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    FAQ/Walkthrough by geek guy

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                   T H E  F E L L O W S H I P  O F  T H E  R I N G
    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
    Written by August McAllister (geek guy)
    Game Developed by Black Label Games
    Co-Developed by Surreal Software
    Based on a book by J.R.R. Tolkien
    Final Version Published: September 23, 2004
    NOTE: This guide was written based on the PC/PS2 version. Any other platforms
    will have to go somewhere else. XBox and in turn, GameBoy Advance are both
    completely different games, so keep straight with this. Okay?
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    Version History
    The Shire
    The Old Forest
    Hollin Gate
    Mines of Moria
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    Version History:
    V0.3 - August 29, 2004
    -Completed Text Tests
    -Completed Controls
    -Completed Tips
    -Completed The Shire
    -Updated The Old Forest
    V0.4 - August 30, 2004
    -Updated The Old Forest
    V0.7 - September 1, 2004
    -Completed The Old Forest
    -Completed Bree
    -Completed Weathertop
    -Completed Rivendell
    -Completed Hollin Gate
    -Updated Mines of Moria
    V1.0 - September 2, 2004
    -Completed Mines of Moria
    -Completed Lothlorien
    -Completed Anduin
    -Completed Credits
    -Completed Guide
    **** Latest Version ****
    VFINAL - September 23, 2004
    -Spell Checked
    -Officially published the guide
    The Shire:
    Characters: Frodo
    Difficulty: Medium, the black riders might be a bit hard.
    * Bag End *
    Go through this passage and the next, and go through the first door on your
    right. Grab the chest and you have the Bag End Deed! Go back out turn left and
    then left again. Here is the key to Bag End, which means you can leave Bag End!
    * Hobbiton *
    Go left and out the gate, down to the ladder, then climb it. Jump up and grab
    the mushroom, then back down and over this way. There are some more mushrooms
    over this way, some of them in the yard. Up this way is a HUGE hill, where
    BLGRCTAQOHAMETJRRTCIHL (Black Label Games Really Captured The Amazing Quality
    Of Hobbiton And Middle-Earth That J.R.R. Tolkien Created In His Lifetime). :)
    Go down to the hobbit hole that you were to before and keep down this way. A
    mushroom and a fat hobbit named Milo greet you. Head up Water Road over to the
    house of a farmer named Halfast (He lives at Number Six Bagshot Row). Go past
    that and over to Ted Sandyman at the Mill. He lost a metal pin that fell out
    of the mill wheel, and he's looking for it. Head over the fence here, grab two
    mushrooms behind the tree, and two more behind the tree further on. Talk to
    Halfast, whose weathervane has stopped twirling. Climb up the ladder behind it
    and throw a rock at it. He gives you the metal pin, so now you can give it to
    Ted, who doesn't even reward you! As you walk across the bridge, Frodo will
    comment that the bridge to Bywater is the same path that Bilbo took when he
    began his adventure long ago. But, forget that, keep walking to reach Bywater.
    * Bywater *
    Run forward and collect a mushroom. Keep running through a low passage, then
    look for Number One Market Road -- Home of the Sackville-Bagginses. When you
    get to the house, talk to Lovely Lobelia :p She says she needs the Shirriff
    immediately, because there are wolves in the Shire. Go ahead and ring the bell
    here, and Shirrif Smallburrow will come and tell you that the Shire is well
    protected. Go back and talk to Lobelia, and she'll accept Bag End. You have
    the Deed, don't you? Give it to her, then head around the Green Dragon Inn to
    another low passage. This way is Old Noakes, who has a magic tea and wants you
    to find the things to make it. Keep heading this way for a scene change.
    * Green Hill Country *
    Head over the bridge and turn left for a bundle of herbs. Go past this hobbit
    and get a few mushroom over by the rocks. Keep down this way for a few more
    mushrooms and a hollow log. To the right are some mushrooms, and in the hollow
    log is another bundle of herbs. Go down and get some more mushrooms, then go
    over the bridge to Farmer Maggot's Crop! Over here are some good places to do
    some sneaking practice. There are two farmlands, and each has some of the magic
    herbs, unfortunately, each farmland has a dog in it, and if it finds you, you
    will have to start over again! Although, you can throw rocks to distract the
    dogs for a bit. Once you have both of the bundles of herbs, go back to Noakes
    and give him the herbs. Now, head all the way back to...
    * Bag End *
    Go forward, then left, and all the way to this bedroom here. Open the chest to
    find the Ring. I like that scary DOOM noise it makes when you get it. Head back
    to the door and go out.
