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"Is it good? Nope. It's one of a kind."

Year 1 Xbox had halo an amazing game for its time and thats what most critics seem to compare brute force to since it had some similar things.

Well don't even spend a dime on paying for reviews at places like IGN and Gamespot because they couldn't be filling u more full of crap.

Brute Force just doesn't even compare to halo, it's not even in the same's beyond it, in a completely seperate catergory all on its own.

To call it the game of 2003 would be an understatement, this game is really surprising from the first play through to the eleventh, and to the hundredth and after.

What's so surprising 'bout it? Well Brute Force is unlike any other squad based game out there. You actually find that tactics and squad based strategy are finally rewarded in a game, unlike halo.

Everything you do in Brute Force has options and choices, and unlike what others have said, according to how you make those choices is how much better this game will become.

For instance you see a base swarmed with enemies from different races of the galaxy and they all got guns drawn and ready to shoot you and your squad. Instead of just rushing in you take Hawk to the back side of the base and position her for a target assault. You pick off the main gunner, the point man, the guy who is operating the turrets and then switch to Flint to go inside the base. All the while your cash is piling up and you're getting new upgrades without even knowing it. Rather than just rush in you have Tex come in from the side and kill the guards, then get inside and takeover the right hand side of the base and get ready to get the special weopon.

But instead of having Flint take it, you have Hawk take it and pick off the inside resistance before Tex even gets there. All the while your team is getting rewarded with new bonuses, better equipment, and in the later levels new areas to explore.

This is the Brute Force experience. This is how it's meant to be played and this is how every gamer should be enjoying it. Forget about rushing through the levels, because once you unlock the other different scenarios on Brutal that will get you nowhere even with the best gun in the game. Use tactics, use strategy and use your squad to stay alive and on top of things. That's where this game goes beyond being just another third person shooter and into the league of real greatness, beyond that of any game to date. Even halo.

Judge this game on its own merits and you have the best game on Xbox to date to play through and in co op on system link, it's one of the best experiences ever. Try to compare it to other FPS games and you have nothing but a good run of the mill shooter. That's the point, this is one of best tactical games ever made to date for multiplayer.

Graphics: 10/10. Some people have really bad eyesight or just can't judge a game right in the multiplayer modes. There's virtually NO slowdown or framerate drops and everything especially in the new areas looks amazing and lifelike. It looks far beyond what you would expect from a third person shooter. The inside of the environments looks even more creepy and at times will make you jump. But its graphics look amazingly sharp and lush compared to the shiny feel of the game Halo.

Gameplay: 10/10. This is where Brute Force wins and every other third person shooter loses. Tactics/Strategy is rewarded in full and the way you place and command your troops is what will make the game an unforgettable experience. Trying to compare anything of the gameplay to an FPS or other game is stupid and will take away from the greatness of the title. Everything you do in the game can make or break what happens with your squad later on especially in the higher difficulties like Brutal. Take away the tactics/strategy then all u have is a third person Halo which on its own is good, but not as great as it can be.

Story: 9/10. The story is lacking a bit on the side unless you've read the book. You're apart of Brute Force a squad deployed by the Confederation to take on the army of Super Mutant leagues which is now trying to officially clone an army of soldiers to take over. It's about as epic as Halo, but if you play games for a story you shouldn't be playing games anymore.

Multiplayer: 10/10. I give it an 11/10 because of the amazing strategy tactics that can be used. There is nothing in the world or else like it when you have 3-4 players on one mission in the Brutal difficulty, and have one man stand down as point sniper and the other 2 come in from the sides and take over the base by using grenades and stealth tactics. There's nothing more amazing than being apart of a real team, and consistently unlocking new missions and scenarios to play in and against the unbelievable A.I which makes no experience compare. On system link, Brute Force earns its reputation as the official Halo killer, the multiplayer experience is unsurpassable by current games. If the sequel is on Xbox Live then it's going to get even better using those tactics and strategies in worldwide tournaments, because they have done it where it counts.

Replay Value: 10/10. I don't compare anything even Halo to this, because you can basically make every single mission a different experience and how you use your tactics will get you the better weopons, the better bonuses and the secrets for your characters that just running through the game will never do. Everything is rewarded by how good you play, and there is no game out there like it. On co-op with 4 people this is demonstrated to the last degree.

Conclusion: It's everything some said it would be and more, and it takes you deciding to play with your full squad of people in order to make that experience as great as it is. It's worth $50 and no professionals can tell anyone otherwise. Everything in the replay value and multiplayer is done well, and plus there is downloadable content coming next week. If you haven't already pick up Brute Force, and help a friend or 2 get another Xbox to join the league of squads on system link that are going to be plugging the night away for hours deciding how to deploy their teams. At least until someone finally releases brute force 2....which could be a ways away.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 05/28/03

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