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    Multiplayer FAQ by DTran

    Version: 2.01 | Updated: 08/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         ____                 _      _  _       __           ___
        / _  \___  ___ __  __/ /_   / // /_  __,  /__ __    / __/__ ___
       / __  / _ \/ -_/  \/_  __/  / // /  \/ _  / -_/ _/  / _/ / _/ -_/
      /_/ /_/\_  /___/_/_/ /_/     \___/_/_/\_,_/___/_/   /_//_/_//___/  
        _   /___/   _   _          _                      ___ ____  ____
       / \ / |_  _ / /_/ /__ ___  / /__  _  _ ___ __     / __/ _  \/ _  \
      /      | // / /_  __/ / _ \/ / _ \/ // / -_/ _/   / _// __  / /_/ /
     /_/ \/|_|_,_/_/ /_/ /_/ ___/_/\_,_/\_  /___/_/    /_/ /_/ /_/\___,_\
                          /_/          /___/  
                           By: Legomondo (David Tran)   
                      Version: 2.01 (Last Updated: 08/02/02)
                         Game System: Nintendo Gamecube  
      1.  Version
      2.  Storyline
      3.  Controls
      4.  Multiplayer
      5.  Modes
      6.  Maps  
      7.  Guns/Gadgets/Items
      8.  Powerups
      9.  Characters
      10. Strategies
      11. Link
      12. Bonuses
      13. Note
      14. Thanks
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[1. Version]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    08/21/02-2.01: Added a new reader's tip.  Shortened the ToC. 
    08/02/02-2.0: Finally reached version 2.0.  Anyways, added a reader's 
    07/13/02-1.9: Another Strategy added.
    07/01/02-1.8: Another minor change, about Top Agent for the PS2.
    06/23/02-1.7: Minor change to the Frinesi information.
    06/20/02-1.6: Email change.
    06/11/02-1.5: After looking at FAQs on GameFAQs, I realized that my own 
                  Multiplayer FAQ was horribly incomplete.  So, I added 
                  modifiers and some more options that you choose before 
                  beginning a multiplayer game.  Also, if you notice, I 
                  changed the top, I believe it's called ASCII art or 
                  something and added what game system it was for, not that 
                  you don't already know.  The rest of the updates are 
                  minor, and you won't even know a difference, unless you 
                  take time to compare it with an older version, but who 
                  would do that?
    04/25/02-1.4: After spending my time on multiplayer levels with new 
                  cheats, I discovered that the golden gun doesn't have an 
                  alternate fire.  I'm fixing that and deleting the 
                  description for the levels except for Escort and Rocket 
                  Manor; because anybody could play the levels to get an 
                  idea of what it is.  Finally, changing the Note section.
    04/12/02-1.3: Alright, another big update.  This time I've waited until 
                  I got a lot of new stuff to add, so: enjoy!  New stuff: 
                  I'm adding a strategy section for each level, so after 
                  the Point(s) of Interest, there will be a strategies 
                  specifically for that level, so that people won't have to 
                  scroll down.  Added two Player's Strategies, a few 
                  regular ones, more information on the levels Escort 
                  and Manor and a link to another Multiplayer FAQ.  Do not  
                  send me anymore descriptions about them.  Check the Note 
                  section on sending me information.
    04/09/02-1.2: Wow, a lot of new information, thanks to 
                  fireyoshi@mail2world.com.  Yeah, thanks to him, I now 
                  have information on the Escort and Rocket Manor level.  
                  If you want, you can still send more information on those 
                  levels, because I'm in dire need of them.  I'm also 
                  adding a new section called Player's Strategies and a 
                  description of the multiplayer levels.  Finally, I'm 
                  updating the Protect the Flag Mode.
    04/07/02-1.1: Fixed the version section so it would show the date.  
                  Added what the Gravity Boots did, and added the Armor 
                  powerup.  Finally, added a new strategy.
    04/04/02-1.0: Finished the Multiplayer FAQ.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[2. Storyline]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Ok, the storyline.  Since this game is not based on a movie/book, EA 
    made up its own storyline.  So, from the instruction manual:
    007:  We have received a call for help from our friends across the 
    Pond.  CIA agent Zoe Nightshade has been investigating the connection 
    between a Hong Kong-based bio-technology firm, Identicon, and its 
    parent company, Malprave Industries.  Nightshade has gone missing, and 
    her investigation is of keen interest to MI6.  You must rescue her!
    Plain and simple, except it has nothing to do with multiplayer.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[3. Controls]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Y- Jump
    X- Crouch, press and hold to crouch
    Z- Switch to Alternate Fire for some guns.
