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"Brute Force has not fallen to the hype."

Brute Force is Microsoft Game Studios big title of this summer. The game has four characters with each having their own special abilities. You will find many good things with this game. Some of these will be discussed in detail later on.

The game is being compared to Halo. It does not fall short of the expectations. You will find one of the best games on Xbox with Brute Force. It has the graphics, sound, and cg to back it up. Some areas can't be compared to Halo though. These areas are the type of gameplay and view. Brute Force is a 3rd person game with a squad based feel to it. It has more in common with Rainbow Six.

Everything is finely tuned and in working condition. You will even find system link play. You can play with up to 7 other people. Being a system link title has its perks. You will find awesome multi play and maybe even online gaming someday!

Gameplay - 9.5
The gameplay of Brute Force is near perfect. You will find awesome AI opponents. Many abilities will be available for the player. You will great physics, engines, etc. in this game. The characters' have awesome movements and abilities. These abilities and add-ons all work great. You will find your character can jump, bend while walking, sit, and even run. Brutus is awesome while playing the game. He can move really quickly and also do awesome special moves. All of the characters have their own special abilities and these work into the gameplay.

The characters abilities are all varied. You will find that they come into play at different times of the game. These help the game to achieve an even higher value. It is awesome to see the abilities in action. Characters can use their weapons correctly. You will find it very easy to pick up the controls and learn. Also the shots are always on contact. AI is very smart and does a good job of trying to defeat you.

Sound - 9
The sound in the game is near perfection. Brute Force supports the ability to use surround sound. This will make the game even more immersive than it is. The sounds and music are both great. They go good with the action of the game. Especially the sounds, they make you feel like you are part of the game. The characters will say things during the game, which sometimes are funny. This makes the game go by at a good pace and even causes laughter. The only gripe with this is the some weapon sounds are not realistic.

Graphics - 9.7
These graphics are mighty pretty. You will find some awesome effects, and various textures. The enemy art direction is perfect. The graphical environments are all varied and go great in the game. You will find great looking character animations. This helps the game to flow together. I found this area of the game to be top notch.

CG art is what really makes the graphics great. The other areas are all good but these are beautiful. I can only describe them as better than Final Fantasy. They are that good!

Replay, Value, Longness - 10
This game has awesome replay. You could play this game over and over again. The levels were designed so good. You can also have a multiplayer death match. The maps and everything are perfect. I did not find a bot option so that takes away from the single player fun. It would have been a great thing to play against AI controlled bots.

The game will last you a long time. Not just in replay but to beat the game. The levels are very challenging and long. AI is pretty good in this game. Play the game on Brutal, which is the hardest difficulty. This will let you really experience the game. Halo veterans will find this difficulty to be fairly easy though.

Overall - 9.6 (Rounds to 10)
The game is a perfect add on to any users of the Xbox. You will find awesome enemies, ideas, and levels in this game. The game will last you quite a while, especially if you have a friend. You can play by yourself, with a friend, or with many friends. The options are all great. Everything flows together well and you will find awesome in-between mission briefings.

Users around the world should add this to their collection today!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/29/03, Updated 05/29/03

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