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    Bond Moves FAQ by Ellefan

    Updated: 11/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Ellefan (with help from Palador)
    I've tried to keep these moves as close as possible to the way they come up
    in the natural progression of the game. If something isn't quite clear,
    please don't hesitate to email me at ellefan007@hotmail.com and I'll do my
    best to help you out.
    Level 1 - Trouble in Paradise
    - Open the main door with your Q-Decryptor.
    - Use the Q-Claw to get up to the roof.
    * After getting onto the roof, drop down and punch the guard working at the
      computer, he'll drop a keycard that you'll need.
    - Open the locked door with the Q-Decryptor.
    - Use the keycard you got from the guard to open the armory.
    - Use the Q-Laser to cut the lock on the gates.
    - Shoot the fuel tank on the back of the forklift.
    - Shoot the rope that the crate is hanging from.
    Level 2 - Precious Cargo
    * While all of the following go in chronological order, the most important
      Bond move to remember is to shoot out the tires of all the cars that
      chase you throughout the level.
    - Shoot the guy hanging out of the side of the first helicopter.
    - Shoot the barrels next to guys on the right when Zoe says "James, we're
    - Shoot the guy hanging out of the side of the helicopter at the roadblock.
    - Shoot a rocket into one of the building columns behind the roadblock.
    - Shoot the barrels on the left side (on the second level, there's one guy
      above, and one below)
    - Shoot the two guys on the catwalk above the entrance to the last room.
    - Shoot the barrels on the forklift in the last room.
    Level 3 - Dangerous Pursuit
    - Shoot the barrels to the left of the first roadblock you encounter.
    - Shoot the barrels on the right side of the tunnel leading out into the city.
    - This next one needs some directions. Coming out of the tunnel into the city,
      stay to the left. You'll enter an area where the sky is orange, keep going
      until you pass a big building on the left with a skywalk going over the
      road. A little ways further, on the corner on the right, you'll see a gas
      station with two jerks in front of it shooting at you. Shoot the pumps to
      kill these guys.
    - Use the Q-Smoke to disable one of the cars accompanying the van.
    - Disable the van with the Q-Pulse on the first try.
    * BONUS BOND COOLNESS - This isn't a Bond move, and I'm not entirely sure
      why, but it's still fun. From the gas station you blew up, go to the right.
      You'll come to a bridge going across the road. Turn right just before the
      bridge. You'll pass a large colorful sign on your left, keep going and turn
      right. Follow this road and you'll see a building with an awning with
      flashing lights and a Q-Booster in front of the doors. All I'll say is that
      you can go smashing through those doors. The rest is up to you :)
    Level 4 - Bad Diplomacy
    - After going to the second floor and through the kitchen, you'll encounter
      a laser tripwire thing. Don your Q-Specs to see the secret panel. Open it,
      and cut the wires with the Q-Laser.
    - Go around the corner and past the open window (watch out for the guard :P)
      and you'll find another laser tripwire. Do the same thing you did for the
      last one.
    - Keep going around to the left and put your Q-Specs on to see a secret door
      on the left side wall. Open it and go in.
    - Go out the open window you passed before and use your Q-Claw to go up to the
      second floor.
    - Go through the room with the computer and open the door on your right. Watch
      the cutscene long enough to see Bond pick up the keycard. (But if you don't
      watch it all, you'll miss the jiggly show :P)
    - Pick up the passcode generator Griffin drops after you beat him.
    - On your way out, you'll hit another laser tripwire. Same as first two.
    Level 5 - Cold Reception
    - Cut the lock on the first vent cover you find after going through the left
      door from the main room.
    - Get the access card from the bookshelf behind the middle door.
    - Use the access card on the computer up the small set of stairs to turn off
      the data port alarms.
    - Take a picture of the little model oil rig near the exit door.
    - After using the Q-Claw to enter the first vent, go to the end of the vent
      and use the Q-Claw again to enter the second vent.
    - Use the Q-Remote to get the security door program.
    - In the large room with the tanks, kill a guard with steam by shooting a
      valve on one of the large tanks.
    - Open the security door with the Q-Remote.
    Level 6 - Night of the Jackal
    * It's a good idea to save a couple rounds of sniper rifle ammo til the end
      encounter with the gunship.
    - After using the Q-Claw to go up to the ledge, jump over to the balcony where
      the sniper was.
    - From the balcony, Q-Claw to the ledge beside the window. Follow the ledge
      around and go into the apartment through the open patio doors.
    - Use the Q-Claw to get across the street to the embassy.
    - Use the Q-Specs to see the secret door behind the Union Jack flag. (Facing
      the entrance to the large circular room, it's on the left)
    - Rescue Natalya Damescu (Talk to her)
    - After getting Carla the Jackal to the last point on the catwalk, move to the
      far right side of the room. You'll see a button near some crates, press it
      to kill her and here a classic Bond-esque line.
