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    Airfield FAQ by psxdude2001

    Updated: 06/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --- Aggressive Inline Airfield FAQ ---
    by psxdude2001 of GameFAQs aka. Andrew Menzies
    Console: PS2
    Developed by: Z-Axis
    Released: May of 2002
    I. Intro
    II. Challenges
    III. Outro & Credits
    I. Intro
    Welcome to my second GameFAQs FAQ, this time for the Airfield level in Aggressive 
    Inline.  This guide will tell you everything you need to know to 100% the level. 
     Now read on, monkey.
    II. Challenges
    Get 500 000 Points- As with most 'Get this many points' challenges, just skate 
    the level, completing other objectives and before you know it, you'll have it 
    250 000 Point Trick with 5 Cess Slides- Use the are right by the exits; it's a 
    big area shaped like a 'U'  You'll get lots of air, and it follows around a long 
    area that's great to grind.  Do the 5 Cess Slides and if you don't have enough 
    points by then, just trick into a grind and mix em' up.
    Grind the Tethered Plane- Once you get close to the plane, it'll shake like crazy. 
     Keep balanced and just as the plane jolts up, jump, because it will immediately 
    jolt back down, allowing you enough time to land and grind the actual plane.
    Royale Grind the Tower Base- This is the base with the yellow and black pipe circling 
    it.  You just need to grind the base once (using the Royale Grind) and jump off. 
     Make sure you chose a marker and watch for it appear again so you know you've 
    gone around at least once.
    Hand Plant the 3 Corner Bars- These are the furthest bars to the back of the level. 
     There's a purple juice box above the top one, of that helps.  Basically hand 
    plant each bar; order isn't important.
    Hand Plant the 3 Bars- There's 2 elevated half pipes between a long quarter pipe. 
     Use the quarter pipe to hand plant each green bar between the 2 half pipes.
    Break the Bomber Turret- Get to the far corner of the level (where you did the 
    first 3 hand plants).  Use the ramps to jump high, and grind along the pipes.  
    Transfer over to the large, flat air vent and stop grinding.  Look for the best 
    route (from where you are) and keep a good speed.  It will take a few tries, as 
    some pipes are hard to transfer to.
    Get 1 000 000 Points- See 'Get 500 000 Points'.
    Get 2 500 000 Points- See 'Get 500 000 Points'.
    125 000 Point Timed Run- The area right by the little intercom that gives you 
    the challenge works best.  It's close, fairly large, and has great air.  Cess 
    slide and grind around the whole area and you can easily complete this challenge.
    250 000 Point Timed Run- Try mixing more difficult grinds (X, Sole, Mizouzu, hand) 
    on the base area where you did the Royale challenge.  Use the same area as with 
    the previous challenge, with complex combos like the Rocket Air Backflip and Misty 
    Flip.  Just always be doing a trick- wallride, manual, and grind from area to 
    area.  You don't have time to just skate, so always be tricking.
    Skitch From Plane- Get out to the area where the plane used to be.  Wait until 
    you hear it approaching, and skitch with O.  You'll get lots of speed, and if 
    you don't let go in time, you'll fly off into oblivion.  Skitch the plane and 
    try for the stat icon high above the runway.
    Hot Flip Transfer Photo- There's two green double sides quarter pipes that allow 
    you to jump over them as you go up.  Go up one at an angle towards the other, 
    and do a Hot Flip.  Keep straight, and you'll land clean.
    T-Bone Gap Photo- You know those 2 high pipes near the second 3 green bars?  Transfer 
    up to the right one (facing it) and jump the gap, hitting a T-Bone grab and landing 
    Find Boardwalk Key- Ever get really wasted and lose you pants?  Well, the same 
    sort of thing happened to me, except I lost the boardwalk key.  Actually, I just 
    forget where it was before I grabbed it.  It's up in the rafters by the bomber 
    plane, and it's fairly easy to find. If you really can't see it, check the GameFAQs 
    board; those guys will help.
    Place and Trick 6 Items- These next 3 challenges suck.  They're hard, boring, 
    and extremely tedious.  With that said, here's what to do: set up the pieces in 
    order that you can do them.  You have to do a single trick off all of them, so 
    either place them in way where you can either grind all pieces (pipes included) 
    or manual from piece to piece.  I like the grinding way, as it's easier to complete. 
     Either way, it'll take some practice.  Make sure to put the horizontal pole last, 
    and have all pipes and small pieces close together.  Avoid vaulting, and keep 
    balanced.  There's nothing worse than crapping out on the last 5 feet of grinding.
    Place and Trick 8 Items with Floating Quarter Pipe- Same as above, just se the 
    floating quarter pipe in front of the first piece.  Do a simple grab (LK, T-Bone, 
    whatever), then manual into the grind.  Shouldn't be too hard, right?
    Place and Trick 10 Items- This is the only objective I have yet to figure out. 
     It's too difficult to get the right layout.  The only advice I can give you is 
    to mess around with piece positioning and take your time.
    III. Outro & Credits
    Thanks to Z-Axis, Acclaim, and anyone who has ever broke a bone, cut some flesh, 
    skinned a knee, bruised a limb, or lose some brain cells while competing in the 
    world's greatest Extreme sport.  Sorry, Tony Hawk and Dave Mirra, but you got 
    nothin' on Eito Ysutoko and Chris Edwards.

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