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"This is serious, aliens are coming and it's up to you!!"


Serious Sam has woken up to an alien invasion, you watch as everyone runs away but Sam so deliberately walks right up to them...for more you need to get the game. Serious Sam is one serious butt kicking guy who show's no fear and fear's nothing. It's up to you to save the world from the aliens.


I thought this game used cel shading I was told however it wasn't but it is quite cartoon like ( I thought that was what cel shading was) The graphics in this game are in one word SWEET! There is no slowdown even with a swarm of aliens attacking you. The framerate is so smooth you won't find any clunks slow downs or jaggies. It's a FPS style where your weapon leads the way.


This is where Serious Sam get's serious be prepared to laugh as Serious Sam goes on his adventure and gives his remarks along the way. The weapons all sound like weapons and the enemies all have different attacking sounds and are unique for each creature. The music is quite good and fit's the game quite nicely.


Seriously some serious game play here that will give you a serious filling of enemies and fire power. The game starts frantic and continues that for as long as I have played so far. You won't find any clumps in the game it is pure shooting fun that will sure to please. This game is not to be confused with one that uses puzzles and different ways to extend the game. You shoot, shoot long shoot hard.


Serious Sam is a game for FPS that is quite long and has several levels of difficulty including one where you have to unlock which should keep the average gamer tied up for awhile. Don't confuse this with a game that has much thinking involved just a trigger finger and some dead eye shooting.

Over all

Serious Sam has it all has been reworked up from the ground up from the PC version and they have made it a success. If you like to shoot more than you like to think then you will love this game it has it all for the pure shooter.
I would say Serious Sam is a Serious contender for a buy as a rental it would take a few rentals to get to the end. So put some shells in that gun and get ready to show those aliens just how serious you are.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/07/02, Updated 12/07/02

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