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Play the game as a squad and you'll love it 06/03/03 aliabuaziz
The wait was worth it! 06/06/03 Apocalypse2
Does it live up to the hype? Sort of 08/06/03 bballmaniac15
Hardly ground-breaking, but a solid play. 05/28/03 Bego
An Overrated Game That Did Not Satisfy Fans Waiting For Halo 2 11/25/08 DandyQuackShot
Better Multiplayer than Halo? You bet! 05/29/03 darkspiral13
Brute Force has not fallen to the hype. 05/29/03 gamesystemx
A VERY solid addition for the action genre. 05/30/03 GlassOnion
Does it live up to the long wait? YOU BET IT DOES! 05/28/03 gohan273000
An overall good solid gamefun 05/31/03 Hun Hunter
May the Force be with you 05/30/03 Invader Zorka
Brute Force is perhaps one of the best 3rd Person Shooters to ever be released..... 06/01/03 LiMpBiZkitFaN
After all this time.......... 05/29/03 Little T
Brute Force: Not Halo, Not Rainbow 6, But a well done mix of the two 05/30/03 mmaniac888
High potential hurt badly by uninspired levels 06/02/03 Mousse420
Brute Force is Good, but not THAT Good 05/30/03 nelsonia1
HALO this is not, but it's still awesome. 05/29/03 Padfoot16
Brute Force Is Now Among The Xbox Elite! 05/29/03 PlaystationFanatic
A review that does not mention Halo. 06/12/03 robcram
This was suppost to be a halo killer? 05/30/03 shocker2000
Another Kick-Ass Shoot em to death game! 05/30/03 verschwinde03
Hype can make developers rush games... 06/08/03 Xander to Faith
A game that the Xbox needed 05/30/03 yanksmtm
Bleak Force. 05/29/03 Yeuh Fei Long
Is it good? Nope. It's one of a kind. 05/28/03 ZACKXM

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