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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krushull

    Version: 1.9 | Updated: 04/07/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                    >> THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING <<
    A guide to the XBox version
    by Krushull
    Guide version 1.9
    Email: admin@gamers-realm.com
    1. Notes from me
    2. Questions from me
    3. Game information
    4. Walkthrough:
    4.1 The Shire
    4.2 The old Forest
    4.3 Barrow Downs
    4.4 Bree
    4.5 Weathertop
    4.6 Rivendell
    4.7 Moria
    4.8 Lothlorien
    4.9 Riven Anduin
    5. Cheats
    6. Legal Stuff
    7. Credits
    >> NOTES FROM ME <<
    Please take note, this is for the XBox version as the PC and PS2 versions are very
    different and I don't want a load of questions for other versions because I haven’t
    played them. There are similarities but I think overall the games are very different.
    This is my very first walkthrough so don’t be too critical. This guide is closed to being
    finished but I'm sure there are a few things I have missed so fill me in.
    I chose to create a walkthrough for this title as it was a fairly easy adventure game to 
    write my first guide on and there was no XBox walkthrough for it available. It is a very in
    depth guide but I am sure I have missed some secrets and mini quests. I don’t have 
    the time to play this game again so any help with this guide is very welcome and all credit 
    will be given where due.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions, mistakes, answers or additions to this guide so
    I can complete it 100% and move on to another walkthrough.
    Mail me if you think any sections of this guide are not clear or detailed enough. 
    I haven't proof read this document so don't complain about my bad spelling and grammar.
    Visit my new website at http://www.gamers-realm.com
    >> BUGS <<
    It would seem the game can get a little buggy at times.
    I have received quite a few emails where people are stuck at points where it would seem
    the game is playing up. If you think you have done everything fine but for some reason you 
    are stuck and not able to interact with an object etc, just try loading back a few previous 
    saved games, preferably before the area you are in was loaded into the XBox memory. 
    It worked for me.
    What the Mithril Mail does?
    If the pages from the Book of Mazarbul have any specific use besides information?
    Anything that I missed in my guide?
    ** Controls **
    Left thumbstick - Controls movement and direction
    Left thumbstick button - Centers the camera
    Right thumbstick - Controls camera angle
    Right thumbstick button - Activates aim mode
    A - Attack
    B - Defend
    X - Action
    Y - Jump
    Black button - Use selected from items inventory
    White button - Change attack types and weapons
    Right trigger - Browse items inventory
    Left trigger - Browse weapons inventory
    Keypad - Browse and switch both inventories
    Back - Open journal
    Start - Enter menu
    ** General hints **
    Smash any containers you see for items inside.
    Don't use the ring unless you desperately need to or you are looking for a secret area.
    Holding down attack and using a power attack is good to keep enemies at bay.
    When fighting using Frodo you need to keep moving and try to keep your distance from a
    target in between attacks.
    When using Gandalf melee attacks are best avoided unless need be, always keep an eye on
    your spirit levels to avoid getting trapped without magic.
    Don't be too conservative with your healing items, remember you have three different
    characters you command throughout the game, each with a separate inventory.
    Try and save one Beryl Stone for the final boss, this makes it a lot easier.
    ** Items **
    Healing and Restoration:
    Athelas leaf - Heals 4 health points and cures poison
    Mushrooms - Heals 8 health points
    Cram - Heals 30 health points
    Lembas - Heals full
    Miruvor - Restores full spirit
    Fatty's Ointment - This ointment raises your health capacity by 25% and heals full
    Dwarf Tonic - This raises your health capacity by 35% and heals full
    The Ring Of Power - Used to make Frodo invisible and detect secret areas and will also
    spin when Ring Wraiths are nearby
    Lock Pick Kit - Use to open locked chests
    Honey Comb - Duration 30 (energy power up for Frodo)
    Beryl Stone - Duration 30 (energy power up for Aragorn)
    Mithril Mail - I have no idea, I can't get it to work or do anything of use.
    ** Character Weapons **
    Frodo's Weapons:
    Walking Stick - Damage 3
    Fatty's Walking Stick - Damage 5
    Westernesse Dagger - Damage 7
    Sting - Damage 9
    Frodo's Projectiles:
    Rocks - Damage 1
    Elven Shot - Damage 5
    Dwarf Shot - Damage 7
    Firecrackers - Damage 8
    Aragorn’s Weapons:
    Long Sword - Damage 7
    Anduril - Damage 11
    Bow - Damage 0
    Aragorn’s Projectiles:
    Wooden Arrows - Damage 10
    Steel Arrows - Damage 20
    Fire Arrows - Damage 30
    Elven Arrows - Damage 35
    Gandalf Weapons:
    Staff of Light - Illumination
    Glamdring - Damage 11
    Gandalf’s Magic:
    Fiery Blast - Spirit Cost 5, Damage 30
    Staff Slam - Spirit Cost 15, Damage 50
    Chain Lightning - Spirit Cost 25, Damage 75
    Beam of Light - Spirit Cost 50, Damage 150
    Confusion - Spirit Cost 20, Duration 20
    Heal - Spirit Cost 15, Heals 25
    ** HUD Information **
    Health Bar:
    Fairly self explanatory, the red bar equals health, and this is replenished by consuming
    various foods.
    Corruption Bar (Frodo only):
    This shows Frodo's corruption, black and White obviously being the bad and good sides. 
    It starts somewhere in the middle. Once this reaches maximum the wraiths will come and claim 
    the ring and the game is over. Some people say you don’t have to use the ring but you need
    this to find secrets and secrets are well worth finding if you don’t use the ring for too
    long. The corruption bar is also affected by your actions. For example bad deeds such as
    stealing something from somebody or striking a defenseless animal will draw it towards
    the dark. Good deeds such as helping somebody out or heroism will draw it towards the
    white. You will notice the bar shine when actions affecting it are carried out. I used
    the ring a fair bit to find as many secrets as possible but with all the good deeds I
    completed it pretty much stayed in the middle anyway.
    Stealth Icon (Frodo only):
    The small icon at the top shows your stealth status.
    When you are undetected it will be black.
    When it is yellow a nearby enemy is alerted but has not yet seen you.
    When it is red you have been detected by the enemy and spotted.
    Spirit Bar (Gandalf Only):
    Represents the amount of spirit you currently have. Spirit is needed to cast any of
