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"The begining of something great for Bond."

Electronic Arts has had the James Bond Licence to Kill for a long time and has killed it's share of Bond games. However, this game has really turned things around for Bond. Agent Under Fire is First person shooter that lets you take control of Bond for his first outing on a next generation system.

GRAPHICS 8/10: The graphics in the game are pretty good. Everything is clear and is designed to look like James Bond movies. James Bond is made to look like a cross between Pierce Brossnan and Sean Connery and looks good for the most part. The girls are pretty and attractive and keep the game interesting. The vehicles look nice too. The weapons look cool and everything is animated pretty well. Overall, the graphics work perfectly well and do Bond justice.

SOUND 8/10: The sound in this game is actually really nice. Although, all James bond games suffer from the repetition of the James Bond theme over and over again, this one adds some nice remixes that make it enjoyable. The explosions and gunfire all sound great with the exception of the mounted machine guns which should be louder. That's a small detail though. The sound effects are very good, as are the voice impersonators whom lend their talents to bring this game to life. EA has done a good job with the sound in this game.

GAMEPLAY 7/10: This game is a pretty standard first person shooter. Veterans to First Person will not be impressed as there are many PC games with better gameplay. However, for those of use that don't have a super computer, this is just fine. The game flows nicely with little slowdown and everything is animated well. There is also a good amount of innovation, like "Bond Moves" where you can shoot at the environment and cause chain reactions of death for the enemies which earns larger point rewards towards unlocking stuff. The only problem I have with this game is that the bullets don't feel solid. your shots sometimes seem to pass through the enemies unless you go for a head shot. Kind of weird but you get used to it. The driving scenes are user friendly and look great. The combat is also good and rewards skill.

STORY 7/10: This game creates it's own storyline and delivers all the Bond elements. A terrorist has stolen nuclear weapons and is holding the world leaders hostage. Bond is dispatched to rescue the leaders and stop the launch. Along the way, you meet some beautiful women and your usual vehicles and gadgets. Pretty good.

FUNFACTOR 8/10: While this game has been criticized as being average, it has proven to be one of the better games I have played. Being a James Bond fan, there was plenty here to make me feel like Bond and enjoy being him. You get to blow things up a lot and drive with style and road rage. Cool stuff. The cinematic screens were cool and corny, yet always entertaining. The weapons were cool as were the unlockables like the "For Your Eyes Only" Lotus Elise. There is plenty here for Bond fans.

BOND GIRLS 8/10: The Bond girls were all pretty good looking. With typical names like Zoe Nightshade, who was later seen in 007 Nightfire. You get plenty of even candy and even some "Bond time" with Zoe. Their breast are "well animated" but it is never vulgar or offensive. EA has done a good job of providing a lot of elements to this game.

OVERALL 8/10: Agent Under Fires sets up a great concept for EA to build upon. Every James Bond fan should own this game as it is very entertaining and provides some introductions for some characters seen in the later Bond games. All the Bond elements are here and the game works quite well. Veteran FPS players will probably not be impressed but the casual gamer will. RENT or BUY? Buy it. It's a Platinum Hit and if you like Bond, you will enjoy it.
"James Bond will return in 007 Nightfire"

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/22/04

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