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    Scrapbook Shell Location Guide by MakoSipper

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/16/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      |                                         |
                      |    PIRATES - THE LEGEND OF BLACK KAT    |
                      |                                         |
                      |       Scrapbook Shells Locations        |
                      |                                         |
                      |              Version 1.00               |
                      |                                         |
                      |                   by                    |
                      |                                         |
                      |               MakoSipper                |
                      |         (makosipper@gmail.com)          |
     1.      Introduction ................ [xintx]
     2.      Islands ..................... [xislx]
                 Buccaneer Bay ........... [xi01x]
                 Scoundrel's Pit ......... [xi02x]
                 Ape Island .............. [xi03x]
                 Blackbeard's Lair ....... [xi04x]
                 The Lonely Tombs ........ [xi05x]
                 Isla de la Garra ........ [xi06x]
                 Buccaneer's Haunt ....... [xi07x]
                 Forlorn Straits ......... [xi08x]
                 Bay of Tears ............ [xi09x]
                 Hero's Rest ............. [xi10x]
                 Ram's Rest .............. [xi11x]
                 Dark Isle ............... [xi12x]
                 Raven's View ............ [xi13x]
                 Gull Reef ............... [xi14x]
                 Parrot's Cove ........... [xi15x]
                 Blue Shark Bay .......... [xi16x]
                 Crescent Isle ........... [xi17x]
                 Jack's Reward ........... [xi18x]
                 Vulcan's Belly .......... [xi19x]
                 Glacial Gulf ............ [xi20x]
                 Fjords of Frost ......... [xi21x]
                 Winter Wolf Ridge ....... [xi22x]
                 The Frigid Plateau ...... [xi23x]
                 The Molten Labyrinth .... [xi24x]
                 Hades' Pyre ............. [xi25x]
                 Isle of Living Fire ..... [xi26x]
                 The Forgotten Forge ..... [xi27x]
                 Skull Cove .............. [xi28x]
     3.      FAQs ........................ [xfaqx]
    2012.07.14 - 1.00 - FAQ Completed and submitted.
      Introduction [xintx]
    Hi, everyone!
    Wow, it's 2012 and I've decided to write a guide to a game released in 2002!
    That's 10 years! Well, even though it's an old game, it IS an underrated pearl
    and I still had lots of fun playing it. Seriously, this game is totally worth
    buying, even today.
    As for me, I only found out about this game a couple of months ago. I thought
    I'd probably get tired of playing it after 2 or 3 islands when I watched some
    gameplay videos, but I decided to buy it anyway. Since there were 3 people "now
    playing" this game at GameFAQs and 7 people with it on their wishlists, I
    thought "why not?" and decided to write this FAQ.
    So, this guide will help you collect all scrapbook shells. When I was playing,
    some shells were really hard to find, so I went looking for a guide. Thing is,
    there's absolutely NO info on getting the shells on the internet. Seriously.
    You can find a few really old forum threads asking about locations of a
    specific shell. Some were answered, some not. While most of them are easy to
    find, some where really annoying and I must confess I used the invincibility
    cheat to look for them (probably less than 5 of them), then I'd load back my
    game (with no cheats) and went straight to where they were.
    "And what do I get after I collect the scrapbook shells?" Well, the ONLY thing
    you get is scrapbook pages with beautiful images that you view from the main
    menu. That's it. Totally not worth the trouble. So why did I do it? I did it
    for the completion sake. For the fun of looking for them and seeing those maps
    with everything completed. Awesome! When I beat the game, honestly, I tried
    viewing the images I worked so hard to collect, but I could only see 30 before
    I got bored and I gave up.
    So let's get straight to the shell. Oh, wait! Before that, I have two tips I'd
    like to say:
    TIP #1 - Before landing on an island when visiting a new archipelago, make sure
             you destroy all forts, because there may be treasures chests or shells
             under them. I'm pretty sure about the one in Buccaneer's Haunt, but
             I can't think of any other. Anyway, it'll only do you good to destroy
             them as soon as you can.
    TIP #2 - At least 3 shells in this game are MISSABLE! I said "MISSABLE"!!! God,
             I hate missables soooo much. I lost one of those myself. Meh. Well,
             all these three are in boss areas you can't go back to. I'm sure about
             the giant crab and the lava bosses, but maybe this happens with other
             bosses, too. I think those two areas become inaccessible because they
             have respawning items that the player could take advantage of. Next
             time, they could've worked harder on programming instead of just
             locking a door. Hmph!
      Islands [xislx]
    The islands are listed in the same sequence you scroll their maps, starting
    with Buccaneer Bay.
