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"Rather disappointing for a Bond game"

Video (8/10): Maybe the best part of the game, the graphics aren't to bad. The characters look realistic but inanimate objects such as crates and paintings look like cubes with pieces of brown paper pasted on to them.

Sound (6/10): The sound in this game might drive you nuts. Every time you do something even a little bit clever, the game will play the first few notes of the theme song. Blow up a barrel and kill someone ''Da! Da! Da!''. Use your Q-laser to open a vent ''Da! Da! Da!''. Enemies seem say either two things which is either ''Charge him!'' or ''Park it!''. The other enemies never seem to listen to him anyway. The sound can get really repetitive really fast.

Controls (8/10): The controls are really convenient. They have several setups, there should be one that you like. Cycling through weapons and gadgets is a huge pain. Some missions you will have 5 or 6 gadgets and if you have to cycle through 4 gadgets instead of 3, it might be a difference between life and death.

Gameplay (6/10): The gameplay is worse than your average first person shooter but this game have some interesting concepts other than first person shooter mode. A couple of missions have you inside vehicles that automatically move for you as you shoot at enemies that go by. Another interesting concept is where you are in a car, you get to control it and it comes with a lot of weapons. Sadly, it can't make up for the bulk of the game, the first person shooter.

Replay Value (6/10): The only thing that keeps me playing it again is because if you beat a mission with a high score you unlock something.

Multiplayer (7/10): The multiplayer features bots, many weapons, a lot of characters, several maps, and five different modes of play. The bots are kind of stupid and you can only have them in two modes of play, but they are fun to have anyway. The maps are fairly small, but they have plenty of spots to hide. One of the modes of play is deathmatch, which I don't think I need to explain what you do in that. Another one is Top Agent, where one guy is stronger than everybody else so they have to gang up on the top agent, whoever kills him becomes the top agent and so on. The next is Capture the Flag, I don't think I need to explain how to play either. The next is anti-terrorist training where you try to set up bombs for the other team to disable while trying to disable their bombs. The last is VIP, where you try to snipe out a civilian while your opponent is protecting him and vice versa.

Overall (not average)(7/10)
This game is worth a rental. Who knows, you might want to buy it after you are done.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/20/02, Updated 07/20/02

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