show the original mercenary running into his or her demise. After being cloned you are to work with this organization to put down some unruly villains in different worlds and the whole point is that you will not have to worry about running out of lives in this game.

Game Play

Games like Brute Force are best played with friends or you just do not get the entire experience of the game. For me it was playing with my friends and enduring a few nights of raucous splitscreen parties and trying to determine between the four of us just what Brutus says during the in-game combat. All of the players have some kind of special ability to make the game easier to play-you do not need any particular person to use an ability to complete an objective-and they carry a special weapon like a heavy machine gun or sniper rifle. If you play single player you only play as one person and cannot have allies with you, if I remember right. However if you play on a coop you can use all four after unlocking them. The few short missions in the game culminate in linear battles against opposing enemies with guns and other crazy weapons and abilities and the game is very short if you play it cooperatively. Dying on single player is much different than cooperative if you have somebody hanging back to keep you from having to start a mission over again.


The graphics are fine for a third person game, but they are clearly not anything compared to Halo. The music is not so memorable and the dialogue can be debated. My friend is of the very opinion that Brutus says "My hemorrhoids are falling out" when he is taking hits.

Replay Value

I never found a reason to play this game over Xbox Live basically because this game does not feature any online play. The missions are short and the game play is not as good as a few months of development could have made it.

Final Recommendation 6/10

Brute Force suffers where it tries to be successful. In tactical third person games it is essential to have characters that are essential to completing the objectives of the game. Without the need to really use any of these special abilities of the four characters the game lacks in a lot of ways. The missions are short, the plot is shallow, and this was nothing but an overrated game. I would not suggest getting this game although it is okay if you still play cooperative games on a splitscreen. Beyond that this was a much over-hyped game that really did not produce what it could have.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/25/08

Game Release: Brute Force (US, 05/27/03)

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