    R- Fire
    L- Aim
    B- Use gadget
    D-Pad UP/DOWN- Switch weapons
    D-Pad LEFT/RIGHT- Switch gadgets
    A- Reload
    Analog Stick- Move
    C-Stick- Look/Sidestep 
    Start- Pause
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4. Multiplayer]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Ah, multiplayer.  The place where you put your skills to good use and 
    "frag" your friends into oblivion.  You can team up with your friends 
    or bots or go solo where it's every man for himself.  Either way, it's 
    very satisfying.  At first, there are only four types of multiplayer 
    modes available, but you can unlock more when you earn bonuses from 
    Gold Medals and Platinums.  However, some of the maps require two-
    players, so that means you have to have an extra controller.
        After you are done choosing your type of mode of play, you will 
        have five options.  They include the Number of Players, Time Limit, 
        Point Limit, Default Settings, and the stage select screen.  The 
        number of players determines if you are playing with a buddy or 
        not.  Time limit decides the length of time and point limit decides 
        how many points a team needs to win by.  The rest of the choices 
        are default settings, where you decide if you want the settings to 
        return to default after each battle, and finally, the level to 
        decide what level you are playing on.  After everything has been 
        decided, you move onto a new screen.
        Modifiers change how the battle is played, and vary from low 
        gravity to safe restarts.  They will be covered below.
        One-Shot              Only one shot is needed to kill opponents, 
                              basically a golden gun mode.
        Low Gravity           The gravity, as it suggests, is lowered so   
                              that you can jump higher and fall slower.  
                              With this option on, it is impossible to 
                              inflict damage by falling off a high 
                              building or ledge.
        Full Arsenal          Starts the player with all the weapons 
                              available in the game.  NOTE: this is an 
                              option you must unlock in single-player mode.
        Safe Restart          Starts the player in a safe location after 
                              you die, so you won't immediately die.  
        Random Weapons        After a weapon is collected, a random weapon 
                              takes it place, so you may pick up a new 
        Persistent Weapons    After a weapon is collected, the same weapon  
                              reappears, so you can pick up the same 
                              weapon, and hole it yourself up.
        Golden Bullet         Only one shot is needed to kill opponents, 
                              basically like a golden gun mode and One-
                              Shot.  Seems kind of a waste.
        Speed                 Increases your speed, default starts you at 
                              100.  You can increase this 200.
        No Fall Damage        If you have this on, and fall off from a high 
                              building, you won't take damage.  
        AI Bots 
        AI (Artificial Intelligence) Bots act as opponents for you or a 
        teammate to go up against.  They have limited actions, so, don't 
        expect some strategic actions like going against a human opponent.  
        However, they have three difficulty levels, so they are great to 
        get used to the world of James Bond.  Increase their difficulty as 
        you increase in skill.  NOTE: AI Bots are only in the XBox and GCN 
        versions.  They are not in the PS2 version.
        Your HUD (Heads Up Display) shows your necessary options, like what 
        your gun is, and how much ammo is has.  You don't need it on, just 
        to know what your status is, and all that sort of stuff.  
        Powerups affect the game, by offering their special abilities.  
        They look like shields, and you can have two per game.  Check the 
        powerups section to find out more of what each powerup does.
        Teams allow you to have allies in the game, while facing other 
        teams and their ally(ies).  Their are four different team colors, 
        which are blue, gold, green, and red team.  Up to three members can 
        be on a team, or have a free-for-all.  Teams are best used with 
        human players, rather than AI Bots, as you can plan strategies 
        together, instead of them going solo.
        Your radar is a valuable tool that helps you against your battle 
        with the enemy.  The radar shows where all players are, and how 
        close they are to you.  You can tell by using the center dot (you) 
        and judge the distance it is from the other dots (other players).  
        Underneath the radar, are numbers that are in fractions.  
        Currently, I have no idea on what it does, except that it changes.  
        I suspect that it tells you your current team position, but I will 
        clarify that.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[5. Modes]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    There are four modes, originally, but you can unlock another by getting 
    a Platinum in Precious Cargo.  The five modes are listed below.
        5a. Combat Training
        This is a classic Bond multiplayer mode.  Just you, maybe an ally,    
        or more, and an enemy, for you to blast.  Combat Training is one of 
        only two modes that allow you to have bots, a change from 
        Goldeneye.  This mode has no objectives except to eliminate your 
        opponents, so good luck out there!
        5b. Protect the Flag
        Just as plain as can be.  Protect the flag.  I think there is only 
        one flag that's lying on the floor somewhere.  Whoever holds it for 
        the desired amount of time wins.  To win, you every second you hold 
        the flag for will count for the total time.  If you die while 
        carrying the flag, your timer will NOT restart from zero.  It will 
        stay the same.
        5c. Anti-Terrorist Training
        Again, I have no information on it as it is another two player or 
        more mode.  I assume from the little blurb they show at the 
        selection that you have to diffuse bombs.  They just pop up on your 
        radar and you have to diffuse it by pressing the A button, at the 
        same time, defending off your opponents.  