    Gandalf’s spells
    1. THE SHIRE.
    1.1 Sale of Bag End
    1.1.1 Find the Bag End Deed and Bag End.
    1.1.2 Deliver the deed to Lobelia Sackville Baggins in Bywater
    1.1.3 Find the missing warning bell clapper
    1.1.4 Ring the warning bell
    1.2 Prepare for the journey to Rivendell
    1.2.1 Get the One Ring from Bag End
    1.2.2 Get the Key to Bag End
    1.2.3 Give the Bag End key to Hamfast Gamgee at number 3 Bagshot Rove.
    1.2.4 Meet Merry, Pippin and Sam at Farmer Maggots Farm
    1.3 Repair the Hobbiton Gate
    1.3.1 Find the hinge
    1.3.2 Use the hinge to repair the gate
    Optional Quests:
    .Help a Hobbit with a physical task
    ..Help Hal fix his weather vane
    .Help Fatty make a pie
    ..Give an Egg to Fatty
    ..Give Honeycomb to Fatty
    .Help Milo Burrows return his pigs to their pen
    ..Find all 5 pigs and return them to their pen
    ..Find a bag of grain to feed the pigs
    ..Fill the pig trough with grain
    .Fix Ted Sandyman's Mill
    ..Find the missing metal pin
    ..Repair the mill control pin
    .Help Milo Burrows with his fishing
    ..Find a worm for Milo
    ..Give the worm to Milo
    . Assist Rosei in her duties
    ..Find the Cider cask
    ..Carry the Cider cask to the Green Dragon bar
    .Find healing herbs for old Noakes
    ..Find 4 healing Herbs in Green Hill Country
    ..Give 4 healing herbs to old Noakes in Bywater
    Character: Frodo
    You start off in the large room. There is a locked chest (which contains the ring you
    will need to get later) and a desk which contains the Bag End Key. You don’t need this
    yet but may as well pick it up as I won’t describe the house too much later on. The desk
    is near the door to the left open it and take the key. Opposite is a barrel smash it and
    grab the mushroom. Head out of the room then into the small room to the left. Open the
    cabinet on the left side and take the lock pick kit. Use it on the chest next to this and
    grab more mushrooms. Head out and through the doorway on your left then into the small
    room on the right side of this corridor. Move the boxes from in front of the chest and
    grab the deed needed to complete a quest. Back into the corridor then turn right. You
    will see a large chest. Drag it backwards and grab the mushroom behind it. The Kitchen is
    in the doors to the left but nothing of much real interest except a mushroom in a barrel.
    Head back out of this corridor and turn right smash any barrels looking for food and then
    exit Bag End through the door. Head left and down the path out the gate (If you head
    right Sam Gamgee appears for no reason in particular). You can climb the tree house on
    the left side of the path and grab some firecrackers.
    Further down is a gate head in and around the left side of the house and talk to Milo the
    farmer. Receive the optional quest. You need to find some grain to keep the pigs in the
    pen. Head back out to the path and continue left. Run through the pile of leaves. There
    is usually a mushroom inside any leaf pile so keep an eye out for them. At the
    intersection turn right and then first left into the garden. Head up to the grain silo
    and talk to Hal. He needs his weathervane fixed. Head around to the back of the house and
    up the ladder, watch out for bees. Grab the bread then jump from the silo onto the roof.
    Grab the fire crackers then move to targeting mode. Aim at the weathervane on top of the
    other silo, using aim mode, and throw a rock at it to fix it. Receive your thank you gift 
    of an egg. Near Hal is a metal pin on the ground you will see shining, grab it. Now enter 
    targeting mode again and throw a few rocks at the bee’s nest, on the silo you just climbed, 
    until some honeycomb drops down, grab it. Also enter the silo right behind Hal, yep some 
    grain just what we need. Head back out to the path and back to Milo's farm which is to the 
    right then left. Put the grain in the trough then grab all the pigs and chuck them in the pen.
    There are five all up in various places around the farmyard. To my knowledge you don’t
    gain anything from doing this quest except lowering your corruption. Head back down the
    path you came from left and keep following straight. There are signs if you get lost,
    look for one pointing to Bywater. Follow the path until you come to a mill before the
    bridge over the river. Head up the plank and talk to Fred then listen to him bitch. He
    needs the metal pin you picked up at the grain farm. Walk around the back and put the pin
    in with the gears then pull the lever to your left. Another quest done, grab the mushroom
    and bail back to the path then left over the bridge, through the gate and on to Bywater.
    Character: Frodo
    Head in and follow the path to the left until you come across Lobelia. Chat to her and
    listen to her bitching. Get the quest you need to complete before selling her the deed.
    Keep following the left path to the house at the end. Go in and talk to Fatty the baker
    and get the bell clapper off him. You get another optional quest to give Fatty an egg and
    some honeycomb, which you should already have if you followed this guide correctly
    earlier. Give these too him and he will offer you two gifts, you can choose which to take
    but I will give you a run down of the items. The walking stick does an extra 2 damage
    over you current stick but the ointment permanently raises your health by 25% (keep in
    mind I chose the stick for this walkthrough). There is also and Athelas leaf in the chest
    behind him and a rotten apple on the floor on the way out. Just left of Fatty's house is
    a chest next to a stall. Open it for some food. Head back out to the town center and fix
    the warning bell. The shirriff will appear and chat to you then quest is complete. Head
    back over to Lobelia and have another chat then hand her the deed to Bag End. In the town
    center you will see three large crates. Two stacked and one lone. Grab the lone one and
    drag/push it to the stacked ones. Climb on top and grab the firecrackers. Go past Lobelia
    to the right, follow the path to the river until you see Milo fishing. Give him the
    rotten apple with a worm inside. He will give you some dwarf shot. Head to the other 
    side of town past the Inn for another optional quest. Talk to Old Noakes. He is sitting 
    on a bench near the exit to Green Hills country. Talk to him and he will ask you to find 
    his healing herbs. Head through the arch and into Green Hills country.
    Green Hills Country:
    Head down the path and talk to the guy on the bridge. Listen to him crap on and grab the
    herbs he leaves behind. That's one.
    Turn around and backtrack a few steps and head down the pathway to the right hand side.
    Continue down and climb over any obstacles and then climb up to the ledge on the right
    and grab more herbs. Go back the way you came and back to the pathway and continue down
    it. A few steps after the bridge turn right and you will see the herbs almost immediately
    on a rock to the right, jump up and grab them. This path has nothing more of interest for
    the time being but we will return to it later. Go back to the main path and continue
    down it. About another ten steps down the path you will see more ledges to jump up. Climb
    up each one and take out any bee's that may appear. Follow the top ledge along until you
    reach the fourth and final herbs. There are more herbs ahead in the hollow tree trunk but
    you won't need these if you followed me. Now you can trek to the end of the path to Farmer
    Maggot's farm. Here you can collect various mushrooms (four all up) but you have to avoid
    his dogs or he will take them back off you. Just sneak around the right and left fields
    using the hay bails as cover so the dogs can see you. Steal the old codgers mushrooms and
    head back to Bywater.
    Bywater again:
    Once back here give the herbs to the old man on the bench so he can smoke up. Not far
    in front of you will be the Inn on the left, head on in. You can talk to various people,
    none of any particular use except the barmaid Rosie. Talk to her and listen to what she
    has to say, nothing important. After that conversation talk to her again afterwards and
    she will ask you to bring her the cask of cider. Walk to the back past the door and to
    the side of the large round object. You will see the cask behind some crates. Move them
    out of the way and grab the cider then walk back over to Rosie and drop the cask in front
    of her. She will give you some silverware in return (somebody notified me of this after I
    finished the game and I haven't yet discovered what the silverware is for so if anyone
    knows please let me know). There is also a chest near where you picked up the cask, you
    can open this and steal the mushrooms but it will affect your corruption.
    On the right hand side of the room are Merry and Pippin. Chat to them to continue the
    main quest. Now you must head back to Bag End and grab the ring. I won’t explain the way
    as I'm sure you won’t find it that hard to return. Just head back to the Hobbiton and
    enter Bag End.
