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Reviewed: 02/03/03 | Updated: 02/03/03

Agent in a Hurry

I just recently picked up an X-box and this was one of the first games I got for it since it was on sale. Plus being Bond I just couldn't pass that up. Now on to my very first game review...

Gameplay- It has a very bad control setup and I don't like how you're basically stuck with it. There are several different setups but they're all basically the same and they all suck. Overall it's a very fun game although its far too easy and far too short. It only took me 3 days to beat and one week to get most of the platinum awards. I don't care how fun it is nothing should be that easy & short. Even 00 Agent level was fairly easy. That said I also don't like rail missions where you can't control your movements and I really really despise cheesy boss-battles. In this day and age of fully 3d shoots there should be no excuse for haveing any fight where one bad guy with enough firepower to blow up the entire planet stands there and shoots while you do an endless cycle of run & shoot for forever and a day. For me personally they tend to ruin alot of the fun of playing the game. A few problems I noticed mostly in the last level. Using your pistol with silencer it takes not one but two headshots at point blank range to kill the bad guys but only one shot from the same pistol at extreame range fromthe other side of the level. There's something wrong with that. I like my games to atleast try to be realistic and noone on the planet can take a headshot and not have it faze them. Still it was rather fun inspite of these problems. (6/10)

Graphics - Having just gone from the n64 to an xbox I find the graphics to be fantastic. Although the bullet trails do look kind of funny and sometimes makes your machine guns look like pellet guns. Bond looked good as always. Very good I thought to not have him look like any of the actors cause there's just something wrong about seeing a Bond actor that doesn't sound like that actor. (9/10)

Story - I thought it was a good story with interesting characters although it wasn't fleshed out and explored nearly enough. There should have been alot more videos advancing the story line and what was up with Malprave and those twins? I would have liked to have seen more of them. It was good to see a bond game where I don't know whats going to happen next. (8/10)

Sound - The sound was well done although I could have done without the chants of ''its bond'' etc from the bad guys especially in level 11 as it tended to get rather annoying after awhile. The voice acting was well done I thought. (8/10)

Multiplayer - Multiplayer was bad I thought. Of the best multiplayer games i've ever played is Perfect Dark and I tend to use that as a benchmark to judge other games by. In this day and age on a system as advanced as the Xbox there is no reason why I should be limited to only 4 players (including bots).Any why are the bots basically limited to just deathmatch? There's so much more they could have done in regards to this. (5/10)

Overall - It has flaws, some rather noticable, it's too short and too easy. Inspite of this however it's still rather fun to play and I thought did a better job of recreating the feel of a Bond movie then Goldeneye did. Not to knock that game, it's very good, but I didn't like how you were limited to mowing down hundreds of waves of bad guys ala Doom. Thats not very bond like, even if it is rather fun. The stealth elements of this game were well done which I liked cause I like to have the option. I'd probobly just rent it tho, it only took me 3 days to finish it which is far far too short to really buy. (7/10)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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