        5d. Top Agent
        Top Agent is almost exactly like Combat Training, even letting you 
        have AI Bots.  This mode starts off with someone as the top agent.   
        The character will appear as silver (you'll know by the gun color) 
        and if you kill the top agent, you will become the top agent.  
        You'll also know by the voice that says it and words that appear on 
        the screen.  People who are not the top agent will have to work 
        together to bring him/her down, and will not be able to harm other 
        players, meaning, they can't kill each other.  However the top 
        agent can kill anybody.  NOTE: I have gotten two emails, and it 
        seems that some of the PS2 versions of the game don't have this 
        option.  I don't know why, maybe a defect or something, and I 
        suggest you trade it in for another copy of it, seeing as you save 
        your game onto a memory card.                                             
        In your guide you said that some PS2 games may be glitched up and 
        don't have top agent. It's not that the games don't have it, but it 
        needs 3 players. (PS2 doesn't have bots) So, the game decides not 
        to show that option unless you have a multitap. 
        5e. Golden Gun
        Yet again, another two or more player mode, this is a comeback from 
        Goldeneye.  I don't know if there is only one golden gun or one for 
        each player, but one shot from it will kill you.  This mode is 
        actually a bonus that you have to unlock by completing Precious 
        Cargo and getting a Platinum Medal.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[6. Maps]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Maps are the areas where you play multiplayer.  The game starts you 
    with only eleven, but you can earn an extra one by completing Trouble 
    in Paradise and getting a Platinum Medal.  Below, I'll list the maps, 
    the default weapons, default gadgets, default powerups, single or two-
    players needed, and any point(s) of interest.
        6a. Dungeon
        Default Weapons: P2K, FSU4, K57, FRINESI, and D17
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: POWER
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: Go to the left hallway, left facing the 	
    			  stairs that are going up, and there should be 	
    			  loose bricks in the wall.  If you peer  
                              through them, you can see armor that  
                              regenerates.  To get it, shoot the barrel and  
                              the wall should explode.  
                              The gates to the three prison cells hold a  
                              powerup that may seem inaccessible.  To open 
                              it, face the stairway or the door at the top, 
                              and look to your right.  You should see a    
                              brick on the wall with a brown bordering it.  
                              Press it with the A button and the middle 
                              gate should rise.
        6b. Town
        Default Weapons: P2K, K57, MRL 22, SSR4000, UGW, and PHOTON CANNON
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: CLOAK
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: There are many ways to go around town, but to  
                              get an advantage, go to where the Photon 
                              Cannon lays.  There, you can snipe people 
                              with its tracking energy "balls" which can 
                              kill players with one shot.  You can also 
                              jump onto the roof on your left and travel    
                              about around half the town on rooftops.  The   
                              only way you can get across town on the roof 
                              and into the balconies of the huge house, is 
                              by using the Q-Claw.
        6c. Wine Cellar
        Default Weapons: FRINESI, PS100, FSU4, GRENADE LAUNCHER, INGALLS,  
                         and UGW
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: HEALING
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: When you play in this area, you'll notice two 
                              brown wheels, one in the room with rubble and 
                              one near the top of the steps.  Touching one 
                              will cause the giant circle to twirl down and 
                              squash any opponents and allies in the pit.  
                              Jump on it when it is down, and wait for it 
                              to go back up. Then jump in a hole in the 
                              wall to get the Healing powerup.
                              In the room with the rubble, look up and you 
                              should spot a yellow and red can up on the 
                              ceiling.  Shooting it will explode, but so 
                              far, there is no use for it.
                              If you go through a hallway and look up, you 
                              should see four gun barrels that will inflict 
                              damage on you when you look under.  Take the 
                              rightmost exit in the rubble room and you 
                              should come to an intersection.  If you look 
                              forward, you should see a hole covered with 
                              wooden boards.  Take a left and then a right, 
                              and then look up to see the barrels.  The 
                              barrels are posed over a gun.
        6d. Red Sector
        Default Weapons: KS7, MRL 22, KA57, D17, FSU4, and GRENADE LAUNCHER
        Default Gadgets: Q-CLAW
        Default Powerup: CLOAK
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: None really.  You can put the Q-Claw to good 
                              use by holding down the B button to use it to 
                              its maximum distance.  Find ledges near the 
                              wall to surprise unexpected enemies by 
                              blasting down fire at them.  It'll take them 
                              a while to retaliate and you'll have the 
                              upper hand.
        6e. Castle
        Default Weapons: P2K, UGW, FSU4, MRL 22, PS100, and GRENADE 
        Default Gadgets: Q-JET
        Default Powerup: CLOAK
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: Again, none; at least not that I know of.  I 
                              guess the only thing worth mentioning is the 
                              dead end.  On the lower level of the floor, 
                              there is a slope that goes to a door.  The 
                              door won't open, so you can trap your 
                              opponents there.  Chuck grenades, or blast 
                              them with the MRL 22.  
