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"Pretty cheesy, quite enjoyable!"

Intro -
Monsters from another galaxy invade your world, and its up to Serious Sam to defend the world from doom. Kill your way through Mental's forces by using the way of 'Time Lock'.

Gameplay: 7/10
The gameplay is pretty serious, just like a normal First Person Shooter. Actually it also has a lot of goofs. It starts off as an average looking game, but then it gets pretty downright dull. There are way too less types of enemies in the game, and the weapon system is pretty lame. It doesn't really mess up the gameplay though.
Also at points of the game, enemies all rush up to you, therefore making strategy pretty much useless. Then it comes rather to the weapon and supply of ammo you got. The part that makes the gameplay pretty flawed is when the enemies keep respawning in the same place, thus making the door locked up, and making advancing to the next place hard. What makes this a 7 is that there are secrets to get like treasure, adding over to your overall score. That winds up to fun, but mindless gameplay.

Story: 7/10
The story is serious dull, and it advances through only during cutscenes. The story unfolds itself too slowly, and makes the game a little bit boring. But then thinking about it, its after all only a FPS. Killing Mental's forces, and gaining quest items rewards Sam's brain to know where to go next, unraveling to Mental's hideout. I'd have to say this monster invasion is quite a monster story, only if you use your imagination.

Multiplayer: 8/10

Cooperative Mode-
It may not be as good as Halo because of one big thing is that the game gives newbies a bad standup even having pretty good allies on your side, unless playing with more than 2 people that is. You only get the most as 10 lives to start as for the maximum, but when you die, you die. Can't really share lives. The good thing is that you can have as much as 4 or more players playing with the Xbox system link, but it gives the challenge away, and making the gameplay seriously boring.

Just like a normal killing game. Nothing new expected in this one, and is just like how it sounds. Just jump, kill, equip, jump, kill, etc. But with a friend on your team against other friends, power-ups can change the way of the skill involved. Therefore maybe causing a fun argument : D. The ugly thing about multiplayer is that somewhat parts of the sides of the screen are blacked out leaving only have that resembling a smaller screen.

Graphics: 8/10
This is definitely the best Xbox graphics on the planet ever. One even better than those of Halo or Panzer Dragoon Orta. JUST KIDDING! It would have been pretty nice though if they didn't cel shade the game or like make it too cartoony looking. Even for a cheesy game, it at least needs some realistic counter-parts... When Sam talks, his mouth doesn’t really move. The good graphics of this part of the game is the way they made the environments look good and compellingly colorful.

Audio/ Sound Presentation: 9/10
Another time I hear the Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, you should be able to tell there’s trouble about. Headless kamikaze freaks are running towards you, and you have to dodge quickly out of their way, or else kill them making a splatty sound. They made pretty accurate footsteps, and it seems to echo. Another good part of the audio is when Sam says one of his idiotically funny phrases. ''Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yourself!’’ It also has pretty accurate voice acting, except for the annoying screams that comes once and then when Sam gets hurt. Also, if you can tell by the rhythm of the music, you can maybe tell if there is going to be an attack coming up soon as it gets intense.

Engine: 8/10
This isn't one of the best engines around for the Xbox. Getting points to win lives, but also being able to die quite quickly. It only has a life bar, armor bar, life icon, and number of ammo. It should tell you how much more ammo you need before reloading as of the pistol.
The monster A.I. is pretty lousy, because they keep on coming near you, and respawn too much. They don't know how to use tactics or something. For the other type of engine in this game, there is a scoring system. The number of treasure you get and the number of enemies you kill before you die all add together to your overall score when you complete a level.

Replayability: 9/10
I graded this part pretty hard, and finally gave it a 9. The levels are pretty short, giving around 15 minutes per average. Some take like about 30 minutes though, because of the enemy respawning, even though the level may be quite short itself. The deathmatch gives it a big boost of quality, and beating the game on serious mode gives the game some factor. Find secrets in the level, and get more points and lives as you gain up. The only bad point I think is the lack of unlockables. Anyways for the most part, you might find yourself playing this game over again when you are bored or just want mindless fun.

Overall: 8/10
This game lives up to its hype by being a pretty darn good FPS. The only bad thing about it is that as of the storyline, which can mess up the gameplay quite a bit, and the engine. Other than that, its decently, seriously, fine. It averages to a standout 8.

Buy or Rent?
I recommend you buy it. For just $20!, buy it! And no, I am not cheap. Just don't buy it if you got the PC Version, unless it’s on sale, or some misc. reason.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/21/03, Updated 04/21/03

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