    * Later that Evening *
    Go through the gate on the left, then right over towards Master Gamgee's House.
    A rider is there and interrogates him. After the cutscene, hide in the little
    crevice behind the rock. When the Black Rider comes back and passes to your
    right, SNEAK across the street and hide in this next little crevice. When the
    black rider comes back and passes to your left, SNEAK over this way, then on
    the side of the hill. Whatever you do, do NOT go at the top of the hill, or the
    Ringwraith will find you! SNEAK over this way and onto Bagshot Row. SNEAK over
    this road until you come to Sandyman's mill. SNEAK onto the porch to the left
    and throw a rock down the opposite way of Bagshot Row. When the Black Rider is
    gone from the bridge, SNEAK over and across the bridge. Once you're across the
    bridge, it's safe to run.
    * Bywater at Night *
    The instant you enter Bywater, Shirriff Smallburrow is attacked by a wolf! Go
    over and left click to take out your walking stick. Use it to smack the wolf
    over the head a few times. Whatever you do, don't leave Robin! The wolf will
    bite him to pieces! When you defeat it, go around the Green Dragon Inn and go
    through this place here. There are lots more wolves here, but look what the
    text at the bottom says: The One Ring?? Why don't you try it? Don't keep it
    on too long, though, or Frodo will die! Keep over this way until you get a
    scene change.
    * Green Hill Country at Night *
    Be aware that there will be a Dark Rider in this level!
    SNEAK across these bridges, then sneak all the way down to the hollow log.
    SNEAK to the middle and throw a rock over from where you came. Be sure it
    doesn't ricochet off of anything! When the rider goes over there, SNEAK out
    the other side of the log and down across the bridge to Maggot's Crop. Now,
    here's what you do: take a breather and watch the cutscene.
    The Old Forest:
    Characters: Frodo
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard, especially finding the lilies and defeating the wight.
    * The Forest Labyrinth *
    Start by collecting the four mushrooms here. You'll find your path is blocked
    by some trees and bushes. Head back up to the gate, then go back down and the
    trees are gone! Be careful, a spider is here, so defeat it (you might have to
    use the Ring). Go down one of the passages to find Merry! If you do, you get
    more purity! Go down this next passage here and go to the left, then the 1st
    path to the right to find Pippin! Go out, take a right hand turn, then take
    the first or the second right turn. Beat the spiders, then hop down and grab
    the mushrooms. Go back to where you came to this path, and go to the right.
    Beat the spiders, then take all the right turns that are left to find Sam!
    * Withywindle Path *
    This is pretty simplistic, head across the river, then continue until a cut-
    scene comes up.
    * BOSS: Old Man Willow *
    Old Man Willow have eaten Merry and Pippin, and it's up to you to save them!
    But first, a few precaucions: Do NOT go outside the barren ring or you'll get
    hurt. Do NOT get smashed by his fist or you'll get hurt. And for crying out
    loud, do NOT hit the tree trunk or Merry and Pippin will die! The way to kill
    Old Man Willow is to just let him smash his old fist down, then hit it. After
    a few hits, one of his fists fall off. The other falls off after a while, and
    that means this level is over.
    * Finding Lilies *
    You're on your own for this part, just collect as many lilies as you come to,
    fight only in need, and remember that you have the One Ring at your disposal.
    When you have twelve water lilies, find Tom and give him them all. I wonder
    what makes it so that the ring doesn't have an effect on Tom...
    * Hills *
    The hills near Tom Bombadil's house are plenty, and if you fall to far, then,
    tough luck, you better have saved pretty recently. All the way up there are
    lots of wolvs, so be sure you have the other hobbits with you so you can bat-
    tle with others. At the top, watch as the hobbits get taken away.
    * Barrow Downs *
    Go up the right path and run away from the ghosts up the hill to the right,
    and then another right down the hill, yet one more right up the hill. Then,
    go up another hill to the left. Up here are a few mushrooms, and a path
    around the hill that leads to another place. Go up the path to the left and
    go to the top to where the crow is cawing. Head up one more level to another
    crow, and, well, that's that.
    * BOSS: Barrow-Wight *
    The Barrow Wight has put the other hobbits to sleep. Climb up the cliff and
    find the chest and mushrooms. In the chest is a Westernesse Dagger that can
    really help speed up the fight with the Wight. He breathes green stuff that
    really hurts. Just run around the green stuff then whack him with the knife.
