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Reviewed: 06/01/03 | Updated: 06/01/03

Brute Force is perhaps one of the best 3rd Person Shooters to ever be released.....

Gameplay- 8/10

One of my gripes is the fact that people compare this game to Halo. Sure, this game has a couple of the distinct things Halo has, such as the distinctive, white contrail that the projectile of the Sniper Rifle left as it traveled through the air....or the fact that the Controls are almost identical to Halo's, or maybe the fact that some of Bungie's greatest minds lent themselves to the development of Brute Force, but one thing is sure: This game is simply the best Squad-Based 3rd Person Shooter that I have played in a long time. The best thing is that the Controls are exactly like Halo's, with a few tiny exceptions. The White Button is used to Activate your current Squad-members Special Ability, which vary from Character to Character.....take for example Flint, the squads Sniper; her optical eye implants allow her to almost instantly lock-on to a targets head, and fire a fatal shot, or Hawk, the squads Scout....she can turn invisible...(think Metal Gear Solid 2 Stealth Camo, minus the green tint)..while invisible, she can use her Powerblade to slice an enemy in half. On to other issues, the Commands to give to the Squad are utilized by holding the D-Pad towards a Squadmates corresponding direction; Up for Tex, Down for Brutus, Left for Hawk, and Right for Flint. You then press the (Y) button to tell them to Hold Their Positions, the (X) button to tell them to move to a selected point, in which a marker comes onscreen, which you can move.....after selecting te point you want them to move to, press the (A) button to confirm it...You press the (A) button to tell them to Cover you, in which they will fire only if fired upon, and finally, the (B) button, which tells them to Fire At Will, which they go all-out crazy, and plow through the opposition as if it were nothing. All in all the Controls, and everything else are nicely done, and the fact that I gave this game an 8 out of 10, is because the Singleplayer is too short....I expected a game delayed this long to be...well...long. But with a total of 18 missions, 3 difficulty levels, and a pretty nice Multiplayer, it won't get boring for a good while.

Audio/Video- 10/10

The Graphics....WOW! I have never seen graphical polish this good....the levels are beautifully done, with plenty of detail, and things that simply make you go ''WOW'', the Character models look VERY NICE, and feature large amounts of detail, such as seeing different strands of Hawks hair moving while running....very nice....especially when you are seeing it run on an Xbox connected to the TV with an Advanced AV Pack (S-Video). The Audio is great, the voices actually sound like the actors are trying to play their part, but while that is good, the music is not really anything to jump and joy over.


Welcome to the newly commissoned 23rd Special Forces Unit, code-named, Brute Force. You take on the role of a Special Forces unit, named Brute Force, which is a part of the Confederation, essentially, the good guys.....your Squad consists of Tex, the Heavy Weapons Expert; Brutus, the Shock Trooper; Hawk, the Scout; and Flint, the Sniper. You are on a mission across 6 different planets to rid the galaxy of the bad guys, the Shrike, who basically want to destroy the Confederation, etc.......


Other than the 3 different difficulty levels, you won't be playing through Singleplayer that much after you beat it, but there is a pretty nice Multiplayer to keep you busy....that is, until the Downloadable Content comes out on Xbox Live.

To Buy or to Rent?- BUY!

Though while not Halo, Brute Force holds its own in the world of Shooters on Xbox, and sets standards on certain element that future 3rd Person Shooters should have.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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