        6f. Cooling Station
        Default Weapons: P2K, KS7, FSU4, D17, UGW, and TRIP MINES
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: POWER
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: The levels seem so uninspiring now.  There is 
                              nothing as far as I know of.
        6g. Abbey
        Default Weapons: P2K, PS100, PHOTON CANNON, KA57, GRENADE LAUNCHER,  
                         and PROXIMITY MINES
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: BIONICS
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: The only thing useful are ledges and beams on 
                              the wall.  Since you don't have the Q-Claw 
                              though, they are inaccessible.  Turn it on if 
                              you want to surprise enemies.
        6h. Arsenal
        Default Weapons:
        Default Gadgets:
        Default Powerup:
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: There is nothing here, except, in the 
                              intersection room, where you can go 
                              underneath, you'll see a lot of pipes.  
                              Shooting them will cause steam to escape, but 
                              that does nothing.
                              Go find the room with the Frinesi Shotgun.  
                              The room next to it should have boxes stacked 
                              upon each other.  Along a wall in that room, 
                              there is a door, that will roll up when 
                              you're near it revealing body armor.
        6i. Harbor
        Default Weapons: KS7, DETONATOR MINES, PS100, SSR4000, UGW, and 
                         GRENADE LAUNCHER
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: POWER
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: You can climb on top of buildings with the 
                              ladders on the side.  Try climbing on the big 
                              building, where there is a sniper rifle.  
                              From up there, you can pick off anyone if 
                              you're fast enough.
        6j. Blue Sector
        Default Weapons: DEFENDER, PS100, MRL 22, UGW, KA57, AND GRENADE 
        Default Gadgets: Q-CLAW
        Default Powerup: BIONICS
        Players: ONE
        Point(s) of Interest: Same thing like Red Sector.  Nothing except 
                              to attach to ledges with the Q-Claw and 
                              surprise enemies there.
        6k. Escort
        Description: This level is a couple of small houses divided by a  
                     large sidewalk and a train track.  Occasionally, a   
                     train will arrive, drop of a character (VIP, CPU 
                     controlled) and that character will just stand, walk,  
                     and leave on the next train that comes.  If you are  
                     supposed to protect it, you get 3 points when it 
                     leaves.  If you are supposed to kill it, you get three 
                     points when it dies.  Killing other players gets 1 
                     point. Note: You will die if you are run over by the 
                     train and 1 point will be taken off your score. The 
                     only weapon available in escort is the SSR4000 
                     (sniper). (fireyoshi@mail2world.com)
                     Two identical buildings, seperated by a lowered train 
                     track. If the train hits you, you die.  The buildings 
                     have stairs that lead to the roofs, and once on the 
                     roofs, there is a place to drop down (this will cause 
                     you harm unless you set your prefs not to) on the 
                     sides. You take turns protecting the VIP (man in brown 
                     suit who gets off the train on your side of the 
                     tracks) or executing the VIP (gets off on their side). 
                     You score +3 points for killing him when its your turn 
                     to, or +3 for keeping him from being killed (i.e. he 
                     gets back on the train unharmed) and only +1 for 
                     killing your oponent.  You get -1 for killing yourself 
                     (train or otherwise) and -3 for killing your own VIP 
                     when its your turn to protect him...  You are not 
                     scored -3 if opponent takes him out... but he does get 
                     the points. (Java Noir)
        Default Weapons: SSR4000
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: CLOAK
        Players: TWO
        Point(s) of Interest: You can cross the train tracks at the two 
                              gates and get to your opponents side.  The 
                              CLOAK powerup is in the middle of the tracks. 
        6l. Rocket Manor
        Description: Rocket Manor is a like an arena.  It is a circular, 
                     flat surface.  Along the diameter, there is an 
                     underground path.  There are three holes: One at each 
                     end (a little ways in) and in the dead center.  Above 
                     the center hole is a little structure with four 
                     pillers (think coffee table with four legs).  I don't 
                     know what weapons are there, but the one you start 
                     with is the MRL 22 (rocket).  
                     This is just a big open area; running through the 
                     middle of it is an underground path with sloping 
                     entrances at each end, and a hole in the middle of it 
                     (thats where the power up is).  On each end of the 
                     path there are lower walls where you can get to a 
                     ledge (to get more rockets and the only spots for 
                     armor).  These ledges can be reached by: Default 
                     starting position sometimes, aiming your MRL 22 at the 
                     ground and fire; it will launch you upwards (taking 
                     some damage obviously).  If you do this close enough 
                     you can aim to land on the ledge, or turn on the 
                     Jet/Claw.  Other than that this area is meant for an 
                     all out brawl with no sniping, just blasting away at 
                     each other. A fast and furious level if you ask me. 