    Keep this up for five hits until Bombadil comes and bails you out. (Doesn't
    he look freaky when he sings that song? Dude...)
    Characters: Frodo, then Aragorn.
    Difficulty: Medium
    * The Prancing Pony Inn *
    Head behind the counter through the rooms into a pub with a fireplace and the
    hobbits. Talk to the man with black hair named Aragorn, and he'll tell you that
    the best thing to do is to check in with the Prancing Pony. Head back out and
    talk to the manager to get checked in. Head back to the fireplace room and just
    * Clean out the City *
    You are Aragorn for this level.
    Go through the path straight ahead and cut down the evil man. Go left and go
    all the way to the gate, then turn right for some Cram. Head back to where you
    killed that man and turn left. Turn left again at the stable to find Merry!
    Save here, then run out again to your left. Be ready for a wolf attack! Remem-
    ber this tip: when standing over an enemy that is down but not dead, press the
    Left Mouse Button to do a finishing blow that destroys him instantly. Head up
    to this gate and immediately duck right and get the logs in the shed. Get away
    down to a gleaming barrel with rags. Grab them and head away towards the stable
    down here. Two orc-men are bothering someone down here, knock them down and use
    finishing move. Grab the hay bolsters. Somewhere around this place is a li'l
    tiny market with some Cram and a melon. Grab that and head back to the inn.
    Characters: Aragorn
    Difficulty: Hard, Very hard with the black riders.
    * Weathertop Hills *
    Grab the Lembas by the fire and get going. Go up the hill here and wait around.
    Eventually a bloodhound will come. Knock it down and use the finishing move. A
    while after another will come, treat it the same way. Keep going up the hill
    they came from and destroy every single bloodhound that comes. When arrows fly
    towards you all of a sudden, then save and go to destroy the orcs. Head across
    the bridge and grab the pieces of Cram, then shoot out the archer. Head along
    here and take out the orc. You'll eventually come to another archer, so take
    it out. Another orc comes, so take that one down as well. Continue this way til
    you get to a hole through an overpass. Head through, then turn right and head
    up. Continue up, destroying all the orcs until you get to the watch-tower of
    Amon Sul. I definitely recommend saving here.
    * BOSS: Troll *
    This boss can be a real pain, or easy as cake. It all depends on your strategy.
    You can either just rush it and hope for the best, cutting like crazy. This is
    the simplest, but not the smartest way of killing the troll. Another option is
    to run around the arena, shooting arrows at it until it gets close, dodge its
    blow, chop it a few times, and repeat. These tips should keep you running.
    * A Knife in the Dark *
    Frodo has been stabbed by the Dark Riders and you must protect them! Save, and
    then fight the riders! Don't go out of your way to kill them, they cannot be
    killed! Plus, there are four riders, so if you leave Frodo, one of them will
    sneak up and kill him, which means end to the game as well! Just use your torch
    to fight off the riders, and after a while the black riders retreat.
    * Troll Shaws *
    It's time for you to scout ahead. Some trouble awaits you after a few wolves: a
    giant troll! Why don't you try cutting him down? Good idea, August! Kill the
    troll! Yeah! What a great idea! I'm sure you didn't think of that, did you? I'm
    sure you learned some good tactics from the Troll at Amon Sul, didn't ya? Well,
    let's try using some of those smarts here. Some wolves will attack after you
    defeat the troll, so let's kill some of those, shall we? Oo! Don't ya like that
    music? Head this way and kill some more wolves, orcs come pretty soon. But not
    before you have to fight another troll! Destroy it, then destroy the orcs, then
    destroy two more trolls! Troll Shaws, alright! A wolf appears, so give it some
    trouble, then kill two more, and behold! You have completed this boring level.
    Characters: Frodo
    Difficulty: VERY Easy
    Whoo! A break at last. Take a breather, talk to everyone here if you wish, then
    go through the door to meet Bilbo! He gives you Sting and mithril mail, which
    adds a strong weapon to your arsenal! NOTE: If you go down to Arwen and Aragorn
    on one of the outcrops, You'll find that he has just gotten Anduril, flame of
    the west!
    Hollin Gate:
    Characters: Gandalf, then Aragorn.
    Difficulty: Hard, Gandalf seems to have a hard time fighting against the wolves
    * Scout for the Gate *
    Your first level as Gandalf! Alright! Kaching-kaching! Oh, baby! WWWWWOOOHOOO!!
