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"Hype can make developers rush games..."

This game really tries to be the next Halo, but like most Microsoft first-party games, it fails to be any fun. The only games I can think of that were any good made by Microsoft were Halo, Mech Assault, and Unreal Championship. That list is pretty small for a company that is been in the game business for 2 1/2 years. This game also like most Microsoft games was way too overhyped. People were calling this game the next Halo and saying that it was the next big X-Box hit. I pray to the high heavens that people don't listen to the publicity. The game isn't the worst X-Box game (just play Kabuki Warriors and you will see why), but it isn't the best either, it is merely average.

Graphics: 7
Mmmm... well, it isn't so bad to look at. The graphics are actually pretty decent. Everything has a Halo like feel to it, but everything doesn't look as smooth as Halo does. Each of the characters are actually well made and look like some work was put into them. The enemy units also look fairly well and there are more than a dozen different enemies, unlike Halo. The only problems with the graphics is everything has a rough feel to it, much like a Playstation 2 game. Another problem that is very noticeable
in Multiplayer is slow down. There should never be slowdown in an X-Box game, especially as bad as this game does.

Sound: 8
Everything actually sounds pretty good. The voice acting is decent, the gunshots have a difference between guns, and the background music gets you pumped much like Halo's music does. There really isn't many problems, but the sound has a chance to be better in the next game.

Control: 2
Ouch, everything seems to go fairly well with the game until you control it. Many people say it is Halo in a third person view. I say it is Halo in third person view after being assaulted with a base ball bat. Everything is so hard to control in this game. Trying to move and fire at enemy is a fairly hard task, causing your fingers to hurt. In fact moving your character is much more of a chore than it should be. I would press forward on the controller, and my character would jerk around like they were unsure what they should do. In the heat of battle, it can cause you to sign your own death warrant. Another problem is how your squad works. The controls for your squad are much like Ghost Recon, accept for the fact that your team doesn't help you in this game like your team does in Ghost Recon. I would lead my troops down a gulch only to be ambushed. I would automatically start attacking, but it would be upwards of 30 seconds before my team would move, more or less open fire. Some levels can take forever just for that reason. If Microsoft wants the second game to be any better, they need to work their butts off on the controls.

Story: 6
This game just seems to borrow everything from Halo. The story is basically like Halo, revolving around a resistance group in the future fending off an alien menace. The story doesn't have many surprieses, but it supplies just enough story to keep you going. If you were in the least bit intrigued by Halo's story, then you will like the story in this game.

Life Span: 8
This game will take a while due to the fact that the controls suck and your team is as smart as a bag of bricks. I stopped counting the number of times I died due to my teammates long after the 20s. Everything is made twice as hard due to your teammates. The game isn't really fun to play, and the ending doesn't really pay off.

I suggest that instead of buying this game you buy Halo or if you have Halo, you play Legendary mode in single player to keep you busy until Halo 2. Hopefully the inevitable seaquel is much better than this game. Brute Force had high standards and it folded under the pressure.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/08/03, Updated 06/08/03

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