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"This game is awesome. Seriously."

Let's start out with the undeniable truth, evident throughout all of Serious Sam.... this game requires no mental capacity whatsoever. It is, by all accounts, a brainless destruct-a-thon with lots of death, guts, and trash talk. Sounds like Duke Nukem, right? Not even close. Duke may have contained some interesting bosses and some big battles, but the true beefcake of battle is Sam. Sam's strength rests in two key elements: hurling a gazillion bazillion (that's a lot) enemies at you, expecting you to kill 'em all, and Sam's insanely funny (and oftentimes incredibly well-placed) humor.

The Man

Much like his distant cousin Duke Nukem, Serious Sam relies heavily on well-placed humor. Sam's humor, however, actually makes fun of the very game, and the situations that are obviously way too absurd to begin with. Whereas Duke would say stuff like ''Damn, I'm good'' whenever he fragged a crazy-looking pig cop, Sam would scream ''AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH SHAAAADDDUUPPPP!!!'' whenever he killed a Screaming Bomber (guys who scream AAAAAAAHHHH!!! until they hit you). The entire game, both the 1st and 2nd encounter, plays on the whole budget-titled FPS genre (ironically, it IS a budget FPS at $19.95 MSRP) by admitting it's own faults, along with the faults of every FPS. ''Oh come on, don't ya think this guy is a little TOO big to fight? And why am I not dying?'', Sam would probably quote as he approached a boss.

The Man's Cologne

This game doesn't push the texturing or polygonal prowess of the Xbox by any means, and there's a reason why. Did Halo throw 100 + enemies on the screen all at once? Didn't think so. Even if it did, would it expect you to waste ALL of them? Sam's engine, dubbed ''Serious'' by its creators, utilizes the multiprocessing power of Xbox to shove more enemies at the player than even the outstanding PC versions could.

Killin' The Man

There is no point to the game other than mindless killing. Sure is a wonderful feeling though, killing mindlessly. I highly recommend this version of Serious Sam to any Xbox FPS fan, and at the $20 price tag, its worth every penny. Sam may not be the big-production Halo, but it has everything the latter had in terms of violence times 100.

All in all, the game is a great diversion until the big shots like Halo 2 come on the scene. Even then, no game I have ever played (or probably ever WILL play) has ever hurled this much action in my face before. What a rush!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/18/03, Updated 02/18/03

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