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"This was suppost to be a halo killer?"

First off I do not know were the idea that this should be a halo killer came from. The only thing I have seen that is similar are the control schemes, which gives you something familiar and that is proven to work effectively in a console shooter. Other than that the game is almost totally different, being a third person shooter and all.

Graphics (10/10)
The shock and awe factor of this game is amazing. When you watch some of the cut scenes it is simply breathtaking. The screen has great detail, and no stuttering during the videos that I have seen so far. In game however is slightly less impressive than the cut scenes. This is because in the game the camera is pulled out from the action so you can get a better visualization on the action going on around you. In game I still have yet to experience any slow down which is always a good thing. Digital Anvil has decided to use the ''rag-doll'' effects. These are when you blow up your most hated enemy they will go flying, and flailing through the air. In multiplayer I have heard reports of slow down but I have yet to experience any but that could be a possible flaw.

Gameplay (9/10)
In brute force the developers decide to put in three difficulties. Currently iam playing through the first difficulty, and it is still surprisingly difficult, so if you plan on beating it on all three difficulties the game will defiantly challenge you. The controls are the same as halo's except now the D-pad is introduced to toggle between your squad, and give them orders. This works very smooth, and a smooth transition will transferring to a different character. The enemies also show off their intelligence whether it is diving for cover from a grenade, or taking cover behind a rock while Tex is unloading his favourite gun on them. One nice thing about this game is you can play Co-op on the fly. You could be half way through a level when some of your friends decide to stop by so no worries just have them hit start and they are joining you in some brute force. But about 10 minutes in you realize they are really holding you down so you can just have them leave and have the computer resume controlling your team members. Also each character has unique special attacks that add a big help in certain situations. Also each character has some guns they cannot use or prefer to use, along with each character having variations of health. Making each character rather unique. Even if they are running low on health they will automatically use on of the med kits to heal them but they will always save one for you. In all the gameplay seems really good, and at points forces you to use the team and not make it a solo effort.

Sound (9/10)

If you have Dolby digital 5.1 you will love this game. In levels like the jungle you will hear animal noises all around you adding greatly to the atmosphere. You will also hear your teamates trailing you or the unseen enemy that is all of a sudden unloading his clip into your unsuspecting backside. Also for the most part all the guns have a nice sound to them showing off their power, but with that said there are some guns (plasma ones that I have seen so far) just sound a little weak.

Lasting Appeal (9/10)

Digital anvil has done many things to add to the replay of this game, and those include:
Downloadable Content
3 difficulties
Deathmatch multiplayer
Squad death match multiplayer
Co-op in single player
Unlock able characters for multiplayer
With the deathmatches you can see who the best gunner is by playing some deathmatch, or see who the best squad leader is by playing squad deathmatch. Together these aspects and more make this game one you will be playing for a long time.

Closing Comments

As I always say if you are unsure of buying this game rent it first. Everyone has their own tastes and no one wants to be left with a 50$ paper weight. But I can strongly recommended this game as one of the top three shooters I have played for the xbox.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/30/03, Updated 05/30/03

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