    Hobbiton at night:
    Character: Frodo
    Once inside head forward turn left then first left again. Remember the chest at the end
    of this room, walk to it. Choose to leave and continue the journey. Now is a good time to 
    save if you haven't already. Now to find Hamfast Gamgee and give him the key. Head 
    right from Bag End, a cut scene with a black rider and Hamfast will ensue. After that 
    keep walking to the nearest house and talk to Hamfast standing out front. Give him the 
    key and continue. Now there is a secret area in Hobbiton. It is fairly hard to get there 
    as the black rider is patrolling right next to it. Remember the tree house? Well it’s on 
    the left hand side of Bag End opposite way to which you just came. If you wish to find 
    the secret (they are almost always worth it) just turn around and head back up to Bag End 
    and you will see the tree house nearby. If not then from here head forward a bit then left 
    back to Bywater. Now head towards the well which is next to the tree house, the ring will 
    spin. Activate the ring and you will see a plank which allows walking onto the well. 
    Carefully walk up the plank and drop into the well. Be fast to avoid corruption and the 
    black rider.
    Secret Area:
    Once inside beat some rats up and walk to the chest on the left of the cave. Grab the
    Athelas leaf inside and then take the right path to another chest and another leaf. Now
    backtrack a little and head through the tunnel on the left. At the end chuck a quick left
    break the rock and takes the mushrooms then turn around and head the other way. Follow
    the tunnel until it emerges in a cave of rats and chests. Open them all and continue
    onwards down the tunnel. Eventually you will come back to where you started. Grab the
    Lembas and walk around the water and head back up the ladder out of the caves. Note:
    Ignore any other spinning on this level as it is most likely due to the Ring Wraiths
    being close to you.
    You can climb the tree again there are more firecrackers there now. Then continue heading
    out of Hobbiton towards Bywater. Riders are easy to avoid if you see one just jump into a
    field and they usually wont catch you. Don’t attack them there is no point, I'm pretty
    sure they will not die, distract them with rocks if you are trapped. Keeping off the
    paths is best, staying in the fields they wont be able to reach you. Head back to the
    exit to Bywater passed the mill and across the bridge staying off the path to avoid ring
    wraiths. Talk to the Shiriff, he will tell you that the black rider busted the gate and
    you must fix it. Head back over the bridge then straight away turn left and into the room
    underneath the mill (the first door you will see). Once in turn to your left and you will
    see a hinge sparkling on the ground. Grab it and head back to the gate and use the hinge
    on it. Open it and head off into Bywater.
    Bywater at night:
    Character: Frodo
    Once in Bywater you stumble across Robin being attacked by a wolf. He will ask for help
    and then a wolf will appear behind you. Flog the wolfs ass with ya stick then attack the
    other one which is mauling Robin. He will thank you then bugger off. Eat some mushrooms
    if you got hurt. The ring is spinning once more. To the left of the archway you entered
    Bywater through is a large rock. Activate the ring and see the hidden entrance in the
    rock appear.
    Secret Area:
    There are a fair few rats in this cave so be prepared to beat them all down. Head to the
    right and open the chest for some firecrackers. Turn around and head down the other way.
    Take a left near where you entered for another chest of firecrackers. From there head
    right a little and open another chest. That's all, keep heading forward past the
    wheelbarrow on the ground and then left until you see the exit.
    Now head straight through Bywater and exit to Green Hills Country (Straight ahead). The
    rider will appear behind you just as you are about to leave, just keep running.
    Green Hills Country at night:
    Character: Frodo
    Head down the pathway a little and over the bridge. There is a pathway off to the left
    which seems a dead end but you will notice the ring spinning. Head to the end of the path
    to the dead end and activate the ring... see the secret entrance to the right? Run
    through it...
    Secret Area:
    Once inside you are attacked by a few rats. Beat their asses with ya stick. Head up to
    the right and you will see a chest. Kill the rats then use the lock pick on the chest.
    You get Athelas Leaf. Turn around if you head directly forward into the cavern ahead
    there is nothing to be found but bone and crystals so head back out and take the right
    hand turn. Head forward and take the right hand tunnel to a chest. Pick the lock and
    grabs some mushrooms from inside. Turn around head back and this time go right down the
    other tunnel. Kill the rats that appear. You will come out into a small cavern with two
    chests. Pick them both open and grab the mushrooms and Athelas leaf. Keep going through
    the tunnel which appears as a dead end and exit the caves.
    Well not bad you got some more healing crap at least. Head back down to the path and
    continue along the trail. Two dark riders will appear blocking your trail. To be safe
    drop down the left hand bank to the river and continue along as far as you can until you
    are blocked by a boulder. Jump up onto the small bank by the path. Frodo will point out
    the fallen tree is a good place to hide. Wait until the rider has patrolled up and turned
    around and heading back then jump up and across into the tree. There is a mushroom just
    near the entrance to the tree grab it if you like. Head down the inside of the tree then
    wait until the rider is facing the other way and drop down to the river bank again. There
    is another rider standing on the pathway. Keep to the river and run past then across the
    bridge and on up the path. If spotted just run for it and jump into the field further up
    and hide behind a hay bail. The guys are waiting for you up at the end of the trail near
    Maggot's farm. Go chat to them and watch the cut scene. Leave if you’re ready...
    2.1 Begin the journey to Rivendell
    2.1.1 Travel through the old forest and avoid the Black Riders
    2.1.2 Rescue Merry and Pippin from Old Man Willow
    2.1.3 Find 12 lilies for Goldberry
    2.1.4 Find 12 lilies for Tom Bombadil
    2.2 Rescue the missing hobbits
    2.2.1 Find Sam
    2.2.2 Find Merry
    2.2.3 Find Pippin
    2.2.4 Rescue Ted Sandyman
    Tree Labyrinth:
    Character: Frodo
    Head up the trail a little way and a spider will attack you beat its ass and pick up the
    cram it leaves. Best to play defensive when attacking spiders as you don’t want to get
    poisoned. By this I mean whack it then run back a bit then run back in and whack it again
    minimizing time spent within its reach. Now head forward to the junction. Frodo suggests
    breaking mushrooms to leave a trail of where you have been. Bust the mushroom up to the
    right path and continue on that path breaking mushrooms along it. Beware of green
    mushrooms they will poison you. Hit them from a distance or throw rocks at them or just
    avoid them altogether. If you do happen to get poisoned by a spider of mushroom or
    whatever whack a brown mushroom and run into the gas, cured. Once you come to the
    crossroads turn to the left and see the pile of branches blocking the road. Hit them with
    ya stick until they are gone and head down to where same is. A spider will appear so beat
    its ass as well then run straight to the tree stump and break it before more spiders
    emerge. Talk to same and hear his excuse then head back up the path you just came down
    and head straight up to the next path through the junction. At the next junction I headed
    left then left again and followed the small path. A specter appears in the small clearing
    up ahead. Just avoid it and keep going left it doesn’t follow you. I just avoided
    specters as they took to long to fight is there an easy way to kill them? Watch for the
    spider kill it and the nest and grab the shroom. Keep stick to the left and follow the
    path around until you reach another blockage of branches break them and a spider drop
    down. Now head down the path and beware of the spiders nest, break is ASAP to avoid more
    spiders. Talk to Pippin then head back the way you came. Where the specter is milling
    about you can go left if you want to attack two spiders next and grab what they drop or
    you can just keep going straight the way you came. Head back down past the specter to the
    junction. I went left again but my path was obstructed by a tree. So I had to go right.
