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Reviewed: 02/19/03 | Updated: 03/11/03

Could it rival Halo as an FPS??

The xbox is no stranger to FPS games. Witth hte likes of Halo, the James Bond games, Red Faction, and Unreal Championsdhip, the Xbox has some pretty high end shooters. Enter Serious Sam. This game does nothing that these others do. There's not much tactic, not alot of stealth, and no special objectives aside from ''kill everything'' So how would an outdated game idea like this fare on xbox? Well, in my opinion, pretty good. This game is very good for the price. It is also very rare, as the first shippment of games had so many glitches it was unplayable, yet all that was ironed out and it is very unlikely you will get a bad copy now.

As far as the game goes, it is possibly one of the most fun, and overlooked titles on the system. Serious Sam is actually to games, both origionally released on the PC as seperate titles. They did farely well on PC as ''bargain titles'' So how did they fare on xbox? How well were they ported? Look and find out.

Gameplay - 9

Well, this is where the game really will either make or break it for you. SS is more along the lines of games like Doom and Rise of the triad than games like Halo. It is a straight up shooter of the highest honor. Each of it's 32 MASSIVE levels is filled with literally hundreds or even thousands of enemies to kill. All of which are very different. Everything from Harpies to suicide bombers that run at you screaming to Giant Bulls will be thrown at you. It's all-out shooting too. You'll have a massive arsenal of weapons to use as well. All the standards are here, like pistols, 2 shotguns, minigun, and plasma gun, along with flamethrowers, grenade and rockjet launchers, a tommy gun, and my favorite, and the most unique, a real sized cannon that shoots cannonballs. Also, there is the Serious bomb, which functions like the BFG from Doom. It wipes the screen of all enemies (excepy bosses) As i said before, the levels are HUGE. The first half of the game is very straight forward, but the second half will throw a few very minor puzzles at you. Then there is the bosses. No game does bosses like Serious Sam. The bosses in this game are easily the biggest you'll ever see in an FPS. And are very unique, like the giant daemon at the Great Pyramid or the smoke demon in the summerian level. Crazy stuff. Also, this game features one of the things that makes xbox greayt COOP. You can play through the game with a buddy and it is terrific. The deathmatch is also a blast.

Graphics - 8

I'll give them and 8 for a few reasons. Yes, they do not hold a candle to games like Halo or Unreal, but they do a really good job nonetheless. The one thing that will really stand out is the draw distance. You can see further in this game than any game I've seen. In the first level of the Aztec world, you can litterally see accros an entire valley with NO FOG!! This is pretty impressive. The textures are not even that bad and there are some pretty neat looking areas. I've onticed very little framerate issues here too.

Sound - 9

This game does some neat things with sound. Like the suicide bombers who will constantly scream as they charge towwards you. Having this noise comnig from all directions is pretty intimidating. But damn cool too. Especiually wiht Dolby surround sound. The other souns , like the music which kicks in in frantich situations or to let you know enemies are coming is pretty cool too. Very nice sound overall.

Overall/Replay -10

I'd give this an 11 if i could. this game bleeds replay. The coop mode never gets old., and deathmatch is quite good. You'll likely be hooked to this one for a long time. Is it better than Halo? Well that's in the eye of the beholder. Personally, it may be more simple, but i enjoyed it alot more. It's getting rasrte, so grab a copy before it is too late.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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