Review by aliabuaziz

"A mediocre shooter with few specials"

Gameplay (6/10)
Well let’s start with the good. 2 levels are very special because of the car chases you do. In essence, the developers added an extra game with its in depth and very fun cars and objectives with these cars (in finding things or immobilizing other vehicles). When others saw me play this part, they were very impressed.
James Bond also, as always, is very fun multiplayer. 4 person multiplayer is the reason I bought this game and I had very much fun the times I played with 3 other friends. There are also bots, so if you only have 2 other opponents in person, 1 can be a bot with fully adjustable difficulties.
Now the bad. The rest of the single player game is either you on a moving vehicle shooting things that show up. This is just not fun. Shooting things as they come up? You have no control of the moving vehicle? Then there’s the regular first person shooting. The bosses are in no way special. Sometimes you get to control a big gun and take down helicopters. The bad guys aren’t challenging and the puzzles are easy to solve. There’s absolutely no stealth involved in a JAMES BOND (spy!) game. The gadgets you use aren’t cool or anything either.

Story (4/10)
It’s James Bond but it’s god awful. The bad guys steal nuclear weapons and take world leaders hostage - now that’s ORIGINAL! Austin Powers was a movie spoofing this typical setting. Apparently, the doctor you chase is also making evil clones of people (Mini-Me). This game should be Austin Powers, not James Bond because it’s so text book. I cannot complain about the bond girls though.

Graphics (6/10)
I don’t even think it’s improved since the N64 days. The cut scenes are well done and Bond looks like Pierce Brosnan. The cars look good too. But the people and enemies – nothing special. It adds nothing to the gameplay.

Sound (8/10)
Pretty good. I like it when you do a special bond move and music that comes. The voice acting is humorous and good. I can’t complain here.

Value (6/10)
Multiplayer wise, you can play this game for life if you always have 2 friends willing to play with you. And currently the game is pretty cheap. The single player is not fun and is very short. They try to have you unlock multiplayer features by replaying them, but it’s not worth the pain to do the missions over and over again. And the later missions are just more and more ridiculously hard to unlock things with.

Overall: 6.0
If you’re even thinking of buying this game, rent it first and make sure you’ll like it. I’d only recommend this to die-hard Bond fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/10/03, Updated 01/10/03

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