    Keep going and you will come to the junction where you came from the right hand path so
    keep going left. When you come across another specter chuck a magic left and head down to
    find Merry. Kill the spiders and don’t hang around just incase the specter decides to
    attack. There is another spider’s nest near the specter as well. Head around back on any
    path they both take you back to where you came from and then head straight back down to
    the spot where I said that tree blocked my way (keep following path and take a right at
    first junction). The tree is gone now (must be taking a leak). Now you come to a
    crossroads. Keep going straight and rescue Ted Sandyman from the spiders. Grab the switch
    he leaves and any other goodies lying around. Head back up, the tree is back blocking the
    road. Take a left and go down the path a bit you will notice the ring spinning near a
    path that goes right. Go up it and avoid the specter and head to the end where you will
    find more spiders. Activate the ring and look around for the highlighted entrance. Head
    on into the cave.
    Secret Area:
    Inside you are immediately attacked by about four spiders. A fairly tough battle.
    Straight off to the right are two mushrooms in a small cavern grab them. Head on straight
    up and kill the spiders. Take a left and grab the Cram bread then turn around and head
    back down the right passage a little way up there’s a small cavern to the left with a
    jackpot of mushrooms grab them. Now keep going down the passage you were just in grab the
    Lembas and the dwarf shot at the end. That’s it I guess now head back out the way you
    came. It’s not that hard I’m not gonna type out the directions.
    Head back past the specter and continue right down the trail. At the next junction go
    right (the left leads to a dead end and a spider nest) and keep going until you reach the
    big ass spider. Not too hard to beat really. Move to the gate and then use the level that
    Ted gave you on the broken mechanism to the left of the gate. Now pull it and exit. Watch
    the cut scene and get an auto save.
    Head down off the grassy knoll and back into the forest. Head down the trail and watch
    for spiders and bees. You can throw rocks at bee’s nests to get honeycomb. When eating
    this it seems to give you some kind of power up and your stick glows. Now I borrowed this
    game from a friend so I have no manual. Anybody feel free to point things out that I
    don’t explain well I know I must miss a lot.
    Boss: Old Man Willow
    At the end of this trail you come across Old Man Willow. After the cut scene two of your
    friends will be trapped in its mouth. First attack all the roots coming from the ground.
    Don’t attack the trunk or he squeezes the captured hobbits. Attack the roots that are
    coming from the ground until they are all gone. After that he will start attacking you
    with his arms, just keep moving and attacking his arms when you have the opportunity, not
    too hard. After awhile Tom Bombadil will come along and save you. Pretty easy.
    Withywindle Path:
    Now its time to hunt for lilies, yay. Head down the trail and immediately to your right
    is a tree across the river with a lily on it. Head past for it for the time being and
    destroy the spiders on the way down the river bank. Further down you will see a large
    rock with a lily on top. Climb it and grab the lily...duh. If you look to the left and up
    in the tree from the top you will see something sparkling. Aim for it and peg a few rocks
    until it falls down. When you go back down you will see you have found some Elven Shot
    grab it and head back up to the fallen tree then cross over the river. Battle the spiders
    and bees while heading right. Be careful of the living trees just keep your distance, you
    can attack them with projectiles but not worth it unless your bored or its in your way.
    There’s another lily near a spiders nest destroy the spiders grab the lily and break any
    other stumps to find goodies. Then keep heading down the river bank around a corner,
    avoiding the tree and break the spiders nest before attacking any spiders. Kill the damn
    spiders and grab another lily. Head back the way you came until you reach the stream you
    past before. See the waterfall at the top? Go through it.
    Secret area:
    Hrm specters avoid them and take the passage to the left. Take a quick left a little way
    up and grab the lily. Head back out then up a bit more and grab the next lily then head
    left again avoiding the specters and grab another lily nearby. Just keep avoiding the
    specters or fight them if you like there’s quite a few of them and head back out of the
    Continue back to the fallen tree across the river. There are a lot of tree stumps around
    with mushrooms in this area so keep your eyes peeled. Head past the tree bridge and avoid
    the trees until you come to a lily in some reeds. Slash the reeds, grab the lily and head
    on. A little further is a nest with more spiders kill the nest and then the spiders, I
    wont stress the fact the nest is important from now on. Grab the nearby lily and head on.
    A little further is another lily close to a tree grab it quickly and move away. Don’t
    cross the river yet just head forward and to the left a bit until you see another lily in
    between two trees. Watch out for the giant spider nearby. Whollop him to death or keep
    your distance and throw rocks or shot and waste any other annoying pests nearby. Close to
    this is a path leading up the face of the cliff follow this up and grab the lily up top.
    You should now have 12 lilies if you followed my instructions correctly. If not keep
    heading on the right side down the river bank. Behind some rocky outcrops on top of a
    boulder is another lily. A little past that is another lily near a tree. You can
    backtrack a bit and cross over the river using the fallen tree. If so to the right is
    nothing but spider from what I can see. Turn around and head back along this side of the
    bank. A little way up behind some rocks on a ledge is another lily. Slaughter a heap of
    spiders and keep moving on. Alternatively you can just head on along the bank near where
    you killed the giant spider and cross further up. Continuing down the left hand side of
    the bank you will come across Tom Bombadil again, give him the lilies and follow him.
    Once in his house you can wander around if you like. Search the kitchen for a few 
    loaves of cram before finding the gang for a cut scene filled with annoying song and
    3.1 Defeat the Barrow Wight
    3.2 Find the missing Hobbits again
    Barrow Downs Frontside:
    Character: Frodo
    Now you're standing in front of Tom’s house. Whack the tree stump nearby and grab the
    mushroom. Now there’s two paths, the one to the left is blocked so take the one to the
    right. Now there are a lot of wolves on the level and if you move too hastily and stop
    you can be fighting up to three or four at once, not good. I was fairly low on mushrooms
    at this point so I didn’t want to attack them all but I wanted to get all the food around
    the place for health. Either way you can do what you like, I chose to sneak around
    killing any if need be while keeping an eye out for food and tree stumps. Head down the
    pathway leading right. If you are sneaky enough I am sure you could avoid a fight. Just
    keep sneaking or fighting your way down the path. There are mushrooms around in various
    places most easy to spot from the pathway. A good tactic if fighting a wolf is the usual
    whack them and retreat, whack and retreat, while circling the target, timing is of the
    essence though. Most of the wolves will drop food but if you don’t really kill them
    quickly its not worth it. The two near the corner between the third and forth terrace
    dropped cram bread and Lembas. Probably the best ones to kill if any. Frodo will remark
    that the platforms are a clever riddle. At this point stop and head back a few steps and
    down to the platforms along the grass bank. You can see the items you wish to get to up
    on the hill. First of all head to the left around near the mushroom grab the tree stump
    sitting on the ground. Head back to the platforms and drop it on the platform closet to
    the cliff. The ground will rise. Now to the right hand side of this is a rock find it and
    drop it on the left platform. Get the idea? Well I couldn’t find anything for the other
    platform but this worked fine anyway. Stand on the remaining one until the pillar has
    risen up as far as it will go. Now as quick as you can run and jump onto the first pillar
    then the second and the third before it goes down to far. From there jump onto the cliff
    and climb up for the goodies. The chest also contains the Westernesse dagger. After that
    head back to the pathway and continue upwards.
