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"Does it live up to the hype? Sort of"

I\'ve been waiting for this game about a year now and finally today I got it! Here\'s what I thought:

Gameplay: Before I say anything I\'ll say this, Brute Force is an ACTION tactical shooter it always was listed as that and thats what it is so don\'t expect a game like Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six *cough*IGN*cough*. The first thing you\'ll notice is the controls are exactly like the ones in Halo except the sensitivity for the right analog which is heavier in Brute Force. You get four members in your team (you start off with only Tex) and each of them has a special ability. Tex can hold two weapons at once, Brutus can charge at enemies and kill them instantly, Flint gets advanced targeting, and Hawk could turn invisible. To do a special ability you press the white button. To switch characters you press the direction on the directional pad that is dedicated to that character. Some people say the gameplay is too much like Halo but in my opinion only the controls are like Halo everything else is unique and that\'s what makes this game shine. 9.5/10

Graphics: This is one of the best looking game I have ever seen! The cut-scenes look so real at times that it seems like I\'m watching a movie. The shadows in the game look great but unlike Splinter Cell the developers don\'t build the whole game around the shadows until it gets boring. The explosions in the game also look great, I could go on and on about how great the game looks. The levels in the game look wicked and are all unique, the guns also look great but some of them look the same. Overall the graphics are great and the best in game graphics the Xbox has offered... so far. 9.5/10

Story: The main character is Tex and he meets up with 3 other characters to form the 23rd Special Forces Unit called the Brute Force. The confederation needs you guys to take down a whole race of predators. To make a long story brief this game has a book based on it so the story must be great! 9/10

Replay Value: Well once your done this game on all the difficulties don\'t think that it\'s over because this game features Xbox Live Downloadable Content. So there will never be a time when your bored with this game unless you don\'t have Xbox Live. And when all the downloadable content is out and you beat the downloadable levels... IT STILL ISN\'T OVER! Now find some friends and see how good you really are in Deathmatch or play with them in Co-op. This game will last you for at least 2 years but I\'m sure even after that you\'ll be begging for more. 8/10

Buy/Rent: Brute Force has a great single player mode, tons of multiplayer options, and downloadable content the only thing missing is multiplayer on Xbox Live but that is well covered by XBconnect support which make this game a must buy for any Xbox owner. This is the only game to actually challenge Halo since it was made and in some ways Brute Force is better. In my opinion everyone should have pre-ordered this game because if you did you would have got a Halo companion DVD kit with the game for free but even if you didn\'t pre-order it go buy the game now because it\'s worth it if your looking for a distraction from Halo. Buy

Overall: Everyone\'s been wondering if this game could challenge Halo as the best Xbox game and in my opinion Brute Force beats Halo in some ways but overall Halo is still a better game by far. Digital Anvil did a great job with this game now I\'m just waiting for a sequel with lots of improvments :D: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 08/06/03

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