"Game Under Fire!"

I rented this game explaining some fun and a worthy sequel to Goldeneye. Boy was I ever wrong. This is unlike any sequel we've seemed nor played before. This is James Bond with an mediocrity plot, average graphics, lame soundtrack, and an OK-decent multiplayer. The entire game needs improvement and the license should go back to Rare - the creators of Goldeneye (but that's just my two cents). The plot is simple - your James Bond 007 trying to put an end to a madman's plans who is cloning world leaders and replacing them with the 'evil' clones! Gasp! But I've seen it before and played it as well!

The gameplay itself is made like a stealth game, not like a First-Person Shooter with its amazing speed but a least game that takes time because its slow. The graphics do look kind of amazing at first, but once we get further into the game, its average at best. The soundtrack includes the James Bond authentic feel to it, but nothing really amazing or award winning to tell you. You'll get the average girls saying, ''Oh James''. ''Oh No'' is what I have to say to the poor acting in trying to win me over. However, the game itself isn't that bad. There's a great concept behind it - A few racing missions inside James's cool car that he is going to destroy once again and make up a lie to tell Q. There's also a mission where you have a jetpack and can fly for a limited time. Now that's what I'm talking about. But the entire game doesn't feel like what Goldeneye or James Bond does. It feels like a tuned down version with the name in front of it.

The new and original gadgets that everyone was talking about - Seen that before as well in the previous games as well (like The World is Not Enough for N64). It feels like EA just forgot to add everything James Bond is made from and had their main thoughts on making this game 'seem' cool to the casual gamers so they'd run out, buy it, and after playing the game - they wouldn't even know what hit them. The multiplayer itself isn't half bad. Five modes to choose from: (CTF, Golden Gun, Top Agent, Combat Training, and Anti-Terrorist Training) to play in 12 new maps with a jet pack included option. As much as I wanted for this game to succeed, it didn't and I wouldn't recommend it even as a Platinum Hit for 20 bucks. You can go out and buy it, but it wouldn't last it without the feel to it as it did for me. Sorry James Bond fans, but we're gonna keep on waiting...

Final Reviewed Score: 6/10 - Above Average

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/31/03

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