                     (Java Noir)
        Default Weapons: MRL 22
        Default Gadgets: NONE
        Default Powerup: BIONICS
        Players: TWO
        Point(s) of Interest: I guess the three holes.  
                              Fireyoshi@mail2world.com says that the three 
                              holes lead to the underground path.
                              If you start out on one of the platforms at 
                              the ends of the levels, your opponents can't 
                              get up to reach you so it's a good place to 
                              shoot from. (Zonno2)
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[7. Guns/Gadgets/Items]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Guns and gadgets.  The main thing that make up James Bond games.  In 
    multiplayer, you'll be able to use them both simultaneously, which 
    benefits the player greatly, at least to me.  Anyways, I listed the 
    guns in multiplayer below, and some information directly from the game 
    manual.  You can skip this part.
    P2K-Bond's standard pistol, designed to be the next generation of 
        sidearm for the German police, this pistol sports a compact design 
        and smooth single-action firing mechanism.  The P2K fires special 
        lightweight 9mm bullets-while not the most powerful rounds in 
        Bond's world, they allow for rapid and precise firing.
    Range: Short-Range, Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: Silenced P2K-A silenced P2K, just like in single-player 
    Windsor Viper-This large, stainless steel pistol delivers a .44 Magnum 
                  bullet with tremendous stopping power.  The Windsor is 
                  limited by a heavy recoil which reduces its rate of fire.
    Range: Short-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    IAC Defender-Developed for the Israeli military, the IAC fires the 
                 powerful .44 Magnum round at a steady rate of fire, thanks 
                 to a gas-powered blowback systm.  It's a powerful weapon, 
                 but accuracy suffers.
    Range: Short-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Golden Gun-This special pistol is given as a reward for exceptional 
               service in your first mission.  It has all of the advantages 
               of a standard P2K, except that it's more powerful.  However, 
               the gun can take down an opponent in one shot.
    Range: Short-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
                                SUBMACHINE GUNS
    Koffler & Stock KS7-Developed for German border patrols, the Koffler & 
                        Stock KS7 is an inexpensive lightweight machine gun 
                        found in great numbers throughtout the world.  Its 
                        low firepower, poor accuracy, and small clip size 
                        make it effective only at close range.
    Range: Short-Range, Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Ingalls Type 20-Originally designed for urban police use, the Ingalls 
                    Type 20 never achieved popularity because of its poor 
                    accuracy.  It immediately caught on with the criminal 
                    underwold, where its lack of finesse was viewed as an 
                    advantage rather than a liability.  Compared to the 
                    KS7, the Ingalls still has a higher rate of fire and a 
                    larger clip.
    Range: Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Calypso P-750-The large-capacity cylindrical magazine gives the Calypso 
                  P-750 an unusual look, but it carries more rounds than 
                  any other submachine gun.  An additional grip gives it 
                  greater accuracy than the Ingalls or KS7, and a high rate 
                  of fire makes it a formidable weapon.
    Range: Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Munitions Belgique PS100-Built for the Belgian military, the PS100 
                             features a dorsal magazine that holds more 
                             rounds than the Ingalls or the KS7.  Its 
                             superior rate of fire makes the PS100 the most 
                             lethal submachine gun in the world.
    Range: Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
                                 ASSAULT RIFLES
    Kazakovich KA-57-The most recognizable assault rifle in the world, the 
                     KA-57 was developed fo the Soviet infantry during the 
                     Cold War.  It's a sturdy rifle with low stopping power 
                     and a slow rate of fire-more accurate than a 
                     submachine gun, but lacking in punch of other assault 
    Range: Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Windsor FSU-4-A version of the US Army's standard-issue assault rifle, 
                  the Windsor FSU-4 offers a decent rate of fire and 
                  accuracy with the added benefit of a grenade launcher.
    Range: Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: Grenade Launcher-Acts like the weapon grenade launcher.
    Meyer-Westlicher UGW-While other nations prefered steel and aluminum-
                         alloy weapons, the Austrian Army realized the 
                         possibilities of designs based on plastics.  The 
                         UGW features a good rate of fire and excellent  
                         accuracy, aided by a 3x scope.
    Range: Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Koffler & Stock D17-The revolutionary design from Koffler & Stock may 
                        change weapons forever.  The D17 fires caseless    
                        ammunition which increases the weapon's accuracy.  
                        With a high rate of fire and a powerful 4x scope, 
                        the D17 ensures considerable firepower on a target 
                        with a high degree of accuracy.
    Range: Medium-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Frinesi Special 12-Used by police forces around the world, this 12-
                       gauge combat shotgun has limited range but 
                       tremendous firepower.
    Range: Short-Range
    Alternate Fire: Automatic Shotgun-Fires all the shells without having 
                    to even reload once until all shells have been fired.  
