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"Stylish. Slick. Bond."

Gamers who feel movie-to-game conversions are instant failures, sprouted with poor wooden dialogue and rushed development are usually right. Well, that might be true in some cases, but when Bond came to the table with this adventure, I knew it had something. Set aside from the plots of the films, this FPS takes place on it's own back, with no real links to any of the movies. It's just the Man himself.

A typical Bond opening takes place, minus the sexy intros from the films (They were introduced in the later titles), where you must break through a security door with a slick mobile phone device, sneakily avoid the guards, cut open a padlock with your laser, all before saving a Bond girl tied to a submerging submarine. Nice action packed level, eh? The Bond feeling doesn't just end there, as the ever so exciting Bond cars make an appearance where you can take to the streets, squealing around corners with oil slicks and rockets blasting.

Most first-person-shooters are just about all out shooting, but AUF introduces some elements of stealth to the game. One mission sees you sneaking through an foreign Embassy where one casualties results in game over. Not only is there simply the moments of stealth, but in the form of Bond Moments. Bond Moments are effectively what Bond would do in a situation, such as shoot out the tires of a car instead of the gunmen, or shoot off a valve on a steam pipe to burn the faces of a group of thugs. These moments are satisfying...and do act as a type of bonus point. At the end of each level your performance is assessed and marked. If you have enough points, you unlock a mode or weapon. It doesn't matter if you miss any of the points or Bond Moments, since you can at any time load back up the level and drop straight into it to try for better ranks and prizes.

The game is nice, don't get me wrong, but it's not completely enjoyable at certain points during gunplay. Besides the matter of the shooting, the game brought a lot of ideas to light. Gadget use has taken a leap forward, same with driving and chase levels. The multiplayer modes are fun to play and enjoy, and with the use of AI-Controlled bots, you can play intense deathmatches by yourself. Be sure to pick this up, even if you've already got the other two games that followed....

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/11/05, Updated 11/08/05

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