    - Shoot the pilot of the gunship with the sniper rifle.
    Level 7: Streets of Bucharest
    - Use the Q-Slicks to get rid of a car chasing you. (Any one)
    - Destroy the two helicopters at the train station.
    - On the way to finding the chip, jump the bridge blown out by the helicopter.
    - After finding the chip, keep going full speed into the short tunnel ahead;
      you should go up onto two wheels and go between the cars. (thanks Palador)
    - After going between the cars, you'll go down some stairs then up a hill with
      a winding path on it; keep your speed up going up the hill and you'll jump
      across the road.
    * The following moves are done in the tank.
    - When you enter the large are with guys directly in front of you and a van
      on the left, shoot the barrels to the left of the van.
    - Kill the first helicopter you come across.
    - Kill the helicopter that appears over the bridge.
    - When M says that Malprave's men have commandeered a supply train, you'll see
      a limo and a guy standing beside it on the left side of the road. Shoot the
      barrels to the left of the guy.
    Level 8 - Fire and Water
    - Obtain the crane program with your Q-Remote.
    - Cut the lock on the door next to the crane program computer.
    - Use the Q-Remote to drop the crate hanging directly outside the computer
    - Cut the lock on the vent to the left of where Bloch stands and yells "Come
      on, Bond."
    - Use the Q-Remote to activate the two cranes and lower the crates. (Each one
      counts as a seperate Bond move)
    - Cut the lock on the vent directly across from the first one.
    - Shoot the pilot of the helicopter with your sniper rifle.
    - In the room with the giant pump arms, use the Q-Claw to get up to the
      platform where you jump onto the arm.
    - Use the Q-Claw to go from the catwalk on the huge tank on the right to the
      other huge tank.
    - Use the Q-Remote to drop the crate hanging above the two jerks.
    - Shoot the pilot of the helicopter who announces he has you surrounded.
    - Use the Q-Claw to go right up to the top platform.
    Level 9 - Forbidden Depths
    - Shoot the blinking red light to open the security door in the first section
      where you stop.
    - Shoot the barrels between the group of jerks on the right side of the second
      area where you stop.
    - Shoot the centers of the fans in the tunnel leading to the last area.
    - Shoot the red lights on the left side of the same tunnel to turn off the
    Level 10 - Poseidon
    - Cut the lock on the smallest vent cover in the opening room.
    - Obtain the system pressure, temperature, and chemical regulator programs
      using your Q-Remote. (3 seperate Bond moves)
    - Press the green button in the control room of the cloning room.
    - Use the Q-Remote to apply program changes to the three terminals in the
      cloning room. (3 seperate Bond moves)
    - Press the green button on the left side of the submarine room to lower the
    Level 11 - Mediterranean Crisis
    - Cut the lock and enter the vent in Zoe's cell.
    - After entering the first hangar part (coming in behind the guy typing on the
      computer) cut the lock on the vent to the right. Go through the vent and
      make your way along the railing of the ship. Use the Q-Claw when you see
      the white circle thing to get up to the higher level.
    - Use your Q-Remote to obtain the Harrier program.
    - In the second area where you have the chain link fence to your left, and the
      the railing to the right, use your Q-Laser to cut the lock on the chain link
    - In the same area, keep following the rail again, and use your Q-Claw when
      you see the white circle thing.
    - In the room you're in after Zoe says she's found the conference room, look
      out the window and use the Q-Remote to fire up the Harrier and toast the
    - After leaving that room, follow the path around and use your Q-Claw when you
      see the white circle thing way up and to the left.
    - Shoot the helicopter pilot with your sniper rifle.
    - Use your Q-Laser to free the Navy chick.
    - Use your Q-Remote to get the missle program.
    - Use the hook, but don't go right down! Instead, press the action button
      again to let go and land on the floor below.
    - After you land, cut the lock, drop down and press the green button to get
      Zoe out of harm's way.
    - Use the missle program to fire the missle and kill the sniper.
    Level 12 - Evil Summit
    - Cut the lock on the box in the building nearest the start point.
    - Get the access hatch program from the left tower using your Q-Remote.
    - Swing from the left tower to the right via the cable hook.
    - Swing from the right tower back to the building you got the sniper rifle
      from via the cable hook.
    - Open the access hatch using the Q-Remote.
    * Before you do the next one, make sure you're standing on the catwalk.
    - Cut the bundle of wires at the top of the room with your Q-Laser.
    - Rescue the French Prime Minister.
    - Rescue the German Chancellor.
    - Rescue the UK Prime Minister.
    - Rescue the US President.

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