    Barrow Downs Backside:
    There’s no wolves from here so look around for any food. Note the small cave on the left
    as you head up. Whack the weeds blocking the entrance and head in for a mushroom jackpot.
    You can also head around to the left of the cave into an area with some food. Also look
    out for the food on various ledges on the pathway ahead. Keep moving until the cut scene.
    Then head away from the campsite and down a pathway. Arms will spring from the ground at
    various places. Try and keep off the pathway to avoid them. After a short while Frodo
    will notice his friends are missing again. Once you come to a fork in the path head up
    the right side. There are some Wight’s milling around here. You will notice the ring
    spinning. See the pile of rocks in the middle put on the ring and avoid or kill the
    creatures and run around the rock formation until you see a secret entrance head in.
    Secret Area:
    Kill the Wight just inside or avoid him and head to the right to the chest. Open it take
    the goodies and back the other way past the Wight and follow the path around at the fork
    head right and open the chest. Now head back and take the right hand path. Kill or avoid
    any Wight’s and open the other two chests then head back the way you came at back outside.
    Go back down to the fork and this time take the left hand pathway. Further up on the left
    is some cram on a ledge with a few Wight’s around. Follow to the very top to the rock
    formation. Whack the large rock blocking the doorway and head in.
    Boss: Barrow Wight
    Once inside the boss wont appear straight away so you’re safe for awhile but don’t walk
    to far forward yet. If you haven’t already gotten the Westernesse dagger head to the left
    and up onto the ledge. There is a chest here, avoid the arm next to it and grab the
    dagger or of you got it earlier, some cram bread. Also grab the mushroom then head down
    into the middle of the cave until the Wight arises. Your friends are asleep on the ground
    near him for some reason, damn lazy hobbits. If you have trouble on this level it may be
    wise to destroy all the arms first by using the charge attack from just the right
    distance so they can't reach you. Once the Wight is provoked stay close to him so he
    won’t breathe his stanky breath on you and use the good old whack and retreat tactic on
    him. Whack the Wight with your new dagger, after about ten hits or so Frodo comments that
    maybe he should call for help. Use the Song of Bombadil straight away. Frodo will sing
    then Tom will bust in and keep singing. That’s enough to send anyone running, the Barrow
    Wight disappears and the spell is broken. Tom gives the rest of the hobbits Westernesse
    weapons then you continue on to Bree.
    4. BREE.
    4.1 Check into the Prancing Pony Inn
    4.2 Search the village for Merry
    4.3 Create a decoy
    4.3.1 Collect Clothes
    4.3.2 Collect Melons
    4.3.3 Collect Hay
    4.3.4 Collect Small logs
    Prancing Pony Inn:
    Character: Frodo
    After the cut scene you are left by your friends in the Inn. The desk in front of you is
    unattended. You can explore the Inn before the Innkeeper will appear. There are a few
    people to talk to in the Bar as well as your companions and Aragorn. Talk to the hobbit
    standing next to the bar and give him the silverware Rosie gave you in Bywater, he will
    offer you dwarf tonic or steel arrows in return. Take the dwarf tonic as this will
    increase your health capacity by 35%, you will find plenty of arrows later on anyway.
    Now head back to the reception and talk to the now present Innkeeper and receive the room 
    key. You can now use this key to enter your room before heading back to the bar. Follow 
    the corridor that heads right, from the reception area, all the way, past the room with the 
    fire, until you reach the round door at the end, use the key on it and take the cram inside.
    Now head back to the bar room and enter. A dodgy character talks to you just after you
    enter. It’s fairly obvious it’s a trap but there's nothing you can do. Ask him to join
    your party and he will capture you. You can reject it but you end up captured plus you lose 
    health so make sure you accept his offer. Now smash anything in the room and grabs mushrooms. 
    Drag the crate out of the doorway, make sure you drag it so you are still hidden from the 
    fat bastard outside. Sneak out when he’s not looking and head right and hide behind the 
    other crate. You can attack him he’s really not that hard to beat but I will tell you the 
    sneaky way anyway. Pull the crate back so you have an easy exit and sneak out whiles he’s 
    looking the other way again. Head put through the kitchen and through the small door. To 
    the left is another dodgy bastard standing so you can’t sneak past him. Note the ring spinning.
    Opposite the door you can climb up and head up and climb the wall.
    Secret Area:
    Once you have climbed up turn to the right and activate the ring. See the hidden
    platform? Jump onto it grab the goodies and deactivate the ring quickly. The platform
    disappears and you drop back down.
    Now you can either kill the dodgy character or climb back up and jump along the platforms
    to the left and avoid him and climb down the other side. Either way head to the end of
    the alley and climb through the window to the left and back into the bar. Watch the cut
    Bree Village:
    Character : Aragorn
    Finally you get to use Aragorn. You must find Merry. Move forward and get the attention
    of some old lady. She needs an exterminator, fun fun. Enter her house and chop some rats.
    Now go through the door on the left of the room. Surprise surprise its Merry. Chop the
    barrels in this room and grab the arrows. Now we must collect some object to create some
    decoys. Exit the hobbits house and collect the rags she gives you as a 'reward'. Watch
    out for any bandits around (Note: holding attack and using the charge attack is very
    affective when they are coming at you, also keep your sword at the ready). Now turn left
    and head a little way down the street until you see some stands to the left, break the
    barrels to the right of them and head around back to find some melons. Various people
    will attack you they are all pretty easy I wont make note of where they are just keep an
    eye out. Keep heading down the street and break the barrels to the right before the
    doorway, grab the Beryl Stone. Go through the doorway then turn right into the small
    courtyard and break anything in sight to get some goodies. Go back down the street and
    past the Prancing Pony Inn and keep heading forward. You will see a stable just past the
    Inn head in and defeats the idiots inside, shouldn’t be hard I just ran out of the stable
    and shot them with arrows because they just stood there doing nothing. Turn left inside
    the stables run to end and grab the hay in the corner. Smash any barrels then exit the
    stables. Move forward and this time head down the street to the left. Barrels to the left
    and right as you enter the street with goodies. Take the first left head down the street
    until you encounter another dodgy character, kick his ass and continue. Head to the end
    then left and break the barrels for some food. Now head back out and turn continue right.
    Arrows at the end of the first street to the right. Continue on to the very end and
    defeat the idiot then grab the logs in the room to the right. Everything’s found now head
    back to the Prancing Pony which is at the other end of the street if you have forgotten
    already. Enter and watch the cut scene.
    5. WEATHERTOP (Amon Sul).
    5.1 Escort Frodo and the Hobbits to Rivendell
    5.1.1 Reach the summit of Weathertop
    5.1.2 Defeat the Olog-Hai
    5.1.3 Protect Frodo from the Nazgul
    5.1.4 Guide Frodo through the Troll Shaws
    Character : Aragorn
    Now to climb Weathertop. Move forward and defeat the damn rock chucking trolls and bats
    (dodge or chop the rocks and rush them they aren’t too tough). Keep following the path up
    the hill killing anything on the way. Nothing of real importance, a little way up there’s
    a portal (I will refer to a cave that spawns enemy as a portal) from which creatures
    emerge so destroy it fairly quickly and keep on heading up the path. bats can poison you
    but I’m sure you have quite a few Athelas leaves handy. Well after a long trek to the top
    you come to the boss.