    There will be some times, thought, when you're teleported to another location.
    When this happens, you'll face a loading screen. Make sure you check the name
    of the new location. Their maps are NOT always right after the map of the stage
    from where you teleported to it.
      Buccaneer Bay [xi01x]
    Scrapbook shells: 10
    Starting Section (2 shells):
    01 - In the chest before the gate just before your ship.
    02 - Southeast from the pier, up on the hill with the chest on it.
    Western Island (2 shells):
    03 - In the iron chest where the fort was.
    04 - In the buried chest just north from the pier.
    Southeastern Shores (3 shells):
    05 - Head east right after you disermbark to the end of the shore.
    06 - Go right after you go up the steep hill.
    07 - In the chest at the end, past the pirates.
    Smuggler's Shores (3 shells):
    08 - In the buried chest past the crystal chest.
    09 - Go up the hill between the smuggler's hut and the pier. It's past the
    10 - Behind the smuggler's hut.
      Scoundrel's Pit [xi02x]
    Scrapbook shells: 3
    01 - Circle the island close to the sea counter-clockwise. After you've seen a
         couple of gorillas, you'll see the shell to your left, behind two palm
         trees. It's somewhat not very easy to see.
    02 - On the same path, in the chest under the cannon.
    03 - Not much further from the last one, in the very obvious chest on your
      Ape Island [xi03x]
    Scrapbook shells: 5
    Mermaid's Island (1 shell):
    01 - Behind the mermaid's shell.
    Main Island (4 shells):
    02 - First, circle the island clockwise. It's well hidden in a bush at the end
         of the path.
    03 - In the buried chest roughly north from the first cannon.
    04 - Behind the ape idol (yes, up that annoying hill).
    05 - At the end of the elevated path with shooters and bombers, past the chest.
      Black Beard's Lair [xi04x]
    Scrapbook shells: 1
    01 - In the southern chest.
      The Lonely Tombs [xi05x]
    Scrapbook shells: 1
    01 - In the buried chest to the east.
      Isla de la Garra [xi06x]
    Scrapbook shells: 12
    01 - Just northwest from the pier, past the crabs and the small pond.
    02 - In the buried chest exactly north from the pier.
    03 - In the middle of the three tikis at the northernmost point of the island.
    04 - At the end of the path after the three tikis.
    05 - After the save parrot, on the left side of the path.
    06 - In the chest at the southernmost tip of the island.
    07 - Go all the way east, then all the way north. It's at the end of the path,
         close to where #04 was, but there's no straight path between them.
    08 - Next to a totem, just east of the entrance to the ... well, east of that
    09 - In the chest close to the chest with the mask.
    10 - After you use the teleport close to the mask, instead of going up for the
         chest, go around through the high path until you get to a small garden.
    11 - In a buried chest in the same garden.
    12 - After you teleport up, look south to the hill. Instead of going up, turn a
         bit to the right and slide down to a sand platform with a bush on it. If
         you check the map, it's like a small bay of sand on the western part of
         the largest green portion.
      Buccaneer's Haunt [xi07x]
    Scrapbook shells: 7
    Southeastern Island (3 shells):
    01 - On the northeastern section of the island, close to the shore, but a bit
    02 - To the right, closer to the sea. I guess there was a fort here.
    03 - Getting closer to the southeastern tip, it's among some trees on your
         left. Not very well hidden. There may be a bomber nearby.
    Northwestern Island (4 shells):
    04 - In the northwestern area, past the large cemetery, really close to a
         buried chest.
    05 - Past the smuggler, under the cannon.
    06 - In the southern part of the cemetery past the cannon.
    07 - Past the iron chest with the headhunter's mask, close to the sea.
      Forlorn Straits [xi08x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Northen Island (1 shell):
    01 - Close to the teleporter.
    Southeastern Island (4 shells):
    02 - Close to the mountain to your right, behind some trees, before the first
    03 - As soon as there's a shore on your right, circle the mountain to the
         right. It's slightly up the mountain.
    04 - At the western end of the island, up the hill and past the graves.
    05 - At the eastern end of the island.
    Southwestern Island (3 shells):
    06 - In the northwestern corner of the area east of the save parrot.
    07 - Past the skeleton chest, to the right, close to the sea.
    08 - Close to the sea, to the west of the graveyard with the cannons.
      Bay of Tears [xi09x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Northwestern Island (2 shells):
    01 - To the east, from the pier, close to a chest.
    02 - When you reach the southern ledge, it's near the edge, close to the sea.