                    I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to switch to this.
                    Iceman935 says that the Alternate Fire for the Shotgun 
                    actually makes the shots less powerful, compared to the 
                    standard fire.  
    SWZ SSR4000-A bolt-action rifle, the SSR4000 can deliver powerful 
                rounds accurately and at great distances.  A sniper shot 
                from the SSR4000 neutralizes almost any opponent.  In 
                addition, the SSR4000 has the power to penetrate armored 
                helicopter glareshields.
    Range: Long-Range
    Alternate Fire: Scope-Use the C-Stick to aim with the scope.  Pressing 
                    up and down on the C-Stick causes it to zoom or 
                    retract.  Zoom in on distant enemies, but retract the 
                    scope when they get closer.
    MRL-22-This compact, shoulder-launched weapon fires unguided rockets 
           that deliver tremendous firepower.  Accurcy is not a premium 
           with the MRL-22 since collateral damage ensures neutralization 
           of any nearby opponents.
    Range: Long-Range
    Alternate Fire: Guided Rockets-Just point the crosshairs where ever you 
                    want and the rocket will guide itself toward there.  If 
                    there are any obstacles in the way however, the rocket 
                    will explode.  It is extremely hard to guide toward 
                    specific targets.
    Grenade Launcher-The Grenade launcher shoots grenades farther and 
                     faster.  It's an effective weapon for eliminating 
                     snipers and players camping in hard to reach areas.
    Range: Long-Range
    Alternate Fire: Cluster Grenade-This reminds me of an anti-aircraft gun 
                    as the grenade splits into smaller ones and then 
                    explode in mid-air.  Kind of like flak or something.  
                    However, if the grenade directly hits a person, the 
                    grenade will immediately split and explode.  This 
                    weapon is great for players who are clutered together 
                    or for a better chance of hitting someone.  Most 
                    likely, anyone who gets caught, will die.
    Photon Cannon-The Photon Cannon is an experimental MI6 Training Center 
                  weapon.  It shoots two diferent types of projectiles.  
                  These projectiles are highly destructive energy balls.  
                  The primary firing mode shoots a homing projectile that 
                  targets players as they move.
    Range: Long-Range
    Alternate Fire: 5 unguided energy balls-They are good for a spread 
                    effect, and have a better chance of hitting a target.  
                    Be careful though, as they will damage you and maybe 
                    even kill you if the balls explode too close to you.  
                    This is best used in an outdoor environment.
    Proximity Mines-I'm not sure if mines are weapons or gadgets, because 
                    you use them like gadgets.  Red mines, that when 
                    deployed, activate.  Any person friend or foe that 
                    comes into range with one of the mines won't likely 
                    live through it.  Destroy mines by shooting them from 
                    far away.
    Range: Short-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Detonator Mines-Stick these onto walls, and when your opponent comes 
                    close enough, detonate them with the Q-Remote.
    Range: Short-Range
    Alternage Fire: NONE
    Trip Mines-Easilty distinguishable by its laser, trip mines have trip 
               lasers, that when cross, detonate the mine.  You can trip 
               the laser that's far away from the mine, and only the mine 
               will explode.
    Range: Short-Range
    Alternate Fire: NONE
    Q-Claw-A double-coiled filament that can be used to climb up to ledges 
           and balconies.  If the filament strikes a suitable surface, it 
           grabs and holds, pulling the holder of the Q-Claw towards that 
           point.  Very useful in securing entrance to above-ground areas.
    Range: Long-Range
    My Comment: It has an extreme range, and is capable of getting you 
                across the room fast.
    Q-Remote-Used in multiplayer only when there are detonator mines.  Once 
             you set your mines, activate them with the Q-Remote.
    Range: Long-Range
    My Comment: Not very useful as you have to cycle through your 
                inventory, and could end up dead.
    Q-Jet-The Q-Jet can lift an agent into the air to reach elevated 
          platforms or stations.  It is a short-burst mechanism, requiring 
          frequent recharges.
    Distance: Long-Range
    My Comment: Can keep you in the air for a long time.  However, while in 
                the air, and not using the Control Stick in any direction, 
                it will not lift you as high as you would have used the 
                Control Stick.
    Armor-Armor parially restores your health when you've been injured.
    Powerups-Grants the player certain abilities that last a short time.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[8. Powerups]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Powerups give the player special abilities or enhancements, but they 
    only last for a few moments.  You can measure how long you have left by 
    a symbol on the upperleft hand corner.  Try and find opponents when you 
    use them.
    Bionics-The player moves faster, shoots Q-Claw faster, and reloads gun 
    Shield-A player absorbs damage instead of taking damage.
    Cloak-The player becomes transparent.  However, you can see the player 
          if you are close enough.
    Power-I'm guessing this gives the gun more power.
    Healing-Continually rengerates the player's health until the powerup 
            goes away.