    Boss: Olog-Hai
    An easy battle. Just keep circling him while shooting arrows. After a few shots he gets
    angry stamps his feet and beats his chest. If you’re feeling fast switch to sword and
    give him a few chops while he does this to conserve arrows. You get quite awhile to
    charge him while he farts about. Anyway you will see his circle grow red and he will
    finally die after not much effort, I think he hit me once when I chopped him a little too
    After this you reach camp for an auto save and a chat. Then head away from camp and watch
    the cut scene.
    Bosses: Nazgul
    Pretty easy if you’re careful. Just stay near Frodo so they will only attack you and not
    him. If you move away they will attack him and he dies pretty easily. Just keep running
    and slashing weaving in between the wraiths it was pretty easy... not a lot more to say.
    Troll Shaws:
    Character : Aragorn and Frodo
    Frodo is poisoned and must follow you through the Troll Shaws. The trolls seem to focus
    on him mainly so best to run as far ahead of him as possible and just make sure you don’t
    miss any trolls or Frodo is in trouble. If you do have any troubles use a Beryl Stone to
    power up which makes the slaughtering much quicker. Keep an eye on his green health bar
    too make sure Frodo isn’t being attacked. Again nothing of real importance just another
    troll slaughtering mission. Make sure you grab the Beryl Stone which is near the statues
    and watch for the portal just past them. Continue on to meet the elf Glorfindel at the
    bridge. Cut scenes follow which cover a lot of the story in the Elven kingdom of
    The House of Elrond:
    Enter the door near Gandalf and the hobbits and meet up with Bilbo who gives you some
    great items (Sting and a Mithril shirt). Also check the chests in the room for any other
    items. Exit the room. Give the Elven Tomb to Gandalf. He will exclaim Mellon which is
    needed later on to enter the Gates of Moria. Chat to other various people who are around
    for stories, etc, and finally Elrond to continue the journey.
    7. MORIA.
    7.1 Find the entrance to Moria
    7.1.1 Defeat the Wargs
    7.1.2 Fill the crevice in the mountain Path
    7.1.3 Defeat the Watcher in the water
    7.1.4 Open the Gates of Moria
    7.2 Escape from Moria
    7.2.1 Find a way out of the Mining Area
    7.2.2 Escape the 21st Hall
    7.2.3 Defeat the Cave Troll
    7.2.4 Defeat the Orc Chieftain
    7.2.5 Leave Balins Tomb
    7.2.6 Reach Durins Bridge
    7.2.7 Protect the fellowship from the Balrog
    Hollin Gate:
    After more cut scenes you are attacked by Wargs. Destroy them (fiery blast is efficient
    against them), pick up the Miruvor and the mushroom right near the camp, then we must
    continue on to the gates of Moria. You are now Gandalf so note the spells you now possess
    and the blue bar which represents your spirit needed to cast spells (replenish this with
    Miruvor). Break camp and head off. Turn right first and grab the Athelas leaf then head
    back and take the left hand path. Turn right and grab the mushroom and the bow of
    Galadhrim (this is automatically given to Legolas) then head back up and take the other
    path way. A little way up is a portal. I just threw some fireballs at it from a distance
    before anything emerged. Further up turn right down a pathway and destroy the creature
    portal. Best to use your sword on any bats as they are harder to hit with magic and a
    waste of spirit anyway. Head past this and ascend the stairway. Kill the Warg at the top
    and head to the large pile of rocks nearby. You need to dislodge this in order to fill a
    gap in the pathway below which stops you from continuing. Use the staff slam standing
    near the rocks and watch them fall. Now you can head back down and continue along the
    main pathway upwards. Attack another Warg then grab the Miruvor near the lake. Walk
    around the lake as far as you can go and grab the Lembas. Backtrack a little (about 5
    steps) and look at the cliff carefully, you will see a large door shape cut into the rock
    which at a closer look is the disguised gate. Move up to this and press action. Cut scene.
    Boss: The Watcher
    This fight is fairly easy, make sure you have Miruvor handy at least two bottles. You
    start off within the group of travelers though so get out of there or they restrict your
    movement. Best to chose a side and stick to it as well so as not to bump into them. Just
    keep moving left and right and stay as far away from the beast as possible. Your friends
    will fire a few arrows which will help out but all I did was run out when I had the
    chance and use staff slam. Took about three and then it emerged. Once it’s out just
    switch to fiery blast to hammer it non stop and it won’t even get a chance to strike.
    Once it’s stunned run to the door and choose Mellon as the command. The door opens and
    Moria here we come.
    200 Stairs:
    Once inside head forward up the long tunnel. The walls and ceiling will collapse now and
    again so best to take your time and listen for rumbles (pretty easy to get out of the
    way). Watch for orcish archers either hammer them with magic from a distance, they have
    pretty poor aim but keep moving nevertheless, or just charge in dodging their arrows and
    chop them up, either way works fine. At the end you meet up with the team for a cut scene.
    Arch Room:
    Break camp and head to the closed door on the other side. Step on the panel in front of
    it to activate the door and head through. You emerge in a room inhabited by a few soon to
    be dead orcs. Head left and go through the door. Ignore the lever for the time being and
    move out to the ledge. Be careful of the monster portal to the right as it pumps out
    three orcs at a time so I would make it your first priority. Destroy it and anything that
    moves. Now head back to the lever which was just near the doorway you just entered. Stand
    to the left a little and pull it, to avoid the arrow trap, then run back out and onto the
    platform in the middle of the room you were just in with the orc portal. Be fast or it
    will leave without you. Destroy anything down here and break the barrels at either end
    plus grab the page from the Book of Mazarbul. The lever to get back up is at one end bear
    the large cog, pull it and run back to the platform you came down on and head back up (be
    quick). Now head back to where we started and turn left. Take the small path to the right
    first and grab the Lembas then head back and take the other path down killing any orcs in
    the way. Pull the lever at the bottom of the pathway to open the large door. Cross the
    bridge (cut scene with Gollum) and through the door beyond.
    Tube Bridges:
    Move forward to the middle of the bridge like area and grab the items on the right and
    left before heading forward killing all the goblins in the area. Pull the lever at the
    end (trapped so stand to the left of it) and enter the door that opens. Head left and
    through the other door into the large area beyond. Turn left and through the first
    archway then activate the lever. Cross over to the arch opposite the lever and head
    through. To the right and left are goblins and the portal from which they appear. One
    drops some Miruvor in the right hand room so it’s worth heading in if you take down the
    portal fast. Head back out and walk out to the middle then turn right and head out the
    arch on the far side from which you entered originally. Head down then turn right and
    destroy the orc portal on the other side of the room. Now stand on the lift in the middle
    of the room and activate the lever. At the bottom a few goblin are waiting for you plus
    there’s a creature portal so destroy it first as usual. Destroy any barrels for items and
    head out of this room. Head down and turn right at the intersection. The room forward has
    nothing of interested except goblins to kill. You will enter another large crossroads
    type room similar to the one above. On the left is another set of rooms with goblins and
    portals, enter them if you want to pick up some items and kill some goblin (there is
    Miruvor in the left hand one so it’s worth it). Forward is a dead end and to the right is
    a door which is activated by a panel on the floor. Now we should have done this bit
    before but I will explain it now instead as it doesn’t really matter. The panel needs to
    be held down in order for you to go through the door. Once you move off of it the door
    closes. Now remember the lever on the floor above that dropped away that piece of the
    floor... well go back up on the lift and wander out to the crossroad section on the floor
    above. Next to the archway that leads to and from the lift on this lever is a piece of a
    pillar on the right. To your left is the hole in the floor which the lever created.
