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"Goof ball comedy with lots of action, sounds like fun!"

Ah, Serious Sam for the Xbox. Once a budget game for the PC now makes it's way to us with better graphics and a few other upgrades. This title doesn't take itself too seriously with wacky cut scenes and humorous dialog. That doesn't mean this game is gonna be easy and a let down, it is the complete opposite.

The graphics look very good, they have a somewhat cartoonish look to them and it works well with the game. The backgrounds are just massive, you will seldom fight in close quarters. Most of the stages have you outside and that is a good thing because your going to need a lot of room to run.

I was surprised with the number of enemies tossed at you with little to no slowdown. The enemies are as tough as they are in numbers. The backgrounds have no fog so you can see very far and get a sense of how big the stage is. Sometimes it can be frustrating because in one stage you have to go to three separate buildings and they are very FAR a part. It just when you first get to a stage like this you have no clue where to go so you have to back track a fair distance before getting to another building and that may not be the place to go either.

The controls are great, they sort of copy the Halo button layout so if your familiar with those, you will have no problem here. You have a cool set of weapons to collect and a slew of enemies to use them on. You have a flamethrower, shotgun, rockets, chain gun and many more to choose from. The levels are different from each other with really huge bosses waiting for you at the end. Wait until you fight the first boss on top of the pyramid, very cool.

The only problem you might face is the repetitiveness of the game. There are wave after wave of enemies to destroy but you'll find yourself getting tired of it after a couple of hours. You always find yourself coming back and playing it, giving it a break, and coming back again. It's not a great flaw but just one to consider. The single player mode is good and the multiplayer ain't bad either. There are some weird characters to unlock and play with such as, Christmas Sam, Sam's sister, and some other odd people. It's a good mode to bring three friends over and have a shooting party.

The game is solid and I think you will have fun playing it despite some problems. Just don't expect something like Halo from this game. It's fun on a different level. I've seen this game in the cheap bin for some time now and you can't beat it for this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/02/03, Updated 03/02/03

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