    Gravity Boots-When you jump, you jump as high as if you had the Q-Jet 
                  on. (Omarvizquel1326@aol.com)
    Armor-Same thing as the Shield, except people actually know you've got 
          Armor because you're covered in gold.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[9. Characters]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Characters are people who you can play with in multiplayer.  You start 
    off with only ten, but can earn six more by getting platinums on 
    certain levels.
    Character:                          Obtain:
    Bond                                Start off with him.
    Jackal                              Start off with her.
    Malprave                            Start off with her.
    Rig Diver                           Start off with her.
    Bloch                               Start off with him.
    Griffin Clone                       Start off with him.
    Evil Zoe Clone                      Start off with her.
    Twin                                Start off with her.
    Super Thug                          Start off with him.
    Identicon Guard                     Start off with him.
    *Stealth Bond*                      Beat Dangerous Pursuit and get a           
                                        platinum medal.  
    *Guard*                             Finish Cold Reception with a 
                                        platinum medal.
    *Alpine Guard*                      Finish Streets of Bucharest with a 
    *Cyclops Oil Guard*                 Finish Poseidon with a platinum.
    *Poseidon Guard*                    Finish Mediterranean Crisis with a 
    *Carrier Guard*                     Finish Evil Summit with a platinum.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[10. Strategies]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Every good agent needs strategies, and I've listed some below.  Feel 
    free to join in.  
    -In levels where you have the Q-Claw, grapple onto the wall or ceiling 
     and hold the B button to hang there indefinitely.  You can blast your 
     opponents from up high, and they'll never know what hit them.  
     However, the AI Bots have some sort of knowledge, whether you are up 
     there are not, so don't hang there for too long.
    -Use the Q-Jet to break your fall.
    -When using the MRL-22, aim for the ground to make sure you inflict 
    -Use the C-Stick in conjunction with the Control Stick to move circles 
     around an opponent, making you harder to hit.
    -By strafing around corners and other indestructable items, you can 
     peek out and shoot at opponents and duck back in without taking 
    -Aiming is crucial to winning the game.  Just like in real life, aiming 
     a person's head will cause him to most likely die.  However, you may 
     not always have time to aim, so just pull out the big guns and blow 
     him away.  In the SSR4000's case though, aiming anywhere will put him 
     down for good.
    -In the level Castle, you can have an advantage against opponents by Q-
     Clawing up where there are ledges.  Use this as a sniper's nest 
     against Bot and Human players. (LittleJack)
    -From high areas (rooftops, ledges, etc.) use the Q-Claw onto the 
     ground where you want to land and you will not get hurt.  Also you can 
     pinpoint where you want to land, to sneak up on somebody. 
     (Java Noir)
    -In the Manor, if you have the grapple on, there are ledges up along 
     the wall that you can access from the center part of the level.  There 
     is also a dead end where you can pin people at the center part of the 
     level. (Str9996@aol.com)
    -In multiplayer, you can use the Q-Claw to inflict damage.  It doesn't 
     do much damage but it's funny to watch.  You can just tap B, but you 
     have to press and hold until it hits. (LittleJack)
    -Hey, I dont know if it is just my game or not but it disables any 
     controllers with turbo on it not allowing them to be used, this also 
     happens for single player, just something you can add to warn people 
     if they are going to get 2 controllers and might want one with a turbo 
     feature. (Jeff)
    -Any 1 on 1 game can be won simply by sniping; IF you're good at it. 
     When sniping at a stand still, always take cover and duck unless it 
     hinders your veiw of the target.  When moving, try moving backwards to 
     be able to shoot your pursuers.  To take down enemy snipers, go in at 
     close range, or take them out at long range by: with a wall between 
     you, aim for them, then strife to the end of the wall an shoot before 
     they can.  NEVER walk around with the scope on and always get armor.  
    -I will try my best to explain this: When playing with the Q-Claw on in 
     the castle level, if you look way, and I do mean way, up on the right 
     side (looking out from dead-end hallway and left of that stair case) 
     you can see a ledge in the corner. Q-Claw your way up, but be careful 
     because there is not much ledge to work with, and set up shop for some 
     easy sniping. I massacred some of my buddies from that position. They 
     had no idea were I was. (JT79266@go.com)
    -I have a very good use for trip mines that I figured out the other day 
     while playing with my friends in the cooling station level (thats the 
     one with sliding doors right?). What I did was open the sliding doors 
     and stood between them and then looked down to place a mine on the 
     ground. When you walk away it should be hidden. This has many uses, 1) 
     they cant see the mine till they open the door and if they are not 
     looking out then they will die. 2) Even if they stop and see it they 
     cant blow it up (unless with something like a gernade launcher) 
     because if they do shoot it, they will be too close to the mine and 
     blow up(because the doors will close if you walk away to shoot it). 3) 
     with 2 mines next to each other, to make it look like jail bars, the 
     door way will be too narrow to walk through and that way you can 
     control where your enmeys are at (or trap them completely). 
