Review by Galactus21

Reviewed: 03/19/07

Bond has lost his touch

Think about Goldeneye. Now imagine the fond memories of the glorious N64 game. Now picture the opposite. That picture in your mind is a perfect visual representation of Agent Under Fire. The EA driven game is a complete butchering of what was once a representation of countless late nights of mass killing. EA is filled with movie licenses, sports games, and various other IPs, but a good game from them is few and far between. Unfortunately for us, this isn’t one of those few times. James Bond may be slick with the ladies and deadly with a gun, but he is neither in this virtual representation.

My name is Bond. James Bond…

The problem is immediately apparent. The reticule is immediately problematic from the start. The controls were noticeably clunky that made aiming a hassle. And you would have thought that the legendary James Bond would have no problem aiming. But luckily for you, the developers decided to implement a horrible A.I system to counter your troubles. You have trouble shooting? No problem, we’ll just make it so the A.I can’t really hurt you.

As the player progresses through the game, the player will have a series of gadgets. At times, some of the weapons are fun to toy around with, but there isn’t really a weapon that stands out. In a first person shooter, a reliable weapon that you can turn to is always important. Moving along, some of the level designs were poorly designed. One of the driving missions was better left out. The controls for the vehicle were unresponsive to say the least.

Fortunately for us, the game is fairly short, so the single player experience is short lived. Although one positive thing about Agent Under Fire is its multiplayer, the rest of the game botches. There isn’t much strategy to it, nor does it require too much skill, but it’s a blast to just run around and shoot things. It’s especially fun with friends, but playing with bots isn’t half bad either. Its multiplayer is the only redeeming factor, but it isn’t nearly enough to erase some of the poorly developed mechanics found in this game, and it certainly doesn’t help when the Xbox is filled with shooters that are far superior.

The graphics for the most part were solid at the time. Some of the character models are noticeable sloppy and choppy. The frame rate also dips every now and then, but for the most part it holds up pretty well. The music was forgettable, as was the voice acting. The voice acting was decent, but the dialogue brought it down from decent to bad.

With so many first person shooters on the Xbox, this one is definitely lost in the shuffle. At the present, the game should be really cheap. Even when you pick it up, the appeal of the game is so low, you will probably shelve it for a long time. I had mine on my shelf for years before I decided to pop it in for a go. When it comes to shooters, Agent Under Fire is definitely underwhelming. When it comes to Bond games, that same feeling still resides.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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