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"Good Game , But very short"

I played all the James Bond games on the N64 so of course I needed to get this one. I was expecting a lot out of this game so I played the game and the first couple of levels were great but they were so short and in less than a week( not non-stop play) I already got to the last level where I couldn't figure out how to kill the last bad guy because all you and him do is fly around a room and soon enough he would kill you! If this game was longer it would have been a really good FPS but I cant say this enough ITS SO SHORT!!!

Gameplay:The gameplay in this game is quite hard, James Bond has so many gadgets that its too hard to find one gadget without taking 5 minutes to look around your whole inventory!I still can't find the button to throw a grenade!!! The manual doesn't help at all because just like the game its too short! Also after most people got used to the Halo style controls this games controls are so bad but thankfully they have different controls to choose from but I still don't get why they didn't make the Halo style controls the default ones since most xbox users got used to the Halo style controls because they're perfect!5/10

Sound: The audio in this game is pretty good and during the menu selection they don't use the generic James Bond theme (that's a good thing :p)although it does sound like a techno version of the theme. During the story mode the characters have there only unique voice and with the characters moving there mouth along with the talking it sometimes looks like the characters are actually talking and that its not a voice-over!9/10

Graphics: The graphics in this game are pretty decent but nothing too spectacular. James Bond doesn't even look like any of the actors who played James bond in any of the movies, for some reason they made James Bond look like he's in his late 20's! Everyone else in the game looks good but if your buying this game because of good graphics, don't! But don't get me wrong the cinematics are very cool in this game and are the reason it sold more than 10 copies! 9/10

Story: The story in this game is really great especially that EA made it up! The game is not based on a movie so it adds to the fun-level because you won't know what happens at the end of the game unlike the other games where you already watched the movie! The story has a lot of twist and turns so you won't be disappointed in this department! 9/10

Replayability There is absolutely no replayability in this game, once you beat this game you wont be doing anything with the game except multiplayer but that's what Halo is there for since its way better and most people have it! 1/10

Rent Or Buy Rent it, beat it , return it! Seriously you could rent this game and beat it and after that theres nothing to do so don't make the mistake I did and rent it first! But don't get me wrong it's a great rent! Rent

Overall: This game is too short, its gameplay is horrible, only hardcore James Bond fans will like this game! Do yourself a favor, rent this game because you won't be disappointed if you rent it but don't buy it!!! 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/26/02, Updated 08/26/02

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