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"Hardly ground-breaking, but a solid play."

Now, before you start flaming me, let me explain. I'm going to go about this in a reasonably intelligent manner. Now, to those people calling this the ''Halo-Killer'' or ''The Next Halo'', screw you. This game is fun, but it's in a completely different vein than Halo is. Halo was a revolutionary EXPERIENCE, this is just a good game. I will look back on Halo and say that it was a classic, a treasure. I will look back on Brute Force and say, ''that was a good game. I wonder whatever happened to my copy of Halo''. Now, before I turn this into a big comparison review, let me say this: Halo had the ground-breaking elements(Music, Gameplay, Story, Multiplayer) that Brute Force just doesn't deliver. That having been said, this game is extremely fun.

The first few levels, where the game has you rounding up your crew, just don't belong in the game. They are tutorials, sure, but a squad-based game should start you in the squad. The 4-player co-op is wicked, but you'll sing a different tune when your idiot friends waste all your money on their idiot deaths. The music doesn't stand out, just sort of there. The deathmatches are fun and exciting, and the DNA canisters are an interesting twist(see my FAQ for more info).

However, the cap of 8 players, the lack of online play, and the general repetitiveness of both the soundtrack and the environment lead to a lackluster finish. It's good, it might even be great. But it's not polished.

Because I feel it is important for someone to get to know the reviewer, and the circumstances revolving around their experience, I'll tell you about my day. It started out, I woke up at 11, and was going to go to a small LAN Halo with my friends. My ride bailed, however, so I got a ride(from someone else) to my local GameStop, where I had preordered Brute Force. Now, I go home, and I play through a few levels in single player. I had a generally good time, and I had nothing else to do, as I had finished ''Enter The Matrix''. My brother came home, and I decided to play a few rounds of deathmatch. I owned him, but I got to see the wonderful levels available for Multiplayer action. Then, one of my friends decides it's time to come over, and we play some 3-player co-op. Eventually, my younger brother joins in, and we got us a regular Hoe-down! Of course, they wasted all my money dying, and I annoyed the crap outta them with my obsessive need to make them collect the DNA canisters. Eventually, he went home, I finished up lvl 6 or 7, and I sat down to write the review. Maybe someday I'll look back on the review and laugh, thinking of how little replay value this game had, and how un-LANworthy it was. Then again, maybe I'll call it a classic, and scold myself for only giving it an eight. Most likely, though, I'll just sit back and enjoy it, then move it aside as other games take it's place.

Once again, that's an 8:Great game, but not a classic!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/28/03, Updated 05/28/03

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