    -I'm not sure if you know about this trick, but I'm guessing you don't,  
     as for example, you said in the Town level the only way to get on the 
     rooves of the buildings was using the Q-Claw, but there is another, 
     and in my opinion, easier way to get up there: If you jump, and then 
     at the peak of your jump, use the Q-Jet, you jump a LOT higher, de-
     fintately high enough to get on the roofs of the Town level or any 
     other high ledge. Such as the one on Abbey which I use a lot: I 
     usually set the weapons so I swap the Rocket Launcher on the level for 
     the SSR4000 and in the biggest hall there is (I think there is only 
     three, its the one without the hole in the floor, or the slightly 
     elevated ledge which has armour on it) if you look up and around you 
     will locate a high ledge, which I'm not sure you can get to with the 
     Q-Claw. I do the Super Q-Jet jump, which I mentioned above, to get up 
     there, and using my sniper rifle, I can easily get in excess of 10 
     kills before I possibly die (especially if Rocket Launcher/Photon 
     Cannon turned off). Also, there is a slightly higher ledge there as 
     well where you can see up the corridor to the right. And finally, 
     where in your guide you say '...and if you look, you can see the 
     armour power up there...' or words to that sort of meaning, then it 
     depends on which power-ups you turn on; there may actually be Cloak  
     etc. (PhoneixStar@aol.com)
    -1)When using proximity mines (red ones) one of the best places to set  
     them is to find all the starting locations in a level and run around 
     setting them there. When one of your friends dies, they will come back 
     at a random spot, only to instantly be blown away by a mine. This can 
     repeat multiple times, if you are fast you can keep them dying for 
     quite a while.
     2) Remember that the spiper rifle has a laser beam which activates 
     when you are looking through the scope. If this beam gets on the wall 
     or the ground, a red dot will appear, alerting your friends. Try to 
     aim first without the scope, then quickly zoom in and kill them before 
     they know what hits them. Alternativly, if you see one of these dots, 
     run. I find the best way to flee from a sniper is to fire the q-claw 
     somewhere. It yanks you away at high speeds, and if you are lucky you 
     can come around from a different angle and the sniper will never see 
     it coming.
     3) On the town map, a great bot sniping place is behind the crates on  
     the arch. This is where the p-cannon usually is. The bots seem to have 
     no clue how to hit you there, so you can pretty much just sit there 
     and wait for one of them to come into your view.  (grit288@yahoo.com)
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[11. Link]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Alright, this is from AlecTrevelyan006 from the GameFAQs message board.   
    Rather than write the whole thing out, I'm just going to include the 
    link.  Thanks to him, you can now check out where the specific location 
    of the golden gun and bullets are.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[12. Bonuses]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    These bonuses you get from the single-player missions affect 
    mulitplayer.  Some of them are quite useful, and some are not.  You can 
    unlock all of these by getting platinums on all the single player 
    MP Map: Rocket Manor-a new multiplayer map, requires two or more human 
    MP Game Mode: Golden Gun-enables the golden gun mode where the player 
                  with the golden gun can finish others with one shot.
    MP Model: Stealth Bond-A new multiplayer character.
    MP Powerup: Gravity Boots-It's a power up like any other, when you 
                              collect it, there is a little timer that 
                              shows how much you left, and when you do have 
                              it, you can jump much higher and fall much 
                              slower.  From what I can tell you take no 
                              damage if you fall from a very high place 
                              with these, since you fall so slow. (Geo)
    MP Model: Guard-Another playable character.
    MP Weapon: Viper-the pistol becomes playable in multiplayer.
    MP Modifier: Full Arsenal-Each player starts with every weapon on the 
    MP Model: Cyclops Oil Guard-Yet another character.
    MP Model: Poseidon Guard-Another character.
    MP Model: Carrier Guard-Finally, another character.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[13. Note]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    This FAQ should not be reproduced, copied, or produced in any way 
    without my consent, nor should it be altered.  It should only appear on 
    GameFAQs and only GameFAQs since it keeps on updating.  If you want to 
    tell me what some of the things are that I didn't know, or have a 
    multiplayer strategy, a new interest in one of the maps, or see a typo, 
    whatever, email me at: Legomondo@yahoo.com.  NOTE: Please, when you're 
    sending me information, try to leave your message board name so I won't 
    have to use your email addresses and don't send me more descriptions of 
    the level Escort and Manor.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[14. Thanks]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Thanks goes to:
    -EA for making this game.
    -GameFAQs for making this possible.
    -For the people who read this FAQ and make it as helpful as possible.
    -and Nintendo for making the Gamecube.
                            Copyright 2002 Legomondo

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