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"A VERY solid addition for the action genre."

Brute Force is an extremely good game. Many have speculated this to be the ''Halo-Killer'' which it is not, as they try to do separate things and take a different approach to the action. Brute Force, when looked at on its own proves to be an immensely solid game packed with lots of fun, running-and-gunning, and all around enjoyable game play that you'll be sure to look back on fondly. I know I will.

Game play: 9

From the very first mission you’ll be blasting away at countless enemies. They stick with this formula throughout the game and it works amazingly well. Brute Force is simply fun to play; it combines easy to master controls with fun and memorable characters. Amazingly, the designers did an excellent job in making your team – they are all individuals possessing unique skills and use different approaches to each situation. Some gripes however; you don’t actually need to use all your character’s individual skills, you may simply choose to blast through it all, though it won’t always be the easiest way to do things you can and the game encourages you to use each characters strengths, your not required too, also, “Hawk,” your scout/assassin doesn’t do much to prove her usefulness and feels like a toned down and altered “Flint” (your sniper) with some different abilities which don’t add much (her stealth skill lasts too short a time to really make much use out of it, she feels like a “sniper-lite”) and she’s very weak overall. However, no matter how you choose to tackle the game, with each character’s skills or guns-a-blazing you’ll be having a joy ride. It is also a very long game, lasting much longer than most, if not all action games which is a nice bonus. They managed to give this game some very intuitive controls that make managing your elite squad easily.

Graphics: 8.5

The graphics in this game are very good; I feel they do a good job expressing the graphic capabilities of the ‘Box. They may not have that ‘polished’ look of perfection that Halo flaunts and forces all others to live up too but they look amazing and convey the environment your in perfectly. Your squad has fluid animations and look good, as do a vast majority of your (large) weapon arsenal. Enemy animations are also very solid, though not as good as your squads. All in all – beautiful!

Sound: 7.5

The get the point across, weapons are loud and sound like a weapon, so do most sounds accurately portray what they are supposed to but none stand out. However, the voice acting is quite good with the exception of the clichéd “Brutus,” an alien on your squad. I can honestly say I haven’t even noticed the background music, whether that is good or bad I leave to you to decide….

Multiplayer: 8

They could have added Live play, but alas, they didn’t. They do take a novel approach to multiplayer though with you controlling your squad with teams having a set number of lives in an “elimination”-type fashion, so when a team member dies he won’t respawn until the whole team has been eliminate. It also costs money for when you do respawn at the end of a match; you gain this through killing the enemy team. Overall it’s quite fun and I thoroughly enjoy and – it’s a hit when you get a system link game going for 4 on 4 action. You can unlock different characters for the multiplayer by collection DNA canisters throughout the campaign mode.

Lasting Ability: 8

The single player campaign itself I feel deserves being run through at least twice to experience the run-and-gun approach and the tactical approach at least once as they are different experiences. The multiplayer is also very fun that I’m sure people will want to come back to and play with their friends over and over again.

Overall: 8.8 (not an average)

Hype is the killer of games. This game was hyped beyond what many developers could reasonably deliver and most new ‘Shooters’ are dubbed the next “Halo-killer.” Halo is, no doubt, the pinnacle of X-Box FPS at the moment but it is by no means revolutionary and neither is Brute Force, they are both excellent games that deserve a try and I feel that in Brute Force’s case you will be very pleased with what you get. A definite buy for all whom like this genre of gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/30/03, Updated 05/30/03

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