    Pull/push the piece of pillar so it falls down through that gap. I’m sure you have caught
    on by now... now head back down on the lift and find the piece of pillar on the level
    below. Now push it onto the panel so the door is left open... easy huh. Exit through the
    door and go up through the passageway and through the next door. Cut scene.
    Break camp and head through the door opposite. To the left and right are portals from
    which orcs and goblins emerge destroy them if you wish or just move on forward around the
    gorge and out of this area. In the following room a Uruk-hai will enter from above. Kill
    him he’s fairly easy but does heavy damage and then activate the lever on the other side
    of the room to exit through the door.
    Rotating Bridges:
    You now have the option of three doorways each opened by a lever. Head straight and out
    the opposite doorway first kill anything and grab the items dropped. Now lets take the
    right hand doorway first, there is a reason why. Go through kill any orcs and goblins and
    destroy the portal to the right quickly. Smash objects for items then hang a left and
    head down the passage. Note the bridge is rotated so you cannot cross. Kill the orc
    standing on the other side first. Now look closely at the other side, immediately after
    the bridge on the left side is a switch which will be highlighted with a shine above it.
    Aim at it with a fireball and this will rotate the bridge, run quickly across before it
    moves back. Head through the door and kill everything in the area as usual. Move forward
    to the dead end for more objects to break before heading back and taking the right hand
    pathway. A captured dwarf slave needs freeing, slaughter the orcs and have a chat with
    him. After that grab the lever switch nearby and head back the way you came. Once you
    come to the rotating bridge which has rotated back, hit the lever with your sword and run
    across. Now head all the way back to the last door activated by a lever we have not yet
    gone through (unless you did). Enter it, destroy everything and head right until you come
    to another rotated bridge. Throw a fireball at the lever on the other side as before and
    cross it. Now you have the lever switch so we can get through the door ahead. Use it on
    the broken mechanism, open the door and head through it to exit.
    Once outside break any objects in the area and head across the bridge. Destroy the orcs
    and the portal and head down the passage slaughtering various foes, follow it all the way
    until you reach a door with a panel and enter through it for a cut scene.
    Three Passages:
    Now you have three passages to choose from. The right hand is blocked with another broken
    switch. The one in front leads to nothing in particular. Head down the left hand passage
    and destroy everything then grab the switch. Now head back to the door with the broken
    switch and fix it. Activate it then enter through and head up the pathway activate
    another switch and head through that door. Cut scene.
    The 21st Hall:
    Now we are in a large hall. First move forward past the two levers next to the pillars in
    front of you and pick up the mirror twinkling in front of the statue, you can use the
    mirror to get a bird's eye view of this puzzle at any time (you shouldn't need to if you
    follow this right). Now walk around the statue and continue forward until you are
    standing in between two more levers like the ones further back. You can see a light
    shining on the ground in front of you a little to the left past the levers. Walk out past
    the lever and look up to the right on the far wall to where the light is coming from (a
    crystal). Switch to aim mode and use fiery blast to hit it. It will now shine down and
    reflect off a crystal on the pillar and open a door on the right underneath the light
    source crystal. Move to the area that was revealed, picking up the Mirivor on your right
    as you go, and destroy the creature portal and anything that emerges. Now turn around and
    head back to the spot where you aimed at the crystal and activate the lever closest to
    the door you just opened. The light beam will move opening another door next to the first
    one. Move to this area, watch out for enemies, and drag the statue inside out as far as
    it will go (you can see the path it must follow). Now push it towards the large statue in
    the middle where the mirror was. Once it is pushed as far as it will go it will be on a
    pressure panel, this will cause the light beam to shift once more. Now the beam has
    opened a door next door the last, on the same side close to where you entered this
    room. Enter this room and destroy the portal etc and pick up another page from the Book
    of Mazarbul, this contains some info which I really did not find helpful. Also pick up the
    Lembas and then head back out to the lever closest to this area where you will see the light
    shine through. Activate this lever and two doors will open this time. One is behind you
    on the right and contains a portal and some cram. The other is next to the previous door
    which held the book page. Head to this one and drag the statue out same as before BUT do
    not push it onto the pressure pad just yet. First turn around and look up to the right
    hand side where the light is shining through and opened the door where you found the
    page. Switch the lever underneath the crystal on your right. This will close that door
    and open one to the right of it containing another statues, drag that statue out to the
    middle like the others. Now push the one next to it that we left before onto the pressure
    pad. Only one more to go, follow the path from the pressure pad that's empty to the
    lever ahead on the left. Switch that lever and the last statue is revealed, drag it out
    to the middle as with the rest (make sure you pick up the Lembas that was near this
    statue). Once this one is in place on the pressure pad the puzzle is complete and the
    light shines upon the face of Durin opening the main door. Follow the light to the exit 
    and head down until your reach a door on the right which you must activate the lever to 
    the left of to pass through.
    In the next room head to the table in the middle and read the book lying underneath it.
    After the cut scene a few portals along with some enemies will appear and a cave troll.
    Bosses: Cave troll and Orc chieftain
    The cave troll is pretty easy just use a lot of magic and keep your distance. Chain
    lightning is good to also damage the other nearby enemies. An orc chieftain will also
    enter he’s even easier to kill. Pick up the Runic Key he drops on death.
    To the left of the door from which you entered this room is a door with a shimmer above
    it. Enter that door and grab the Axe of Durin. Now head to the main door opposite the
    entry and use the Runic Key on the lock. Exit Balins Tomb
    Network of Stairs:
    Character: Aragorn
    You are now Aragorn again. Kill the orcs in the immediate area and break any objects
    there are a lot of items in them. Turn to the left and note the archers covering the
    pathway forward (if you haven’t killed them already). They are pretty tricky to attack
    head on. I just didn’t bother. Either beat them or run through and avoid their fire. On
    the other side if you haven’t killed them take cover in the mine hole to the left. In
    front of you is a shimmer above a lever. Shoot the lever with an arrow and send the
    mining cart down the rails. Now leg it through the archway and down to the lower level.
    Kill any orcs or Uruk-Hai and take out the portal quickly then head down the stairs to
    the next level down. Kill everything then look for the cart you sent down the rails
    before it stopped here. Hit the lever and send it rolling again before heading down a
    level once more. Plenty of orcs to kill here and before moving on you should probably
    take out the two archers who are standing on an unreachable platform below this one. They
    will cause problems when you go down to that level so shoot them now while they cant hit
    you. Now once you are down on the pathway below look up and note that cart is stuck here
    now. Aim for the shimmering object (wood) in front of it and shoot it with an arrow to
    send it flying on. Now continue down the path. A little further up just before the door
    (which is locked at the moment) you will see the cart again. Now do not shoot the lever
    directly in front of it (unless you really want to see what happens heh). Shoot the one
    which is a few meters away first and THEN shoot the one directly in front of it. BOOM the
    door is no more. Head on through.
    The 2nd Hall:
    Character: Frodo
    Now back to using Frodo be careful when attacking orcs he is pretty useless against them.
    We are now in an ancient tomb. Pull the lever which is to the left of the door and enter.