    Good, eh? Grab the two bottles of Miruvor and head down the hill. Two options
    are at your disposal. (1) Fight, or (2) Run away. Either way is effective, but
    number two is the safest. You'll eventually come to a hill with some orcs on it
    that you must go up, so what on earth do you do? Fight them! Head on up and go
    around the lake to the door.
    * BOSS: The Sea Monster *
    You are Aragorn for this level.
    Gandalf needs time to get the right password, but you need to bring down the
    beast. Don't leave, or Gandalf will die! You can defeat the monster by going in
    first person mode and shooting out the tentacles. Four or five hits would bring
    down a tentacle. Cut off four tentacles to win.
    Mines of Moria:
    Characters: Gandalf, Gandalf, Gandalf, Frodo, Gandalf
    Difficulty: Very Hard, the Balrog is very hard.
    * Labyrinth *
    You are Gandalf for this level.
    Grab the bottle of Miruvor, and go up the stairs. There are some orcs here, so
    make real sure you beat them. At the top, press E at the switch to flip it so
    you can get through. Flip the next one in here to get through again. Orcs run
    amok this next hall. Try slaying them, and if that doesn't give you peace, not
    even silence will give it to you. Go through the little passage here and kill
    the orcs. If you go up this ramp here you can find a bit of Lembas. Kill the
    orcs, then run this way. You come to a bridge. Thankfully, this is NOT the
    bridge of Khazad-Dum. Just head across, killing the orcs, and also killing the
    archer in here in this place. Make sure you don't walk off the sides, or you
    will fall for a while, and then get a message saying that you fell to your own
    death! Keep across and turn left for Miruvor, keep straight to find another
    path. Go through this path here, then turn left, then right to get to a room
    similar the last one. Kill the orcs in here and continue forward to an orc. You
    know the drill. Now here's a new part! Jump onto the lift and you go down to a
    lower level. Now, then, what happens now? Another orc head, ready for decapit-
    ation! Run over the stairs and to the right. More bleedin' orc rubbish! Get rid
    of them, and then run over their dead bodies. Run straight across to a cave
    that kind of slants upwards. As usual there would be orcs here. Kill them, and
    continue up to a door. Go through and beat the crap out of more orcs. Go out
    the door and kill the orc. Head through this big door right here. You're almost
    there! Push this little switch here and head through the door. There are some
    more orcs here, so kill them. Go through the door in front of you and flip the
    switch. Go back in, turn left and go through this door. Look at this! Gollum is
    following us! Well, turn left again and kill the archer. Some more orcs come to
    you as you cross the bridge. Keep killing them, and you'll eventually come to
    the end of the bridge. Be careful! A troll immediately attacks you! Run over
    and use Lightning to kill it. Gimli can help you by meleeing him up close. Turn
    left again once across the bridge and hit the switch. Then go back out and go
    through the passage in front of you (DON'T drop down inside the well or you'll
    die! Go over this little passage here to two glasses of Miruvor and a bit of
    Cram. Go back, I suppose, is the only option, since this path dead ends here.
    Head back across the bridge and grab the Miruvor by the path straight forward,
    go through the passage to the right, then keep going to a switch. Flip it to
    open the door. As usual, more orc squabble. Death to Orcs! When they're dead,
    go through the path to the right and go across the bridge. Finally, the end to
    this long and boring level!
    * Three Passages *
    Unfortunately, another long and boring level comes and gets in your way! Go
    over the bridge and kill some orcs. As usual. There are some more orcs in this
    little place here, so kill them. Turn to the right at the end, grab the Miruvor
    and guess what! MORE orcs!! Jeez! Go through the next pass here and even MORE
    orcs! KILL KILL KILL! There are even more orcs over here! Kill kill kill kill!
    MORE orcs over here! Man these are some persistent orcs! Kill them, and continue
    to MORE orcs. Or are there? Let me check...Oh, no! We're alright! Just a door
    here. Flip the switch to...Oh, Pippin, you bloody fool! Now there are Orcs about
    to get us! Run through the right passage to ORCS! Kill again. Go up these stairs
    here, killing Orcs as you see them. Behind the door at the top is a bottle of
    Miruvor. A switch here, and a door, and behind both of those is...
    * 21st Hall *
    Cave Trolls?! AAAAAAAHHHH! Well, why don't we hurry up and shoot through this
    level! Go to the middle of the room and push the pedestals onto the buttons.
    Easy as that! Go through the door.
    * 2nd Hall *
    You are Frodo for this level.
    CAUTION: Don't fight any orcs except the archer at the top of the pillar! It's
    too dangerous!