    Northeastern Island (4 shells):
    03 - In the area with the crabs, before the lake on the right, it's also on the
    04 - Circle the island clockwise to the end of the path. It's close to a buried
                The next two shells in the boss area are missable! Like in some
      WARNING!  boss areas. I'm just sure about this and the one on the Isle of
                Living Fire, but maybe this happens with more bosses.
    05 - By the shore on the southern part of where you fight the giant crab.
    06 - At the same place as #05, a few steps away from it.
    Southeastern Island (2 shells):
    07 - In the buried chest in the middle of the island.
    08 - At the eastern-most tip of the island.
      Hero's Rest [xi10x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Smuggler's Island (1 shell):
    01 - On the hill north of the smuggler's hut.
    Southern Island (5 shells):
    02 - Between the first couple of cannons in the long series of those.
    03 - Between some cannons on the same pass, but closer to the end of it.
    04 - Under the first cannon after you turn south and go up a small slope.
    05 - Under the southwestern cannon in the large area with a long beach.
    06 - On the upper area to the west in the graveyard with the crystal heart.
    Northwestern Island (2 shells):
    07 - At the northwestern tip of the island, past the chest with the new sword.
    08 - Instead of teleporting back to the beginning, slide down from there to
         find the last shell.
      Ram's Rest [xi11x]
    Scrapbook shells: 10
    01 - At the beginning, close to the shore on the left.
    02 - Turn left at the first intersection. It's behind a tree.
    03 - At the end of the narrow tip to the north.
    04 - At the northwestern turn, close to the edge.
    05 - A bit further from the previous shell, also close to the edge.
    06 - In a buried chest close to the shore by the eastern bay.
    07 - To the east of the area past the gate.
    08 - To the southwest of the area past the gate, a bit up the mountain. You'll
         have to jump or double-jump to reach it.
    09 - On the western side of the island.
    10 - On the eastern side of the island.
      Dark Isle [xi12x]
    Scrapbook shells: 5
    01 - As soon as you land, make a quick U-turn to the right. It's under the
         cannon tower (destroy it with kegs).
    02 - At the end of the coast path with the tower, close to a stone chest.
    03 - In the chest to the eastern-most tip of the island, between three trees.
    04 - In the chest with the map just past the save parrot.
    05 - Very close to the middle of the island, past a couple of poison bugs,
         among some trees, before two tikis.
      Raven's View [xi13x]
    Scrapbook shells: 7
    Northern Island:
    01 - As soon as you disembark, move forward, a bit to the right, and climb on
         top of a small steep hill (you don't need to jump, but it's not obvious,
    02 - Next to the Crystal Heart, to the right.
    Southeastern Island (1 shell):
    03 - One of the toughest to find in the whole game. It's INSIDE a root of one
         of the trees, between the crystal and the stone chests. You can tilt the
         camera around to make the trees "transparent" and check if the shell is
         inside. It's on the right side of a tree on the right side of your path.
    Southwestern Island (4 shells):
    04 - On the chest revealed after you destroy the cannon in the circle area
         around Witch Doctor's mountain.
    05 - On the circle area around Witch Doctor's mountain, next to the teleporter
         that takes you to him.
    06 - After you teleport from the Witch Doctor's house and before you slide
         down, look back.
    07 - Slide down the slope where those purple gems are and get it on the way.
         It's fairly in the middle (both up-down and left-right "middles").
      Gull Reef [xi14x]
    Scrapbook shells: 9
    Smuggler's Island (4 shells):
    01 - Northernmost point of the island. It's on the ramp between the central
         hill and the sea.
    02 - Southeastern side, close to the shore, under a tree.
    03 - In the buried chest at the southwestern hill (the one with the stone chest
         on it).
    04 - In the area across the pier, where some teleporting shamans are.
    Smallest Island (2 shells):
    05 - Kill all tikis and teleport to the closest small island. It's in plain
    06 - Inside the crystal chest.
    Island With Save Parrot (3 shells):
    07 - In the buried chest right where you disembark.
    08 - In the buried chest at the end of the first straight path.
    09 - Near the edge at the end of the path from where you can see your ship.
      Parrot's Cove [xi15x]
    Scrapbook shells: 1
    01 - It's in a buried chest in the southeastern area of that large forest. Just
         keep going east when you enter the forest. The buried chest is close to
         where those teleporting shamans appear.
      Blue Shark Bay [xi16x]
    Scrapbook shells: 10
    01 - Circle the island throught the shore counter-clockwise past some dart
         spitting tikis until you find it.
