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"Better Multiplayer than Halo? You bet!"

Ok, so this review will contain some gushing, because this game is -that- good. Why? Purely multiplayer. Without the mutliplayer options this game has, it would look like Halo on crutches and tranquilizers.

Sound - 5
I give the sound a five, because it just doesn't really stick out, to me. Its not really bad, or really great, but it does suit the game well.

Graphics -9
The visual detail in this game is really, well, purty. IN game, when zooming up with a scoped rifle, someone's face actually looks like a face. The environments are very well rendered, and do not look repetitive (something I did dislike about parts in Halo)

Single Player - 8
Its pretty interesting to control the entire brute force squad alone, and the quick commands to do it on the controller are fairly straightforward. The AI of your allies is surprisingly cunning, and unlike the marines in Halo, they will rarely die if you leave them to their own devices - in fact, they will usually help you. Each of the four members has their own special abilities and strengths and weaknesses, and are very distinct on every level, even personality wise. That, coupled with the fact that yuo can swap between the characters and there will be more single player missions released over XBL, makes me give this game an 8 here.

Multiplayer - 10
This has got to be, without a single doubt in my mind, the best multiplayer game, ever. The co-op alone is incredible and flexible. Not only can you do 4 player co-op, split screen on one tv, you can use a system link to split the players up onto as many as 1 per TV, or 2 on 2 TV's. Gameplay-wise, the multiplayer requires cooperation, and the understanding that not everyone can be Duke Nukem - the seperate characters have their own strengths and weaknesses, and are all useful. Having played this game in campaign with 2-4 people for much of the last 8 hours I have owned it, I can say that the multiplayer really feels like co-op as well. For example, all team mates share the same inventory, and it costs money to re-spawn your deceased team mates - so staying alive is a good thing. Like Halo, each player can only carry two weapons at a time - and unlike Halo, they can't be a rocket launcher and a rifle for everyone- some characters can only carry one rifle weapon and a side-arm, such as Flint, the sniper, whereas Tex, the heavy hitter, can indeed walk around with a chaingun in each hand.
As a side note, I'm not going to review the Deathmatch aspects of multiplayer, due to my not having had enough play time to do so.

Story - 8
I like this game's story, because it doesn't seem far-fetched. The story spans out over several missions, and is best accompanied the paperback book prequel with it. Additionally, the characters in the game seem distinct and separate from each other, albeit a bit stereotypical at times.

Controls - 9
This game definitely has solid controls, due to the fact that they are halo derived, if not copied. While BF is a 3rd person shooter, most of halo's controls are the same within it, with the exception of no melee attack, replaced by an inventory selection button that you hold down and then use the joystick to select. The controls are a little disorienting at first, but fairly easy to pick up quickly.

Replayability - 10
This game could keep anyone that liked Halo that has friends who can come over and play occupied, perhaps indefinitely due to the XBL support of Downloadable content. Even without the live content, I would still give the replayability a 10 because there is just so much you can do in this game, and you can actually unlock the option to play as just about every character in the game in DM mode via finding items in Campaign mode.

Well, thats my review, and to summarize, I would try before you buy, unless you are a co-op nutcase like myself. If you are, grab 50$ from the nearest helpless old lady and get yourself this wonder -immediately-. At the very least, give it a rent, even if you (for some weird reason) hated Halo.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/29/03, Updated 05/29/03

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