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Reviewed: 05/30/03 | Updated: 05/30/03

Brute Force: Not Halo, Not Rainbow 6, But a well done mix of the two

Brute Force is a fun game. Anyone, in my opinion, who has played it the right way, with the tactics, the teams, and the harder difficulties will say that. No, it is not Halo. Just because Halo and Brute Force share the same controls, a similar radar, and similar code, does not make them comparable.

Graphics (9.5/10): Graphics are gorgeous. The grasses, the trees, the cliffs, all beautifully laid out. The grass doesn't sway much, or even at all, but it actually does provide cover. The enemies, from Outcasts to Mutants, are stunning. The graphics are a major strong point in the game.

Sound (6/10): Bleccchh. I would turn on my stereo, but I need to hear the voices of the characters, the only saving grace of the sound category.

Gameplay (7.8/10)- The specials are very good, but only for three of the four characters. Hawk's invisibility... Priceless for survival. Brutus' cool little infrared thing... Very helpful. Sometimes I only use Brutus in a mission to locate enemies. Flint's advanced targeting... Not as good as the other two, as I don't really need auto-targeting, but still, a great add on to the game. Tex's two gun attack thingie... No. I carry an explosive weapon with Tex on one slot as much as possible, and I don't find it efficient to waste rockets/grenades like that. Maybe I'm just a little biased against sledgehammers like Tex and Brutus, and making a monster even more monstrous just doesn't appeal to me. Team commands never really respond to what I like to do, and my teamates are unruly many times. Almost too much has one of Flint's sniping escapades gone awry when Tex came in guns ablazin'. The AI on enemies is plain bad. When it takes five seconds for a mobile reptile toturn around to see the other lizard shooting him in the back, you know you have a problem. The good thing about enemy AI is that they movelike a real army team when aroused. Flanking, rear attacks, feints, full on assaults, all of them are well orchestrated. The guns are good, except that all of them have clones in the three categories, pistol, rifle and heavy. Seriously, what's the difference in the Confed. Lazer23 as compared to the Confed. Lazer50, except for the fact that Hawk can only use one of them, while Tex can use both. That put aside, the guns are rather good, with no real sucky ones like in other games.

Story (6/10): I've read the book, and that helped a lot. There isn't much story from level to level, and the story that there is isn't brought out much. The story is strongest at the start, when you still have to get your team. At least then you have a reason to play the mission. Then the levels are just linear, one after another, kill all the enemies, don't lose too much money, levels. Speaking of money, what's the point? You get money for everything, and it's very hard to run out of it, even if you are a run and gunner that dies a lot. There is no lack of chapters, or levels within the mission, even there aren't a million levels.

Replayability (8/10): I wouldn't ever replay the whole game again, but many times I replay levels, trying to stay as one character the whole time. I don't think the multiplayer is that great, but I also have not played on XBConnect yet. I'm hoping for the best.

Rent/Buy (Rent then Buy): I think that it is a dubious choice to buy something right away, without trying it first. Anyways, it really isn't a good idea to buy this game right off, because of the possible pitfalls of the game's story.

Overall (8/10) Fun game, worth it to me, and to some others, but probably not to the Halo fanboys or people that compare Halo and Brute Force.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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