    02 - Keep going until you find two cannons. It's in a buried chest between
    03 - In another buried chest before the next cannon.
    04 - Not much after the last one, in plain sight, under a tree.
    05 - In a buried chest where a group of pirates is, in the middle of a few
    06 - Keep circling the island (don't go into the entrance to your left) until
         you find more pirates (shooters and bombers). It's between two trees.
    07 - Keep moving past a couple of tikis and you'll find it close to one of
    08 - Enter the central area through the back (it's easier). It's in the chest
         close to the cauldron.
    09 - In the chest under the tree, close to the main entrance.
    10 - In the iron chest with the headhunter mask.
      Crescent Isle [xi17x]
    Scrapbook shells: 4
    01 - Take the teleporter right at the start. There's a shell at the ramp on the
         northern part of this area. Double jump to get it.
    02 - Then slide back down (southwards). It's next to a chest.
    03 - Take the teleporter back up, then slide down eastwards. It's in the buried
         chest north of the crystal chest.
    04 - Head east from your ship. Before you reach the pirates and crabs, it's in
         a buried chest.
      Jack's Reward [xi18x]
    Scrapbook shells: 7
    01 - Run north along the shore and you'll see it among some trees.
    02 - Keep going through this path until you reach another shore with a very
         visible shell.
    03 - Past the crystal chest, close to a lake.
    04 - When you slide down past the tikis into an area with poison bugs, it's
         close to the slope you came from.
    05 - After you take the leap of faith, close to a tree west of the chest.
    06 - To the east of the same chest with the wolf figurehead.
    07 - On your way to the teleporter that takes you back to the beginning, a few
         steps before it.
      Vulcan's Belly [xi19x]
    Scrapbook shells: 12
    01 - Just west of the save parrot.
    02 - At the east end of the starting beach.
    03 - In the buried chest at the southern tip of the island.
    04 - Close to #03, just a few more steps south.
    05 - In a buried chest, a few steps east from the previous two shells.
    06 - If you check the southeastern section of the island on the map, you'll see
         a lump. When you get close to that point going uphill, turn right and
         slide down to a hidden beach (maybe you saw it when you were on your
         ship). It's behind a palm tree on your left (if you just slid down).
    07 - Beyond the teleporter past the gate, at the edge of the cliff.
    08 - When you teleport to the western section of the island, slide down to the
         south and you'll reach another secret area with a shell in plain sight.
    09 - There's another secret area reachable through sliding here. Slide down
         through the southwestern edge in this area.
    10 - Beyond another teleporter past another gate, to the left, in the bushes.
    11 - After you teleport, walk up and you'll see some shooters and bombers in a
         large area. Go straight east and you'll find this shell close to the edge.
    12 - On the northeastern corner of the same area.
      Glacial Gulf [xi20x]
    Scrapbook shells: 10
    Eastern Island (7 shells):
    01 - Teleport up and circle the island clockwise until you see it beyond a
    02 - Just a couple of steps after the previous one.
    03 - Now circle back counter-clockwise all the way. Jump over the slippery ice
         and you'll find it at the end of the path.
    04 - On the long slide. Try not to lose track of how many shells you got while
         sliding down.
    05 - On the long slide, too.
    06 - Also on the long slide.
    07 - You guessed it--on the long slide. Total of 4 on the slide.
    Southwestern Island (1 shell):
    08 - On a ramp on the right side of the area with the yetis.
    Northwestern Island (2 shells):
    09 - Moving up fighting off yetis, you'll see it on the right side.
    10 - A few steps away from the frozen... mammoth?
      Fjords of Frost [xi21x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Smuggler's Island (1 shell):
    01 - On the right side of the smuggler's hut.
    Middle Island and Smaller Islands (2 shells):
    02 - On the first small island, impossible to miss.
    03 - On the western-most small island with a freezing soul, also very obvious.
    Northeastern Island (3 shells):
    04 - In the buried chest north from the teleporter in the middle of the island.
    05 - To the west, in one of the areas with a crystal chest and yetis.
    06 - To the east, in one of the areas with a crystal chest and yetis.
    Southeastern Island (2 shells):
    07 - Just a bit west from your ship.
    08 - On the hill with the stone chest.
      Winter Wolf Ridge [xi22x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Central Island - North Shores (1 shell):
    01 - Easy to see, up past the wolves.
    Central Island - East Shores (1 shell):
    02 - At the beginning, to the right
    Central Island - South Shores (1 shell):
    03 - By the sea, to the east.
    Southeastern Island (4 shells):
    04 - South from the save parrot.
