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"Another Kick-Ass Shoot em to death game!"

This game is another kick-ass Shoot em to death game! as you can tell by the synopsis. I knew the second i heard about this game that it would be awesome, i love it. Let me explain to you in depth as to why i love it.

First off, no matter what anybody says.. it is NOT better then HALO, in my opinion, there isn't a game out there better then halo right now.

Second, i am always semi-biased towards First Person Shooters, because i can't get enough out of shooting people like crazy.

Okay, the controls, i give them a 10. In a first person shooter you would have to go out of your way to make bad controls, but they knew what they were doing with this game. The made the controls very simple and easy to use for anybody who plays First person shooters all the time. The controls are easy to use after 2nd level.

Graphics, what can i say, 9, even halo doesn't have perfect graphics, what i dont like is if you get in a corner, it will adjust your view automatically, and make you semi-clear so you can see through yourself, i think it would be alot better without the isometric view, and instead looking through the eyes

Sound, the sound of yourself breathing hard when using a sniper rifle, your feet as you move, the explosion of your gun, and the splat of a dead soldier. What more can you ask for in sound? The music.. well, i never pay too much attention to that, i usually forget that its there!

Storyline, 10/10, you are a super-soldier, you die over and over again, and they recover your memory chip, and implant it into a clone of yourself. So basically.. you never really die! Interesting as that is, you are a person who thinks for himself, but, you are just a tool of the military force. You can control a squad of people, including people who are just normal soldiers sent to help you. You also, with the four main characters have special abilities, like invisibility, auto-aim sniping, holding two guns, and regenerative health. The controls are easy to use after 2nd level.


I give this game a 10/10, its fantastic, totally worth the 50 i paid for it, its got great multiplayer and co-op options for when your friends are over, and an intriguing single player for when you are alone, with different difficulties.

Great graphics, Great storyline, Big guns for massacring enemies, and easy controls= Another good game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/30/03, Updated 05/30/03

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