    This level is very long, so start by running to the bridge, pressing the switch
    to get over, then climb up the ladder and use the ring to sneak by these orcs.
    You can kill this archer here, then climb down this ladder and press the switch
    to extend the bridge. Head across these bridges back to the big room (Gimli will
    kill the orcs for you), and then jump over these ledges over to a pillar. Go to
    the top and kill the archer, grab this piece of Cram, then push this big piece
    of metal over the side. Head back that way and push the metal onto the button.
    Then you can make your way over and through the bridge. Don't fight the orcs, as
    this is one of the last times you'll be using Frodo. Now, sit back and rela...
    What the f***?!
    * BOSS: Balrog *
    You are Gandalf for this level.
    Enjoy this level while it lasts, for this is the last time you'll be using Gandy
    My God, does BLG really expect you to fight this thing?! Whoa! Well, you can, ya
    know. Start by saving. Then continue by zigzagging up to the Balrog. When you go
    close up to him, use the Lightning spell to shoot him. Then hit him a few times
    and then back up, or his sword will kill you! Repeat this until you get low on
    Spirit. Aragorn will throw you a Miruvor vial, so get that, and then repeat till
    this guy dies. Don't worry about falling off the side, it's not possible. After
    a few rounds of this the Balrog is defeated. Unfortunately, his whip brings Gan-
    dalf with him! And he calls us fools?
    Characters: Frodo
    Difficulty: VERY Easy, this is a break point for crying out loud!
    You are Frodo for this level.
    Yes! Another break from the wild path of the Ring-Bearer. Talk to everyone if
    you want, then go down the ladder when you're ready to look into the mirror of
    Characters: Aragorn, Aragorn, Frodo, Aragorn, Aragorn.
    Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard, as far as final levels go.
    * Orc Dam *
    You are Aragorn for this level.
    Not much to say here, just go and kill every enemy inside. All the others are
    there for help, so this shouldn't be too hard. When all of them are down, this
    level is down too.
    * Search for Sam *
    Just keep going the way you're facing. When you come to a place with two trolls,
    don't hesitate to retreat. Or, just run like mad. Although, the enemies do give
    you good pickups. When you get to some rocks, a troll comes smashing out, so do
    the right thing and kill it. In here are lots of Wargs and Uruk-Hai and things,
    so just kill all of it, or be a coward and run away. When that's done, go up the
    stairs and go over the path. Kill some archers here. When you do that, Legolas
    appears, and so does a troll. When it's dead, go through this cove here, grab
    the Lembas, and then go across this bridge.
    * Frodo's Climb *
    You are Frodo for this level.
    I really suggest saving here. Head up this staircase here up up up up until
    Sting starts glowing. Now I suggest you go up the stairs all the way up! Sooner
    or later you'll find your pals Legolas and Gimli shooting at something.
    * Aragorn's Climb *
    You are Aragorn for this level.
    You go the exactly same way as Frodo, except this time you can fight the orcs.
    When you get to the top:
    * FINAL BOSS: The Ringwraith *
    This is pathetically easy, as far as final bosses go. Just zigzag up to this
    Nazgul and whack him with Anduril until he takes off. Now go to the top of the
    throne and stand there. When the Ringwraith turns to come and shoot at you,
    the shots will hit the throne, but not you. When it passes above you, shoot at
    it with your bow. Three rounds of this and the cut scene shows that Legolas
    shoots the fell beast through the neck, and it lands with a crash in the dirt.
    A while after, you see Galadriel, who says the mission of the Fellowship has
    Congratulations! You have beaten the game!
    But now for something completely different.
    * Xiphiidae *
    It may be a fish, but it's the strongest weapon in the entire game.
    On the level Search for Sam, start by turning around and going up the hill. Up
    there is a figure that walks off muttering. On the same cliffside is another
    hill which will take you to that walking muttering thing again. Go back down to
    the beach and keep going until you find a big cliff that's half in and half out
    of the water. If you go into the reeds near the cliff in the water, you see the
    walking muttering thing one more time. Head onto the cliff and cross the log.
    That walking muttering thing appeared to be Gollum! He says something about
    "presssssssentsssseeesssss for raaannnnggggeeeeerrrrrssssseeeesss", then tosses
    a fish at you and runs away. This fish is the Xiphiidae fish. It kills archers
    in one hit, Wargs in two, Uruk-Hai in three, Trolls in four, and makes the boss
    a bit easier. But to think that a legendary sword would be replaced by a fish...
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