    05 - In the area with the Spiked Boots, slide down to the west, between the two
         large rocks. It's very easy to see once you're down there.
    06 - On the same area, close to the previous one.
    07 - Same location, for a total of 3 shells together.
    Southwestern Island (1 shell):
    08 - Behind Jack Frost's ice throne.
      The Frigid Plateau [xi23x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Southeastern Island (2 shells):
    01 - As soon as you disembark go right to the end of the shore.
    02 - A few steps past the stone chest with the orchid.
    Smuggler's Island (2 shells):
    03 - Follow the mountain close to the save parrot to the other side of the
         island and you'll see this shell.
    04 - On top of the snow hill north of the previous shell.
    Northwestern Island (4 shells):
    05 - Go straight up past the wolves and yetis. It's at a dead end.
    06 - Up the hill after the teleporter. You'll need the spiked boots.
    07 - Behind the trees to the east of the save parrot.
    08 - At the back of the area with the snow demon.
      The Molten Labyrinth [xi24x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Southwestern Island (2 shells):
    01 - On the southwestern part of the island.
    02 - On the western indent of the island.
    Smuggler Shore (2 shells):
    03 - To the left all the way right after you disembark.
    04 - To the right of the smuggler's hut.
    Eastern Shore (4 shells):
    05 - On the south corner of the large area.
    06 - On the middle-north part of the area, close to the mountain.
    07 - On the southwest section, somewhat between bat and worm areas.
    08 - On the eastern tip of the area.
      Hades' Pyre [xi25x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Northwestern Island (1 shell):
    01 - At the tip of the island opposite to the pier.
    Southwestern Island (4 shells):
    02 - Go west right after you teleport. It's at the corner of the path.
    03 - Behind the first cannon on your way up.
    04 - After you get past the two cannons to the area with the bats, slide down
         to the south after the first bat to get to a hidden area with a shell.
    05 - Slide down from the area with two cannons side by side. It's at the
         northeastern tip of this section.
    Northeastern Island (3 shells):
    06 - At the northern end, past the teleporter.
    07 - Past the gate, on the slope to the left.
    08 - On the southeastern corner, past the crystal chest.
      Isle of Living Fire [xi26x]
    Scrapbook shells: 8
    Smuggler's Shores (2 shells):
    01 - At the northern part of the shore.
    02 - At the southern part of the shore.
    Central Island (3 shells):
    03 - At the northwestern tip of the island.
    04 - Past the long ramp up, after many bats, before the gate.
    05 - CAUTION!!! THIS SHELL IS MISSABLE!!! I missed it myself and never did
         manage to get 200 shells. Bummer. Well, after you beat the boss, a
         teleporter will activate in the lower level (not the one that takes one
         level up). Very close to this teleporter is the shell--the one I hate the
         most in this game. Once you use this teleporter, you can't return to the
         boss area. God, I HATE missables... Please, tell me if you know of a way
         of getting this shell after you left the area.
    Shores With The Save Parrot (3 shells):
    06 - In the middle of the path, between some trees.
    07 - A few steps past the first chest, to the left.
    08 - Very close to the first teleporter.
      The Forgotten Forge [xi27x]
    Scrapbook shells: 7
    01 - Right at the beginning, turn right and climb the rocks to find it.
    02 - Also right at the beginning, close to the crater.
    03 - On the larger northwestern area with many bats.
    04 - In the chest close to the previous shell.
    05 - Further down the path, to the left, between some boulders.
    06 - At the bottom, close to some crystals.
    07 - A few steps away from the previous shell.
      Skull Cove [xi28x]
    Scrapbook shells: 7
    01 - On a small dune close to the save parrot.
    02 - In the area with the chests and the poison tikis to the west.
    03 - In the area with the chests and the poison tikis to the west.
    04 - In the area with the chests and the poison tikis to the west.
    05 - In the area with the chests and the poison tikis to the west.
    06 - In the area with the chests and the poison tikis to the west. Total of
         five shells here.
    07 - Just south from the last crystal heart.
      FAQs [xfaqx]
    Q01: Why didn't you / can you make a similar guide for the chests?
    A01: No, sorry. There's no point, since you can you use the cheat to see their
    Q02: I can't find the chest you mentioned! Help!
    A02: Save your game, use the cheat to find the chests, locate it and then load,
         if you don't want your game to have the cheat activated. If you already
         opened the chest, I'm sorry, but it will be harder for you. At least you
         can have a slight idea of where to look.
    I'd be grateful if you could send an e-mail reporting a mistake on this FAQ.
    If you have any doubts, feel free to e-mail me: makosipper@gmail.com

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