Review by Quentonamos

"No match to other 007 games, but still good"

Doesn't compare the some of the other 007 games out there, but you can still have some fun times with this one. I have played other 007 games so I'm basically not giving this game a higher score because I know the maker's are capable of much more.

GAMEPLAY: Same as other 007 games with a few more additions to give you something new to try with this line of title's. I'm going to go into a few reason's I like it and don't.

Multi player: Probably the weakest point in the game. They did try though by allowing power ups in the levels and the use of some gadgets and a wide variety of levels to play. But still for some reason I find this somewhat disappointing compared to other games on the market, so if your looking for fun with the multi playing, look elsewhere.

Gadgets: Oh yeah baby, this is what I'm talking about. The 007 gadgets are back but this time there's more of them and there better. Fly around with the jet pack, or remove a lock with the watch lazer.

Variety of play: Not just the same old go through the levels and shoot everyone you see. Now you can drive a car! Or better yet be the passenger and blow up helicopters or destroy other vehicles as they pass by.

There's a lot more to this game than what I've said, I'm just trying to give you a preview into what this game has to offer.

STORY: You agent 007, James Bond, must save the world...again. But yet again the maker's surprise us with another interesting plot which you unfold mission by mission. Its pretty interesting but I'll leave it to you to find out.

GRAPHICS: Very impressive, just look at the back of the box, and you'll go wow. If you buy game's because of graphics well this one's for you, there great. The faces look good, the body's look nice and the surrounding's are fantastic, kudos to the developers on this one.

REPLAYABLILITY: Play any mission you want when you want. This game's got excellent replayability all though you can still probably play the game and unlock everything in a rental, you might want to buy it to bring out every now and than and just go have some fun.

RENT/BUY: It really depends, its a short game but for some people unlocking all the secrets is a must. This one's for you to decide. Personally I'd go with the rent here.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/01/02, Updated 09/01/02

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