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"A Great Shooter Brought down by small problems..."

As if you didn't know, this third person shooter has been one of the most hyped games on X-Box and, well, this game really didn't live up to my expectations, but still is a solid game. This game isn't obviously ground breaking, but its also worth a try. The game was great until repetitiveness and others came in. This game is better than an average shooter though, if you can bear the flaws. But its not a terrible game, its way far from terrible, but it could have used some more team with the development team.

Game play
The Game play is a mixed bag of goodies and baddies. You start the game off with one team member, Tex, then eventually you get 3 other members, and then, you can began your squad based battling. You can switch between team members on the fly, which is nice, and each squad member specializes in certain areas, for instance, Tex is your basic gunner, he uses the big guns and you use him in cases when you just want to shoot the hell out of everybody, while Flint, is your sniper, you'll use her in instances when there's tons of enemies in an other area, and say they can't see you, and your squad members are low on health, you can switch to Flint and pick everyone of them off. So it takes a little bit of thinking and strategy which separates it from the mindless killing. You have 4 squad commands, which range from follow the person that you are controlling, or you can tell them to stay back, or switch to weapon ready mode, so that also is a plus. Your squad always sticks together, and surprisingly, they aren't dumb, so you won't have to worry about leaving them behind. You can hold up to 2 weapons at a time, and can switch them with any other weapons that are dropped from enemies are just found. You also have grenades and med kits, which are used to heal yourself. But only one character has an melee weapon, which is Hawk, who is your stealth type squad member, and which sucks since you will be running out of ammo a lot. But what really gave this game a lower score is the repetitiveness. Its the same thing basically over and over, you basically either get some data, kill some dude, or rescue some guy, and it can get really boring after some time. Not to mention the normal mode is pretty easy and straightforward. Also the Story is pretty lame, your basically some team put together to save the world by doing various missions, so its pretty much a weak story. The Multiplayer is also nice, where you can system link, or even have squad based battles against your friends. Sorry, there isn't any X-Box Live support, although you can download extra content.

Well, its also a mixed bag of goodies and baddies. The character models are great, and the CG scenes are top notch. But the level environments are bland and pretty much the same throughout the whole level. And the not to mention the levels looked a bit dated in graphics. And the enemies look pretty much the same throughout the whole game. There's not that much variety. Hell, 2 bosses in the game look just alike, and they are in different levels, they really must have slacked off or got lazy when coming to creativity and graphics. And most of the levels look alike. But you can look past this and enjoy the game, well most of you can.

The sound is pretty good. The voices aren't bad, and of the music they play(they barely have that much of a music soundtrack), its ok. The guns sound cool, well for its time, don't expect any realistic guns since this is in the future. But overall, the sound is nice. Nothing too bad, but nothing too great. A option to use you soundtracks on our hardrive would have been nice though... But I can tell they really didn’t focus on sound much in Brute Force, which is ok since I always have the “mute” buttons.

Well...The control is so/so. You use one analog stick to move the character, and the other to aim, so its pretty much like a FPS. But the problem is it feels so weird, especially trying to run and shoot. The problem is that you use the left analog to move everything, I mean to turn to the left or walk backwards, while the right is just for aiming purposes. So don't come playing expecting Halo type controls. And switching from grenades to a med kit during a battle is a pain, since you have to press B, then cycle through items, then select your item, then after all of that you have to press the L trigger to use it. Lets face it, the control interface is pretty clunky. But like the level environments, you'll learn how to deal with it and soon will not bother you. And I kind of would have preferred that A was the fire button, not the R trigger, but then again, I do play a lot of SOCOM ^_^
So is It worth it?
Well, for 50 dollars, no, but I say 40 and below is a deal. The game is really a great rental, and you could most likely beat it in one, unless your the type that likes to get every replay value out of it that you can. Overall its a nice shooter that is brought down by major repetitiveness. But if you can deal with it, which seems that many people can, then I saw go ahead and buy the darn game! But I’ll give you a warning though, this game may not be for everyone, especially if you don’t like futuristic space shooters. Or you the type to go solo and try to blow everything up, it just does not works like that in Brute Force...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/25/03, Updated 06/25/03

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