    Head directly forward kill the orc and look for the panel in the ground which opens the
    door on the far side you need to exit through. Now walk to the left of here and look for
    the small rock bridge you can walk across jumping over the gap and then jump across
    another small gap to reach the ledge beyond. Head up the fallen pillar/rock walkway that
    heads up to the level above. See the piece of rock near where the orc was standing, well
    we will use that to hold that panel down. Push it off the edge. Head back down and then
    walk along the ledge to find some items then walk back and jump back across to where we
    came from. Drag the piece of stone onto the panel and were done here.
    Now there is something you can do now which is puzzling to me, maybe it’s just a waste of
    time or maybe there’s a secret I didn't find, you can explore it if you feel like it just
    save first. You can head to the first pillar on your left as you walked through the door
    to enter this area. Walk around the back and climb up the pillar. Don't worry about
    getting shot at. Once at the top you can go across the beams to the right and left, I
    couldn’t find much there on either side. Over to the left hand there orc standing on the
    right of it. Take him out with projectiles or he will cause major problems when crossing
    it. I’m sure there must be something up here , let me know if you find anything.
    Anyway after you have opened the door by weighting the panel head to the left and
    activate the lever to lower a bridge across the gap ahead. Once you cross orcs will enter
    behind you, destroy them all and watch out for the archers, Gimlie will give you a
    hard... kinda. After that head back across the bride then forward and jump across a
    smaller gap killing anything in the area. Head forward and take out the creature portal
    before you are overrun. Climb the rocks to the right of the portal for some items then
    keep heading in that direction and jump across another gap. Now you will come to a gap
    which is obviously too big top jump across. Nearby is another pillar that you can climb
    to head on up. Head down the right hand beam for a mushy then go back and cross over to
    the left and climb down the pillar on the other side. Jump some small gaps and head
    through the door we opened earlier for a fight with a big ol Uruk-hai. He is pretty
    powerful and could kill you with three or four hits but way too slow. Just keep whacking
    him with a few combos, so he cant get any hits in, and he will drop with no problems.
    Keep some food handy just incase you get whacked.
    Secret area:
    Now note the ring is spinning. Aha! Must be a secret here somewhere. First grab the Runic
    key which is lying to the right hand of the door opposite the one we came through. Now
    head to the right of the room where there is a break in the floor. Activate the ring walk
    forward and drop down into the small secret area beyond, don’t worry about the vent
    nothing damages you. Turn the ring off grab the goodies then exit the way you came in.
    Head back to the door where you found the key and use it to exit the area.
    Boss: Balrog
    Character: Gandalf
    This guys looks badass but wasn’t really that hard. Just keep away from his sword at the
    beginning. Hammer him with magic but DONT use fiery blast or it will strengthen him. I
    used Beam of light and Chain lightning, I think the light beam did more damage. It
    doesn’t take too long to beat him you don’t have to get his energy down to zero, after
    awhile Gandalf sends him falling off the bridge and is taken along with him.
    Elven Chamber:
    Character: Frodo
    Not much to do here. Open the chest to the right of your starting position for the
    Silverlode water vial then drink it to permanently increase your health. There is another
    chest a little further on the left side open that too then head forward for a chat with
    Lady Galadriel.
    9.1 Follow the River Anduin toward Mordor
    9.1.1 Pass the Orc Dam
    9.1.2 Reach the islands summit
    9.1.3 Rescue Sam
    9.2.4 Defeat the flying Nazgul
    Orc dam:
    Character: Aragorn
    Break camp. Start slaughtering creatures and take out the portal on the left fairly
    quickly as always. Portals are a top priority as they will spawn a heap of Uruk-hai and
    then you’re in trouble. Best to run in take out the portals and then retreat to deal with
    the creatures. Watch out for supporting archers. Uruk-hai are strong but slow so just
    combo them quickly. Retreating back is usually a good idea after taking out the portals
    or you can be surrounded by up to eight enemies. At the second portal an orc will drop a
    lever switch make sure you pick it up. fix gate the gate at the very end and head on
    through. Chat to Gollum then follow him into the obvious trap at the boats. Slaughter any
    attacking Uruk-hai and orcs then you are automatically taken to the next area.
    Amon Hen:
    Character: Frodo
    After the cut scene you take control of Frodo once more. Firstly head left along the
    shore until you reach the dead end. Notice the ring? Activate it and enter the secret
    Secret Area:
    First head forward and pick up any items at the dead end then head down the passage to
    the left. Take the quick right to get another item then back to continue down the
    passage. Grab the Lembas then head back out the way we came. That’s all there is, nothing
    much to fight but its worth it just for the items.
    Back out on the beach head back the other way now staying close to the cliff face to
    avoid archer fire. Head up the path leading up the cliff and at the end of the path climb
    onto the small ledge to cross over to another path. Climb up the cliff platforms at the
    end and kill the archer. Turn around and jump across the gap to the path on the other
    side. Follow it around and then climb up a few more platforms. Keep on head forward
    crossing any gaps and platforms the path is fairly easy to follow. Just after the Nazgul
    appears for the second time you will come across three orcs. Kill them and head on past
    their camp to finally reach the summit.
    Boss: Flying Nazgul
    Character: Aragorn
    Hopefully you have a Beryl Stone left at this point, this will make beating the final
    boss very easy. Note there are a lot of items around the outskirts of this area but two
    creature portals as well, attracting creatures as well as the Nazgul beast is not a good
    idea but run around for the arrows and food if you need them. The Nazgul is fairly tricky
    to hit without getting pummeled, although his breath doesn’t do much too damage. Use the
    Beryl Stone at this point before attacking then avoid his fire breath and run in slashing
    his head but run out after one or two hits or cop a whack from his tail and jaws. Keep
    doing this in fairly quick succession so he doesn’t get time to breathe fire at you.
    After a while the Nazgul will dismount and attack you on foot. Hopefully you are still
    charged up or this guy can be pretty tricky, combo him as fast as you can until he will
    finally retreat back to his flying beast. He is beaten, Legolas will take him down. It
    might be a lot harder without the stone active. Using arrows will take along time but you
    can pretty much avoid getting hit once, using the Elven arrows is best. I managed to beat
    this boss all within the power up stage of the Beryl Stone so note it doesn’t take long
    if you time your attacks right.
    THE END.
    >> CODES/CHEATS <<
    Enter these quickly while standing still in game. You will see a message informing you
    that the cheat is enabled.
    Infinite ammo:   X B Y A X B (all characters)
    Infinite health: Y A X B A Y (all characters)
    Infinite ring:   Y B A B Y X (Frodo only)
    Infinite spirit: X Y A X B X (Gandalf only)
    They all work I have tested them so if you can’t get them to work you aren’t doing it
    fast enough.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This document is copyright © Krushull 2002.
    You may not reproduce or distribute this guide in any way unless permitted by me.
    Please contact me for permission to post this guide on a website.
    The latest version will always be posted on GameFAQs.com or on my website at
    Any sites posting this guide, it is up to you to keep this guide updated.
    If you fail to update it I will have to ask you to take it down.
    >> CREDITS <<
    Thanks to everyone who mailed me about the rotten apple quest (too many to mention).
    Jessica for helping me out with the silverware quest.
    Charlie for a few tips.
    Everyone who helped me out on the GameFAQs message board.
    Anyone who liked this guide.

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